Fantasy 02


Cindy stood on impatiently on the porch and rang the bell. She was dressed in brown loafers, ankle socks, a pleated short plaid skirt, and white blouse with blue blazer. Her short brown hair was held back by a blue headband and her brown eyes were clear of make up, as was the rest of her heart shaped face. Her measurements were 36B, 24, 36 and at 5' 8", her legs were incredibly lovely, even in the loafers. Her heart pounded in her chest as the excitement of the game swept over her and she snapped her bubble gum to hide her anticipation. This time they were playing the Teacher and the spoiled little student, a role Cindy could pull off well. Peter, her lover of many years, was her Professor, who called the gifted but mediocre student to his house to discuss a paper on a Saturday.

They had known each other since high school, but had never dated. They had been friends since they were 15. They had seen each other through broken hearts, broken relationships, family problems and even family death. They were closer than most married couples, but each had their own spouse. They had been having sex since college, only the bizarre role playing sex that they were doing now. Their spouses were there for regular sex, but about every two or three weeks one would call the other and set up something like this.

Peter flung open the door and stepped out onto the porch. "Cindy, you're late. I said our meeting was for noon and it is almost 1:30"

"Sorry Professor, I was all tied up." Cindy replied, not sounding sorry in the slightest.

"Come in, we have much to discuss." Peter told her stepping back into the house and closing the door behind her. Cindy walked into the living room and flopped down indifferently on the sofa. "Where is the family?" She questioned, noting the ring on his hand and family portraits spread around the room.

"My family left for an overnight camping trip. I was supposed to go with them, but when you did not show up on time, I sent them ahead and will join them when we are finished." Peter replied. "Cindy, I am worried about your attitude, and not just in my class, but all your classes. I feel that you should know your name comes up weekly in the teachers' conferences. We are all worried about you."

"Yeah, well don't bother; I am getting along just fine."

"Yes, but you need to do more than just get along. You have wonderful potential, but you are not putting to good use. Look at yourself, your skirt is 4 inches to short by the college dress code; your blouse is to be white, not sheer. I have received several complaints from faculty and students that your behavior in class is disruptive. I am not going to go into the numerous complaints from the community on your behavior on your dates, but that little matter with the football team has come to our attention, and it will not be tolerated. I also know about those tattoos on your ankle and behind. You look, dress and act like a common prostitute. Is that what you want out of life?"

"Who are you, my father?" Cindy snapped.

"No, I am your Faculty Advisor. If you expect to graduate, then I am more important that your father. And I hope you did not talk to him that way."

"So what if I did? What are you gonna do about it?"

"The same thing he should have done years ago put you over my knee and spank you till you learn some respect."

"You wouldn't dare." Cindy stated in shock.

"Try me." Peter told her.

"You don't have the guts." Cindy told him, and immediately regretted it. Peter stood in front of her grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet. Walking over to the love seat, Peter sat down and pulled her across his lap, face down. Cindy started to kick and wail, but it was no use, Peter held one arm across her back and with his other hand flipped up her skirt and tucked it into the waistband. Pulling her white silk panties down with one motion he saw the small devil tattoo on her left cheek was plainly visible, and he smiled as he noticed the decal. He raised his hand and let it fall on the white orb before him.

Cindy shrieked in pain, and tried to cover her exposed cheeks, but Peter caught her wrists and pulled them together behind her back and held them there. Lifting his hand again, Peter struck her other cheek leaving a matching handprint. Cindy screamed again and wiggled to try and escape him. Peter expected this and held her tight and continued to apply his hand until both her cheeks were flaming crimson. Cindy continued to wiggle herself around his lap trying to escape the painful humiliation but only succeeded in pressing her moistening mound against his hardened member and leave a growing wet spot. Her flailing legs threw her panties away from her and they landed on the dinning room table.

Peter finished his spanking and pushed her upright to stand before him. Her blazer had worked itself open and the sheer white blouse showed her jutting breasts to perfection. Her nipples had hardened and her chest heaved as she fought for breath. Her hands went to rub her pulsing backside and started to pull the skirt from her waistband when Peter stopped her.

"Leave your skirt where it is." He commanded, "And take everything else off."

Cindy looked at him in shock. No professor could treat a student this way. She had forgotten that this was only a game; she was so immersed in her role. "You can't expect me to strip for you. The Board of Governors won't allow a student to be humiliated this way." She said defiantly.

"Actually they will. You see I have been given special permission by the board of governors to do anything I think necessary to correct your behavior. I have it in writing if you would care to see it." Peter said casually. "Now strip. I think it best to treat you like a slut since you are intent on behaving like one."

Cindy looked surprised for a moment. 'He had really planned this one out.' She thought. She knew she could holler "Uncle" if she did not like where this went, but she was curious to see what he had in mind. She shrugged off her blazer and tossed it on the couch, this was immediately followed by her blouse, socks and shoes. Soon she was standing in the middle of his living room in nothing but her skirt, and that was rolled up to reveal her slowly cooling backside.

"Now go into the kitchen and throw your gum in the trash." Peter instructed. Cindy did as she was bid and came back to stand before him in the living room. "Into the corner, face first." Peter told her and soon she was facing the corner of the room, her feet together, with her hands behind her back trying to cover her exposed and sore behind.

Peter sat on the love seat and enjoyed the view. Cindy was going all out this time and he wanted to see how much she would take from him. "Spread your legs and put your hands on the wall and lean forward." Peter told her without moving. Cindy did as she was told and soon Peter could see the wetness slowly running down her thighs from her soaking center. Her nether lips were puffy and parted her excitement evident in the smell she let into the room and the stain she left on his pants.

Peter stood and walked over to her, pausing only to take the rod from the vertical blinds off its hook and swish it through the air. Cindy tensed as she heard the rod cut the air and realized that he was going to use it on her ass. "A slut has to do anything she is told and act like she enjoys it. Can you do that Cindy?"

"Yes" She replied, still defiant.

"Well we will see. As an example, supposed I wanted to whip you with this rod. Would you like that?"

Cindy started to say yes, but paused and did not answer.

"I can't hear you." Peter prompted. "Didn't anyone ever tell you the customer is always right? So since I am the customer, I am right in believing that I can whip you as long as I want." Peter did not wait for her answer, but struck with the rod. Cindy gasped and jerked herself around to face him. He had not struck hard, just a warm up sting, but Cindy felt, as a student, she had to protest.

"Hey that hurt." She squealed and rubbed her ass.

"It was supposed to, I am the customer and I get my kicks by hurting young prostitutes. Now turn around and face the wall. Or would you have me report to the Board of Governors that you should be expelled, very publicly."

Cindy turned back to the wall and assumed her previous position. Peter stepped up beside her and placed his hand on the small of her back and swung again. The rod landed with precision, exactly on the previous mark. Cindy squealed again and twisted to avoid the caning, but Peter held her in place and proceeded to mark her ass cheeks well. The caning went on for some time, until Cindy's bottom was a mass of angry red welts. Peter had slowly increased the force that he struck her and Cindy had stood for a long caning, over a hundred strokes.

Finally he stepped back to admire his handiwork and said, "There, that is the proper shade of red for a hooker's ass. Did you like that?"

Cindy shook her head without moving the rest of her body. Now that he had stopped the pain and heat from her butt was almost unbearable, but she felt a certain sense of pride that she had not called uncle.

"Good, you were not supposed to enjoy it, although a real slut would have said yes to please her customer. I see you have forgotten that rule already and need something to remind you. Turn around." Peter barked. Cindy slowly turned to face him, saw the clothespins in his hand and shivered. Peter came forward and backed her into the corner, she jumped when her ass met the wall painfully, but Peter pushed her back against it. "Now, open your legs put your hands over your head and stay still." He ordered.

Cindy obeyed and as soon as he pulled her skirt off and tossed it aside, she felt the pinching of the clothespins on her pussy lips. She twisted and Peter slapped her inner thigh. "I said stay still." He commanded brusquely. Cindy closed her eyes and remained as motionless as possible, but soon found it difficult as she felt him add three more clips too each lip. Then he added several to her inner thighs. He stood and soon had her nipples surrounded and each nipple imprisoned in a pin.

"Look down." Peter commanded as soon as he stopped admiring his results. Cindy opened her eyes and saw clothespins on each breast and nipple as well as her lips and thighs. Each clip made its own red mark on her pale flesh and she felt a rush of wetness as Peter pulled out the last pin and said, "Guess where this one goes?"

Cindy shook her head violently, but Peter bent down and attached it to her throbbing clit. As it closed on her extended button, Cindy screamed "Uncle."

Peter immediately removed the pin and stood before her. "Too much?" He asked softly. "I'm sorry baby."

Cindy panted until the pain passed and reached out to grab his hand as Peter went to remove the other pins. "No," she gasped, "leave the rest, just not that last one. That really hurt."

"Do you want me to stop?" Peter asked earnestly.

"No, we can keep going, but don't clip my clit." Cindy told him.

"Do you want me to kiss it better?"

"Yeah, I like the sound of that, but is that what you would do with a slut?" Cindy asked, slipping back into character and releasing his arm.

"No, I would not kiss a slut's pussy for anything, who knows what has been in there. But she can kneel down and blow me." Peter said commandingly. "And she better not lose any of those clothespins either."

Looking timid again Cindy knelt with her knees far apart at Peter's feet and reached up to unzip his pants.

"No no." He said grabbing her hand. "Do it with your teeth."

Cindy leaned forward and flicked her tongue to catch the tab on his zipper. Fortunately, she had done this before and soon had his pants open and down. She saw that he wore nothing underneath and was throbbing already. Putting her hands behind her back, she rose up slightly and swallowed his length completely in one movement. Peter grabbed the back of her head and started guiding it up and down his member. Cindy flicked her tongue at the head whenever he pulled out and dragged her teeth lightly up and down on each stroke. Peter, feeling his eruption coming closer pulled from her mouth and reached down to pull the clothespins from her nipples. Cindy gasped as the pins pulled at her nipples and pinched as they came off.

"Did you like that?" Peter asked her again.

"Yes, if it's what you want. You are the customer." She replied.

"Good, then stand up, cause I am not finished with you yet." Peter ordered.

Cindy stood slowly before him, her legs still spread to allow for the pins. Peter reached out and pulled one of her thigh. Cindy gasped and shook. Peter then pulled one off her breast. Cindy twisted and groaned with pain and arousal. Peter took off all the clothespins slowly, alternating where he took the next one from until all were removed. By the time he was finished, the last one came from her lips, it was drenched in her juices.

Peter removed the rest of his clothing and stood naked with her. Cindy stepped up next to him and started to rub her warm skin to his, her breasts heaving with desire, she reached down and grasped his throbbing member and started to stroke it.

"Do you want more?" She purred in his ear. "I can give you more if you want it."

"You don't seem to understand." Peter said pushing her away, "you are not supposed to be enjoying this. This is to show you what you life would be like as a whore. I see I have to teach you further. Turn around and bend over. Grab your ankles and don't let go until I tell you to."

Cindy, curious but willing did as she was told. Normally Peter would have mounted her by now and be humping her silly; this was a new twist. Peter smiled and pulled two sets of handcuffs from the bag behind his chair and locked her wrists of her ankles before she could move or protest.

"Now you will not move until I say." Peter said smiling as he picked up the curtain rod once more. "I think another 50 strokes will do you well. That and extra detention." Peter raised the rod and struck once more. Cindy howled but could not escape him. He put a hand on her back and held her in place as he swung over and over again. He kept changing pace so that she did not know when he would strike next.

"Will you be a good girl in the future, do all your homework, stay away from the football team and stop embarrassing this school and humiliating yourself?" Peter asked each question with an accompanying stroke of the rod.

"Yes." She sobbed to each question, "yes, I promise to be a good girl and behave, please stop treating me this way. Please stop." She was still using the same voice of the schoolgirl, Peter knew that this was part of the game, but he stopped canning her.

Peter ran his hand up her dripping snatch and she moaned as he made contact with her clit, her slit and kept right on going to her asshole. "You are very wet; I think it is time for the next stage in your lesson. I should really stop caning you as I can barely see the tattoo on you ass any more. Only sluts have tattoos you know." Peter said this as he slipped behind her and positioned himself at her waiting portal. Driving forward, he sank his length into her waiting depths and she screamed in delight.

"Oh yes, more, deeper." She moaned, pushing back against his hips.

Peter held himself motionless inside her. He could feel her walls contract around his enormous pole. He felt her wetness soaking his skin and hair and knew that she was ready for more. Pulling out he placed the head of his dick at her anus and pushed slowly. Cindy moaned, sighed and fought to relax as his massive cock slid into her bowels. As he reached bottom, his hips meeting her cheeks, he felt the heat from caning. He pulled back and started to fuck her ass slowly and deeply. Cindy matched him stroke for stroke, but he knew she needed more. Cindy could not cum this way and they both know it. She needed some stimulation on her clit or pussy to cum and Peter was ignoring them both. With her wrists locked to her ankles, she could do nothing herself and she groaned in frustration.

"Please use my pussy. I can't cum this way." She whined.

"Tough, I can." Peter replied and he sped up his thrusts. Grunting with force, he plowed deeper and deeper into her back channel. With each thrust forward, he forced her to take a short step, until he literally fucked her across the room. When her back met the wall, Peter really started to pound. Despite herself, Cindy was moaning and squirming. Peter was taking her higher and higher but still not letting her cum. She felt his thrusts become more erratic and knew that he was going to cum in her ass and leave her hanging.

His balls slapped her slit as he rutted her from behind. Peter felt them tighten and his dick expanded slightly as he fired his load deep into her bowels. As the first jet shot from the head of his dick, Peter reached around and pinched her clit hard. That was all Cindy needed. She screamed and her orgasm sprayed her juices from her, coating her thighs and Peter's balls. She didn't just leak; she gushed and shot cum from her cunt as though she was ejaculating like a man. Her back channel clenched almost painfully on Peter's still spraying cock and then relaxed only to tighten again. It was as though her asshole were milking his cock.

Peter pulled his still twitching cock from her anus and stepped back almost losing his balance. "Do you like being treated like a prostitute?" Peter panted.

"No sir, I would rather be respected, not treated like a piece of meat." Cindy replied, equally out of breath.

"Good, because as long as you go to this school, you need to remember how this felt. Maybe that will improve your attitude." Peter told her.

"Yes sir, I will remember." Cindy replied meekly. "But if I start to act the same way again, can I come to you for help like this?"

"Of course, that is what your Faculty Advisor is for. Now let's get you out of those cuffs, I think you have learned your lesson for now." Peter picked up his pants and fished the keys from the front pocket. Bending down, he undid both sets of cuffs, tossed them aside and collapsed on the floor. Cindy lay beside him.

"That was one of the best yet. I thought you were gonna cum and let me go without." She accused when they had caught their breath.

"The thought occurred to me, but then I remembered that since I am in charge this time, you get to be next time, and I did not want to push my luck."

"Good plan king." Cindy laughed, "But you are going to pay. I think those clothespins could be useful." She laughed again as he shuddered.

"I have never seen you cum like that before." Peter said to try and change the subject.

"No, I haven't. It felt incredible though. I think it was because you left me hanging so long. We have to try that again."

"What, now?" Peter questioned. 'I'm spent."

"Yeah, sure." Cindy laughed; dragging her nails up his still semi hard cock and seeing jerk and stiffen. "Let's take a shower and then it's my turn. We have until tomorrow before they are home."

Peter stood and pulled her up. Holding hands they walked upstairs to the master bedroom and got into the large shower stall. They soaped each other and each thought about the next game they were gonna play. Peter caressed her jutting breasts, covering them with soap, as Cindy worked her soap slick fist up and down his hardening penis; both realized that the next game would start when they left the shower.

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