tagInterracial LoveFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 09

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 09


The same Monday morning that saw his wife seducing a teenage boy, saw Gavin drive straight to Paula's house.

He phoned work on his mobile to leave instructions and to explain that Irene would be late and Paula had the day off, he would get there later in the day.

Paula was waiting for him. She had made coffee and croissants. The pair of them sat around the kitchen table eating, drinking and chatting. They simply liked each other. They were totally comfortable with each other and just enjoyed being in the others presence.

Gavin explained what had gone on the previous day when he had arrived home. He left out the bit where he fucked his wife up the arse he wanted Paula to think she was his first in that department.

"So aren't you worried that Irene and your wife might get together behind your back?"

"I'm hardly in a position to complain," he complained. "If it was another man, I'd be bothered but somehow it's different because it's a woman."

"Well your wife wouldn't be happy to see you here with me I know that much."

"I don't know, perhaps I could take you home with me, you're much better looking than Irene." He was only half joking.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you but I can say for sure that women hold no interest for me what so ever."

"I'm pretty sure Irene and Elaine would have said the same thing this time yesterday."

"Well don't hold out too many hopes of getting me into bed with another woman, the thought of fingering another woman's slimy bits does not appeal and what about the smell?"

"You say the nicest things. Now you know what a hardship it is being a man, what with the slimy bits and all that."

"Come here mister, my slimy bits need attention."

"Are they very slimy?"

"Oh yes, very."

"Do they need much attention?"

"Oh yes, lots."

"I'd better have a look then, before it's too late."

Paula giggled as Gavin dropped to his knees and put his head up her light blue skirt. She laughed aloud when he prodded at her crotch, tickling her fanny.

"Eeewww, really slimy," he complained.

"Is there anything to be done for me, doctor?"

"I'll have to suck the poison out," Gavin tugged her knickers down and attacked her pussy with his tongue. Gavin loved the aroma of Paula. It was ridiculous but to him she smelled and tasted more girlie than the other women he had tasted, more like sweets, she was sweeter, cleaner, nicer.

Gavin pressed his nose to her vagina and inhaled. To him, she was the finest perfume, he loved her smell. Paula squealed with the delight of having him nuzzling at he pussy.

Paula undid the buttons on her skirt and it flopped down. He moved out of the way to allow it to fall to the floor and join her knickers.

I want you to fuck me doggy style," she announced. "If you're really good I just might let you try my bum."

"Take me to a bed," he demanded.

Paula led the way upstairs to her spare bedroom; it was furnished simply with drawers, wardrobe and a double bed. She stripped off her t-shirt and bra and crawled naked on all fours to the middle of the bed. Gavin stripped quickly almost falling over when his jeans would not let go of his foot, causing him to hop around the room. Paula giggled at him. Finally, Gavin stood naked before her, his cock was semi hard.

"Ahhhhh poor thing," she purred she gently stroked his penis. He was not sure that he wanted his rampant manhood to be the object of her sympathy, but his cock did not seem to care, it firmly believed that any attention is good and should be rewarded with an extra little jerk.

Within a minute of her gentle stroking his cock was hard and ready.

"Just stick it in me, I'm more than ready." Paula spun around and presented him with the view he had fantasised about for years. Her round cheeked bum pertly quivering in anticipation of his manly onslaught of giant cock in her trembling orifice, or something like that. Her vagina winked at him; just above it Paula's spotless and pink crinkly anus pulsed for him. He could not resist. He leaned forward and pushed his tongue as deep into her vagina as he could. Paula pressed back at him. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, his strokes got longer and longer soon his tongue was travelling from clitoris to arse hole and back again. Paula had never had her arse kissed; Gavin was now delving the point of his tongue into her little pucker. Paula could hardly bare it.

"You dirty bastard," she panted.

"Should I stop?"

"No," she insisted and reached back with her hands to spread her bum cheeks even wider, affording him better access to her private little dirt hole.

Gavin continued to bore into her bum with his stiff little tongue, it actually only dipped in less than an inch, but to Paula it felt like there was a snake back there. Finally, Gavin's tongue got tired. He knelt behind her and pulled her cunt onto his cock. Back and forth, she rocked on his rigid pole. In and out, he thrust.

"Ooooooo yessss stick your cock in me. Come on fuck me, fuck me harder."

Gavin pumped in and out of Paula's clenching cunt he looked down and watched her little pink arse hole opening and closing with each thrust. He pressed his thumb against her bum and it slipped in easily. Paula gasped and pushed back against his cock harder.

With his other hand he reached under her and felt her heavy swaying tits. He held his hand out flat and felt her hardened nipples swing across his palm and fingers. Finally, he grasped her left breast and squeezed it. Paula twisted her head back as far as it would go; he leant forward and kissed her mouth as best he could. After several minutes of pumping her beautiful vagina Gavin could not hold back any more and he came quickly and unexpectedly, his seed splashed the insides of her cunt and she felt happy. She wished that it was for real and that they were making babies, she was sure that they would have made very good babies. After a few minutes spent sweating and catching their breath Gavin withdrew his cock and his spunk dribbled out of her cunt. As she straightened up, her cunt expelled air caught inside it causing a loud fanny fart. They both rolled around laughing.

After a while they climbed under the covers and lay in each others arms they chatted and whispered and kissed and giggled, finally they slept.

It was Gavin that woke first; he was bursting for the loo. He hopped out of bed and padded along the landing to the toilet. He pushed the door open and walked inside; the toilet was behind the door. As he stood presenting his semi rigid penis to the porcelain, he was mildly surprised to find a semi naked young black woman sat in front of him. He was holding his penis not more than four inches from her face; she was looking first at his face then at his penis and back again.

"Are you expecting me to do something with that?" she asked.

"I..... that is.... You..... I," he explained.

"Would you mind taking it out of my face for a moment; I need to wipe my bum."

"I.... you... well certain.... You," he replied.

"Either turn around or leave...Now."

Gavin turned away from the girl. His mind was very confused. Who was she? Why did Paula have young black girls dressed only in bra and knickers wandering around her house? More to the point why not make it compulsory for every house to have one. Behind him, he heard the girl tear paper and wipe, tear paper and wipe, tear paper and wipe. Finally, he heard the flush.

"Excuse me," she said, I need to get passed. He was blocking her way.

"I'm sorry," he said and stepped to one side. The girl walked to the basin and began washing her hands.

"I'm Rachel by the way; you must be Fiona's dad."

Gavin did not answer.

Rachel dried her hands and stepped passed him once more, this time way on her way out of the room. She glanced down at his semi stiff cock, "nice willy, by the way."

"Thank you," Gavin replied.

Rachel pulled the door closed behind her and he was left standing in the middle of the room still holding his penis feeling, very confused, His bladder suddenly reminded him why he had come to the bathroom. He relieved himself, washed his hands and opened the door to leave. Rachel was standing there, it made him jump. She looked him up and down, her eyes finally coming to rest on his groin. Gavin felt very uncomfortable being naked in front of this teenage goddess. His body was reasonable for his years but it was hardly Olympian. He covered his genitals with his cupped hands.

"I left my watch in there," she said.

"I'm just going to get dressed; I didn't know there was anyone else here. I'm sorry if I scared you."

Rachel laughed. "It's not that big."

"I didn't mean that, I meant .."

"It's OK I know what you meant."

It suddenly occurred to Gavin that if Rachel was here then Fiona must also be in the house.

"Where's Fiona?" he asked.

"At school."

"So why are you here?"

"It's games this afternoon and I'm excused because I've got a competition tomorrow. She gave me her key; I'm going to borrow an outfit from her. I'm going out tonight." She explained.


"I'm in the 800 meters."

Gavin reappraised the toned body before him. She looked the part.

"Perhaps you could help me choose an outfit."

"Perhaps I'd better go and choose one for myself." He gestured with his head down towards his naked frame.

"Your loss." She said and slipped by him into the bathroom.

"What did she mean by that?" His cock asked. "Don't be ridiculous," his brain answered. He decided to retrieve his clothes.

Back in the spare room, Paula was still asleep, she laid on her back her uncovered right breast steadily rising and falling. A couple of days ago he would have given a thousand pounds for a picture of this scene. He did not want to disturb her. He thought he would get himself some coffee. He found his jeans and slipped them on without his boxers. Barefoot and bare chested he wandered down the landing. He heard a rustling coming from the room to his left. He tapped on the door and popped his head into the room.

"Rachel, I'm making coffee, would you ..fucking hell; sorry, sorry

Rachel stood on the bed, she was totally naked her arms were raised and her head was struggling to get through the neck hole of a silken garment of some sort. Her perfect tits jiggled and her hips swayed either side of her clean shaven slit.

Shocked by his sudden intrusion, and off balance with here head and arms in the vice like grip of the top she was trying to master she fell backwards and off the far side of the bed, landing out of sight with a mighty thump.

Gavin dashed across the room and bed. "Are you OK?"

Rachel was face down, she was not moving.

"Are you OK?"


"Rachel, are you OK." He leant down and carefully touched her shoulder.

"Oh, God what am I supposed to do?" He thought aloud.

Gently he rolled her over to see her face.

Rachel could not keep up the pretence any longer and giggled, then laughed aloud.

"Gottcha," she blurted.

Relieved he sat back on the edge of the bed. Rachel continued to writhe on the floor, laughing.

"I'm sorry; I shouldn't have barged in like that." He could not help but stare as the naked Rachel rose onto her heels and then stood before him, still laughing. His eyes were level with her slit. He suddenly felt very embarrassed and seedy. He should not be here ogling this teenager. His age, his body, his mistress in the next room were all against him remaining in her presence, yet for some strange reason his cock seemed to be saying "Stay right here and get an eyeful of that," and for a strange reason he did.

"I guess this makes us even, I got to see you naked and now you've seen me." She said.

He tore his eyes from the flat belly and perfectly smooth mound with the slightly protruding thin black lips, up past the mild six-pack abdomen to the pearly white smile and glistening eyes looking down at him between the perfect black nippled breasts that tremored just above his head.

"I think I got the better of the deal," he said earnestly.

"Thank you," she said, "but I can tell you kept in pretty good shape when you were young."

"A while back maybe." He replied. She was wrong, he had had been born this way, he never changed, never fantastic never terrible. He had tried working out, it did not make muscle, it made him tired, he remained five short of a six-pack.

"Do you like my body Mr. B?" She asked.

"Rachel, I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen." He was not lying. She was flawless.

"Oh that's very sweet of you." Rachel leant down and kissed the top of his head, in doing so her breasts rubbed in his face.

"I've got to go," he said; his legs disagreed.

"Stay and help me choose an outfit."

"Paula's in the next room."

"Is she? I like Fiona's mum, she's really cool."

"Perhaps she could help you choose."

"I'm dressing for a boy, I think you would be of more help."

"I really need to get some coffee." His discomfort with the situation finally got the upper hand over his penis. He stood and left the room taking a last lingering look at the perfect frame of Rachel.

His cock was once again achingly hard. It did not want coffee it wanted cunt. It took him straight back to the sleeping Paula, and pulled the sheet away to uncover her naked body. he removed his jeans and climbed onto the bed next to her and suckled on her nipples. Paula awoke with a start.

"Hello, this is a nice way to wake up."

"I want you."

"Then take what you want." Paula smiled and opened her legs, he climbed between them. Her hand slipped between their bodies seeking out his cock. She gave a satisfied mumble of approval when she felt how hard it was. She guided the head to her open vagina.

"Give it to me." She whispered in his ear, "just slide your cock inside me."

Gavin once again thrust his cock into Paula, they both exhaled a satisfied "ahhhh."

They began a steady rhythmic thrusting of their pelvises; Paula clung to him and closed her eyes as she concentrated on the friction being built up inside her aching cunt walls. Gavin was thinking of Rachel, her perfect young black athletic frame writhing under each thrust of his gigantic white cock.

Rachel had heard the unmistakable noises of love making the first time they had fucked; she had snuck along the landing to listen at the door. Listening had made her quite horny.

When she again heard the grunts and moans, she had again crept along the landing to listen at the door but this time she had found it to be wide open. She peered around the doorframe and saw Gavin's tight bum thrust forward to deliver a man-sized portion to Mrs B.

Rachel watched them fuck. Mrs. B. clearly enjoying her delivery of man meat, the noise, smell and view made her very wet. Rachel had a bit of a crush on Paula, she thought she was really cool and in good shape for her many years. She was as interested in seeing Paula being fucked as she was in seeing the cock of her husband.

She openly stood in the doorway, she was still naked. If Gavin looked slightly to his left he would see her playing with her tits, pulling on her hard black rubbery nipples. If he looked now he would see her thrusting two long fingers into her freely lubricating inner pink sanctum. She pushed her fingers into herself in time with his pelvic thrusts. Rachel could see his balls slapping against Paula's bum. Paula was moaning loudly, "Yes, yes, yes, Yes."

With Gavin on top of her, Paula could not see Rachel as she masturbated herself in the doorway. "Fuck me, Gavin, Fuck me." Her orgasm was fast approaching, she was grinding her clitoris hard against the base of his cock, "you're so fucking hard. Fuck me Gavin, give it to me."

Spurred on by her cries, Gavin thrust harder and tried to get even deeper into Paula's squeezing vagina.

"GAVIN?" Rachel exclaimed aloud, "Fiona's dad is called Greg."

The two lovers stopped in mid thrust. They opened their eyes and looked quizzically at each other. Wondering how and why the other had said such a thing.

Rachel was kicking herself, why had she said that? Why? Why? It had simply been a shock to hear Mrs B. calling out "Gavin". It had been too confusing, in here own head she had been calling "Greg".

Gavin looked over his shoulder, towards the door; Paula propped up on her elbows and looked also. Rachel grinned her pearly white grin back at them.

"Rachel!" cried Paula, "what the hell are you doing here?"

"It's OK, I won't tell anyone," offered Rachel, The enormous awkward embarrassment of the situation hit her like a train, she was beginning to cry.

Gavin withdrew his cock from Paula's slippery hole. He spun his legs around to sit up on the edge of the bed. "Rachel, it's OK don't worry, you're not in trouble." He lifted the sheet that had fallen on the floor and beckoned for her to come to him. She walked across the room and sat next to him. He wrapped her in the sheet.

Paula was not so understanding. "Rachel, what are you doing here? Where's Fiona? Where are you're clothes? What are you doing?"

"Calm down," Gavin said, "don't worry."

He explained the presence of Rachel in the house to Paula, and why it would be best if Rachel forgot that he had been here.

"So knowing my daughters eighteen year old best friend is in the next room you come in here and start making love to me with the door wide open." Paula scolded.

"Well I wouldn't put it like that exactly."

"How would you put it?"

"I'd put it in a way that I can't think of right now, that wouldn't make me look such a fucking arse hole."

Paula and Rachel laughed.

"Men!" Paula exclaimed, "Rachel, learn one thing today. Men are ruled by what's in their trousers, it's not their fault it's just the way they are. Flash them a pair of tits and they become mindless idiots."

Paula leaned around Gavin and touched Rachel on the knee, "Your tits are very nice by the way."

"Thank you Mrs B."

"Given the state of our undress, you may call me Paula."

"Thanks Paula."

"Now I think we had all better get dressed before anyone else turns up."

Gavin looked and felt disappointed.

"What?" asked his fuck buddy.

"Couldn't we just; you know."


"You know," he said looking at the stick of flesh protruding from his crotch.

"Oh for Gods sake! See what I mean Rachel."

Rachel could see very well from her seat next to Gavin. She had been surreptitiously watching his throbbing cock for several minutes and frankly, she was with Gavin on this one, she had been very close to orgasm a few minutes ago.

"It does seem a shame to waste it Mrs. B. sorry Paula," offered Rachel.

"Oh believe me, there'll be another along soon enough," retorted Paula.

"Well would you mind? if I ... you know," Rachel asked.

"Too bloody right I would." Paula snorted.

"Now, now girls. Please don't fight over me, there's enough for everyone." Gavin smugly suggested. He was in his element.

"Listen to me," said Paula, "it's not going to happen. I don't do girls, and I don't do audiences, especially when they're just out of puberty and friends with my daughter."

"I thought a fuck buddy didn't judge, I thought a fuck buddy would always go along with whatever the other wanted. I thought you were my fuck buddy." He was hitting way below the belt and he knew it.

"Don't go there," warned Paula.

"Why not, I only want to know where we stand as fuck buddies." Gavin was teasing, he did not mean what he was saying, he was already resigned to going home without getting off again.

Paula on the other hand took her duties very seriously and expected the same of him.

"OK. But be prepared to pay the price later." She warned.

"What?" He was not sure what any of that meant.

Paula turned to the doe eyed young girl, "Rachel, you idiot, if you want to take part in some short lived debauchery with a couple of aging wrinklies then now's your chance. You are over the age of consent the choice is yours."

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