Fantastic World Ch. 13


Ethilathain met Sapphyria head on, slamming into her. He raked his claws across her scaly flesh and used his wings and tail to pummel her relentlessly. She fought back just as fiercely, spewing acid and lightning at him, yet it only served to enrage him even more. He retaliated with fire, sending white-hot bursts to all consummating flame to engulf her from head to tail. She shrieked and roared before falling out of the sky, crashing heavily to the frozen tundra below her.

Callia raced down into the crater that Sapphyria made, her sword held aloft as she prepared to strike, but what she saw stopped her in her tracks. A scream of sheer terror ripped her from lips.


It couldn't be!

She sank to her knees before the broken body of the one being she hoped to not find here. Ethilathain! Another scream left her lips. A scream of utter disbelief.


She didn't understand how this could be, but knew who was responsible. The azure dragon had been an illusion. That she was sure of. She scrambled out of the crater and sprinted back to the door of the black tower, nearly ripping it off its hinges. None of her three companions were anywhere in sight. At that moment she knew who was behind all of this. She knew what she had to do in order to see her beloved alive.

"AMAKIIR! YOU'RE GOING TO DIE WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!!!!!!!!" She cried out as rage filled her completely.

Harsh mocking laughter filled the interior room. She shook like a leaf on a tree, barely containing her fury. A door opened straight ahead of her. She charged up to it, not even stopping as she crossed the threshold. She scanned the room. It was large and circular with an altar made of bone in the very center. Upon it sat a book flanked by black pillar candles, their flame burning an eerie purple color. It bathed the room in violet shadows.

Callia approached it warily, keeping her sword at the ready. That bastard could be here anywhere. He was too cowardly to come out and face her. Stopping before the bone altar, she opened the tome and ran her fingers across the pages. Power zinged through her, amplifying her anger.

She screamed and spun around as the magic currents within the room prickled her skin. "I know you're here, you bastard! Show yourself!" She swung her blade recklessly, thrashing about to and fro, slicing through the empty space as she searched for her target.

A laugh cackled in her head. "You missed me, my pet. Try again."

Callia moved a few paces and swung, her blade connecting with the wall. Sparks flew, burning bright before fizzling to the stone floor. She spun, her massive sword sweeping in an arc around her, but still it hit nothing but air. She let out a fierce growl. "If you think you can take the ones I love and get away with it, you're wrong. I'll see you dead before this is over."

"Tsk, tsk, my pretty one. Such fury. It's so delicious."

Her rage grew. Sweat poured down her body, her heart slammed in her chest, echoing in her ears. She scanned the room, paying heed to the magical currents flowing around her. She tumbled to the altar and touched the book. Light and sound exploded around her, illuminating all that had been hidden. Violet flames traced them both. At last she knew where he was. Charging at him, she swung her sword in a wide arc, hitting him soundly.

Amakiir screamed in agony as a large gash of crimson exploded upon his torso. He clutched his middle with one hand and chanted a few foul words before bringing forth a black void with which he hit her. Callia bellowed loudly and swung a second time before he jumped out of her way. He didn't move fast enough as her blade clipped his arm, slicing it off at the elbow. He screamed again as his eyes rolled back in his head. He collapsed to the floor in a thud.

Callia dodged the magic void, springing towards the crumpled figure of the one she had once loved with all her heart. She didn't understand what he'd unleashed but knew it couldn't be good. Grabbing his body, she slung him over her shoulder and tumbled to the book, placing a hand upon it. The pages seemed to melt away, her hand sinking into its very depths until she encountered something solid. Grasping it, she pulled with all the strength she possessed. The ivory rune covered staff came free from its prison. She held it in the air before the magic took hold of her, engulfing her thoroughly.

And she knew what she had to do. Words from an ancient tongue formed on her lips. She chanted loudly and swept the staff out before her. Its blatant energy filled the room with bright blinding light, swallowing the void completely. And in that moment, a familiar blue light encompassed the room.

Lahaela materialized before her, smiling brightly. "You have succeeded. Relish your victory. Take the staff and return to your world, but leave the wizard with me."

"I can't," Callia shook her head. "I have yet to extract my revenge upon him."

"Revenge will not bring back the dragon. Not in this place. Pay heed to my words." Blue light formed upon the skin of the elven looking being. She looked Callia straight in the eyes and held out her arms. The broken form of Amakiir sped into Lahaela's embrace, slipping like sand through Callia's fingers. "The staff will take you home and home is where you will find what you are searching for. Farewell. We will not meet again."

Magic exploded around her. Callia threw up her arms, holding the staff out before, allowing it to stem the tide of the energy that crashed against her. The force knocked her from her feet and washed over her, taking away all conscious thought.

But as she came to, she found herself staring at a familiar sight. The inquisitive face of her faithful best friend as she lay sprawled upon the front porch of his small abode.

"Callia? Callia!" The Catfolk exclaimed. He rushed to help her up. "Where did you come from?"

"I'm not sure, Verrshaun. One minute I was fighting Amakiir and the next I'm here!" Callia climbed to her feet and groaned aloud as pain ripped through body.

"Did you seek out the archwizard? Did you find the treasure?" Verrshaun asked, eyeing the staff she clutched in her hand.

"Yes, it's right here." Callia shook her head, allowing the memories of Aezaeria to come crashing back to her. "I was sent to a whole different plane of existence. Jaz'rin was sent as well. He had orders to kill me, but he ended up dead. Amakiir killed him. He tried to kill me, but I believe this staff saved me. I've never felt so much power before. While I was there, I met someone that I grew to love more than anything. I don't know if he's even alive or if I'll ever see him again."

A strange look crossed Verrshaun's face. "What's wrong with your eyes? They've turned four different colors."

Callia smiled widely. Hope filled her to the core. "It's a long story, dear friend. I'll tell you soon. Meanwhile, I am going to put this staff somewhere safe and then I'm going to take a bath."

She dashed off his porch, crossing the wide street and dashed up her front stairs. She entered her house and raced to the hidden trap door she'd found. Throwing it open, she climbed down into the root cellar and accessed the caverns through a hidden door. Swiftly she ran through one cavern after another, her heart bursting with joy as she grew nearer to the one she sought. He had to be here. There was no other reason for such happiness.

In the last and final cavern, she saw him. The massive Obsidian dragon she loved more than anything. "ETHILATHAIN!" She screamed his name exuberantly and rushed into his arms as he transformed into his elven counterpart. Meeting her halfway, his arms wrapped around her, embracing her completely, he sought her lips and bestowed upon her a voracious, breath-stealing, heart-stopping, mind-blowing, pussy-wetting kiss. He kissed her like he was going to crawl inside of her.

Then he pulled away, licking his lips and staring deep into her eyes. "My Ethani, I would follow you anywhere for the taste of your lips."

Callia giggled and wrapped herself around him. It was hard to believe he was really here.

"Fly with me," he beckoned and transformed immediately. Power zinged between them as he touched her. It engulfed her completely, turning her world to pure crimson. It was then she knew what Lahaela had meant.

She sought the azure and gold skies with her beloved at her side. Nary of a thought of revenge or malcontent remained within her.

She was finally at peace.


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