tagIncest/TabooFantasies Fulfilled Ch. 16

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 16


Again this just carries straight on from the last chapter and if you have not read the rest, it probably won't make a lot of sense, although there is a LOT of sex in this one.


While Robbie and his mother nestled in each others arms, a few miles away the objects of both their desires were getting down to business.

Elaine spread her legs wide for Gavin as his tongue traced the moist folds of pussy flesh around her clitoris. Her thighs quivered in anticipation of his lips covering her small swollen point of ecstasy. He inhaled her musky fragrance and using both hands firmly on her inner thighs, held her cunt open. The slick gooey opening winked at him as she clenched her pelvic muscles. He appreciated the fact that she had not shaved for several weeks, he knew she had taken a liking to the look of Irene's cunt, though he doubted his wife was capable of emulating that thick mat of hair, she was giving it her best shot. His saliva mixed with Elaine's cunt juice to glisten and stick to the long strands of brown pubic hair. He loved the fact that her hair was now much higher on her groin, so much so that it protruded from the top of her knickers, the same knickers that he had removed from his giggling wife just a few moments ago.

He stiffened his tongue and ran it from her juicy opening to the base of her clitoris. Elaine jerked at the silky touch. "Mmmmm." He teased her clitoris, gently lapping at the skin either side of it but never quite touching the thousands of jangling nerves in it's pink swollen head. She was getting deliciously impatient. "Suck it Gav," she hissed, "lick my clit." He ignored her pleas and pressed down on her thighs even harder. Elaine loved to be held down like this, controlled, open, exposed for all the world to see. "Lick it! You bastard."

"Uh Uhhh.!" He uttered without removing his mouth from her divine nectar laden cunt.


He responded to the magic word by sucking hard on her erect pink nubbin.

"Ohhh My God!" She moaned, thrashing her arms and upper body, grasping at the sheets beneath her sweating back.

After a minute of direct contact between his sucking lips and flicking tongue and the centre of her universe she came, hard and violently. She bucked her hips against his firm hands which pressed her down restricting her movements; she circled her love mound, trying to grind it against his face. "Ahhhhhh!" she cried, she simply could not stand it any more, the feelings of ecstasy were bordering on pain, and her clitoris became just too sensitive, too intense. Gavin recognised the signs and switched his hands under her thighs lifting them higher pushing her bum up and presenting him with a perfect view of her gaping, clenching cunt hole and just an inch away her little brown, star like anus. He ran his broad tongue wetly across her pink cunt and ended at her puckered little hole. Back and forth he ran his mouth across his wife's excited quivering holes, making a point of his tongue at her anus and delving inside just a tiny way.

"You dirty boy!" she choked. "You dirty, little boy."

That was a new term to Gavin, she had not used that one before. It excited him even more.

"Fuck me, please fuck me." She begged, she needed to be filled, a deep urgent need that only a cock would fill.

Gavin relented his assault on her most intimate holes. He knelt between her legs rubbing the tip of his swollen cock between her wet labia, lubricating the purple head before finally thrusting forward and into her hot silken tunnel. "Ooohhh!" They uttered in unison.

Gavin watched his wife as her face contorted in sheer pleasure. He marvelled at her heavy tits rocking as he punctured her time after time. Finally he leant forward and lay fully on top of her, their sweating bodies joining as one and they kissed. His tongue and hers fighting to enter the others body to merge as fully as they could, to be inside the other, to be one orgasmic beast. They ground pussy against cock, and finally Gavin stiffened and filled her with blast after blast of thick white cum cream. Her firm wet cunt walls grasped his pulsating manhood as it pumped its load into her womb.

They lay panting like that for several minutes.

"Jesus!" He finally said, lifting his body up on straightened arms. "That was good." Elaine just smiled. His wilting cock was still inside her. He tried to reach the box of tissues next to the bed but could not reach. "Shuffle over, or we'll have a big wet patch." They manoeuvred in a well practiced manner till he could reach some tissues. He handed them to his wife who stuffed a couple in the mouth of her dribbling pussy, as he withdrew his soft cock from her. He rolled on to his back next to her. "Phew!"

"How was it for you darling?" He asked ironically, he knew when his wife had had a really strong orgasm, and this was one of those times.

"It was good. I needed that."

"Me too. It makes a change for us to be just us." He laughed.

"Hmmm." She made it sound doubtful.

"What do you mean, 'hmmmm'?"

"Well we've never really spoken about the other night." They both knew she meant the night they had swapped partners with the next door neighbours.

"What's to talk about?" He had mixed feelings on the subject, and was not sure he wanted to discuss it now. In fact he actually wanted to roll over and sleep, he was a traditional sort of guy.

"I had sex with another man!" She exclaimed. "You fucked my lesbian lover! I think that's quite a lot to talk about!"

"Strictly speaking, she's not a lesbian and neither are you."

"Ok bi-sexual then." The phrase disturbed him a little; it had not occurred to him that his wife was indeed bi-sexual. "How do you feel about any of it?"

"Horny!" he replied flippantly.

"Really, be serious, how do you feel about the guy next door knowing what your wife's like in bed?"

"Tricky one." He admitted. "I try not to think about it too much."

"So you don't like the idea?"

"Of course I don't like the idea of you with another man. But it's not like you did it behind my back. I was there you know. It was more of a mutual trade situation. That's why it's called wife swapping. To be honest I think I came out ahead on that score."

"WHAT? Oh thanks!"

He realised how terrible that sounded. "No, no I didn't mean it that way. I meant I got to do more to his wife than he did to you."

"And that's how you see it? A competition?"

"It's a man thing."

"But I'm a woman. How about I even up the score? I'll just nip next door and let him fuck me up MY arse.."

"Don't be silly. Besides from what I saw, he wouldn't fit."

Elaine smiled. "Hmm, he's certainly a big boy."

Gavin was horrified. "Mine's longer, his is just short and fat."

"Not that short, but don't worry, you still have the best willy." She could not help but picture Robbie's cock which had both her husband and her neighbour, Mike, beat. Gavin was appeased.

"Anyway, he's not straight."

"Of course he is."

"He wanked me off!"

"So you're not straight either then!"

"Yes I bloody well am. I didn't know it was his hand." He had a point.

"Well maybe it was a one off."

"He mentioned me returning the favour?"

"OK so he's bi too. That's three out of the four of us. Whose the odd one out now?" She teased.

"Ha bloody ha."

"So you don't mind another man fucking me providing you get a fair share of his wife?"

"No, I mean yes. I mean no, I don't like the idea of another man fucking you."

"But I shouldn't mind you fucking another woman?"

"That's different."

"How is it?" There was no rational answer to that one.

"Well that first time with Irene, it was a shared experience."

"You got to fuck her though."

"Yes, but it was you that more or less lured her into bed. If you had a cock, you'd have had it in her. It's not my fault you aren't equipped." She had to laugh at that one.

"Would you like me to have a cock?"

"Noo. I thought we'd just established that."

"I could get a strap on and do you with it."

That caught his attention, he had to admit, it was quite an appealing idea. "That wouldn't make me gay."

"Of course it wouldn't." she laughed.

He rationalised his thoughts, he had enjoyed the odd finger in his arse recently. "A guess a bum is a bum. It must be pleasurable or homo's wouldn't do it." The word made Elaine raise an eyebrow.

"You did me up there. It was nice... eventually. In fact I was hoping you'd do it again?"

"I'd love to, but not just now eh?"

"So you'd enjoy your wife fucking you with a big fat cock?"

He imagined his wife with a stiff prick and swaying tits. "I might.... But less of the big and fat, how about thin and small? And not a black one, in fact do they do one that doesn't look like a cock?"

"I really don't know, it's not something I spend a lot of time researching. Anyway I don't know how we got onto this subject. We were talking about how you felt when you saw another man making love to me?"

"I hated it. I hated it more when you were alone with him in the other room."

"Yes, me too actually. I couldn't help but wonder what you and Louise were up to, and frankly Mike just isn't that good a lover 'one on one'."


"You and Louise, seemed to be enjoying yourselves."

"We managed."

She swung a pillow and hit him full in the face. "Managed!! You were like a cat that got the cream."

"It was your idea I seem to remember."

"Well it was more of a group decision."

"Well it didn't include me."

"You agreed!"

"I didn't feel I had a lot of choice, besides you and Mike were up the stairs like a pair of greyhounds."

"Ohhh, I'm sorry, I didn't think you saw it that way." She genuinely felt regret.

"I'll live."

"So you don't like me having sex with other men, how about women?"

"That's different."

"Not really."

It is to me."

"How so?"

"I'm not sure I'd like it, if you were doing it without me being involved some how."

"Well you were involved with Irene, although...." She stopped herself.

"Although what?"

"Errr I do have a small confession to make." She said looking very guilty. "I really didn't think you'd mind."

"Mind what?" he demanded.

"That night when you fell asleep, me and Irene sort of slipped away to bed a bit early and...."


"You know... we did stuff."

"Stuff?" Gavin really did not mind, in fact he was feeling renewed stirrings in his groin.

"Yeah stuff.... Girl stuff. Look I can't really remember," she lied, "we were both quite drunk."

"Ok, I'll let you off that one."

"And that time with Louise, I told you I was interested in her and you were ok with it, and I made you a tape of the 'events'."

The tape was in Gavin's study, he had played it countless times. "I know, that was OK too. But that's because I was involved, even if you were only sharing a tape with me."

"The only other time was the other night and we just went through that one."

"So what are you getting at?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to know where we stand. And it seems, it's ok for me to pick up women for you to shag. But not for me to shag other men." She smiled.

"That's sooo not what I said. Typical woman, twisting the facts."

"That's what it sounded like to me."

"Nooo." He sounded exasperated.

"How about if you picked up a man?" She asked.


"How about if you picked up a man, had sex with him and then I fucked him?"

"What the fuck are you talking about? There is so much wrong with that, I don't know where to start." He was out of his depth.

"It's the same as me picking up a woman, having sex with her and then you fucking her."

"No it's not!" He protested. Of course it was the samee. She smiled enigmatically at him. "We just said, I'm straight, I have no interest in men."

"Actually you said that, just before you asked to have a cock up your arse." She laughed.

"I'm not having this conversation." He drew the line.

"Of course sweetie." She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "All I was getting at was that sex with someone of the same sex is a bit like foreplay, at least for me it is. The main course is with someone of the opposite sex. And since you are so competitive you'll appreciate that you're ahead two to one."

"OK. Yipee I win. Now let's go to sleep." He said sarcastically.

"Night lover." She said. "But I'm competitive too." She did not say.


Friday morning dawned and Gavin's household had their usual mad rush of getting the kids ready for school and packed into his car so he could drop them off at school and go to work. Gavin arrived a few minutes later than usual and greeted Irene who was tapping away at her computer.

"Good morning Gavin." She smiled, which was noticeably more upbeat than her usual glum 'morning'."

"Morning Irene." He replied, "Someone's in a good mood?"

"Yes, I am, must have been the early night I had." She chirped and returned her attention to the screen.

"You should get to bed more often."

She gave a knowing smile. "I think I will." She answered without looking up.

Back at the house Elaine was tapping a computer keyboard too.

Over the last few weeks Elaine had discovered several things about herself. Firstly, and easily the most important, she loved her husband. Secondly, she had had a very sheltered life especially sexually. Thirdly, she loved the excitement and intrigue of the additional sex partners that she so recently encountered.

She had determined two things. Firstly things had to go back to being just her and Gavin, she knew that eventually the partner sharing, swapping and stuff would destroy their marriage, probably he would be the first to break but it was definitely going to have to stop. Secondly, and this is the one that she was really nervous about, she was going to fuck Irene's son. He was going to be her present to herself. He was going to be the last new man to have his wicked way with her. He was going to be the secret score leveller. He was the full stop at the end of the madness. He was going to be a lucky bastard.

Google came up with what she was looking for and a few moments later she was entering her credit card details. Then she went upstairs to the bathroom, stripped top off and looked in the mirror at her 36dd tits. They had stood the test of time pretty well, a slight sagging and a few stretch marks but her large pink nipples still pointed north. Thinking better of it, she put her bra back on. She pointed her phone camera at the mirror ensuring it was only her breasts in frame, she pushed the button. The image was hazy and not all that complimentary, her tits looked a little smaller, but it would do the job. She entered a short message and pressed send. Elaine stripped the rest of her clothes and entered the shower. It was about 9:15am. That gave her over an hour.

Robbie dozed in his mother's bed. They had awoken a lot earlier than usual after a bad nights sleep. They had both kept waking up, due to the unusual and exciting proximity of each other. When his mother had quietly started to disentangle herself from his arms and legs he asked "Everything OK?" He was worried that she would have yet another change of heart.

"Oh yes, everything is just fine, go back to sleep." She had said lovingly and kissed his cheek. It was about six o'clock and the light was beginning to fill the room through the closed curtains. Robbie watched his naked mother sit up, the perfect cherry topped peak of her curved breast was a sight he would never get tired of.

"It's very early," he said, "are you getting up?"

"Well I can't sleep and there's washing to put on and I really do need a shower." She emphasised this by running her hand across her breast and tummy, then looking at her hand.


"What is it?" she said kindly.

"Mum... I..." He really was floundering.

"Just say it son." Irene was worried, had he had second thoughts?

"I don't suppose you... " He gestured towards the bed, "I mean would you like to..."

It dawned on her like a weight being lifted from her shoulders. "Again? Already?"

"Well only if you want to." He said sheepishly.

"I must look a sight." She said.

"You look incredible." He said gazing at her tits.

"Very well, I did say I'd try to keep up with you." She smiled, nerves beginning to build in her stomach. The room was very light and she was not sure she was ready for him to see her in the full throws of masturbation heaven. "Would you mind if I did it under the covers? I know it's not the same but ...."

"Of course not, whatever you want." He replied.

Irene settled back into bed, the duvet up around her shoulders, her arms still outside of the covers. "Well, here we go again." She said nervously.

"Thanks mum." Robbie said his hands already fondling his morning erection.

Irene stared directly ahead. Robbie was looking at her face, there was not much else to look at. He began to pump his meat quite earnestly. Irene nervously turned to look at him. His face was strained, the covers were moving quite rapidly over his thumping fist. She thought how vulnerable he looked, how urgent his hormones made him. She yearned to take him in her arms and hold him while he found release, but she knew she should not touch.

"Oh my poor baby boy," she whispered, "you do need this don't you?"

Robbie was finding it difficult to concentrate, it was after all, a truly bizarre thing to masturbate while your mother watched.

"Here, would it help if I...." she said and pushed back the duvet, uncovering her breasts. She had not yet touched herself. She had not really been in the mood.

As her nipples sprang into view, Robbie grunted, he thought it helped quite a lot.

With the duvet pushed back his chest was also on view, but the extra layers of cover were interfering with his pumping action.

"M mom," he stammered, "could I..?" He used his legs to shove the covers further back and off of his groin. Irene took a deep breath, as for the first time she had a clear view of her son's hand wrapped around his big cock.

"Oh my!" she muttered and her hand slipped down to her own quickly moistening genitals. Her pubic mound was only just covered by the newly pushed back cover. Robbie's gaze drifted towards her covered cunt. Irene pushed back the cover some more and he gasped. "Is that better?" she asked.

"Uh huh." was the best his strained voice could manage. He craned his neck up to get a better view of her dark trimmed bush.

Irene was fascinated by the sight of her son, seeking release in this way, she was very aroused but was far more concerned with his well being, and she still did not feel comfortable enough to really go for it in front of him in the full light of day.

"Would you like to see?" She asked.

"Uh?" he grunted, the words putting him off his stroke a little.

Irene knelt up next to him; her cunt was just a few inches from his head. Robbie stared in disbelief. "Ohh Mum!"

Irene cupped her breasts and squeezed the nipples. With the pungent aroma of her arousal in his nostrils he came. White strings of jetting spunk flew from his cock slit time after time. Robbie jerked with the involuntary feelings spewing from his manhood. When finally he relaxed back down, Irene stroked his brow, she had been quite alarmed at the sheer quantity of jism he had produced. "Goodness, what a lot." she remarked as the translucent white liquid puddle on his abdomen. She reached across him to retrieve a box of tissues. Robbie ogled her beautiful tits as they hung pear shaped in front of his face. As she pulled back her nipple caught his nose. "Ooops sorry."

"It's really, really ok." He laughed, taking the tissue box from her outstretched hand.

"Now I really must get on." Irene hurried about the room picking up clothing and retrieving her bathrobe. She left the room.

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