tagGroup SexFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02


Sherry stood by the bed dressed in a black leather corset that accentuated her big 36dd tits, her tiny waist and her full hips and beautiful round ass. High healed thigh high leather boots completed her dominatrix outfit and a thick black strap on hung lewdly from her waist as she barked orders to me and the three muscular men in the room.

It was September 11th, her 32 birthday, and the first since we had gotten back together. My present to her was four slaves to do with as she pleased. My oringinal plan was a mix of two male slaves, including me, and two female slaves, but she requested all well built men. It took some planning but I managed to arrange exactly what she requested right down to the fully appointed dungeon with the help of the swingers website.

Her first order made my stomach churn with disgust. It was something I had no desire to do but it was something she obviously wanted to see and since I was her slave with no boundaries I had no choice but to comply.

"I want to see you and Jim kiss," she said as an evil grin spread across her pretty face.

I fought to clear my head from the disgust I felt at her order. I walked over to the naked muscular man standing next to a stockade in a well lit corner of the dungeon and pressed my lips to his. My stomach turned and I felt sick as I kissed another man for the first time in my life. His lips were softer than I expected and it was not as bad as I thought but it was not enjoyable

"Very nice slaves, now kiss deeply. Kiss like you mean it. I want to see tongue. I can see that Jim is enjoying it and I am sure you can feel his hard cock pressing against your body can't you sissy boy," Sherry teased.

"Yes mistress," I answered honestly as Jim's big hard cock rubbed against my smooth shaved balls. He pressed his lips to mine and agressively kissed me. His tongue plunged deep into my mouth and swirled around as I tentatively returned the kiss. I heard Sherry moaning in the back ground as Jim's hips ground aganst my pelvis. His hard dick rubbed against my smooth shaved balls and taint and I found myself enjoying the feeling of the kiss despite my revultion.

My cock hardened inspite of myself and pressed against Jim's rock hard abs. Sherry stood beside me and stroked my hair as she whispered a mix of encouraging words and humiliating, degrading taunts.

"Suck on his tongue my sissy slave," she ordered as she guided my hand to his warm throbbing rod. She pressed her enormous tits against my back and ground her strapon aganst my ass as she sandwiched me between her and Jim.

"Enough slave," Sherry yelled as she violently grabbed my hair and pulled hard, snapping my head back and forcing her long tongue down my throat. I sucked on her tongue and lickes her top lip making her moan loudly. Sherry took my cock in her right hand and stroked it slowly as we kissed. She grabbed Jim's dick in her other hand and rubbed them together as she ordered the other two naked muscular men over to where we were stading. She ordered them to their knees and watched excitedly as they took the throbbing cocks from her tiny hands and engulphed them in their warm mouths.

Sherry removed her strap on and watched wide eyed as two of her powerfully built male sex slaves fellated Jim and I. She was panting and moaning as her fingers mercilessly assaulted her dripping wet cunt.

"Enough slaves," she commanded. Everyone stopped what they were doing and awaited Sherry's next order. "It is time you queers stopped pleasuring each other and put some of that hard cock to use in my overheated cunt. I am after all the birthday girl and you are all toys to use for my pleasure."

She ordered me onto the bed on my back. The black rubber sheet was cool on my skin as my beautiful mistress strattled me on the bed. Kyle, the most well endowed of the slaves climbed behind Sherry. I watched as his thick nine inch cock split Sherry's dripping pussy. Her lips clung to his thick rod as he pumped it into her in a smooth steady rhythm. Kyle's smooth shaved balls slapped against my head with each stroke and pussy juice dripped from Sherry's lips into my waiting mouth.

"Suck my pussy piggy," she said breathlessly as Kyle continued to plow her from behind.

I raised my mouth to her succulent pussy and licked her meaty lips making her moan loudly as Jim climbed infront of Sherry's open mouth and offered her his hard throbbing manhood. She slurped his cock into her mouth as I devoured her pussy. My tongue flicked rhythmically over her engorged clit until her sexy body shook with her first climax of the day.

Sherry sucked Jim's hard six inches into her mouth as he held her head steady and rocked his hips fore and aft gently fucking her mouth. Kyle continued to pound his monsterous cock into her dripping cunt as I licked the smooth wet underside of his cock and balls.

Harder and faster Kyle continued to plow Sherry's overheated pussy until his balls tightened and he sank all nine inches into her. I sucked his smooth balls into my mouth as he unleashed a torrent of thick warm cum inside her.

He pulled his dripping wet cock from her tastey hole and rubbed it over my face covering me with the sticky delicious combination of their juices. I licked his cock clean as Sherry continued to suck on Jim's throbbing rod. When Kyle's cock was clean I attached my mouth to Sherry's quivering cunt and vacuumed the thick warm goo from her womb.

Jim continued to fuck Sherry's mouth as Jeremy, the fourth slave who had been idley stroking his seven solid inches as he waited for his turn inside Sherry's luscious body, climbed behind he and entered her in a smooth easy stroke.

Jim's body tensed as he came in Sherry's warm mouth. She greedily gulped his creamy seed down her throat and sucked his softening cock as Jeremy continued to fuck her hard until another climax shook her beautiful body.

Sherry climbed off the bed and ordered me to roll over onto my stomach. I knew what she had in mind and despite my reservations I was ready for anything she commanded us to do.

She poured some lube over my asshole and slid two and then three fingers inside me. She fucked me hard with her fingers as she pulled my hair hard and yelled "you like that don't you piggy?"

"Yes mistress, I love your fingers in my ass."

"Oh, my fingers are just the start sissy. Today your mistress gets to see you get fucked in the ass," she said as she pulled her fingers from my asshole and forced them into my mouth.

"You," she said pointing to Jeremy, "get ontop of this little bitch and fuck him hard."

I clenched my teeth tightly as Jeremy climbed onto the bed. I felt a huge pit in my stomach as I heard the squishing sound from Jeremy lubing up his cock. He pressed the head against my well lubricated asshole and slowly thrust his hips forward.

I groaned with an odd combination of pain mixed with an unexpected pleasure as he filled my ass with warm throbbing flesh.

"That's it baby," Sherry said as she pressed her soft lips to mine. "Thank you so much for my birthday present baby. I love you so much." Her lips parted and our tongues entwined in a deep passionate kiss. Jeremy fell into a steady rhythm as his cock slid in and out of my ass. My cock throbbed as his rod stroked my prostate and I found myself enjoying the experience far more than I ever could have imagined.

"You like having his cock up your sissy ass don't you my piggy," Sherry chided. I groaned a response because I was unable to speak clearly.

"Fuck him harder slave!" Sherry yelled. "Fuck him like the bitch that he is."

Jeremy's cock pistoned in and out of my ass as he relentlessly fucked me. His cock stroked my prostate and wave after wave of pleasure rocked my body as I came hard onto the thick rubber sheet beneath me.

"Oh god," Jeremy called out. "I'm gonna cum."

"Stop,"Sherry yelled. Jeremy groaned in disappointment as he stopped thrusting his cock into my gaping asshole. "Get over here slave and put that big cock in this sissy slaves mouth." She said as she directed Jeremy to stand beside the bed.

"Make him cum piggy, and don't you dare spill a drop."

My stomach recoiled as Jeremy thrust his dripping cock into my mouth. My tongue slid along the underside of his warm meat as my head began to bob. I wrapped my hand around the thick shaft and pumped his rod as I sucked his head and swirled my tongue around it. I could feel his legs begin to quiver and I reached around and eased a finger up his asshole as I deep throated his cock. Jeremy moaned loudly and filled my mouth with his warm seed. I swallowed his surprisingly tastey cream as I continued to slurp on his spasming cock.

Sherry pulled my hair and kissed me forcfully as her tongue plunged deep inside my mouth. She thrust her tongue in and out of my mouth as she reached down and played with my cum covered cock. My dick quickly stiffened in her talented hands.

"Now piggy, it is your turn to do some ass fucking," she said as she greased up my pole. She bent over infront of me and ordered me to lick her asshole. I licked her puckered hole and drooled copious amounts of spit before forcing my tongue inside her tight hole. Sherry moaned loudly and pushed her beautiful ass back against my face burying it between her luscious cheeks. I reached around and rubbed her engourged clit as I lovingly tongue fucked her delectible ass.

"Oh baby," she panted, "I need your cock in my ass."

"Yes mistress," I replied as I straightened up and eased my hard cock into her tight hole.

Sherry groaned loudly as I buried my cock deep into her tight asshole. She told me to stop moving when my cock was all the way inside her. She ordered Jim to climb under her and Kyle to strattle him with his enormous cock infront of her face.

Jim eased his dick into Sherry's dripping wet hole. I could feel his cock rubbing against mine through the thin membrane that separated her two holes.

"Oh god I love this," she said as Jim and I started to fuck her with long slow strokes. She reached forward and took Kyles huge cock into her mouth. She sucked on it noisily as Jim and I quickened our pace.

The room filled with the sound of Sherry's slurping mouth and slapping flesh as we gangbanged my beautiful girl friend. The sweet smell of sex hung heavy in the room and Jim and I thrust hard into Sherry's tight body.

Harder and faster we pounded into our Sherry sandwich as we worked toward the epic climax of our gangbang. Sweat dripped from my brow as I violently pounded my cock into Sherry's tight ass. I could feel her legs quiver as she approached a powerful orgasm.

Jim came first and he grunted loudly as he filled her pussy with cum. I pulled hard on Sherry's hair and thrust my cock deep inside her ass as we came together.

We collapsed on the bed in a sweaty tangled pile of flesh. Kyle stroked his hard cock and waited for Sherry's next order. He didn't have to wait long. She ordered Kyle and Jeremy to blow each other and she grabbed me by the hair. She kneeled over my face and pulled my face into her pussy.

"Clean Jim's cum from my cunt, piggy and then I have a treat for you."

I vacuumed the cum from her pussy as she held my head tightly by the hair. I licked and sucked all of their juices from her delicious honey pot and she moaned softly.

"Here's your treat piggy," she said as she released a warm flow of salty sweet pee.

I gulped down her warm refreshmen trying hard to drink it all but failing miserably. Her piss flowed down my body onto the rubber sheet. When she finished she tied me face up on the bed and ordered Kyle and Jeremy to cum on my face.

I looked up at them helplessly as they vigorously pounded their cocks until they both unleashed ribbons of thick warm cum onto my face. Sherry waited for them to finish and then climbed onto the bed. She sat on my cum covered face and ordered me to make her cum. I licked her delicious pussy as she ground it against my face until she came again.

Sherry left me tied to the bed covered in pussy juice, cum and piss. She walked upstairs and had each of the other three slaves pleasure her once more before they left. She returned and hour later with my dog collar and leash. She dressed me and walked me to her car for the short trip home.

"Thank you baby," she said as she kissed me tenderly. "This was the best birthday ever. I can't wait unil next summer to reciprocate so you will be getting an early birthday present."

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