tagLoving WivesFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 03

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 03


Gavin drove home, remembering to call in at the shop to get pizzas.

Reaching home he noticed that three of the four bicycles were missing from their rack, his family had gone for a ride.

"Good," he thought, he unlocked the door, put the pizzas on the kitchen table and went upstairs to his computer room. He quickly found a hiding place for his cache of underwear at the back of a drawer. He set his pictures downloading to his computer.

"The perfect crime," he thought and went back downstairs.

He made himself some coffee then sat to watch TV for a while. He instantly dozed off.

"Gaaaaaviiin... Gaaviin...Gavin."

He woke up, he knew it was his wife's voice calling him, he was just not too sure who Gavin was.

"Pizza," she said.

He opened his eyes and pulled himself up in the chair. She handed him a tray, containing a knife and fork and a plate of pizza." She herself had one which she took to the sofa.

"Thank you," he was confused, "what time is it?"

"Half past nine, the girls are in bed."

"I'm sorry. I just fell asleep."

He had been asleep for several hours, he knew that much.

"Paula!" he remembered aloud.

"What about her?"

"Irene!" he remembered aloud.

"What are you on about?"

"Sorry, I said Paula but meant Irene. Irene came in to work today."

"Is that unusual or something?"

"It is for a Saturday." OK he knew who he was and what he had been doing and it was time to change the subject.

"Would you like some wine with this?" he asked.

"OK" she replied.

The evening then followed the same course as hundreds of previous evenings, Elaine stretched out on the sofa and fell asleep, and she was soon doing one of her large repertoire of snores. Tonight she had selected 'the intermittent lip blow', that one that really annoyed him.

He suddenly remembered his camera. He had left it downloading. He was not concerned that Elaine or the girls would have seen anything; they knew not to mess with the stuff in his computer room. He went upstairs.

He opened his picture browser, had he really taken one hundred and nineteen of them? After just a couple of minutes looking, his cock was like iron. He zoomed in and out of Irenes cunt, her nipples, her arse; he had even taken a couple of the inside of her mouth. The same mouth that he had filled with his onion flavoured jizz.

He rubbed his cock through his jeans, a quick wank before bed he thought. He opened his 'knicker drawer' and retrieved Irenes pants. He examined them on the outside; he opened them and looked at the thin black strip of cloth that she had worn against her apparently sweaty cunt for so many hours. The gusset had a greyish white stain on it. He lifted it to his nose; closed his eyes and sniffed. In his minds eye, Irenes cunt was again before him. He opened his eyes and there it was on the screen. He undid his zip and let his cock loose. He began a steady rhythmic pumping with his right fist.

It did not take long before he was ready to shoot what would be only his second load of the day. He was pumping with his right hand and holding the stained gusset over his nose with his left, he dropped the knickers into the open drawer, not wanting to get spunk on them.

"You left me sleeping downstairs," complained Elaine, as she pushed open the door.

Gavin instantly banged the drawer shut, and pulled his T-shirt down over the top of his prick. If his cock could cry, it would have been inconsolable right now.

"Pardon darling?" he said trying to sound nonchalant. He stood up trying to mask the screen with his body; he did not want Elaine thinking he was downloading internet porn or something, really the very idea.

She was in the room, looking sleepy, she stretched her arms out "I'm going to bed"; she yawned. As she turned to leave she was confronted with a perfect image of the screen reflected in the mirror on the opposite wall.

"What are you looking at? Is that an animal?"

The picture currently on the screen was a close up of Irenes upturned bum showing her protruding brown cunt lips below her brown wrinkled bum hole, it was of course surrounded by her glistening black curly cunt hair.

"It's a type of beaver, if that's what you mean." He tried to usher her out of the room, but stopped short when he felt his T-shirt riding up to uncover his cock.

Elaine ducked around him to stand directly in front of the screen.

"Is that a woman?" she asked.

Even in his slightly panicky state, it occurred to Gavin that his wife of over twenty-one years should not have to ask that question.

"Of course it's a woman." He said. Having spent a memorable part of the afternoon with his face planted in it, he felt she was impugning his sexuality in some way. He managed to pop his penis back inside his jeans unseen.

"I can see what it's a picture of, it's just so hairy. I thought it might be a monkey or something."

Having cleared up what it was that he was looking at, she was going to ask the obvious follow up. He had already decided on "I clicked on it by accident."

"Have you got any more?" she asked, sitting down in the vacant seat.

"I clicked on it by..." hold on that was not right. "More?" he said failing to hide the surprise in his voice.

"I've never seen such a hairy one it's quite amazing."

Elaine did not know one end of a computer from the other, as far as she was concerned she was looking at the interweb thing, she did however know what 'next', 'previous' and 'slideshow' meant and it was next that she clicked on.

Same shot from a slightly different angle.

Gavin had his hand across his eyes, he dare not look; "not her face, not her face, not her face," he kept repeating to himself. He was desperately trying to think what the next shot was. He simply could not remember.



Click .... Next....

Pubes and suspenders.

Click..... Next....


Gavin could not stand this. Elaine was blissfully ignorant that she was playing Russian roulette with their marriage.

Gavin could not let this continue, but at the same time he was quite intrigued as to what Elaine was doing. Browsing porn was not something she did. He had to get her away from the computer.

"I thought you were tired," he said.

Click..... Next...


"She has very brown nipples, do you like them?"

"They're very nice," he said.

"Nicer than mine?"

"No of course not"

"I think they're nicer than mine, I wish my nipples were darker."

He suddenly remembered what the next shot was.

He knelt down beside her, "Your nipples are fine." He placed his hand on her hand to prevent her clicking next; he knew for sure there was a bullet in the next chamber.

"Just go back a bit I want to show you something," he was trying to keep the panic from his voice. He moved their hands to 'previous' and managed three clicks.


She looked at the screen, and then at him. "You want to show me another womans clitoris?"

He was out of ideas, the ground should have opened up and taken him ages ago.

"Yes" he said.

She looked at the screen, then at him, then back at the screen.

"Actually I see what you mean," she said.

"Do you?"

"Pleeeeease tell me what I mean." he thought.

"All that hair does add an air of mystery, of course I'm just not that hairy but I think I'll give it a go and let mine grow a bit."

"Thank you God." he silently sobbed.

She pulled his face to hers and gave him a little peck on the lips.

"What's that smell?" she asked.

Instantly he knew exactly what it was, what a fucking twat he was. He pulled away from her. "Irenes dried on fanny cream," he rejected as a sensible response.

"What smell?"

"I don't know, your face smells of..." she pulled his face close again and with her nose touching his upper lip, she inhaled deeply.

"Kill me now," he thought,

"It's a sweaty, fishy sort of smell."

Here goes he thought.

"I just haven't had a shower yet, so I probably am quite sweaty, and we are trying out a new cleaning agent on the kiln and I accidentally wiped the rag on my face."

It was the best he could do, take it or leave it.

"I really like it" she said, inhaling again, over his shoulder she looked at Irenes blown up fanny and sniffed at it again.

"Thank fuck for that" he thought. He nuzzled Elaine into a kiss, no more bloody awkward questions he thought.

Behind him the programme having been untouched for a few minutes went into slideshow mode.

Elaine was suddenly feeling very horny, she had drunk some wine, she had a relaxing snooze, she was unusually fascinated by the unknown womans body parts being shown to her, her husband was being quite attentive, and that smell was a real turn on.

Gavin was obviously getting randy; she opened her mouth wider as she felt his tongue invade her mouth. She kept watching the screen behind him; she could not take her eyes off it. Gavin fondled her more than ample 38d breasts, unaware that behind him the slideshow continued.

Clitoris .......Pubes and suspenders ...... Tits ......Nipple......

"Come to bed" he said.

She was more than ready. "OK." They stood up. Gavin once more obscured the screen.

...... Irenes Face ...... Irene as a Trussed Turkey ..... Irene .....Irene ..... Irene.

Gavin led his wife away from the loaded gun and towards the door, bed and safety.

"Was that a turkey?"


A couple of small bedside lamps lighted the bedroom; Elaine began to get undressed, pulling her woollen top off over her head.

"I'm going for a shower," he finally decided that it would be a good idea to wash his body clean of the scents of the two women he had been naked with today. If he was going to be an adulterer, he was going to have to be a lot more careful in future.

"You don't have to on my account," said Elaine.

Gavin raised an eyebrow at that one. It was the same as her saying "don't wash off the smell." They both knew they were about to make love, Elaine had decided she would rather he smelled the way he did. What she did not know was that he smelled of a liberal spread of Irenes fanny juice.

"I stink" he complained.

"Yes you do, but I must admit it's a really sexy stink" she said.

Elaine was now naked. Her 5'4" heavy frame climbed onto the bed, this also surprised him, even though she was about to have sex with her husband, she would normally have put on a nightdress or at the very least climbed under the duvet, She lay on the bed on her back. She opened her legs to him. Gavin was undressed by now.

"Do you think I should grow my hair?" she pulled the outer lips of her cut out and away from her clitoris. His penis hardened again.

"Like in the picture you mean?"

"I'm afraid I'm not that hairy," she sounded genuinely disappointed.

Gavin lay on the bed his face close to her cunt, his head propped up on his arm. It was not often that he got to look at his wife's body in such a matter of fact way. "I like your fanny," he said truthfully. Elaine had shaved the area around her cunt lips and left a triangle of hair above, this she had trimmed short. A sort of half and half.

"Why not shave it all off instead?" he suggested hopefully.

"I just think the girl in the picture looked really earthy and natural, wouldn't you find it sexy, and I think it would be sexy,"

"I'm not sure; I think I'd like to try before I buy. Perhaps if I could screw the girl in the picture and then make up my mind." he felt smug making this little private joke.

"You wouldn't ever screw another woman would you?"

"Not without your permission," he joked. His hard on was having a difficult time. "Have you ever thought about sleeping with another woman?"

"Not really, how about you?"

"Not until tonight," she replied absent-mindedly.

He really wanted to take that one further, but the questions were a little close to home and his guilt was doing nothing for his cock.

He leaned across her and kissed her cunt lips. Elaine closed her eyes and let him. She let him lick her for ten minutes. She finally grasped his cock and gave it a few half hearted tugs. Finally he climbed up between her legs, lined up his cock head with her opening and pushed, he slid in easily and as usual she gasped and closed her eyes.

He humped for five minutes, squeezing her 38D tits and pulling her pink nipples, she humped back until he accidentally popped out, they both groaned and laughed about it, he leaned in and kissed her. Elaine breathed in heavily whilst they kissed, searching out that aroma again. When their mouths separated, she gave a deep growling grunt and practically wrestled him onto his back she was now on top.

Gavin was taken by surprise, Elaine had always been quite vocal during sex but the growl was a new one and it quite excited him, but what really excited him was the fact that she had gone on top, it was a long time since she had been pro-active in bed.

Elaine reached down between them and held his knob in place so that she could slide down onto him. She began to grind he clitoris against his pubic bone while his cock deep in her vagina pulsed and rubbed her exited walls. Gavin had grabbed her tits and was tugging on her nipples.

Elaine leant down and kissed him, she was finding that smell so erotic, she ran her tongue across her husband's lips and dipped it into his mouth. Then she was cumming.

It was the quickest he could remember her reaching a climax, she began to buck and grind, panting all the while. "Cum in my cunt, cum in my cunt," she breathed. Gavin was not ready to shoot just yet. As his wife began to rub her tits in his face he reached behind her and inserted his index finger in her anus. Elaine carried on grinding and cumming, Gavin was so fascinated by her reactions that he was further than ever from loosing his load. Elaine finally slowed to a halt laying heavily on him, her skin sticky and wet from her exertions.

Finally, she rolled off of him, leaving his cock bobbing in the air. Gavin reached down and grasped himself, he knelt up and looked down over his wife's nude body, her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

Gavin began to toss his cock with his right hand while feeling her sopping cunt with his left.

Elaine moaned as he inserted one, two, three fingers into her. His pace increased as he stared at her wobbling tits, he jammed all five of his digits into his wife he was almost fisting her but his hand was too big to curl his fingers over. Elaine groaned her approval.

He desperately wanted to squirt his load over her face, but chickened out at the last moment and with a violent thrust of his hips accompanied by a less than complimentary, "I'm cumming on your tits you dirty bitch," Gavin began to empty his ball sacks over Elaines breasts.

Elaine felt his hot semen splatter across her chest, nipples and throat, his words made her shiver and she began to cum again squeezing his fingers out of her cunt. After about thirty seconds both of their orgasms had subsided. Gavin sweating profusely collapsed on the bed.

Elaine reached to the bedside table for a tissue to wipe his cum from her tits. Seeing Gavin face down on the bed she changed her mind and decided to taste his spunk. It had been a long time since she had his sperm in her mouth she remembered she had not liked it. She would not have done this with him watching she would have found it too embarrassing. She wiped some of the runny almost clear fluid up with her finger, raised it to her nose, and sniffed. "Not pleasant" she thought, then she tentatively stuck out her tongue and licked her cum covered finger. It was practically tasteless, she tried some more and some more. She concluded that it was not that bad but he would not be winning any Michellin Stars.

"I really am a dirty bitch" she thought wiping the remaining cum from her chest.

Gavin was asleep.

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