tagLesbian SexFantasising About Emma - Donor Ch. 07

Fantasising About Emma - Donor Ch. 07



A Monday morning I've actually been looking forward to.

In typical British fashion, the rain of last night has been replaced by bright sunshine. Emma has again woken before me, but no smell of pancakes today. In fact, I can't hear her either.

I get up, stumbling through to the living room. A scribbled note has been left on the table:

"Look out the window! Emma xx"

I shuffle to the bay window, pulling open the curtains. Nothing out of the ordinary, until I stretch and look down...

In the small communal garden out back, in full view of at least 12 apartments, Emma is lying on her back, sunbathing. Completely naked. She's even taken her piercings out.

I hurry to put on a t-shirt and shorts, jump down the stairs, and refrain myself from sprinting around the building. As I approach, I see a little smile curl at the corner of her mouth.

"Good morning," she greets.

"Good morning gorgeous," I reply. She sits up as I kneel next to her, and we kiss. She's still got her tongue stud in – I love how it feels when she sticks it down my throat.

"I was half expecting your neighbour to beat you down here," she grins naughtily.

"Neil?" I ask. She nods. "Why, did he see you out here?"

"He was watching from his window. I think he thought I couldn't see him cos he jerked off and came all over the glass!"

"You're kidding!" I laugh. "You do know he's married, right?"

"Oops," Emma says, with her filthiest grin. "I guess he enjoyed me stroking my little kitty though."

"You played with yourself for him?"

"I'm still wet," she purrs, pulling my fingers to her moist mound.

"Did you cum?" I breathe, slipping a finger into her.

"I was waiting for you."

"Oh God," I say, and rip off my t-shirt, then reach for my shorts...

"Wait," she interrupts. "We've got another voyeur."

"So? I don't care."

"I want you to put my piercings back in first."

Her piercings are in a little pile on the towel beside her, along with her engagment ring, a pair of cream sandals with a 4-inch heel, and two of the tiniest scraps of white mesh material that could barely be called a bikini.

I take the curved bar for her belly button, a silver heart at one end, and slide it through the hole in her perfectly flat stomach.

"That's so beautiful," I tell her, letting my hands linger.

"I'm glad. I got them all for you. Is there anything else you want me to get?"

I ponder. "A tiny little stud in your nose would look good. And maybe a ring in the top of your ear... What do you think?"

"My body is yours, decorate it however you like."

"Seriously?" I slide the first small silver ring through her hard right nipple.

"Seriously. I love everything you asked me to get so far, and I love you." She stares deeply into my eyes. "I can't say no to you."

"Really? Because I could ask you to do some pretty bad stuff..."

She smiles. "Your dirty mind is one of the things I love about you."

I put in her left nipple ring, and give it a little tug. She moans.

"We've only scratched the surface. But if there's anything you don't want to do, I won't love you any less. You can always say no."

"I promise you: I won't."

I pick up the diamond jewellery for her pussy – her 30th birthday present from me.

"You like how slutty these piercings make you look." It was a statement, not a question.

"Ooh, yeah."

"You like having bits of metal through your most private parts?" I slip the bar through the hole in her clit hood; the clit itself standing to attention.

"Fuck yeah I do."

"You like showing them off to people? You like knowing that everyone who sees you've got a piercing in your pussy or your nipples... they all know you're a slut?"

I twist the piercing in her pussy. Her long, low groan is so erotic.

"I am a slut."

"You like acting like a slut, don't you?"

"I fucking love it!"

"Are you acting, or are you really a slut?"

"I'll be a real slut after tomorrow."

"What's happening tomorrow?" I ask.

"It's your turn to choose, and we both know you're going to get me to fuck around."

"Not necessarily..." I tease.

"After tonight, I reckon you will!"

"Why, what are you scheming?" I ask.

"I thought we'd go to Duo."

I'm surprised, but not in a bad way. "The lesbian club?"

"Yes. Problem?"

"God no."

"Good. Fuck me."

I tug off my shorts and kneel over her. She lifts her legs wide and holds her ankles, spreading herself for me.

"I'm gonna find a girl to fuck, and you're going to watch," she sighs as I push my steel rod into her. "But you're not allowed to touch her."

"I don't want to touch her. I just want you."

I kiss her, slow and tender, as I rock in and out of her with long strokes.

"Good answer," she purrs, and wraps her legs around my back, pulling me into her further.

I turn it up; still pulling out slowly, but pushing in with force, each stroke finishing with our thighs slapping together. She grunts lightly with every thrust.

She grabs a handful of her right breast, squeezing it, then pinching her nipple and twisting the ring until she squeeks with pain.

"If you're going to let other guys fuck me, you'd better hurry up and make me pregnant before they do," she pants.

"Yeah? You want me to fire a baby into you?"

"Oh God yeah, do it, fucking do it!"

I pull out of her suddenly and she cries out.

"On all fours," I order, and she spins over in double-quick time. Her face against the towel; back arched so beautifully; butt high in the air, inviting me in.

I give her a quick slap, which echoes off the close walls of my apartment building.

She peeks back over her shoulder. "Our peeping Tom has got his cock out."

"It'd be a shock if he didn't," I say as I grab her by the hips and enter her, all the way, and pound into her hard.

"Oh God, I never thought I'd enjoy being watched." She turns her head and locks eyes with me. "You've changed my whole life. You've changed me."

"You like it?"

"Fuck yeah," and she humps back at me, reaching down to rub her pierced clit.

"Show me," I mutter. "Finger your arse."

Hurriedly, she reaches around and forces a finger into her puckered hole. I slide one of mine in too, and twirl it around inside her, playing with her finger. She moans, way too loudly.

"Keep it down," I warn.

"Well hurry up then, I'm nearly there."

I pull my finger and dick out, spin her over onto her back, and hammer into her as fast as I can. Far from getting quieter, her moans become one long cry.

She jams three, then four fingers into her arse. "Huuuuurrrrryyyyyy!"

I suddenly switch from fast, to slow and forceful. I hammer into her with all my might, having to hold her down to stop her from edging away from me with each blow. She stares past my shoulder, straight at our watcher.

"Is he enjoying the show?" I pant.

"Aaagghh. Aaagghh. Yeah. Aaagghh. Aaaaggghhhh... I'm CUMMING!" she yells, and she goes off like a fountain as I smash into her, burying my cock in her cunt, emptying my balls into the furthest reaches of her tight tunnel. Her cum sprays out at least five foot straight up in the air, soaking us both. She thrashes about and I struggle to hold us together, trying to get every spurt of my sperm as deep in her as possible.

I collapse beside her, spent. Emma comes down, giggling uncontrollably.

I look at her, loving her sweet smile and the joyous tinkle of her laughter. "What?" I ask.

"You should have seen the look on his face when I squirted! Oh God, that's gonna stay with me forever!"

She keeps giggling. I notice her engagement ring on the floor next to her heels. Unnoticed, I pick it up and put it in my pocket.


We decided to have a lazy afternoon, so we did a little more sunbathing and watched some tv. It was so nice curling up with her on the sofa. She was being her old sweet, cute self; we ate junk and laughed; and it felt really intimate just enjoying spending the day together.

When it was time, Emma let me get ready first, then locked herself away to prepare for her first time with another woman. And I'm going to have front row seats.

My bedroom door opens and the cute girly-girl has been replaced by a leather and latex dominatrix!

Her long blonde locks have been tied back in a tight ponytail; her eyes are made-up black and slutty with long fake lashes; her lipstick is a bright red that matches the latex top that peeks from beneath a knee-length patent black leather coat. The coat is tied, hiding what's underneath – but disappearing up her legs are sharply-pointy-toed boots that are at least thigh-high, in black leather with a red front that's laced all the way up. The stilettos are red and must be 5-inches high. Completing what I can see of her outfit are a pair of black leather wrist-length fingerless gloves; and her manicured nails, also painted in bright red, grasp an empty bottle of WKD – her second of the evening.

"Wow! You look fucking incredible," I exclaim. "All you're missing is a whip!"

"I'll leave that here," she says with a wink. "I wanted her to know I'll be in charge."

"Wow. Just... wow. What are you wearing under the coat?"

"You'll have to wait and see..."


And it has to have been the longest bloody taxi journey ever. A local football match, roadworks, and an accident, all conspired to torture me.

Emma seems anxious – more than I would expect – so I lay my hand on her thigh and give it a little squeeze, to comfort her. Only, I can't help myself...

Moving ever... so... slowly, hoping she won't notice and stop me, I slide my hand under her coat and let it wander upwards.

Oh God, these boots seem to go on forever! Over halfway up her thigh, I find the bow where the laces are tied, and...

Emma takes my hand and moves it to my hardening dick.

"Just a little longer," she teases; then whispers, "I promise tonight will be worth the wait. But if you so much as touch this girl, I'm gonna cut your fucking nuts off."

I smile, even though I know she's serious.

We get near enough that Emma decides we can walk (no sign of rain tonight); so we get out, I pay the driver, and we walk to the club, arm in arm.

I pay the entrance and wait for Emma to check her coat at the cloakroom. It's coming off...

Wow. Again. I was right about the boots, they are only about 5 inches from her crotch. If she were wearing a mini skirt, you might not see any bare thigh at all, but she's wearing very tiny and very tight jean-style black leather hotpants – they ride very low on her hips and are cut so high that, when she leans forward, her butt cheeks peek out the bottom. Fuck, that's hot.

The red latex top is long sleeved and high-necked but hugs her tits brilliantly; and over it she wears a black leather waistcoat that's fixed with just one button that pinches in her waist, just below her boobs.

"I want to fuck you. Now," I whisper urgently.

"Now you know why I wore the coat. We wouldn't have left the flat!"

She's right, of course.

She struts out into the club proper, me following, and it feels like every eye in the place turns to her at once. She's exuding sex, and I'm sure she could have her pick of the place.

She makes a beeline straight for the bar, and orders herself four shots.

I hang back, as we'd agreed. Before the drinks have been poured, a slim brunette with a pixie cut who looks like she could be model places her hand on Emma's bum.

They chat and laugh, Emma not doing anything to discourage the model's hand that begins to wander.

Emma downs a shot; the model gives her a delicate kiss on the cheek, then leaves.

I'm a little surprised – Emma seemed to like her. But then again, she didn't have the big tits that Emma said she wanted the girl to have. I scan the area for big boobs, and bingo! A little redhead wearing a tight black rubber mini-skirt, knee-high white leather high-heeled boots, and a white vest top that barely contains...

Hold on... she looks familiar...

Emma spots her and waves to her; and I realise it's Leah – the girl who gave us our piercings and Emma her tattoos. I didn't recognize her with red hair, and her tits were definitely not that noticeable before. She looks very fuckable. But what is she doing so far from home?

Emma must have set this up!

I catch her eye as they hug, and she flashes me a cheeky grin and a wink. This will be a fun evening.

They make their way over to me, hand in hand.

"Look who I found," Emma grins.

"What a coincidence," I joke. "Nice to see you, Leah. I nearly didn't recognise you."

"Hi, yeah, you haven't seen the red hair, have you?" she says.

"No. And you seem to have, er, grown."

Emma punches my arm, scowling.

"What are you doing looking at another girl?" she half-jokingly scowls.

"You said you wanted a girl with big tits, so I was looking out for someone for you, and..."

Leah giggles and holds her boobs, which overflow her dainty hands, then squeezes her pierced nipples. "I went from a B to an E cup."

"Well, you're looking good," I tell her, and get another punch on the arm. "Emma, honey, if you're going to do that everytime I look at her tonight, I'm gonna need to go get a suit of armour. I'm here to watch, remember?"

"Just go over there and stay out of trouble," she giggles. "We're going to dance."

I don't move far, and they stay at my side of the dancefloor, letting their bodies sway to the music...


The last hour and a half has been a slow, torturous tease. Emma and Leah have danced close – there's been a little rubbing of butt on groin, and the occasional wandering hand – but it's only simmering when I thought it would have boiled over by now. And the girls disappeared to the ladies room some twenty minutes ago.

Fucking hell, it's impossible to get served at this bar unless you've got tits.

A tap on my shoulder; I turn...

Fuck me. Emma's taken her red latex top off and her chest is only barely covered by the black leather waistcoat she's wearing. It gapes open and I swear I can see the edges of her areolas.

She flashes me a filthy grin and hands me her top. "Can you look after this please?" Then something else, much smaller. "And these?"

I unravel the thin and damp scrap of material – it's a sheer white thong. Leah smiles wickedly from behind Emma.

"We were gonna do this in the toilets, but I wanted you to see the first." Emma spins and snogs Leah, their pierced tongues swirling, their lips mashing together. It's one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

They pull apart, both breathing heavily. "We're going to dance for just a bit longer," Emma tells me, and they step back onto the dancefloor, no more than 3 metres from me.

Immediately, they're kissing again. Leah's hands are all over Emma's leather-clad butt, and Emma's squeezing Leah's big fake tits. Their bodies rub together sensuously.

Leah curls a leg around Emma, her black rubber skirt riding up, grinding her crotch against the top of Emma's thigh-high fetish boot.

Emma spins around; keeping Leah's leg around her, she reaches back and pulls Leah's crotch into her gyrating arse. One of Leah's hands reaches around and caresses Emma's breast inside her waistcoat; the other slides down Emma's flat, tattooed stomach and unzips the fly of her leather hotpants.

Emma stares at me through lidded eyes as Leah slides two fingers down, making contact with her pierced clit. I see Emma's lustful moan as she bucks against her, then spins back around into a passionate kiss.

Sliding Leah's skirt up over her bum, revealing it to anyone who's watching (and by now, that's anyone within sight), Emma slides two fingers up into Leah's cunt.

Leah shudders and gasps, and kisses her way down Emma's neck and down to her pierced tits, which she unveils by tugging Emma's waistcoat open. Leah nibbles on a nipple ring as Emma's fingers pulse in and out of her pussy.

Emma pulls Leah's head up and sucks her tongue into her mouth; and Leah orgasms right there on the dancefloor, the fingers buried deep inside her seeming to be the only thing keeping her upright.

Emma holds her fingers up and they both lick at them eagerly, loving the taste, and they make out again, oblivious to the gawping onlookers.

Emma spots me watching, winds her arm around Leah's waist, and struts over to me.

"We'd better go."


For the entire cab journey, Emma has had Leah straddling her lap, and has alternated between sucking her tongue, and sucking her enlarged pierced tits.

She really does seem to love those tits.

"Emma, we're back," I say. Reluctantly, she lets go of Leah, and we all clamber out.

I go to pay the driver, who tells me there's no charge (with a massive grin on his face and a small tent in his pants). He watches us go inside, Leah leading the way up the communal stairs.

"Oh God, look at that arse," Emma mutters. Leah wiggles it playfully, and Emma gives it a quick, sharp slap. For the first time, I get an unobstructed look up Leah's skirt, and I glimpse more than one silver ring between her legs.

They can't even wait for me to get my flat door open before they're making out again, Emma tugging Leah's top off completely, their lips locked together as they bump and stumble inside.

Emma guides them straight into the bedroom, pushes Leah back onto the bed, and goes to town on her augmented E-cups, sucking and slurping – I've never seen her lose herself so completely.

Getting my first chance to look at them properly, I must admit Leah's boobs do look good – the surgeon knew what he was doing – but they're still obviously fake. I prefer Emma's natural C-cups.

Emma unzips her hotpants and tries to pull them down, but they're too tight to fit over the top of her thigh-high boots. She sticks two fingers into her pussy and moans, "Get some fucking scissors and get these things off me."

I do, and hurriedly slice through the leather, giving her bare arse a little spank. She's soaked, and her juices drip down her thighs.

Now free, Emma clambers up and sits on Leah's face, grabbing her head and forcing it into her crotch. Leah grips Emma's butt, slapping it hard until it turns pink, and this makes Emma buck her hips wildly into Leah's face.

I pull off my jeans and lift my t-shirt, but Emma stops me:

"No. She doesn't get to see you."

I love her jealousy.

Suddenly, It occurs to me that I'm missing an opportunity, so I tear myself away and search desperately for the camera.

Setting it to Video, I turn back to the girls to find Leah's finger circling Emma's arsehole; and Emma tweaking her pierced nipples, her black leather waistcoat pulled wide open.

I zoom in as Leah's finger penetrates Emma's puckered hole. "Oh yeah, fuck my slutty arsehole, go on," and she groans as Leah adds a second finger and pumps vigourously.

I move round to film Leah's pierced tongue buried in Emma's sweet pussy.

"Nibble her clit," I whisper.

Leah licks Emma's little nub, metal clinking against metal, then nips it between her teeth.

Emma yells out and orgasms, moaning loudly as her cum soaks Leah. She searches for something to hold onto and grips the heels of her fetish boots, her convulsions trying to pull her away from Leah, who still has her clit hood piercing clamped between her teeth.

I look at Emma's face and, instead of calming down like she usually does after she cums, her eyes are still wild with lust.

"I forgot you're a squirter," Leah giggles.

"Have you ever been fisted?" Emma asks.

"No. A couple of people have tried, but I'm too tight."

"We'll see about that." Emma leaps up, tugs Leah's black rubber mini-skirt up around her waist, and pauses for a second to admire the sight in front of her.

Leah's inner labia each have a ring through them, and a little star charm hangs from a ring through her clit hood. There's a small triangle of neatly-trimmed blonde hair just above her pussy; and her lips are moist, though not as wet as Emma gets.

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