tagMatureFantasies Can Cum True

Fantasies Can Cum True


I'm bored, sitting on the couch, playing with my hair, wishing you'd come home from work already. Looking at the clock and knowing it will be hours, I pick up a book and begin to read it. Even though my eyes are looking at the words, my mind is in other places. I think about you and how much you turn me on. I think about how we love to role-play "daddy" and "baby," being that you are older and more experienced than I am. I start to fantasize about greeting you when you come home from work with a nice long kiss and imagine all the dirty, exciting things we might do tonight. I picture my hot wet mouth sliding over your hard shaft as you run your fingers through the hair I was just playing with. Just thinking about these naughty things has me moist in my panties.

I realize that there is no way I can wait until you get home to take care of this! I will have to touch myself. I wish you could at least watch me rub my swollen clit since you were the motivation for my arousal. I go to the bedroom. I slide down my jeans and panties, pull my shirt off, and lay on my back on the bed. The sheets are cool to the touch. My hands begin to wander over my warm, naked body. Massaging my breasts and stomach, sliding my hands down my thighs and pressing them open. I'm pretending my hands are yours. I close my eyes and picture that you are the one gently touching my pussy lips and then slipping a finger up and down my slit. I'm surprised at the amount of wetness between my lips already. I bring my juice soaked finger up to my mouth so I can taste myself. I smile, seeing in my mind that you are so pleased that I wanted to taste it. I slide my finger back down my skin to my hot hole. I massage my clit, rubbing my wetness up and down.

"Mmmmmm," I say out loud. I spread my legs wider as my breathing accelerates. Even though this is starting to really feel good, I regret that you are missing it. I pick up the phone to call your business cell phone. I dial the number as my heart pounds in anticipation. Will you be excited to hear what your naughty little girl is doing at home? Will you be upset because it just gets you frustrated at work? Or will you be too busy to even talk to me?

"Hello?" you answer.

"Hi daddy," I purr in a breathy voice, letting my fingers wander from my clit down to my entrance and back up.

"What's wrong baby?"

I moan, "I just need your cock so bad right now!"

"You little bad girl!" you say excited. "What is daddy's baby doing?"

"Rubbing my wet pussy."

"Baby, you know I can't participate in this right now. I'm on a deadline," you say as I hear your office door shut and lock.

"Can't you listen while you work, please daddy?" I beg as I moan.

"Okay fine," you give in, "keep playing, but let me get back to work, baby."

I am disappointed that you don't want to say naughty things to me to make me cum, but I keep playing as you told me to. I picture you at your desk, looking at your computer screen with a blank stare. I know you must have a raging hard-on under your desk from hearing my moans and desires. That makes me so excited. "Daddy, can I come to work with you tomorrow and hide under your desk all day?" I tease you.

"No baby."

"Please, daddy! Let me pull that hard cock out and suck it for you."

"No baby," you say again. I know you're struggling not to touch it.

"Aww daddy! You mean I can't sit on your desk with my legs spread? I want to show you how wet my pussy is for you now, daddy," I say with a loud moan. "Don't you want to taste it?" I'm trying my damnedest to get you to talk dirty to me and make me cum for you. I hear you breathing harder.

"Of course I do baby, but daddy is working right now," you tell me calmly.

"Daddy!" I'm getting frustrated, wanting your attention. "Pleasssssse make me cum!"

"You're going to be in so much trouble when I get home, baby!" you say.

"Mmmm, I can't wait!" I answer and smile. I rub my wetness up to my clit and circle the swollen little button. "Am I going to get spanked for playing while you're working, daddy?"

"As a matter of fact, baby, do it for me right now!" you say with power and dominance. "Slap your pussy!"

I smile, realizing that you couldn't resist me anymore and say, "Yes, daddy," without hesitating. You know how much I love my pussy spanked. I rub my clit once more before I bring my hand up and down with a loud SMACK! I moan out. "Thank you, daddy!" I say excitedly. I am getting close to creaming all over my fingers.

"God you are such a bad girl calling daddy and making his cock hard as a rock," you express. "You're in for the fucking of a lifetime when I get home."

"Ohhh daddy!" I scream.

"Cum for me, baby," you demand.

I cum hard for you. I arch my back and pump two fingers in and out of my cunt. I moan and scream in your ear. Waves of pleasure fill my body. I sink back into the pillow and feel so relaxed and happy that you were able to participate in some fashion. Anxious for you to come home I say, "Thank you daddy, don't work too late."

"Oh don't worry about that baby, daddy wants to get home to that wet pussy as soon as possible!" you reply and hang up the phone.


You come home from work. I walk over to you and kiss you softly. "How was your day, daddy?" I giggle.

You grab me by the arm and say, "No talking," as you lead me to the bedroom. You sit on the bed with me standing in front of you and say, "Undress for me baby." I strip myself of my clothes for you. Standing before you naked now and my heart starting to pound harder. I don't know what you are planning, but I trust you completely. "Turn around and get on all fours," you demand. I do as I'm told getting down on all fours on the floor. I hear you undressing behind me, but I don't dare turn to look.

Soon I feel your hands on my ass. Grazing across my bare skin gently, then pulling back and spanking me in one quick slap. I let out a yelp and feel my ass get hot. You reach your fingers between my legs to feel my pussy lips. "You aren't wet enough for me, baby," you say as you spank me again, this time harder. I moan out and feel tingles everywhere. You reach your fingers back to my lips. "Good girl," you say as you position yourself behind me. I feel your hardness spreading my lips. I want your cock so bad that I push my body back into you. You help guide your cock into my tight hole. I moan out in pleasure.

You start fucking me hard. I hear the wet sounds of your cock sliding in and out of my pussy. Then you slap my ass again. I'm moaning like crazy now. You drive me insane. Just as I'm coming to climax you pull your cock out of me and let me catch my breath as you gently tease my clit with your cock head. "You want this cock in you, don't you baby?" you ask.

"Yes, Daddy! Pleasssssssssse fuck me some more."

You slam the full length of your cock back into my wet cunt. I moan out again as you fuck me like a crazed animal. I dig my nails into the carpet. You make me explode on your cock, and my pussy juice drips down my thighs and your balls.

You stop and guide me up. You lay me back on the bed and stand next to me. "Clean me off baby," you say as you push your balls in my face. I lick and slurp up my juices from your cock and balls hungrily. "That's a good girl," you say. You start to play with my nipples and massage my breasts. I suck your cock-head into my mouth, craving your cum. You stop me and leave the room.

You return with a lit candle in your hand. You sit down on the bed beside me where I'm laying. You continue to play with my breasts and then whisper, "This may hurt a little bit, baby." I bite my lip. You tip the candle and a stream of hot wax falls on my nipple. I am startled by how hot it is and moan out. It burns my nipple, but it cools fast. The other nipple gets the same sensation. Once both of my breasts are coated in the candle wax you put the candle on the nightstand and take a look at me.

"You're so sexy, baby," you say as you lean down and suck one of my wax-coated nipples into your mouth. The now-hard wax disappears into your mouth and exposes my very sensitive nipple. You flick your tongue around my nipple, which is red from the hot wax and hard as glass. The sensations are multiplied now that my nipples are so sensitive and I feel another orgasm growing. You suck my other nipple into your mouth and clean all the wax off my breasts. Then you pinch my nipples and continue sucking them. I'm moaning out as you torture my breasts sucking my nipples hard. I'm amazed that I'm so close to cumming without any stimulation of my pussy, besides me grinding my hips into the air.

"Oh my god, daddy!" I scream as my pussy starts to convulse and my juice starts to coat my lips again.

"Mmm that's it baby, cum for me," you say. You get on top of me and slide your cock in me as I continue to orgasm. You fuck me hard once again putting my hands above my head and holding me down. It only takes maybe a dozen pumps in and out of my sopping wet hole for you to shoot your hot load in me. I shiver in pleasure another time.

You collapse on the bed next to me after our astounding session. You sure did keep your promise you made on the phone from work. I think to myself, "That was the fucking of a lifetime," and smile.

You lean over and kiss my sore nipples gently saying, "Maybe you should call me at my office more often." We laugh and kiss.

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