tagGroup SexFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 05

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 05


It was about two thirty when he arrived home. Gavin almost shit himself. Irenes car was outside.

He parked in the drive and slowly walked the green mile to his door. He could see Irene and Elaine in the kitchen they were smiling and chatting.

"OK, whatever trouble she has come to cause hasn't happened yet," he thought to himself. He opened the door. The two women looked at him as he came through the door.

"Hello," said Elaine.

"Hello," said Irene in her quiet Scottish lilt.

"Hello," said Gavin in a confused state.

"Irene was just passing and called in," explained Elaine, "I insisted that she stay for dinner. It's been so long since she visited."

"Is that OK Gavin?" piped Irene.

"Of course," replied Gavin.

Elaine carried on chatting to Irene about people and just general stuff; it was not often they had visitors especially female ones so she was making up for lost time. Despite the fact that Irene had been Gavins business partner for almost sixteen years, this was only the fourth time she had visited the house. Gavin pretended not to take much notice; he was in fact listening to every syllable.

"What was she doing here?" is all he could think.

Irene seated next to Elaine on the sofa looked relaxed and chatted naturally, casting the occasional glance and smile at Gavin. When Elaine left to use the bathroom, Gavin leaped across the floor to Irenes side.

"What are you doing here?" he almost hissed.

Irene placed her hand on his knee and patted him. "Don't worry," she said, "I didn't come to cause trouble."

The earnest but relaxed look on her wrinkly face reassured him.

"It was you I came to see. You told me you were here on your own today. I thought I'd surprise you."

"Shock more like," he said.

They heard the toilet flush. Irene pulled him towards her and kissed his lips, "I came to let you fuck my bum," she whispered.

Gavin recoiled from her as Elaine entered the room. The kiss had taken him by surprise. He had not wanted it. The bum offer was tempting but he already knew that Paula would look after him there. Elaine continued her discussion about nothing in particular. Gavin felt secure enough with the situation to leave them to it. He excused himself and went upstairs to his computer room. His daughters were in their room playing on their own computer.

He sat down and flicked on the screen to look at the pictures of Irenes cunt once more. It was not that he wanted Irene, just the opposite; he had determined to tell her that they could not continue any form of sexual relationship. He did find it amusing though to look at the pictures while she was downstairs talking to his wife, even more amusing to sniff her dirty knickers while he looked. His hand had found the knickers in the drawer. His other hand was rubbing his hardening shaft through his jeans.

"I see you found them," said Irene

Gavin jumped out of his seat.

"Fuck! Caught red handed," his mind raced for an excuse, it failed.

Irene lifted the hem of her red skirt exposing her black stockings, suspenders and a pair of crimson cotton knickers. Her thick bush was clearly poking out either side of the gusset.

"You can sniff the real thing if you like," she challenged.

"I'm sorry, this is pretty embarrassing," he said.

"It's OK; I have already been through your laundry basket looking for yours."

The bizarre admission did make him feel better. "Where's Elaine?"

"She's downstairs, I just came up to use the loo."

Irene stepped towards him, Gavin flicked the computer reset button, at least she had not seen the pictures from where she was standing.

His mind was looking for a way out, "OK Irene it's like this I was sniffing your knickers and rubbing my cock because I don't find you attractive and there is no way we can continue a relationship involving sex... maybe not."

Irene reached down and felt his shaft. "Mmmmm, that will fit nicely in my bum."

"My kids are next door and my wife is downstairs." It was more of a plea than a statement.

"I would never do anything to jeopardise your family," she assured him, "but I do need you, my cunt has been on fire since yesterday, I want your cock."

Gavins resolve was weakening, twenty-four hours ago, he had his tongue jammed up this woman's fanny and she had swallowed his sperm, today she was offering anal sex and begging for his cock. She had just found him sniffing her knickers and unknown to her he had been looking at close up pictures of her cunt and arse hole. Who was he kidding of course he was not going to end it; he wanted to fuck her brains out.

"We'll have to go for a walk or something, we can't do anything here." He said.

"I'm not really a shag behind a bush sort of woman."

"I didn't suppose you were but I can't see any other way."

Just then, they heard Elaines steps on the stairs. Irene took a step back straightened her dress and looked out of the window.

Elaine entered the room. "He's not boring you with computers is he?" she asked.

"No not at all."

"You should've seen what he had on the screen yesterday, it was really weird."

Alarm bells were ringing. "She doesn't want to hear about it now." He tried to head his wife off.

"Why? What was it?" enquired Irene.

"Actually it's really very rude." Elaine was backtracking she hardly knew Irene and perhaps a conversation about hairy fannies was not quite the thing.

"Ohhh, I like really rude," joked Irene.

Gavin wanted the ground to swallow him; a knock at the door saved him.

"I'll get it," he said practically running out of the room.

It was the woman from next door, asking if his kids would like to go and play with her son at the park. He called to his daughters and in a stampede that could only have been caused by a herd of buffalo or two little girls they left the house.

Gavin stood at the foot of the stairs. He could just make out the two womens voices.

"The strange thing was I was quite turned on by it," he could hear Elaine saying. "Not that I'm that way inclined, towards women I mean. It was just all that hair, it was so earthy and raw."

"Actually I know what you mean. I felt the same way many years ago. I haven't tended the garden for quite a while now," said Irene in a matter of fact manner.

"You mean you're ... you know... down there?" She gave a little nod in the direction of Irenes groin. Elaine was fascinated.

"I guess I am quite a tangle down there."

"Are you naturally hairy? I'm not, I've never had a really thick growth, and I've just always shaved the underneath bits."

Gavin could not believe it. His wife was discussing pubic hair with Irene. He was strangely fascinated and listening to them was quite a turn on, but it was all too close to home.

"It's not something I've ever really considered," he heard Irene continue. "I don't go around looking at other women's nether regions so I'm not one to judge."

Elaine called to him "Gavin, can you get those pictures back on the screen? I want to show Irene."

"That's not happening. No way. I can't have my wife showing Irene pictures of her own fanny that I took while unconscious from the cunt licking I gave her." he thought.

Even his cock agreed with that one.

"I can't. They were on the internet and I don't know how I found them," he replied.

"They'll be in the browser history," suggested Irene.

"I cleared it," he lied. He climbed the stairs and re-entered the room. "Look if my wife and partner want to spend their afternoon looking at other womens hairy fannies I'm not going to argue. Just Google 'hairy cunt pics', I'm sure you'll find lots."

"OK" Elaine said, and did.

Irene pulled up another chair and the two women began browsing through the endless stream of hairy cunt pictures. Gavin looked on in disbelief.

"This is bizarre," he said.

"It's just a bit of fun," said Elaine, "we look through magazines to choose a hair style, this is the same thing."

"If I sat looking at hundreds of fanny pictures you would go mad at me. Or rather if I sat and roamed through hairy dick pictures you would get very worried."

"Yes but we're not looking for the same reasons that you would be looking, this isn't about sex," argued Elaine.

"I'm just curious to see how I measure up," added Irene grinning at him.

"Yes it's more like research," reinforced Elaine.

"Well I'd love to stay and look at vaginas with you but it would only make me upset, if you know what I mean." Gavin left the room and went to lie on his bed.

"That's not really hairy though, is it?" he heard Irene ask.

"It's a lot bushier than mine, but it has been trimmed to shape," his wife replied, "the one he was looking at was totally unkempt and it was bushier. Would you like some wine?"


He heard his wife descend the stairs, followed by a chink of glasses and the pop of cork leaving bottle. All the while, the mouse clicked away in the next room. He had half-expected Irene to run in and try to molest him in some way but she remained in the other room. Soon he heard his wife returning.

"I didn't know which you liked so I brought both. Red or white?"

"Either," giggled Irene.

The clicking of mouse and the clinking of glass continued for another half hour. Gavin dozed off.

He awoke with a start. He tried to remember what was going on and what he should be doing. "Paula? No. Elaine? No. Irene? Oh right, it's OK my wife and mistress are looking at pornography on my computer."

He climbed off the bed and headed towards his computer room. He listened at the door to bring himself up to speed on what was going on.

"That's the hairiest one yet," Elaine almost shouted, they both giggled loudly.

"I think I prefer the shaved ones, now," chortled Irene.

Gavin recognised the raucous volume caused by too much wine. He went into the room, he wanted his computer back.

"Gavin, Gavin" said Irene "ask Gavin." She spoke with the precision of a drunk.

"Gavin," piped up his equally inebriated wife, "Husband."

There were two empty wine bottles on his desk.

"What?" he said in his best patronising tone.

"Husband?" Elaine said again to be sure of his undivided attention. "Which do you prefer? Hairy or Shaved?"

With that, Elaine got up from the desk to reveal that she was naked from the waist down. Gavin was taken aback, even more so when she then lifted up the hem of Irenes skirt to reveal that she too was exposing her naked fuzz.

"Fucking hell!" sprang to his mind and shortly after fell out of his lips.

"What have you been drinking?" he asked. He had to say something but frankly; he would have been happy to stand and look at the sight before him forever and a day.

"Well which?" persisted his wife.

His mind raced ahead of his cock, this had possibilities that went beyond his wildest dreams, no hold on; these were his wildest dreams. He did not know what had occurred in the last hour. How the hell had they gotten each others knickers off? Had they been touching? Kissing? Fondling? His cock was catching up.

"I couldn't possibly say. You both look good enough to eat." He cringed when he said it; he had not meant to say that, though he did mean it literally.

Irene giggled "Slow down boy," she drawled.

"He's really good at that you know?" Elaine said as an aside.

"Good at what?" Irene enquired.

"Eating pussy," replied his wife.

"Is he?" Irene raised an eyebrow at Gavin and winked. "I wouldn't know, I've never had my pussy eaten." She was not so drunk as to give him away.

"What? Never?"


"Shame, you don't know what you're missing. It's lovely and he's really good at it."

Gavins heart was pounding. His body was shaking.

Only once in his life had he come so close to a threesome. His best friend at college had a new girlfriend and they had all been out for a drink. They had returned to spend the night at Gavin and Elaines house. They were all very drunk, somehow his friend had passed out on a bed and he had returned to find Elaine and the girl sharing little kisses, Elaine had a hand on the girls breast. When he had entered the room, the girl had tried to pull away.

"It's OK," Elaine had said, "he'll be turned on by it."

Gavin had instantly joined them in a three-way session of light kissing. At some point, his friend had woken up and fallen down the stairs, which put a damper on things so they ended up carrying him back up to bed and basically falling asleep. The following morning they awoke to find his friend and the girl had gone. They never met the girl again and they never mentioned the incident again.

It was the only time that Elaine had shown any lesbian tendencies, until now?

"Irene you're really going to regret this when you sober up," he said.

His cock screamed "Shut up you traitor."

Irene giggled. "It's good to have a few things to regret. It proves you have lived."

"It's just a bit of fun," admonished his wife.

"Elaine; I must admit your shaved bits do look very neat and tidy, I think I'll have to buy a razor." Irene rubbed Elaine on the arm in a comforting manner.

"Well I didn't get a proper look at your maze of hair because he walked in," she nodded towards Gavin, "but from what I saw it was very sexy."

Gavin moved further into the room. He looked at the screen it showed several pictures of cunts. Hairy and shaved cunts. On the floor beneath his desk lay Elaines jeans and knickers, on the desk next to the keyboard were Irenes red knickers.

"Why have you got no knickers on?" Gavin asked his wife in his strictest schoolmaster voice.

Irene, who seemed slightly less drunk than Elaine answered for her.

"We were discussing the merits of hair or no hair, as you may have noticed I have quite a healthy covering."

Elaine burst out laughing. "I'll say."

"I've been thinking of having a shave, Elaine kindly offered to show me what her shaved bits looked like. Elaine on the other hand says she would quite like to grow ..."

"I get the picture" Gavin interrupted. A poor choice of words when related to Irenes cunt.

"The picture... she's just like the pictures you were looking at Gavin," insisted Elaine.

"No she isn't, she's nothing like the pictures," he lied, "I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you two." Gavin was shaking his head and laughing. It did not look like anything of a truly sexual nature had or would be going on between the two women, they were just slightly drunk and had been fooling about. His cock was not about to give up that easily. It reminded him that he was in a room with two women both without knickers.

"He's got a stiffy!" His wife blurted, she was pointing at his jeans, she really was quite drunk.

Gavin became aware of his cock and dropped his hands in front of his bulging jeans.

"What do you expect?" he pleaded, "you're stood there with your arse hanging in the face of Irene who has just let you show me her minge, and the computer is full of cunt pictures."

Irene decided to come to his defence "it is only to be expected, he's a man."

Elaine giggled. "To be honest, all the talk of privates and stuff has made me feel quite horny too."

"Well don't mind me," said Irene, "if you two feel the need to ... you know... visit the bedroom. I do understand."

Gavin held his breath, his life just got more and more bizarre. Was he now about to shag his wife while his sex partner of yesterday waited in the other room?

Elaine briefly considered the idea, "that wouldn't be fair on you," she said to Irene. "You must be feeling a little that way yourself."

"I get so little proper sex I always feel that way, as you put it," said Irene.

"Aaawww, you poor thing, Elaine leant over Irene and cuddled her head to her ample chest.

Irene had figured that if Gavin and Elaine had gone to the bedroom, she would at least be able to get herself off and maybe even sneak a peek. It was true that all the talk of pussy hair and erections had made her very horny. After all she had come to fuck Gavin.

Elaine released Irene from her bosom and pecked the top of her head.

"Let's all go to the bedroom" she said.

The words hung in the air for about six months.

Gavin almost fainted on the spot.

Irenes mouth dried up, her pussy did not.

Irene and Gavin looked at each other. Elaine looked from Gavin to Irene and back again.

Gavin wanted to scream "Yes.Yes.Yes. Too fucking right Yes." He was not at all sure how Irene felt about having his wife being present at their adultery but he knew he was up for it. He had no idea what Elaines intentions were but he was hardly going to argue, after all, at least she was being upfront about a sexual encounter with Irene.

Irene was surprised at this turn of events.

She had come here to secretly have sex with this womans husband. Now she was being invited to share their bed with both him and her.

Irene had never seriously considered sexual contact with a woman, the idea did nothing for her but neither did it put her off. She did like Elaine as a person and if this was an open and honest route to bedding Gavin. Why not?

After several months of holding their breath Irene finally broke the silence.

"OK, if that's what you really want. What did you have in mind?"

"We can all just cuddle if you like, I just think that it's obvious we are all feeling randy and we may as well help each other out. We don't even have to touch each other, we could just masturbate."

Gavin looked at Elaine his mouth open. It was not so much, what she had said, it was simply the fact that it was her that had said it. The forwardness was just so out of character even if she was drunk.

Elaine knew this was different to how she usually behaved but the fact was she was very turned on by looking at all the vaginas. She had suppressed these urges for all her married life, but the pictures last night and Irene today had just burst open the locks she had put on her feelings. She loved Gavin and his cock, but she wanted to try a woman.

Irene and his wife looked at Gavin. Neither of them expected him to refuse and he did not surprise them.

"Well, if you're both sure about this," he said, desperate not to sound too keen.

Elaine took Irenes hand and pulled her out of the chair, Gavin led the way to the bedroom.

"What about the kids?" Irene asked.

"They'll be hours yet," replied Elaine; she guided Irene to sit beside her on the large King sized bed.

Gavin could not believe this was happening, he could not believe his wife had suggested this.

"Fucking fantastic," he thought.

He stood on the far side of the bed from where the two women sat.

"Now what?" his brain asked his cock, "let me out" his cock replied.

Gavin knew that he should be the one to get the ball rolling. He had sex with both of these women so his advances would scare neither of them off. The only problem was that Elaine did not know that he had already been with Irene. He figured he should not be too openly forward and that Irene would understand his fake coyness.

While his brain was figuring out the next move, the women were busy making it.

Elaine looked over her shoulder at him "Gavin. You just get undressed and lie down while Irene and I work this out."

She still had a hold of Irenes hand and gave it a little squeeze, Irene squeezed back.

"Irene. Would you like to get naked?"

Irene was out of her depth. She looked over he shoulder at Gavin, he had taken his T-shirt off and was about to unzip his jeans. She looked at his bulge. More than anything, she wanted his cock, but the comforting gentle closeness of his wife was making her want to hug her.

"Yes?" she said, it sounded like she was asking permission rather than making a statement.

Elaine smiled at her, "Let me help you." She reached out and started unbuttoning Irenes red silken blouse.

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