tagIncest/TabooFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 08

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 08


Irene and Robert drove in silence for about ten minutes.

It was not an awkward silence, more a peaceful one, each thinking back to their visit to the house that they had just left. Each of their sex lives had just taken a dramatic turn for the better.

"Robert, I'm not ashamed of what happened today, and I hope you enjoyed it, but we can't ever talk about it outside the three of us."

"I know that mum, and I doubt if I'll ever get to see Anne again. I think it's been a great day for me; I'm just sorry I didn't actually get it inside her. I was so excited, I just couldn't help it. I was ready to go again within a few minutes but she'd lost interest."

"You'll make up for it someday, when you find a girl more your own age."

"I doubt I'll find a girl my age willing to do what you two did today."

"Robert, what I did today was very wrong, a mother just shouldn't do that with her son and I want you to try and forgive me. Can you do that, can you forgive me?"

"What's to forgive mum? I had the best time of my life, and you're responsible for it."

"Nothing like that can ever happen again between us, you do realise that don't you?"

"I'm not arguing with you but just as a matter of interest - Why not?"

"It's wrong."

"It didn't feel wrong. It felt very right."

"It's against the law."

"So don't tell the law, who does it hurt?"

"Your father."

"Like either of us care, besides are you going to tell him?"

"Robert, I'm your mother, I gave birth to you, you are part of me."

"Cool isn't it. I love you too mum. I still don't see any real reason why two consenting adults who love each other shouldn't express their love in a physical way. It's not hurting anyone."

"It's just not right. I used to change your nappy."

"And today you sucked my cock."

"Don't talk like that."

"I liked your body mum, you've got great tits."

"Do you really think... no... I'm not getting into that."

"Why did you do it today?"

"Do what?"

"Sex, why did you take me to bed with Anne?"

"I'm afraid I felt sorry for you."


"You were frustrated; you said you had never been with a girl."

"I'm frustrated now, and I've still never really been with a woman."

Robert rubbed his erect cock through his trousers and emphasised the word woman.

Irene glanced from the road to his hand rubbing at his trousers.

"Don't do that. You'll get plenty of girls; you just have to be patient."

"My cock doesn't do patient."

"Robert, please don't talk like that."

"I want to kiss you."

"You can't, anyway I'm driving."

"Got you," he thought.

"So if you weren't driving then I could kiss you?"

"Robert please stop, we can't let anything happen between us. It's just wrong."

"So you didn't enjoy it?"

"Yes, no, well no. I didn't actually get any release today."

"Release? Oh, you mean you didn't get to cum yet?"

"No I didn't but that's really not the point."

"So what is the point, you didn't enjoy today and that's why you didn't cum? You certainly seemed to enjoy kissing Anne. So it must be me you found off putting. Is that it mum do you find me unattractive?"

"You are a very attractive young man, you didn't put me off, please stop trying to put words in my mouth."

"Would you like me to put something else in your mouth?"

"Robert stop it."

They reached home. Climbed out of the car and stood by their front door, hunting for keys.

"If we kissed now, would you enjoy it?" He asked his flustered mother.

"That's not the point."

"If we kissed now and you enjoyed it and I enjoyed it, who would get hurt?"

She unlocked the door and pushed it open.

"Robert, I'm not going to kiss you."

They entered the house and closed the door behind them.

"Ok I'll kiss, you just stand there."

"Robert, stop it. Nothing is going to happen."

"I'll wear you down."

"No you won't, now go and put the kettle on."

Irene went upstairs; she needed to change out of her dirty clothes. She laughed inwardly at her sons persistence. She had to admit that he was right, as long as they were both comfortable with it, who would it hurt? At her age she was not about to get pregnant and give birth to any three eyed monsters. But it was still wrong, she had yearned for his body and his attention, but it was just not right.

Irene stripped naked and headed for the shower wrapped in a large bath towel.

"Tea or coffee?" he called from downstairs.

"Tea please", she replied, "I'm just taking a quick shower."

Robert could not resist. He climbed the stairs and stood outside the bathroom. He hesitated for an age. He heard the shower start. He had his hand on the door handle.

Dare he do this?

Do what?

He knew his mother was naked on the other side of the door. He had a raging hard on and a yearning in the pit of his stomach. He pressed down on the handle. The door swung open.

The shower cubicle had a glass door. He could see his mothers form in the shower; she had her back to him.

Irene had stepped into the shower and begun to soap herself. She particularly soaped her rude bits that had been getting more than their usual amount of attention recently. As she massaged her cunt with the soapy lather she thought of her son. In her mind she could see his big cock sticking up and out. What a magnificent piece of meat it was, just imagine that monster pumping in and out of your slippery wet hole. She closed her eyes and turned under the spray of water to rinse her back. Her left hand idly played with her right breast, her right hand began a rhythmic rubbing around and on her clitoris. She needed to cum.

Robert watched as his mother turned to face him, she began to masturbate. He watched in awe as she blatantly tugged her nipple and rubbed her pussy. Robert could not see that she had her eyes closed. He gave his cock a few rubs of its own. When his mother did not react, he released the beast once more. He began to wank in earnest.

Oblivious of her son, Irene was nearing orgasm; she had fought past the feeling of guilt that lurked at the back of her mind. Incest is wrong it said. It is OK when it is just in your head she told herself. She wanted to cum with visions of her son pumping his seed into her but just could not get there, each time she got close she relived the premature moment and remembered her feeling of disappointment when he failed to get his cock into Elaine. She decided to get out of the shower and take her heat to the bedroom where her battery powered lover would surely do the job. She opened her eyes. Robert stood five feet away, his massive tool pumping in his hand. He was staring straight at her.

She opened the door and tried to reach for a towel, it was too far away.

"Robert, stop that, pass me the towel."

"I'm so close mum," he said.

"Stop it I said."

"You were doing it. We watched each other."

"I didn't know you were there, you stupid boy."

That comment hurt him. He stopped pumping his tool. "I'm sorry," he said, "I just can't help it. I want you. I want you like this morning."

Irene looked at her son. He stood in the doorway, he was looking at the floor, his cock was in his hand but was still. His little boy voice always worked on her. She wanted to gather him up and hug and kiss him and tell him everything would be alright.

So she did.

Irenes naked body hugged her eighteen year old son. Her wet breasts and hardened nipples pressed against his shirt making it damp. Her moist legs pressed against his trousers, her damp hairy patch of pubic hair pressed against the base of his upright penis. She kissed his cheek, his nose and his eyes, she whispered, "there, there, I'm sorry; it's all going to be alright, I didn't mean those horrid things." She kissed his cheek, his neck, his chin, his mouth and stroked his hair.

Robert responded, he enveloped his tiny slip of a mother in his arms. When she gently placed a kiss on his mouth he scooped her up and off the floor.


He kissed her gently on the lips "teach me some more, mum." and carried her to her bedroom.

Robert laid his mother gently on her bed. He then began to undress. Irene watched him. His cock was still on view and was bouncing around, she could not take her eyes off of it. When he was naked he stood by her bed, looking at her naked form, he was waiting for her permission, her submission. Irene looked at her naked son, his handsome face his well defined and tight muscles but most of all his magnificent cock.

"Who would ever know? He's old enough to handle the situation. I could teach him to be a caring lover; not like his pig of a father." She managed to think herself into compliance.

Without a word she spread her legs wide and using her fingers she exposed her deep pink wet gash to him for the first time. His cock jerked.

"Fuck me Robert. Your mother needs you to fuck her now."

Robert did not wait to be asked twice. He climbed onto the bed between his mothers legs. Irene grasped his cock and positioned it at her entrance. She was lubricating like a twenty year old, despite her shower she could feel the slippery moisture oozing from her vagina, and she had never been so ready to fuck as she was now.

"Push it in, stick your cock in me Robert."

Robert taking his weight on his elbows, looked down at his mother and then down between their bodies, he wanted to remember all the details of this moment.

"Please Robert, give me your cock."

Robert leant down and slid his tongue passed his mothers lips, her tongue slid back over his, simultaneously he lost his virginity, he thrust his hips forward. With a grunt he penetrated the first three inches of his mothers vagina.

Irene felt pain, extraordinary, exquisite pain; she was being split in two. She moaned loudly into his mouth. He thrust again. Another three inches speared her and this time she cried out. "Slow down, gently, gently, it's too big, it hurts, it hurts, give me a moment to adjust."

Robert could not stop. He had his cock inside a cunt for the first time in his life there was no way he was going to stop. He thrust again and his screaming mother was finally totally impaled on his fat cock.

Irene firmly believed her cunt had split. "Robert, stop, take it out, take it out. You're so big. Please slow down."

Robert was not about to take his cock out of his mother, after all, he had waited eighteen years to get back into her vagina and he was enjoying this a lot more than the first time he slipped through her love tunnel.

He did not move. Irene was panting beneath him, her tits rising and falling rapidly with each breath, her nipples touching his chest with each pant. Robert leaned his head down to her breast and suckled. Irene stroked his hair. They lay locked together for several minutes. Irene becoming more and more accustomed to the giant intruder upon which she was impaled.

"God, my son has his cock in my cunt, I'm actually fucking my son," she thought. Her cunt gave an involuntary contraction around his invading member. Robert liked that feeling and pulsed his cock inside his mothers incredibly tight cunt. Irene responded by squeezing her cunt muscles back at his cock. They carried on this seemingly motionless fucking for several minutes.

Robert was getting more and more excited; he actually had his cock inside a woman. Not just a woman, it was his mother, his mother for Christ sake. He was sucking his mothers tits. He could smell his mothers sex. When he jerked his hips she moaned in sexual frenzy, his mother was on his cock. He stuck his tongue into her mouth, she eagerly sucked on it. She squirmed under him, his mother was sweating under him she was squirming and moaning, his mother for fucks sake. A few hours ago he could not believe his mother even had these sorts of urges, least of all for him.

Irenes vagina finally adjusted to the size of her sons rampant cock, "Fuck me son," she whimpered, "fuck your mother."

Robert began small thrusting motions with his hips. Underneath him, Irene gasped for air, as each little thrust seemed to knock the wind out of her, his massive cock was filling her entire body. The friction on her grasping cunt walls was sending pleasure signals to every inch of her being. She had never been so full, so complete. He pumped faster and faster, harder and harder, finally he was almost totally withdrawing before plunging the entire length of his cock back into her clawing cunt.

"Fuck me. Fuck me Robert. Fuck me harder give it all to me. Cum in me, give me your cum."

He did, Robert let loose his second stream of cum today, this one flooded his mothers womb, it poured and poured into her inner most secret place. Robert was shouting and his mother was screaming "Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeessss."

In unison, they came and in unison, they fell asleep. Two hours they slept, Son on top of and still inside of, his mother. Irene awoke. She was laid in a big wet patch. She had not been dry when she got on the bed, she had been sweating and Robert "bless him" had flooded her with more cum than she had thought was possible. She rolled his dozing frame off herself.

She looked at her son. "I've done it now she thought," and paused for the inevitable lightening bolt. It did not come and she did not feel guilty. She searched her mind and soul high and low but could not find any regret for the actions of today. She loved her son and she had given him what he needed most.

She looked down his frame, his cock was sticking out again, it truly was an impressive piece of equipment, she thought, "he doesn't get that from his father." She felt her fanny it was still full of his slimy spunk and her juice, her hole actually felt bigger, his cock had stretched her.

"I'll be ready for him next time," she thought. "Next time? Will there be one? There will if he wants it," she thought.

She put her hand around his growing penis and stroked it up and down. Robert awoke with a start and panicked a little as he realised he was naked with his mother and ..... "Oh yeah, I remember," he thought.

"Mummy, what are you doing?" he teased.

"I'm stroking your gigantic cock, would you like me to stop?"

"No, it's OK, you carry on."

Irene shifted position so that she was knelt beside him facing his groin. Her arse wiggled at him. Robert leaned his head over so that he could peer into the crack between her cheeks. He reached out and gently stroked between her legs feeling the moist slit between her puffy little sex lips.

"Would you like me to lick you?" he asked his mother.

"All women like being licked, but I'm a bit gooey from your orgasm."

"It didn't stop you licking Anne earlier on."

"You little sneak; you weren't supposed to see that."

"I guessed that much. I also guess that it wasn't the first time that you and her had........ you know."

Irene did not want to go there, she wanted to protect Elaine and Gavin as much as possible. "I've known Anne a long time, it's nothing to do with you."

"It's OK, now can I lick you?"

"Most men don't like licking a messy woman."

"Sit on my face and I'll see if I'm like most men."

Irene raised her leg and straddled her sons chest; she was still facing his cock. Robert looked at the glistening wet mess of hairy pink meat splayed in-front of him; he inhaled his mothers aroma and pushed his face into her crack.

He lapped at her cunt with his flattened tongue, cleaning her cunt of his sperm and her juice.

Irene bathed in the luxury of having her cunt licked by yet another tongue, her third in as many days. Her son was not as proficient as Gavin or Elaine, but he made up for that with enthusiasm. Irene held his cock with both hands and leant to suck its head. Mother and son stayed in their sixty-nine for many minutes, neither desperate for release, both just enjoying their perverse intimacy. It was Irene who finally came up for air.

"Lick my clitoris," she instructed, and used the fingers of her right hand to press against her labia either side of her little bean. Robert followed her instructions. Irene pumped at his cock with her left hand. A few moments of his tongue flicking on her exposed clitoris had her excitement building to the latest orgasm of her much improved sex life. Irene came on her sons tongue, she ground her hairy wetness into his face, Robert held her around the hips and pulled her onto him in an attempt to climb back inside her.

Finally she had to push herself away from him as her clitoris became too sensitive. "Stop, stop, I can't take any more," she pleaded.

Irene moved her panting sweaty frame down her sons and spun around to face him and straddle his throbbing manhood. Crouching down on her haunches and with him holding his cock upright, she very slowly impaled her contracting cunt onto his pulsating manhood. Robert watched intently as inch by inch his shaft disappeared into his mothers groin. The look of determination on her face was testament to the difficulty she was having fitting her son back into her vagina. What she was feeling was pure erotic pleasure. Irene steadied herself with one hand on his chest whilst she pulled at her hard nipple with the other. With a final grunt she announced herself full of penis. She finally looked at her son; he could not take his eyes off of her tits. He reached out with both hands to fondle them. Irene began to raise and lower herself on her sons extended manhood.

"Do you like my tits, Robert?"

"Yes, I like your tits."

"Tell me what you'd like to do to my tits."

"I want to squeeze and suck on them."

"What are you doing to my cunt? Tell me what you're doing to your mothers cunt."

"I'm fucking it mother; I'm fucking your cunt."

"Are you going to squirt your spunk in your mothers cunt?"

"Yes mother."

"What's my name?"

"Irene, I'm fucking you, Irene."

"Cum in my fanny, cum in me Robert, cum in Irenes cunt."

Robert was humping his hips up and down in time with his mothers thrusting vagina. She was riding him like a horse. Faster and faster they fucked, they were both sweating, the smell of sex in the room was overpowering.

"I'm cumming," he cried, "Oh God mother I'm cumming, I'm cumming in your cunt."

Irene could feel the sperm flooding her vagina his cock was throbbing out thread after thread of hot white juice into her slippery wet hole. She too began to orgasm, her fleshy sex muscles milking his cock for every single sperm. Irene was rigid on his love pole, her entire body was convulsing, her orgasm went on and on and on, she could not even scream as she so desperately wanted to. When her cunt walls finally relaxed a fraction she fell forward and gasped for air. She lay clinging to her sons chest; just panting.

"Oh my God what did you do to me?"

"Wow mum, that was unreal."

"Robert I can honestly say that, that was the best fuck I've ever had."

"Me too," he said.

They both began to laugh at that.

After several minutes of gentle kisses and cuddles his soft cock flopped from her vagina, it was followed by a torrent of fluid.

She climbed out of bed and padded off for yet another shower. When she returned Robert had gone from the bed, so had the sodden sheets. She dressed and went downstairs; Robert sat at the kitchen table, wearing a bathrobe. On the table were cups of tea.

Irene ran her hand through his hair, "Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine by me." he replied. "How about you? Are you OK? Did I hurt you?"

Robert was genuinely concerned he had thought back to when he first penetrated his mother and how she had screamed.

"I'm fine," she patted her mound, "it's fine, you just took me by surprise with that monster you keep in your trousers."

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Robert, you don't apologise to a girl for having a big dick. It's her, correction me, that should thank you for sharing it."

She leaned down and kissed her son, a big wet tongue kiss. "Thank you for fucking me, Robert," she said.

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