tagGroup SexFantastic Fulfillment Ch. 01

Fantastic Fulfillment Ch. 01


I'd been lucky enough to have a great relationship with Reid for nearly four years. He was a few years older than me, and about as fine as any ten men had a right to be. His short hair was a dark, sable brown, his eyes were blue, the color of the sky at twilight, and fringed with dark lashes. He was well-muscled but with a good layer of flesh overall. He worked hard for a living, using those muscles and it showed. Tall, nearly six feet four inches and with a strong frame, he had a gorgeous, silvery-dark beard and mustache which he kept trimmed neatly around his mouth. It had rubbed me the right way on numerous occasions. The first time he'd kissed me, I'd been left with more than a little chapping as a result. I liked to think of it as an afterglow. It definitely added to other forms of foreplay and when he went down on me, I also enjoyed the added stimulation. To go with his strong, handsome good looks, he was considerably well-hung, in the neighborhood of eight inches, and thick. At times it was a little daunting, but his skills in foreplay brought me to a new appreciation, as well as how he used it. I loved taking it up my ass, and he loved giving it to me that way.

Ken was tall, as well, over six feet, and broad-shouldered. He keeps his head shaven, but wears a longish mustache and a cute little patch of hair below his bottom lip. His eyes, as well, were blue, but stood out electrically against his darker skin, no doubt from his native ancestry. He was good with those hands, and even better with his cock, which thickened at the base, stretching me open and sending me on many an orgasm with his abilities as well as his physical attributes.

Each man was very much that: A man, and the part of me that yielded to that was doubly inflamed, now.

I had made love to each of them singly, taken pleasure from them and given them my share. Each one knew about the other, and yet we'd never spent time all of us in the same room. I loved them both, and figured we could have dinner together, and even though I had my ideas about what I would like, it seemed like more of a fantasy than a possibility, especially considering that Reid was a very traditional male in the sense that he was a devout heterosexual.

So I invited them both, with the premise of a good,. home-made meal and perhaps a movie afterward, a few drinks to ease the awkwardness.

It was after dinner, and I had enjoyed so greatly watching them both enjoy the food I'd made for them.

We were all three sitting around and talking, having a drink. I was sitting between both guys, and we were all having a good time telling stories though there was a good deal of sexual tension in the air.

Personally, I knew I was hotter than hell. I was in the proximity of the two hottest men I could think of. Sandwiched between them. A little testosterone-induced friction crackling in the air. A hand on each knee, different in warmth and size, but sending little shockwaves through me and reverberating. I could barely concentrate on the conversation. I think I laughed a few times during the wrong part of jokes. All I knew is that I was horny as hell, and had to think of a way to "get some" before too long.

Reid got up and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he had brought the bottle of tequila with him, a shot glass, salt and limes. His expression was intense. I could tell he was horny, too.

I had a great idea: I placed a slice of lime in my mouth, and looked over at Ken, wiggling my eyebrows a little. "You ready for a body shot, Ken?"

He nodded, grinned, "Am I!"

"Hhhmmm....you have to pick a place to lick for the salt, though." I grinned back at Ken, feeling very giddy with the drink I'd already consumed. I didn't dare think too long on what I hoped, and for sure didn't give any airtime to what I feared.

"Hmmmmm. I know what I want to lick." Looking suggestively in my eyes, I felt a flush of embarassment as much as arousal. His voice was rife with a lewd suggestiveness.

"Then I get to pick where." Reid interjected, grinning.

I looked up at him, noting the sense of rivalry as well as the undercurrent of need. He took my right wrist and offered it up.

Ken nodded with an easygoing grin, if a bit devilish as well. Completely in character.

I watched Ken closely, wondering just what he was up to.

Reid lifted my wrist to my mouth, saying slightly tersely, "Lick..."

Which I did. He shook salt over it, which felt oddly cool over the warm wetness. He also poured a generous shot for Ken, and slipped the lime into my mouth. His actions seemed clipped. I looked into his eyes for some sort of sign. There was a hard intensity there. I felt his heat radiating around him, and Ken's, too. Different but also intoxicating, each. I felt quite conflicted. Ken's hand took my wrist and raised it slowly to his mouth, looking in my eyes. Reid stood behind me. He seemed reluctant to step outside my space, as if it were some sort of hedge against giving ground. I leaned back against him as Ken opened his mouth and sucked at the salt, licking my wrist, eyes locked on mine. He more than licked, he sucked, raking his teeth over my skin.

My nipples puckered, hardening, tingling and the thrill of sensation raced down to between my legs. I suddenly felt quite weak in the knees. Reid held me up, his arms slipping around under my breasts, hugging me back against him.

Ken then tossed back the shot and leaned in quickly for his bite into the piquant fruit held in my teeth. Pulling it out, he spit it aside, smiling and went in for a kiss. I muffled a soft groan. I felt Reid's hands slip up over my breasts, squeezing. He couldn't help himself and I gasped where Ken was kissing me, fervently, now pressing against me. Hardness where our hips met, and an unyielding hard heat behind me. His fingertips pinched, rolled my nipples through the fabric.

Involuntarily, my hips ground against Ken's, shuddering as I started to cum, and whimpering into his mouth.

A sweet, helpless fire was burning its way through me. I felt beyond any control, and yet secure in that. Neither one of them would ever hurt me. Rather the opposite. An inferno of possibility at my center. Newness. Thrilling.

His hands slid down my sides and up under my shirt as he started to kiss the back and side of my neck and I could feel his cock straining in his pants, digging into the small of my back. Overwhelmed with the distraction, my mind racing a million directions. He pushed, and I subsequently collided with Ken. Ken pulled back from the kiss to kiss the other side of my neck, his teeth raking over my throat.

I felt him behind me, his hands down at the side of my pants and slipping in front between Ken and I. I opened my mouth to protest. Making out was one thing, but this could quickly get out of control. At the same time, that very thought also took hold as an impossibly wonderful fulfillment of a fantasy.

Still, there was this undercurrent of competition, the testosterone was so thick you could cut it with a knife, and quite possibly this is why I was out of my mind with lust. If I wasn't careful, it felt as though I would let my hungry little kitty-cat get us all into trouble. Ken was peaceful enough, but Reid was prone to fisticuffs from time to time, though also reasonable. The tension was fueling other tension, feeding on itself.

I felt amazing, being the object of two sexy, strong men well-armed with hard cocks. The possibilities felt endless.

Ken's hands slid up the front of my shirt, now squeezing my breasts and teasing my nipples which were already achingly hard. I leaned my head back on Reid's shoulder, turning to kiss his neck. One of my hands reached up to frame his face, to turn him to me so that I could kiss him, wanting one of those rip-tide kisses that would pull the rug from under my feet. We were both panting hard and I could feel the heated blasts of air through his nostrils, hear it. His right hand slid down the front of my pants, further shielding me from Ken's advances. Intentional? I wondered...

Meanwhile, ken busied himself removing my bra and slid my shirt up over my breasts, bending to suckle first one, then the other.

Reid's left hand was cupping my left breast, his fingers sliding out to the nipple. I felt the tug and warm liquid gathering as milk leaked out. I moaned. Ken looked, and just as quickly made his decision to suckle it. His hand slid under, thumb and forefinger making a "C", milking towards Ken's mouth, his hips grinding behind me, bumping against me rhythmically. My hips writhed against his hand still manipulating my need-swollen, bare-shaven pussy lips. His middle finger tip pressed against my clit.

Whimpering softly, I whispered, "Ohhhgodddd...Reidddd...fuckkk meeeeeee...."

"Oh, I will, sweetheat, I will fuck this little cunny." He growled low in my ear, knowing what it did to me. I bucked against his hand in response.

My left hand reached for Ken, pulling him closer and sliding down over his bulging cock through his pants. "Ahhhh....Ken....Ken...."

He nuzzled my other ear, and whispered raspily, "Baby....cum for me..."

I felt swept away, inebriated with lust, and inspired to new uninhibited fantasies for the bit of alcohol I'd consumed, earlier. I'd never thought to imagine this was possible, yet I wanted it so badly right now that i was willing to try anything.

"Please...I need....fucking....now." I begged.

Ken opened and slipped my jeans down and I stepped out of them. There was a tense silence. I had many ideas of what I wanted, but Reid took the initiative and bent me forward.

I reached to open Ken's pants, too, and free his straining cock. I pulled him close enough so that I could suck on him.

Reid positioned his thick, hard cock at my wet pussy and slid in even as I backed against him, wanting him in me, and whimpering, groaning as his fiery thickness spread me open, stretching, filling me.

I moaned around Ken's shaft, taking it deep in my throat as he pushed in, slowly then picking up speed, his hands steadying, pulling me onto him again and again. His arms, his entire body were thrumming, quivering with the intensity.

Each thrust drove me forward on Ken's cock and he fucked back, grunting. I had to release as I climaxed the first time, wrapping my arms around Ken's waist and muffling a scream against his groin. I felt him tense and I hurried to catch the heated explosion in my mouth, opening wide. Spurt after spurt of cum hit the back of my throat, and I swallowed hurriedly, sucking greedily even as I continued cumming, still taking Reid's cock in my quivering pussy.

Reid's cock was expanding, hips thrusting, jerking with an upward arc. He slipped his index finger inside my ass just as he spurted the first load of cum. He knew this would send me reeling after him. My fingernails were digging into Ken's ass and I muffled my cries against his hip. Reid's free hand steadied and held my hips, then slid his forearm under me for I was starting to slip down, a victim of the intensity of sensations rippling through my belly. His finger thrust up and in as he stabbed his cock in me again, lifting me from my feet, using his forearm to pull me upright against him.

He pulled his finger from me then also used that arm to also brace me upright, hugging me with a possessive edge, a protective, caring warmth. My head lolled back on his shoulder even as his cum seeped down my thighs. I heard his out of breath, ragged whispers, felt his bristly kisses.

Ken pressed close, his cock against my belly and his lips again kissing over my breasts, sucking, nipping softly, letting me drift blissfully yet maintaining a certain throbbing desire.

I was sandwiched delightfully between them both, feeling aftershocks of glorious orgasm, and full of cum, but wanting more, even so.

"Ohh, god....baby.....baby....you guys are gonna do me in." I said, low and huskily.

They both chuckled, and I shook my head. "I mean it...that was...so...."

I kissed both, and Reid stepped back a little, his cock slipping free of my cum-filled pussy. I gave a little whimper.

"You're not done, yet, babygirl. I know you better than that..." Reid's lop-sided smile and mischievous glint in his eyes set me at ease. He was doing ok with this. More so, enjoying it. There was a new edge in his expression that I recognized. I saw a similar spark in Ken's eyes.

I had a feeling I was going to be teased to distraction, spurred to action, and quite possibly pushed past my limits.

I swallowed, overcome with the thoughts of what could be. Friendly competition? I should be so lucky!

"Be nice, you guys....heyyyy...." I felt a little outnumbered, but what an intoxicating thought.

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