tagIncest/TabooFantasies Do Cum True

Fantasies Do Cum True


I’ve been outside in the backyard, sunbathing by the pool all afternoon. Trying to catch the last rays of summer. I’m wearing my black bikini, my skin oiled to get that golden tan. I’d just turned 18, and I’m about to start my Senior year of high school, and I want to look good.

After an hour or so, it’s getting very hot out. So I decide it’s time to go back in. I gather my things and walk towards the back door, when, you, my older brother, walk out. You are wearing shorts, and no shirt. And, knowing these thoughts are wrong, I can’t help admire your body. You are strong and muscular; a man, not the boys I had dated. Un-pure thoughts run through my head quickly.

“Hi sis,” you say. “Nice day to get that last bit of tan, huh?”

“Yes” I mumble. I look straight into your eyes. They locked for a moment. I can feel you staring at my body. As I walk closer to the door, and you catch me, your hand running down my arm. I feel a tingle run down my spine. I look at you, and your eyes stare back suggestively.

“I’m going in to take a shower,” I stammer. “When will mom and dad be home?”

“The usual time, between 6 and 7,” you respond.

I walk inside and glance at the clock. It’s 4:30 pm. I get up to my bathroom, and start running a nice cool shower. I strip off my bikini, admiring my tan lines in the mirror. I get in the shower, and though I know it’s wrong, I can’t stop thinking about you. I know you are my brother, but I imagine you touching me, kissing me, and making love to me. As I stand there, leaning against the tile, the water falling on me, I start to touch myself, imagining it’s you touching me. I caress my breasts, and slowly move one hand down to my pussy. My eyes are closed.. I finger my clit, circling slowly. And as I pinch my nipples, I slowly insert two fingers in my pussy. I softly moan, imagining you kissing me, softly moving down my neck, circling my nipples with your tongue. I can almost feel your hard cock in my hand, as I slide up and down your hard shaft.

The bathroom door opens quietly, and I don’t hear you slip in. I am too involved in my own fantasies. As I pump two fingers into my cunt, and suddenly I feel someone sucking on my nipples. This is not a fantasy.

I open my eyes in surprise, only to find you looking back at me. I open my mouth to speak, and you cover it with your own, kissing me passionately. I feel your tongue mingle with mine, as the water continues to beat down on us.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I murmur.

“Shhhhhh,” you say.

I feel your hands all over my body, as you press yourself against me. Your cock is hard and wet. You tease my cunt with it, as you hold me up against the wall. You kiss my neck, and my breasts, your hands roaming. I moan as you touch my clit. You can feel my wetness, I am dripping, and it’s not the water.

“John?” “Yes sweetness?”

“I’m still a virgin.”

You look up at me, surprised.

“With a body like this? Wow! Well sweetheart there will be nothing better than having your big brother take you for the first time,” my brother responds, breathing heavily.

And with that, you kiss me, like I’ve never been kissed before...so deeply. Then you turn me around, you move my wet hair over my right shoulder, and you kiss the back of my neck. You continue kissing all the way down my back. I brace myself with my hands against the wall, as you bend me over. You are still kissing me, as you move your fingers inside my pussy. I moan. I’m so hot, I’ve never felt this way before.

Then I feel your cock up against my slit. You are rubbing it all over me. I feel another tingle go down my spine, knowing I’m about to be taken for the first time, by my big brother. You continue to kiss my back....one hand on my clit...and the other guiding yourself into me. First just the head. I get used to the feel of it, and you slowly start to move, the water still beating down on us. You move deeper, and deeper, until you enter me completely.

“Uhhhhhhh....oh god.....John. It hurts!”

“Feel me sis? Feel me all the way inside of you? This is what you are here for.”

You start to move faster, fucking me harder and harder. You continue to rub my clit. Suddenly the pain subsides, and turns to a deep pleasure. I feel something building inside of me. For the first time I can’t ever remember feeling something so wonderful. Feeling so full with my brother’s cock inside of me. I’m getting close. I’ve never felt these sensations before. And this something I’ve never felt is building, and building. Then it explodes. I buck hard against you, moaning loudly. You can feel my pussy convulsing around your cock. And you feel yourself start to cum. You pull out of me and spray your cum all over my back.

Then as the moment subsides, you lean back against me, both of us breathing hard, and moaning softly in pleasure. After we regain our senses, you slowly wash me, turn off the water and wrap me in a towel.

“How did it feel to be FUCKED by your brother sis?”

“John, why do you have to say it that way? ‘Fucked by your brother’?”

“Because that’s what just happened. I was your first. I FUCKED YOU. And you should know, it will happen a lot in the future. Come to my room. NOW!”

As we walk down the hall to his room, I hear the front door open.

“Oh god, Mom and Dad are home early!” I whisper

“Not to worry.”

He throws on a shirt, and orders me to get under his desk. As he sits down, I’m confronted with his cock, which is already becoming hard again.

“Suck it bitch, and you’d better suck it good....otherwise Mom and Dad might find out.”

As I start to lick his cock, I can hear footsteps on the stairs. Someone is coming up. Then there is a gentle knock on the door. I take his whole cock in my mouth. My tongue’s running up and down his shaft.

“Honey? Are you in there?”

It was mom! Just outside the door...as I lay naked underneath my brother’s desk, sucking his cock.

“Yes Mom, come on it!” John says with enthusiasm.

The door opens and Mom steps inside.

“How was your day honey?”

“Mom, it was fantastic.”

“What happened? Anything exciting?”

John ponders the question for a moment.

“No just the usual.”

“Do you know where your sister is? I can’t find her!” My mother exclaims.

“No, I have no idea” you respond with a sly grin. But Mom doesn’t pick up on it.

“Okay, well if you see her, tell her to be home at 7 for dinner.”

“I will, but I think she’ll be pretty full.” You said, grinning knowingly.

Mom gives him a funny look, and walks out the door.

John makes me stay under the desk until I he cums all over my face....and then he makes me clean him off.

Now it is nearly 7...and I know I need to clean up for dinner, and find some way to come back into the house.

As I walk out of the door to John’s room he says something that really turns me on.

“You are mine now, bitch. You will come when I call, and please me.”

I look back at him, and know.

I am now owned by my brother.

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