tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02


Saturday morning finally came and the two of us took the old company van out to the deserted building. Bill drove around to the rear of the building to the loading area and parked. As we got out, Bill looked all around and said, "This is good. Lots of privacy here. This ramp will make it easier to get Jen into the building. Let's go inside and look around."

Bill inserted the key into the dusty lock, turned it and opened the door. We entered and I flipped a light switch. Surprisingly, a single overhead light came on. We walked farther through a wide open space until we came to a free swinging double door and then we pushed into the next room. I flipped the next light switch I saw and on came another single overhead light. In the near distance I saw a sign on a door that read, "MEN."

"Alright, Bill! Let's see what's behind door number one!"

I pushed open the door and flipped on a light to reveal exactly what I had imagined. The floor was made of dingy white, tiny octagonal tiles, stained from years of use and lack of care. There were several stalls that lined one wall, sinks on the opposite wall, and at the far end stood a line of urinals that went from about waist high to the floor. I looked at Bill and he grinned back. "You know, if I tape her wrists behind her back, she won't be able to prop herself up once she's on her knees. This could be good in a really sick kind of way. You're sure you're okay with this?"

Bill patted my shoulder and said, "I knew you were the right man for the job! Besides, anything you make her do that she likes, I'll get to do to her later."

We left the restroom and continued inspecting the building. Not far away was a door with a sign on it that read, "SICK ROOM."

"Okay, Bill. Let's see what's behind door number two!"

I pushed open that door and flipped on another overhead light. Inside was what appeared to be a nurse's station, complete with an old metal hospital bed and a bare mattress.

"Oh, man! This is perfect!" I shouted. "No windows to the outside. Metal bed frame for securing restraints. Mattress. There's even some old medical tape and scissors over there. Depending on how much it would cost to rent this place, we could probably do a little bit of renovating and turn this into dungeon for the kinksters in town."

"What the hell are you talking about, Brent?"

"You've never heard about the BDSM crowds at dungeons? If you can get the word out, you can make some money on a decent kink club."

Bill looked at me strangely and asked, "How many people in this town do you think are going to join a kink club, Brent?"

"Okay. Good point, Bill. But it's a thought. So, where do you want the cameras? One near the urinals and one in here? It's too bad we only have two."

"Yeah, sounds good. I'll come back later and hook them up. Just being in here and thinking about what you might do to Jen got me horny. I want to get back home and get down and dirty with her."

Bill locked the door and we went out to the van. Before I got inside, I noticed some large metal rings bolted into the side of the loading dock. "I don't know what the original purpose of those rings were, but they look like they'd be good for securing Jen in a spread eagle for either a whipping or a fucking, or both."

Bill just stood there looking at me and finally said, "You're one sick mother fucker, aren't you? Save the whipping idea for somebody else."

"Note to self," I said. "No whipping Bill's lovely wife. Fuck her brains out but don't leave any marks on her."

The next several days seemed to drag by. Both Bill and myself were ready for this to happen. We'd worked out all the details. He'd installed the cameras and given me the keys and alarm codes to the building. I had the van gassed up and even put a thin mattress on the floor in the back. I'd connected handcuffs and ankle cuffs to the ends of the bed frame, and also stocked the cabinets with a couple of extra large dildos and a bottle of lubricant. I wasn't sure if I'd use it, but I hung a 2-quart enema bag with tubing from a hook I'd fastened to a door of a stall, just in case. I'd even practiced how I was going to grab Jen and get her into the van.

The day it was going to happen finally arrived. Bill told me he was going to make Jen go to the corner store at 10:30 PM wearing only sandals and a rain coat with nothing on underneath. He said he'd tell her to flash the cashier on her way out to make sure she'd do it. It'd also make it easier for me to get her naked. All I had to do was park the van on the street between their home and the store... and wait for the right moment.

I left early to make sure I'd get the best possible parking location. I wanted to be equidistant between the streetlights so I'd have the least amount of light falling on me. As it happened, I was the only person who parked on the street. And I had to sit and wait a long, long time. I kept glancing at my watch until finally it was almost time. I opened the sliding door of the van and left it ajar, then stared into the mirror, waiting for Jen to arrive. When I finally saw her figure in the distance, my cock immediately got hard. I wondered if this is what real rapists experience. I didn't really care. All I wanted to do was scare the living daylights out of Jen, get her into the van, gag her, blindfold her and restrain her with the duct tape, and then get to the abandoned building to start my fun. When she neared the van, I surprised myself at how easily I was able to do just that. Everything seemed to go so smoothly, although once I had her lying face down on the mattress, it was all just a blur. I sat and watched her struggling against the tape. I listened to her muffled cries for help. I told her, "Calm down, bitch. I'm going to take you where no one will ever find you and I'm going to have so much fun using you. Before I'm done with you, you'll have done so many depraved things and begged for more that you won't ever think about plain vanilla sex again. Now, shut up and enjoy the ride."

I started the van and eased out of the parking space. I drove towards the old building, thinking about the things I wanted to do. Jen remained quiet for a while. For whatever reason, about a mile before we got to the building, she started struggling and trying to scream. The road was empty and dark, so I pulled over on the side and stepped into the back of the van. I rolled her over onto her back and quickly unbuttoned her coat. Sure enough, she was naked under it. I slapped her tits forcefully and then shoved two fingers into her soaked pussy. "Just as I thought! You're enjoying this, aren't you?" I roughly finger fucked her for about 30-seconds and then pulled my fingers out and wiped them between her mouth and nose. "Smell that? That's pure arousal, slut. You and I are going to have a lot of fun."

I got back to the driver's seat and continued towards the destination. All I could think about was how much I was enjoying everything so far and how much I was looking forward to doing more. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Jen had rolled herself back onto her stomach and was trying to grind her pussy into the mattress. "Better save some of that for me, cunt!"

As I entered the large desolate parking lot of the old building I heard Jen sigh. I drove around to the back and pulled up close to the ramp that led up to the top of the loading dock. I got out and slid open the door of the van. "I hope you're ready for some fun, slut. Something tells me you are."

Reaching inside, I grabbed her long blonde hair and tugged it towards me. "Crawl over here now or I'll get back there and teach you a lesson."

Jen giggled and remained motionless, daring me to live up to my threat. I climbed in, pulled out my knife and proceeded to cut the entire length of the back of her coat. I then pushed the two sides apart revealing her nude back. "You asked for it, slut." I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, and then knelt just behind her round ass. With both hands I spread her ass cheeks apart, spit on her ass hole, and then pushed the head of my cock into the center of the puckered rim. I couldn't tell if she was moaning from pleasure or pain, but I didn't really care. I pushed the entire shaft inside her until my balls were mashed against her and then started pumping her hard. Between the sensation of her ass snug around my cock and the knowledge that I was ass raping my friend's wife, I was in heaven. I fucked her relentlessly, not caring at all about how it felt to her. I wanted to cum, but I knew I'd better save myself for later. I pulled out of her quickly, rolled her over onto her back, ripped off the tape from her mouth and shoved my cock in between her lips. "Suck it clean, bitch! That's it. I know you love the taste of your ass." I pulled her head up and lowered it several times before stopping. After I withdrew from her mouth I used my cock to smear her spit all over her face. "I think I picked a good little slut this time," I said as if I'd done this many times before.

After placing the tape back over her mouth, I put my cock back into my pants, zipped up and then started pushing her towards the open door. When she was just about to fall out, I climbed over her and propped her up on the edge of the seat. Her coat, now in two pieces, slid down onto her arms. "Look at you. I guess you'll just have to go naked now." I slit the sleeves of her coat and let the rags fall to the ground. "That's better. I can get to everything with no trouble at all." I slapped her on the ass and then guided her up the ramp. It was awkward trying to get her to walk with the duct tape still wrapped around her ankles, but I enjoyed seeing her stumble. I laughed at her several times, each time slapping the fullness of her butt. When we finally made it to the door, I pushed the key into her pussy. "Oops! Wrong place for that!" I snickered and them put the key into the lock. "It probably needed some lubrication anyway."

I pushed open the door and then pushed Jen inside. After locking the door behind me, I told her I'd make it easier for her to walk, but the first time she tried anything funny, I'd bind her ankles again. Squatting to slice the tape, I saw the rivulets of her wetness trickling down her thighs. I slid two fingers in between her pussy lips and remarked, "I think you must want this as much as I do, don't you?"

Jen nodded "yes" as she parted her thighs. I pushed three fingers into her and rotated my wrist back and forth to stretch her out a little. She nodded "yes" again, so I withdrew my three fingers and then pushed in four. She jerked just a bit and then nodded "yes" once more. I looked up at her and she nodded more vigorously. I pulled out my four fingers and then tucked my thumb into the bunch and started pushing back into her. She squirmed as if she was doing everything she could to let my hand in. I pushed harder and slowly but surely my entire hand disappeared inside her pussy. I held still for a moment before spreading my fingers apart inside her. I wiggled my fingers as if I was trying to scratch her insides, then curled my fingers into a ball and thrust upwards into her. She tried to scream when I hit her cervix but the tape over her mouth muffled it. It didn't really matter since there was nobody around, but I left the tape in place. Never completely withdrawing my hand, I fist fucked her for several minutes and then began squeezing her clit until she had a shuddering whole body orgasm. I thought about taking advantage of the copious amounts of her juice coating my hand to fist her ass, but then decided I'd save that for later. Instead, I withdrew from her pussy and teased her ass hole with a couple of fingers.

When I felt satisfied that she was ready for more, I led her into the men's restroom and made her stand next to the urinal at the end. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was only semi-erect so I gripped it with one hand and slapped it down against the other. "You want this again, don't you, slut? You want it in your ass, right?"

Jen nodded "yes."

"Well, you just stand there and wait a minute. I've got to piss, and this time I'm going to piss before I get inside you." I stepped up close to the urinal, aimed the tip of my cock down towards the center of the drain and let it flow. About halfway through emptying my bladder, I twisted towards her and pissed on her foot. She didn't flinch, so I aimed higher and hit her legs. Except for parting her legs she remained motionless, so I finished my stream on her pussy. "So, you're a piss slut. Who knew? Well, time for you to get down on your knees."

Jen was barely able to get to her knees without falling over. As I'd hoped, keeping her hands bound behind her back made it very awkward for her.

"Bend over, bitch." As she started to bend down, I placed my foot on the back of her shoulders and gave her a push, forcing her face down within an inch of the clogged drain. I positioned myself over her ass, spread her cheeks wide and then pushed my cock into her all at once. The force pushed her head against the back of the urinal, soaking her hair. I pulled back about halfway and then started fucking her hard and fast. By the time I'd cum in her, her face and hair was wet with piss and her body was covered in sweat. I looked up to the camera and smiled before slapping her ass hard with the palm of my hand. After I pulled out I told her it was time to clean my cock again. She raised her face towards me and I removed the tape.

"Oh, thank you, sir! That was wonderful! You've made me into the nasty slut I know I've been capable of for years. What do you have planned for me next?" She then sucked my cock into her mouth and did a very thorough job of cleaning it.

I was shocked by what I'd just heard, but pleased, nonetheless. I looked into her eyes and replied, "If you enjoy being filled, I've got just the thing. Come with me."

Wreaking of piss, I pulled her up by her arm and guided her to the door. On the way past the stalls she noticed the enema bag hanging from the door. "Oh! Is that for me, too? Please say it is!"

"Not right now. Maybe later. We'll see if you can take it all in one try. Come on now."

We exited the restroom and walked towards the room with the bed. I observed the cum oozing out of her ass as she walked. "You're a fine looking cum dump, girl. I may have to keep you for a while."

"Please? Will you?" Jen pleaded.

"Maybe," I replied.

I pushed open the door to the sick room and walked us over to the bed. "Lie down on your back." Jen did as she was told and within a couple of minutes I had her spread eagled and shackled to the bed frame.

"I know you like the taste of your own ass. Let's see if you like mine."

After straddling her shoulders I lowered my ass over her face, spread my cheeks and then rubbed my ass crack over her mouth. Without having to order her to stick out her tongue, she eagerly thrust her tongue up to meet my ass hole. It felt so good! It was all I could do to keep from sitting down right there. I played with her nipples as I let her keep flicking her tongue over the rim. I felt her raise her head so she could get her tongue inside me. I was starting to think that I should steal her away from Bill, but knew that wouldn't do.

After twisting, pinching and pulling on her nipples and enjoying her expert rimming of my ass, I decided it was time to use a dildo in her. I climbed off her and went to the cabinet.

"Come back, sir! Please don't leave me."

"Hold your horses, slut. I've got something we'll both enjoy."

I returned with an extra thick dildo and showed it to her. "This is for your ass." I plopped my cock on her face and said, "This is for your pussy." Moving down the side of the bed, I told her I thought she'd like the feeling of getting a double penetration. I spread her ass cheeks enough to see her already well used hole and pushed the dildo into her. With the leftover cum acting as a lubricant, it slid in easily. Next I got up onto the mattress, positioned myself in between her legs and aligned my cock at the opening of her stretched, slick pussy. I leaned into her and entered with only a little resistance. "If I'm going to fist you regularly, you're going to have to do a lot of Kegels, slut. I won't keep a loose twat."

While buried deep inside her, I leaned down and bit one of her nipples. She let out a quick scream and then said I should do it again. "When I feel like it, slut. I'm in control - not you." As I said that I felt the walls of her pussy grip me tighter. Somewhat surprised I was able to maintain my erection, I fucked her slowly, pulling back to within a fraction of an inch of coming all the way out and then pushing back in balls deep. My cock was extremely sensitive now so I backed all the way out, went back to the cabinet and got the other dildo. After pushing that one up into her pussy I stood at the end of the bed where her head lay and gently stroked my cock until I shot another load onto her face. She eagerly flicked her tongue everywhere she could reach, trying to get as much of it into her mouth. As she did, I took a handful of her hair and wiped my cock with it.

I looked at the clock I'd brought and realized how much time had passed. It was no wonder I was getting tired. I looked at Jen, still trying to get every last glob of cum with her tongue.

"It's late," I told her. "We both need some sleep. Do you have to go pee?"

"I do," she replied, "but I think you'd better go with me and watch."

"That goes without saying! Hang on and I'll uncuff you." Before I did, I pulled the dildo out of her pussy and held it to her mouth to lick clean. Next I removed the dildo from her ass and let her lick that one. "Can you hold it just a little longer?"

"Okay," she said as she smiled.

I placed my left palm over her pubic mound and pressed down as I pushed the middle two fingers of my right hand into her pussy. Curling my fingertips upwards, I pressed against her g-spot and began jerking up and pushing down very firmly and quickly. Within a minute or two, Jen orgasmed and squirted a little stream of clear ejaculate onto the mattress. I paused but kept my hands in position. When her body settled down I repeated the process. This time her whole body twitched and turned uncontrollably as she shot out another stream of ejaculate. "There, slut. I thought you earned that." I then uncuffed her ankles and then her wrists, and then helped her up off the mattress. She wobbled slightly so I held her close to my body. Her arms reached around me and hugged me, and then she gently kissed all over my chest. Jen looked up at me and asked, "Will you keep me and fuck me and never stop?"

"We'll see." I knew I had to give her back to Bill, but I hoped there'd be more opportunities for me to use her again. "Let's get you to the toilet."

I steadied her as we walked back to the men's room. I held open the door to a stall and watched her sit down on the toilet. Knowingly, she kept her thighs spread open so I'd be able to see her piss. "Would you like to piss on me, sir? Or even better, piss in me?"

"A good little piss slut like you ought to be treated to both, but not right now. We both need some sleep. Maybe tomorrow. Now, wipe yourself so we can go back."

"There's no tissue, sir."

She was right! I'd forgotten to bring any toilet paper. "Wipe with your fingers, and then lick your fingers."

"mmmmmm" she replied. "You know just the things I want!" She wiped as instructed and then stood up on her own. "Should I wipe my butt, too?"

"No, leave it. I want you to sleep with it."

"mmmmmm, I feel so dirty, and in a wonderful way."

We walked back to the room with the bed. I told Jen to lie down and get comfortable, and then I cuffed one of her ankles to the bed frame. "Close your eyes and get some rest. I have one more thing I need to do before I come to sleep with you."

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