tagFirst TimeFantasies Come True

Fantasies Come True


I hear the door open and I wonder what ever possessed me to ever end up like this. I left him keys to get into my house, I am following his instructions, why? I am a grown woman and yet here I am, letting him control me, dominate me, feeling like a naughty school girl doing something I really should not do... panic hits me along with the excitement but it is too late now.

I hear his footsteps on the wooden floor heading to my bedroom, I did exactly as he asked even though I still don't know why I did. The soft breeze from the window is running over my exposed skin, the slightest glisten of sweat is covering my body as I lay spread out naked on the bed, wearing nothing but the blindfold he instructed me to have on. My natural instinct is to cover up, I can't see but soon I know he will be in my bedroom, staring down at my naked body on display for him. My fingers dig into the sheet, I want to pull the duvet over me and hide myself and my desire from him but I can't, it is on the floor, folded neatly out of reach. Is this why he insisted on me doing that, did he know my nervousness would want to make me cover up. My hands want to cover myself as best they can but I bite my lower lip and resist the urge.

We have spoken about this, flirted with the idea but and here I am, finally giving into the fantasy and I am afraid. I have met him before, we have spoken for years but we have never done anything like this, he has never seen me naked, vulnerable and now he will and I will not even get the chance to see his reaction. I know him... I think I do at least, oh my God, what am I doing. My throat is dry and I swallow hard, I can feel my stomach rise and fall faster and faster the closer his footsteps get. I am laying in the middle of my bed, my legs are spread, I can feel the heat and wetness from between my legs, the air is filled with the heavy sent of sex, my arms are spread out, my fingers digging into the edges of the bed as I hear him just outside my bedroom door, my breasts are heaving up and down I am sure, OMG, what am I doing.

The urge to cover up hits me even harder as I hear the squeaky bedroom door start to open but I just dig my nails into the edge of the bed harder and fight the urge, "you have been wanting this, craving this" I tell myself as I bight my lower lip even harder. His footsteps are definitely inside now, as I hear the door close. I can't see him but I can feel his gaze upon me, staring at me, looking me over from head to toe, he can see all of me, see every breath I take, see the glistening of the sweat covering my body, what is he looking at? My legs, my breasts heaving with my nervous breaths, my smooth hairless pussy, which feels like it is gushing with excitement, the rise and fall of my tummy, the scar from the operation cutting across the left of my stomach, OMG, what am I doing?

"Relax" I hear him say softly and it feels like my heart races even faster. My skin feels like it has been electrified in anticipation of what I am not sure. I can't see, what is he going to do, kiss me, touch me, what is he thinking, is he repulsed by what he is seeing, my naked imperfect body laying completely exposed for him. I almost stop breathing in anticipation of what I don't know, attention, rejection, pleasure, pain... my mind is racing.

I gasp suddenly when I feel a soft warm sensation gently swirling around my left nipple, I freeze at the sensation and I can feel goose bumps cover my body. His soft gentle tongue is encircling my nipple and it grows harder than I have ever felt it grow before. As quickly as the sensation hits it disappears and my mouth is left open, wanting more of his touches, it feels like for just a moment the fear has disappeared and replaced with the most intense feeling of excitement.

I don't breath for a second and then I feel his second touch, his fingers gliding gently over the smooth waxed mound of flesh above my pussy. The feeling is like a bolt of electricity running through my skin and my pussy contracts, pushing out a glistening clump of wetness which I can feel rolling over my skin and down over my ass.

Just as quickly as the sensation hit, it left as his fingers left my skin and a second later it was tracing over the scar on my stomach, I inhale and tense my stomach muscles. My excitement is now joined by fear, I am so self conscious about the scar, it is not pretty and his touch stays there too long, what is he thinking? His hands leave the scar and I am now nervous, what if he is turned off by it, my mind is still thinking about it when I suddenly feel his lips on the scar, he is kissing it, slowly, placing wet kisses along it from one side to the other.

My mind is racing, it feels so good but I know it looks ugly. When he makes his way to the end of the scar his lips move away and I am still breathing heavily, my mouth still open and my left nipple feeling like it has been teased by cold ice for hours and paining from the strain of his earlier kiss.

I feel his fingers again, this time on my right nipple, he pinches it between two of his fingers and it is painful but in a good way, my hips involuntarily heaves as the pain shoots through my body and I can feel more of my feminine juices flowing from between my legs as my pussy clenches under his loving torture. I want to close my legs and hide my excitement from him but his words remain in my head, not to move when he is there, to obey his instructions and give in to his desires.

He made me promise that I was his for the afternoon, that I had to submit to his will, to be his slut, his lover, his sex toy. He made me promise and here I was, caught up in a situation I both feared and loved, a fantasy coming true. My mouth was still open and I was still breathing deeply when I felt him press something against my lips, my tongue reached out and curled around the head of his cock, I could immediately taste the saltiness of his pre-cum and feverishly sucked his manhood into my mouth as deeply as I could.

As the head of his cock slipped into my mouth I sucked hard on it, I took my tongue and traced it around the rim of the swollen head of his cock and even gently tried to slide my tongue into the leaking slit at the tip of his cock. I could hear him gasp at my playful gestures as I sucked on him. His hand had found its way between my legs and was rubbing my clit harder and harder the more I sucked on him. I got this incredible feeling of power and delight, hearing his moans, and feeling his hand push harder and harder against my clit.

I used my tongue to make him pop out of my mouth and I felt his hand stop moving over my engorged pussy lips. "Did I tell you to stop?" he said softly before I heard the smack and the sudden stinging sensation from between my legs as his hand spanked my pussy hard. The sensation was beyond words, he moved his cock to my mouth again and I closed my lips, preventing him from sliding into my mouth. Smack, his hand landed on my reddening pussy lips again, this time a little harder, the pain made me open my mouth and gasp, my pussy clenched and I was sure I was but moments away from an incredible orgasm.

He moved his cock to my mouth again and this time I let him slide into my mouth without resisting, I could not, my body was not my own anymore... it did not listen to me, it listened to him, it was his. I sucked him as deep into my mouth as I could and without warning I felt another slap, this one a little softer than the previous one but his hand stayed on my swollen pussy lips where it landed and pushed hard against them, rubbing the spank into me and I felt my pussy clench along with my body as my orgasm rocked me.

I gasped, I sucked, I clenched my hands and dug my nails into the mattress. This man was fucking me like I have never been fucked and he has not even been inside me. When my orgasm subsided he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked softly. "YES" I said, too loudly, too quickly, too excitedly in all likely hood but a little laugh from him indicated he was happy with the response. Once again I found myself laying on the bed, still naked, still exposed to this man who can see all of me and of whom I have seen nothing. My mind was trying to get back to reality but he would not let me.

I felt his lips push against mine and my mouth opened to take his tongue, he kissed me deeply, passionately and intensely. He then pulled away and moved. I felt his hands gently run along the inside of my legs, slowly and sensually working their way to my swollen red pussy lips, probably glistening with my wetness which I could feel running down over my ass and forming a wet patch under me.

Suddenly I gasp as I feel something unexpected, from soft gentle fingers sliding up my leg I suddenly feel the feeling of fullness as in one fast thrust he pushes his cock all the way inside me, I gasp, my hips rise to meet his and my fingers dig into the mattress again. His thrust is hard, I feel his pelvis slam against my tender flesh, his balls slam up against my ass and in what feels like no time at all his hands have cupped my thighs and have pushed my legs back, my knees pushing up against my breasts.

His cock is so deep inside me, the feeling so intense I cum over his cock immediately. He just holds me there, his full thick manhood deep inside of me, pulsating with each heartbeat. My pussy is like a vice, gripping him deep inside me, I am moaning, gasping and wanting more. My orgasm subsides and I slowly release my death grip on his cock. I feel him start to slide in and out of me, his hands on my thighs, moving and positioning me so he can push as deep as he likes into me, my thoughts of his control is gone, my hands are on his chest, running up through his hair and he is driving me crazy with every long deep hard thrust.

He is pleasuring me but I know he is doing this more for him than me, he is using me as his fuck toy, his lover, his slut, his personal sex doll and I cum again just thinking of being used like this. His pounding is rhythmic, continuous and unforgiving. I feel orgasm after orgasm rock me and he does not stop, does not slow down and give me time to recover, he just pounds away at me. I want more, I crave more and I can't handle more, my body twitches and I want to beg him to stop and plead him never to stop, I feel an orgasm starting to build, one that is more intense than any of the others before, I start to feel his cock start to twitch too and his grip on my thighs get stronger, letting me know his orgasm is close at hand too.

I suddenly feel his one hand let go of my thigh and I feel a burning tingling sensation as I hear the smack as his hand lands on my ass, it is too much and my orgasm takes hold of me, squeezing the thick piece of meat between my legs for all I am worth, I feel my juices start to flow, I scream and as I do I feel the warmth of his cock squirting inside of me, shooting his hot cum deep inside my quivering pussy.

He pounds in and out of me a few more times before my strong contraction pushes his cock out along with the flow of my own cum squirting all over his stomach and pulsating cock.

I feel him tug off the blindfold and the bright light of day disorientates me for a second. I look at him, he is covered in wetness from my fountain of squirt that he unleashed. His cock is semi hard, covered in a combination of our juices. He looks at me and smiles, then whispers, "clean up this mess."

His words are hardly said and I have pulled him down and frantically started licking his cock, savouring our juices and cleaning him up. While I am at it he pulls me on top of him, ending up in a 69 position. While I suck and lick him clean he is gently licking at my swollen pussy, he is obviously not done with playing with me yet, even though I am swollen, red and sore, his tongue still feels strangely soothing.

His tongue is relentless and soon I am shivering on top of him as I cum again, making my clean up job even harder but I succeed and in the process also making him hard again, even harder than before which I did not think was possible.

He pushes me off of him and takes tow pillows and puts it in the middle of the bed. "Hands and knees over the pillows" he says softly but firmly and I obey. He takes the other two pillows and puts it under my head. "Head on the pillow, ass in the air" he says demandingly and I once again obey.

"Do you like being my little slut?" he asked and I murmur a quiet yes. I feel the sharp stinging on my ass cheek along with the all too familiar smack of his hand smacking my ass."I can't hear you" he replies after his hand gently caresses where it has landed. I murmur yes again, my face in the pillow, knowing this will result in another spank and it does, the other ass cheek this time. "I still can't hear you" he whispers and this time I say nothing.

His flat hand this time lands hard between my legs, catching my ass and my swollen pussy lips. The pain is intense, but incredibly pleasurable; I scream and moan into the pillow. His hand falls again between my legs, and again, and again. And then, from out of the blue I feel something I was not expecting. His tongue pressed between my legs, licking over my now very swollen and tender pussy lips, from the first fold of skin all the way up over my pussy which is leaking it's pleasure juices more feverously than before, pushing into my opening a little and making me gasp and them popping out again and over my asshole and up.

I then felt him get off the bed, I wanted to look up but before I could pull myself together he was back on the bed and behind me. I suddenly felt his cock slide inside my aching throbbing pussy, his thrust were painfully pleasurable and I was just starting to get use to his cock sliding in and out of me again when I felt a cool liquid run onto my asshole, I immediately tensed up which made his cock feel bigger and the pain from my tender pussy even more noticeable.

His finger slid over my tight anus and slowly worked inside, pushing more and more lube into me as he slowly loosened by tight asshole.

I had spoken to him about this, about the fantasy of being taken from behind, being taken in every hold but I have never had anal sex, this was virgin territory. I knew this might happen, I was hoping it would but now it really was and I was nervous.

He did not let me express it though, he kept on pounding my pussy and kept on working his finger in my ass, loosening me up until he slid a second finger inside me.

The feeling of his cock and his fingers inside me was incredible, something I could never imagine and never fully describe, the feeling of being so full, sore, excited, nervous, it was all too much and another orgasm hit my body. After my orgasm subsided I felt him slide out of my pussy and felt the tip of his cock push up against my tight virgin ass.

I felt more of the cold gel dripping just above the tip of his cock as he added more lube and then felt him slowly push against my asshole. I tried to relax but he was so big and as I felt him move in little by little I clenched down instinctively and he stopped, let me get use to the feeling and then pushed a little more. The head of his cock felt massive and I could feel how he stretched me like I have never felt before and then suddenly the head of his cock popped in and the stretching the head of his cock had done to my ass had loosened me up enough for most of his shaft to follow.

He just stayed there for a minute, my ass squeezing and relaxing and squeezing on him until I finally relaxed and he started sliding in and out of me with small slow strokes. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before, it was a little bit sore but extremely arousing and pleasurable and soon I was pushing back against him, taking more and more of his cock until all of him slid easily in and out of me.

He pulled out of me and I felt so empty, I was ready to shout and demand him to put his cock back into my ass when I felt his fingers against my pussy, he was sliding something inside of me, not his cock, no, it was my ben-wa balls, he popped one in and then the other and my pussy clenched around them and swallowed them hole.

Then I felt his cock against my ass again. OMG, he was not being serious was he, he slowly slid the head of his cock inside my ass, far easier this time but with the ben-wa balls inside me and just the head of his cock I felt like I was going to burst I felt so full but he did not stop there, he pushed until he his cock was completely buried inside my ass, his cock filling my ass, my ben-wa balls filling my pussy.

I cried with pleasure into the pillow, muffling my screams as I felt him slowly starting to take long strokes in and out of my ass, pulling until I could feel the head of his cock about to pop out of my ass and then thrusting all the way inside of me.

The sensation was beyond words, and his thrusting got harder and faster. He added more and more lube until my ass felt so slick, his cock was like a piston, going a million miles an hour and my orgasms seem to hit one after another so rapidly that I could not tell when one ended and the next started.

His pounding was relentless until suddenly he grabbed my hips and thrust hard into my ass. I could feel the squirting of his hot cum into me, filling my ass. Once again it was a feeling I could not have expected or ever described.

He squirted and squirted until my ass had milked all of his cum and he collapsed onto the bed next to me. I lifted my head off the pillow, pulled the pillows from under me and crawled with my head over his shoulder and collapsed on top of him in his arms, my ben-wa balls still inside of me, drained, tired, wet.

I could not say anything, I could hardly move, the air was reeking of sex and everything was wet, I closed my eyes and smiled, "I want that again" I whispered before falling asleep.

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