tagRomanceFantasies Do Come True

Fantasies Do Come True


Janis sat on her porch, reading a book in the mid-afternoon sun. She was glad to finally have some time to herself, without Kyle around. Not that she didn't love him, she was just getting bored with him. They'd been dating for over a year now, and she needed some excitement in her life.

Kyle was the kind of guy to fall madly in love with the first girl who looked at him, which was what Janis was used to. She always dated guys who treated her like gold, buying her stuffed animals and telling her she was beautiful. Of course, they were also always inconsiderate boobs, but it wasn't like they meant to be. They were just all a little below the average IQ level, and she couldn't relate to them. Kyle was a prime example, but she couldn't bring herself to hurt him.

Her thoughts drifted from the book to another guy she had met last year, Robbie. They had met in her first semester Creative Writing class, and she fell head over heels for him. They were great friends, even if after graduation she hadn't exactly kept in touch that often. Kyle seemed to take up all of her time, and she'd only been able to e-mail Robbie a few times. She often thought about him, but never had time to give him a call.

He wasn't the most attractive guy around (unlike Kyle), but she didn't even notice. He was smart and witty, words her boyfriends couldn't even define. They had tons of things in common, like both liking 1920's swing and Beatles records, and they both loved to write. She and Kyle had nothing in common, he was going into construction trade and she was going to college next year. He liked metal music, and got physically ill at the sight of a book. She had admitted to herself a while ago that she was getting sick of going to hard rock concerts and action movies.

Janis had even fantasized about Robbie more than a few times. She always saw herself on the beach with him, taking a walk away from the bonfire and ending up screwing like rabbits. She would never admit to anyone that she masturbated often to visions like that, but she couldn't help herself. Even the thought of him sitting behind her in class turned her on, so that the end of class was a relief.

A few days after the last day of writing was done, the teacher asked her if she could take his portfolio to him. She agreed to bring it to him the next day, and happily carried it with her all day. That night, she decided to read it out of curiosity. What was inside shocked her.

A single poem, filled with feelings of unrequited love. It mentioned details that left no question in her mind that it was about her. She felt horrible, she'd never noticed his yearning because she was too busy thinking about him. The poem had bothered her ever since, but she'd never had the guts to act on it.

As she was sitting thinking all these things over for the millionth time, a dark blue car pulled up in the drive. None other than Robbie himself stepped out, grinning in that charming way that had melted her heart a thousand times before. "Hey, how's it going? Thought I'd stop by and drag you down to the beach, so you can meet my friends. I haven't seen you in forever, so don't even think about resisting."

She grinned herself, and threw the book inside and closed the door. As she slid into the passenger seat, she felt a worm of anticipation wiggle in her belly. She hadn't seen Robbie in a while and she was finally hanging out with him again. She hoped in the back of her mind it would lead to more, but her sensible self squashed that hope and reminded her she had a boyfriend.

The drive to the beach was long, and they talked nonstop the whole time. They blasted the White Album all the way, and Janis felt like they'd seen each other just yesterday. When they got there, he turned to her with a wry grin. "I know you don't smoke pot, but neither do I so it's cool. Just a warning that there may be some contraband down there, they're a crazy bunch."

She laughed. "Robbie, you forget I'm pretty liberal. Let's get going before the sun sets and I fall down the steps."

They took the trail down, a steep, long concrete stairway. She smiled to herself as they walked down the quickly reddening sands. It was turning into her fantasies, and she had to restrain herself from giggling nervously.

They came upon a group of people around a bonfire, one guy had a guitar and they were all laughing and talking. She laughed as she was reminded of an old Elvis movie. They sat and she introduced herself, feeling more comfortable as the hours went on. She didn't have any female friends after a recent incident, and was glad to find all the girls here very friendly. Robbie was very sweet, paying almost sole attention to her, and giving the other guys a very territorial look when he thought she wasn't looking. She was very glad Kyle worked late that night.

When the sun was down and the last hints of it were over the water, Robbie stood up. "C'mon Janis, let's give these hooligans a chance to light up. Come for a walk with me." She let him pull her up and grinned as everyone else watched them with a snicker. Her mind was buzzing with a million jumbled thoughts, as this was going just as her fantasies always did.

They walked for a long time, talking about their writing and plans for next year. He told her he was going to college too, and his wasn't very far from where she was going. She was very happy about this, and they talked about hanging out on the weekends. They came to a large rock that jutted over the water, and sat for a rest on it. She looked at him longingly, his hair wind-blown and face slightly tan. He had changed a lot since graduation, and she was beginning to feel that same old feeling.

Robbie grinned at her. "Hello, earth to Janis! Houston says to come back down. I asked you how you and Kyle are doing." She blushed, thankfully hidden by the darkness. "Well, I guess we're okay. I'm just kind of getting tired of him. You know the old story." Robbie nodded, he'd been the only friend she'd confided in about her frustration with Kyle.

"You know you could get any guy you want, Janis. You're just too scared to go out and find one. You're pretty and smart, and these dumb guys aren't right for you."

Janis blushed more furiously. "Well, I don't know about that. But, um- Thank you, Robbie. That means a lot from you."

He sat closer to her, and put his arm around her. Her heart raced, and she felt slightly faint. "I always feel so bad, hearing you talk about how he doesn't take you out anywhere you like to go and how he doesn't listen to you. You could do so much better, Janis. You deserve someone who likes the same things you do, and who you can talk to."

She knew he was just being a friend, but the next moment she found herself kissing him softly. She pulled back quickly, looking down. "I- I'm so sorry Robbie, I don't know where that came from, I just like you so much, I'm so sor-"

He stopped her in mid-sentence with the most passionate, gentle kiss anyone had ever given her. His lips felt like cool velvet against hers, and his hand brushed her hair as if it were glass. She felt like any minute she would melt away, and her stomach knotted itself up instantly. He stopped and looked at her with the kindest eyes she'd ever seen.

"Don't you know I've loved you since I saw you? It stabs me in the heart every time I see you with him, and I know you're not happy. You're the most beautiful person I've ever met, and not just on the outside." She felt her breath quicken, and she held back burning tears of happiness. "Robbie, I- I've never thought you felt that way. You're more than my best friend, I think about you all the time, and ever since I read your po-" She stopped suddenly, not believing she'd just said what she did.

He looked puzzled, then smiled. "You read that? I never meant- I mean, I never thought you would, well, understand it was about you. I just, oh wow. My stomach is doing back flips." She giggled, and looked down. In the darkness she couldn't see very far, but she could see his hands trembling. She held one, and felt it quiver in her own. She looked up at him, unable to speak. He kissed her again, more softly and gently than before. She closed her eyes and felt his arms around her, clutching her as he shifted to be nearer.

Janis had never felt sensations like these before, and her heart fluttered. The kiss deepened and as she felt his tongue for the first time, she shivered. His hands ran over her back and sides, filling her with adrenaline. She pressed herself to him and felt his swift intake of breath as she caressed the side of his face. Their tongues danced softly, and she felt her body heat rise as her rested his hand on her thigh.

She sighed, "Oh, Robbie," as his other hand entangled itself in her hair. Their embrace became more passionate, his free hand running up her thigh to her waist and her hands exploring his broad chest. She could feel his heart beating furiously, and she gasped for air as his hand brushed the side of her breast. He hesitated, then lingered there. She squirmed beside him as her blood rushed hot and fast through her tingling body. He sensed her excitement and traced the roundness of her breast with his thumb.

She put her hand on his thigh, and became extremely aroused to find his leg quivering under the influence of a very large erection. He gasped as she lightly touched it, and pulled her as close as possible. She couldn't help herself as she turned slightly to move his surprised hand directly onto her breast. Her nipples were showing through her shirt now, and as he caressed them she swooned. She ran her hand up his thigh, moving ever so slightly toward his stiffening member.

He looked into her eyes with intense lust and moved his hand the hem of her shirt. "Do you-" he started in a husky whisper, and she cut him off with a passionate kiss. She moved his hand under the hem, and he needed no further provocation. He slipped a finger over the top of her bra and she moaned softly as her brushed her nipple. His face suddenly became hot, and he moved the obtrusive garment down and out of the way. Her panties became soaked as he lightly ran his fingers over her breast, stopping now and then to softly pinch her nipple. She ran her hand over his erection in a fit of ecstasy, and was pleasantly surprised to find it was rather large.

Robbie suddenly whipped her shirt over her head and off, grunting with pleasure. He stared in awe at her breasts for a moment, then began to kiss them softly all over. This drove Janis over the edge, and she grabbed his shaft and began to stroke it softly. He groaned and began sucking gently on her nipple. She suddenly got goose bumps all over her body, and her hands shook as she unbuttoned his khaki shorts. He breathed heavily as she undressed him, and she gasped as she looked at his naked body.

He was trim and slightly muscular, with a handsome tan all over. His cock was a good size larger than any of her boyfriends', and much wider around. She became flushed and extremely horny at the sight, and couldn't speak as he slipped the rest of her clothes off. He stared at her for a few moments, then laid her gently down on the warm sand.

She looked up into his eyes, half-closed and dilated. He caressed her in one long sweep from her shoulder to her hip, and she shivered with delight. His erection brushed against her inner thigh, and she felt a rush of wetness between her legs. He leaned down and ran his lips over her breasts, not exactly kissing but it was much more pleasurable. She jittered beneath him as he worked his way from nipple to nipple, and down to her belly button. He put his hand on her hip as he went lower still, stopping just above the triangle of hair between her legs.

Her eyelids fluttered and closed as he slowly spread her legs and put his lips to her. Her breath quickened as he barely touched her with his tongue, and her swollen clitoris tingled with excitement. She rested her feet on his back and shook as his tongue found its way to her opening. She throbbed, and he began to work slowly in circles at her clit. Her knees fluttered like a butterfly, and she moaned softly. This seemed to encourage him, and he gently sucked her clit between his tongue and lips. She couldn't help but entangle her hands in his hair and push him closer. He put his tongue into her opening, then back to her clit in quickening circles.

This would've brought her to orgasm quickly, but she suddenly pulled him up above her and moaned, "Please, I need you..." He rested his head on her breasts for a moment, and then took his member into his hand. He ran the head up and down across her mons, slowly and maddeningly. She moaned and writhed beneath him, to his delight. He continued this for some time until she couldn't take it any longer and begged him to put it in.

Robbie slowly inserted his cock, stopping at the head. He was breathing heavily into her ear, driving her crazy. He pulled it out, and then drove slowly in again. She thrust her hips upwards, and as he gasped he lost his balance and plunged into her. She was so wet he went in completely, and she cried out with pleasure. He drove into her again, slower but still all the way. She had never felt so full, she could feel him pressing against her end and it was pure ecstasy. He plunged into her again, starting to pick up a pace. She rocked against him, bucking her hips with his rhythm and moaning softly.

He drove in harder, again and again. "I'm almost there," he whispered, and stopped. She looked up, puzzled and a little disappointed. He rolled over onto his back, lifting her with him. She inhaled sharply as she felt him deeper than before. He was practically bursting her, and she pounded against him. He groaned as she rubbed her engorged clit against him, clutching her waist in his warm hands. She pulled up a little and slammed down again, gasping at the new sensation. She began to drive against him faster, plunging his rock-hard cock deep within her. She pushed her clit against his shaft, and he moaned as she squeezed his balls.

She pounded him faster and faster, both moaning as he bounced her roughly on his cock. Deeper and deeper he went, until she felt as if she would explode. Her clit throbbed from its flogging, and she cried out as she began to cum. This wasn't just a cum, it was like his dick was a nuclear warhead. She ground against him as her walls convulsed, and he too cried out as he came in searing hot spurts deep within her.

She collapsed onto him, both breathing hard and shaking. He put his arms around her after a few minutes and turned her to his side. He slid slowly out of her, shuddering as his still-stiff shaft came out, glistening. She opened her eyes and he was looking directly into them, with something more now. They laid for a long while, listening quietly to the sound of the rushing waves behind them.

Eventually they got up and dressed, and when they walked back to the bonfire they were holding hands. Janis didn't get home until late that night, and fell into the bed smiling.

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