Fantastic World Ch. 02



"You don't know?"

"What? Tell me, damn you!"

Jaz'rin grinned at her. "Domination, my sweet. He seeks absolute power!"

She shook her head. "No, he wouldn't. He can't lead the clan. Karowyn is leader!"

"Can't lead, you say? My, my, you are blind. Just you wait...wait and you'll soon see that I am correct." Jaz'rin smugly snapped. "Now are you sure you don't know who sent you to another plane to get you out of the way?"

"An archwizard from Elverholme sent me."

"Aah, like I said, if you don't really know, far be it me to tell you. Now, are you going to stab me again or shall we pick up where we left off at the Golden Oak?"

"I can't believe you! First you try to kill me. Now you want to fuck me." Callia growled. "I lost more than you know because of that bastard Amakiir. He betrayed me to my family, divulging all the sordid details of what happened there at the Golden Oak. He told them all about my affair with you, Delilah, and Nathan. He painted me as the whore, yet he said nothing about his affair with you. I had to leave the clan. He turned what was beautiful and wonderful into a dirty shame I had to bear alone. I will never forgive him. But you already know that, because you were there when he set me up to be discovered with you and Delilah. I thought he killed you with the blast of magical energy."

"Of course he set you up. You were getting far too close for comfort. Amakiir has always been supremely cruel and heartless." Jaz'rin replied as he shifted beneath her. "I will confess, though. The archwizard did not directly send me, but I have been charged with recovering the treasure. I have been following you, but I think you have guessed that already, have you not? Amakiir has been watching you since you left the clan. He knows every single move you've made over the past few months. He told me to follow you and dispose of you. You are the last thing that stands in his way of total domination."

The barbarian let out another enraged howl. "I will kill him if he even as much as thinks of harming a tiny hair on Karowyn's head. Perhaps I should send you back to him diced in a million tiny pieces. Would you like that, you traitor?"

Callia slammed the point of her sword through his shoulder, bringing forth a gut-wrenching scream of dire agony from Jaz'rin. "By the Gods! You think just because you caught me off guard that you can kill me. I beg to differ, you thrice damned, cock sucking, two bit son of a crotch rot infected orc-fucking whore!"

Callia skewered him as she shoved the sword further through his body and drove it into the ground beneath him. He screamed, moaning as the pain gripped him. But Callia wasn't done. As Jaz'rin gurgled on his own blood, she jerked his body upwards, forcing the sword to inflict further damage onto his shoulder. He screamed and passed out.

Yanking the sword out, Callia grabbed her pack and removed a healing draught from within. She pulled off the stopper with her teeth and pried open his mouth, dumping the potion down his throat. She watched as the wound began to magically knit and after a second potion, Jaz'rin came to.

The dark elf snarled at her. "Olot dos!"


He groaned, rubbing the knitted skin where the gaping wound had been.

"Are we done trying to kill each other?" Callia straddled his thighs, slamming her pelvis down against his. She nodded her head at the dagger he still had clutched in his hand. "Are you going to sheathe that pigsticker or are you going to force me to kill you?"

Jaz'rin dropped the dagger to the ground. "Why shouldn't I do what I was sent to do?"

"Because you don't really want to kill me and you don't like what happens when you try. I think you would like to pick up where we left off at the Golden Oak. I can see it in your eyes. It might be fortuitous for both of us if we work together. Say we both go to the ruin and retrieve the keys to the treasure. We both share in the spoils and have whatever the treasure is as a bargaining chip. I will kill Amakiir. That traitorous crook-pated, fool-born, craven whoreson of a maggot-headed orc will never know what hit him when I'm through with him! By the Gods, I loved him! I've never felt that way about anyone. Not like that. He gave me so much and ripped it all away when he betrayed me. I will never ever forgive him as long as I live."

Quick as can be, Jaz'rin flipped Callia to her back and took the dominant position as he straddled her thighs. He sneered at her. "Why should we work together? What's in it for me?"

"Whatever you desire...within reason." Callia bit out as she sank her hands into his cloak, gripping it tightly.

"I think I know what you desire."

"Do you? That's very good because I think we both want the same thing and I must say I absolutely abhor submissiveness in a male. I like a take charge kind of lover."

The dark elf narrowed his eyes then let out a hearty laugh. "You never fail to amaze me, my sweet. Now I know why I enjoy surface women so well. I've had enough domineering women in the Underdark. I believe I will enjoy dominating you."

Callia purred. "Be my guest."

"I believe we have a deal then." Jaz'rin agreed as he began stripping her out of her armor. Lifting his hand, he reached behind her neck and gently pulled her to him. To his lips. "Kiss me, sweetling."

Callia smiled against his mouth and happily obliged him. She kissed him thoroughly, bringing her sweet mouth over his. And then the dark elf licked her lips, sending a tingling sensation coursing through her.

"Mmmm," she purred.

"Mmmm," Jaz'rin acknowledged, teasingly. He slipped his tongue inside her mouth to erotically stroke and caress. "You taste so good, ussta mrimmd'ssinss."

Callia sighed into his plundering mouth. He took the offering of her breath and inhaled it, his commanding hand behind her neck making her stay just where she was--pressed tightly against him. She closed her eyes and moaned aloud at that expert touch.

"Talk to me," he coaxed her, his tongue sliding against hers in a measured, languorous stroke. Callia shivered, a small sound coming from her throat.

"Yessss, speak to me, my lover." He withdrew his tongue to nip delicately at the edges of her lips with his teeth. Then he captured her upper lip between his own and suckled on it.

Callia quivered at the incredible sensations. She had known he was a talented lover, but was only now beginning to learn of the extent of his mastery. It was almost too much-the passion he created with only the touch of his lips.

Jaz'rin's other hand came around her. The tips of his skilled fingers played along the rim of her pointy ear in a feathering caress. He slipped within her mouth once more, rhythmically surging while her entire body throbbed with his heated kiss. Her feral moans of passion escaped her as her body thrummed, pulsing with the hot wild rhythm he set.

"So good," he purred as he parted her lips wider, his lips devouring hers in an exquisite kiss that rushed hotly to her core. Callia moaned as that hot rush enflamed her.

"Aahhhh, yesss," Jaz'rin surged against her, his hips grinding into hers, holding her tightly as she peaked in climax. Her entire body vibrated in his arms.

"Wh-what did you do to me?" Callia groaned breathlessly, flushed from climaxing from a mere kiss. "I never knew that was possible."

"Mmmm, quite so." His teeth grazed her throat sensually and let his nails press and scrape teasingly at an angle over her hips. Then the tip of his tongue slid up the length of her ear, eliciting a moan from her. She sucked in a breath as that wicked tongue probed the scalloped insides. The stimulating action sent shivers down her spine. "It is merely the tip of the iceberg concerning the pleasure I aim to bestow upon you, my sweetling."

"You are utterly arrogant."

The dark elf flashed an innocent look. "Me?" He whispered in her ear before nipping the tip.

"Is there anyone else here besides you and I that I am not aware of?" Callia retorted.

"Of course not." His teasing touch skimmed along her heated flesh and once more he captured her lips with his. Hotly, fiercely.

Callia groaned.

With his mouth drawing on hers, Jaz'rin made her lose every thought in her head save for the feel of him. His tongue stroked inside her mouth. A wet, sensitizing invasion. Warm puffs of breath escaped her lungs, going into his mouth. Jaz'rin growled softly. The dark elf kissed as if he loved the taste of her. Deep and passionate, he tasted her lips, her tongue, and the inner recesses of her mouth. And Callia kissed him back, enjoying his expertise in this simple act.

Only with him it was not so simple an act.

She wondered if he would gift her with that exquisite torture that made her explode. Just thinking about it heightened her pleasure.

The dark elf licked a teasing path along the fullness of her lips. He knew what she was thinking about, but he had no intentions of bringing her to climax with his kiss this time. Though he would make her believe he would.

He chuckled to himself and threaded his fingers into the silk of her hair, letting the fiery strands sift gradually through his hand as he examined its lovely sheen. The back of his other hand brushed against the creamy skin of her collarbone, in a light feathery caress. And all the while his creative tongue and mouth promised her nothing but pleasure.

"Don't stop!" she whispered as she pulled him back for another soul-searing kiss. Her hands caressed his body, running haphazardly over the sinewy muscles. Jaz'rin joined her in running his hands all over her exquisite body. One of his hands softly caressed the length of her shapely legs... legs that would wrap around his hips perfectly as he gave her his all.

The dark elf gazed down upon her, drinking in the beautiful view that lay beneath him and moaned with much need of her. As his fingers caressed her breasts, puckering her nipples into hardened nubs, Callia let out a whimpering moan and shifted her body.

"What's wrong, my sweetling?" Jaz'rin asked as he lifted his weight off of her.

"Bone fragments are digging into my back. Isn't there somewhere else we can continue this? Do you have a camp somewhere close by?"

"I had not considered that. I apologize for your discomfort. I do have a campsite close by. Let us make haste to get there and continue what we have started." Jaz'rin replied as he helped her gather her armor. He led her away from the clearing to a small cave that had served as a camp to him as he tracked her movements through The Sorrows.

He led her into the darkness at the very rear of the cave. The narrow tunnel opened up to a small circular cavern. The walls glittered in the firelight, sending arcs of light bouncing off the crystalline walls. Callia looked around, her gaze scanning over the bedroll, packs, fire pit, and the small pool of trickling water.

Jaz'rin took her armor and backpack and stowed them in a cache along with a few things of his. Then he turned back to her, admiring the sexy, compact muscular body. By the Gods, she was so beautiful.

They came together, embracing as they slid down onto the bedroll. It was as if their two bodies fused into one as they sought mutual fulfillment. Jaz'rin dipped his head and nipped one pointy nipple with his teeth, drawing it into his eager mouth. Callia let out a moan as he cupped each one of her perfect perky breasts in his hands.

The dark elf then pressed down to the bedroll. He drew up her knees and pressed himself against the length of her body. Callia arched her back and rocked her hips slowly against him, offering herself to him. He claimed her lips in another hot kiss, so savage in its intensity that it overwhelmed her. His hand fondled her breasts, plucking the hard tips before skimming down her abdomen to her parted thighs, caressing the swollen lips of her pussy.

"That feels good, doesn't it? You're so ready for me, folt natha sseren lotha vith." Jaz'rin purred against her mouth as his fingers parted her nether lips and caressed her little nubbin of pleasure. He stroked it, bringing gasps of pleasure to her lips.

She could feel his hardened manhood straining against its bounds as it poked into her thigh. It throbbed and pulsed, full of desire to release its sticky bounty. He let out another strained groan as she rocked her hips against his, bringing him fully into the cradle of her thighs. While he licked and suckled her aching breasts, her hands soothed an ache of his as she reached between them to unleash his mighty shaft. She let out a moan as she felt it hard and swollen against her belly.

"Xta'rl uns'aa, ussta ssinjin," he groaned, lifting his greedy mouth from her creamy white breasts. "Touch me, my sweet."

Her hands slowly caressed him as they made contact with his engorged cock. She gave a little moan as she stroked it. Her mind raced with thoughts of how it had felt when she had had him inside her before and how it would feel buried deep inside her tight sheath.

"That's it. That feels good," he moaned as the urge to take her brutally built within him. He gave a lusty growl and pulled away. He moved lower and slipped between her thighs, caressing the moist center of her being.

Jaz'rin moaned as he buried his head where his hand had been, bringing forth a decadent quiver from Callia as his tongue attacked her, flicking over the swollen nubbin hidden within the dewy folds. She moaned and writhed, her body bucking.

She cried out his name as he found her sensitive spots, causing incandescent waves of ecstasy to surge through her, making her flow sticky female juices all over him. His hunger increased, set off by her wild response to his titillating attack. Sweet mewling cries reached his ears and her sharp nails raked his shoulders and upper arms as she felt her orgasm hit her hard.

"Callia... ussta ssinjin Callia," he murmured, rising above her to cover her fully. "I want you..."

"I am all yours...," she purred, giving him greater access to her channel as she parted her thighs wider. She moaned, taking his raging hardness in her hand once more. Her hand slid up and down its steely shaft, caressing it hotly. Her hand became slick from the male juices that had oozed out as she caressed its bulbous tip. Unable to endure the ache that pierced her, she guided him inside her tight sheath. His size filled and stretched her. She let out a moan as she arched her back to take him deeper. Jaz'rin shuddered as he slid in to the hilt and allowed the sensation to overtake him. Callia wrapped her legs around him and dug her nails into his shoulders as he began his tenderly wild strokes that ignited her to flames.

"Dos satiir ji bwael, ussta ssinjin," he moaned as he pulled her legs tighter around his hips. "You feel so good, my sweet."

He ravished her with a savage kiss. Callia responded in kind, unable to hold back. She bucked her hips, writhing uncontrollably beneath him. Her soft moans reached his ears and urged him on, explicitly letting him know she enjoyed what he was doing to her.

From her mouth, his lips dropped to her breasts and he suckled one creamy orb and then the other with exquisite passion. Overloading her senses, he slipped a hand between their bodies and located her swollen bud. He rubbed a calloused thumb pad over it, sending shockwaves resonating throughout her.

Callia let out a feral cry that reverberated into the depths of his soul. She thrashed beneath him as the passionate torture he bestowed upon her sent her reeling into a tumultuous abyss. Her every nerve ending hummed with the intensity...sending sparks racing through her body as a pool of heat centered within her.

"Don't hold back, ussta mrannd'ssinss. Give me all of you. Need to feel all of you," she pleaded desperately.

"Are you sure, ussta mrimmd'ssinss?" he asked, not wanting to hurt her.

"Yes," she whimpered breathlessly as she rocked her hips against him. "Now!"

He raised one of her legs up over his shoulder and penetrated her with deeper strokes. He did as she asked and could feel himself hitting the very core of her womanhood. "Am I hurting you?" he whispered in a strained voice.

"No, mzild, more," she panted with a heated moan and clutched at him even tighter, her mouth suckling at his neck. A feral growl resonated from his throat and he let loose once more, giving her everything he had to give. His length pulsated against her hidden core as his thrust grew wilder and more forceful.

Callia let loose a keening squeal as their passions skyrocketed and although he knew her climax was at hand, he strained against his need to come deep inside her. He worked on her swollen button, and launched a savage attack on her heaving breasts. Her body jolted and she let out a scream. Her moans and heavy breathing urged him on. He knew she was ripe for orgasmic picking and coaxed her with his soul shaking thrusts, his greedy lips suckling, placing tender love nips on her breasts.

She moaned, squealing, screaming her need as she dug her sharp nails into his back, raking them over his buttocks in an attempt to push him in further and felt her body erupt in climactic waves of ecstasy like none she'd ever experienced. Jaz'rin grunted as the pleasure/pain of her nails shredding his back and the tight sensation of her womanhood squeezing his rod assailed him with brutal force so intense he longed to join her as he thrust in deeper, plunging recklessly into her blossoming sheath.

His groan came on the heels of hers as his seed spewed out, gushing erratically into her willing core. He furiously pumped his hips, riding the surge of his violent climax until he breathlessly collapsed onto her and kissed her passion-swollen lips.

As he caught his breath, he held her, cradling her head to his chest. Neither spoke. Words would have only ruined the sweet moment. Her lips sought out his and she parted them as hers fused with his. She could feel his tongue flick against her lower lip and let her own meet his, becoming a tangling entwining duel. She sighed as he pulled away and rested his head against her breasts. She gasped as his tongue flicked over her puckered nipple and watched him as he took it into his mouth. Callia let out another throaty moan as he suckled it greedily and called out his name with breathless abandon.

Without so much as a word, Jaz'rin pulled away from her breasts and brought his lips back up to hers. He planted little kisses all over her face, skirting around the edges of her lips until she offered her lips to him. She closed her eyes and parted her lips as she felt the tentative touches of his. He devoured her hungrily, drinking in the sweet nectar of her mouth and making her feel the passion clear down to her toes. Then he abruptly broke the kiss and cradled her head against his chest, his lips lingering on her temple. He slid his cock back into her until he was firmly ensconced within her feminine walls, moaning as it swelled to its full aching hardness. "I want you again," he stated. "I don't know what you've done to me, but I haven't the will to resist what I feel. Dos tyav ji bwael."

Jaz'rin reached out to touch her, to caress the smooth, pale skin of her inner thigh. A glimpse of the glistening dew gathered between her legs was the final spark that renewed his fire of desire. Reaching downward, he brought his hand to her silken mound and stroked gently, reveling at the wetness that ran down his fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned as her hips gyrated slowly.

Pulling him flush to her body, her mouth closed on his. Her tongue dove in, intertwining with his as it played about teasingly. He could feel her breasts rub lightly against his chest as her body rocked to the motion of his hand between her legs.

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