tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFantasy 1, Ch. 02

Fantasy 1, Ch. 02


Next installment: Dancing with a new attitude.

Not knowing where to go dancing created a quandary. After much discussion we agreed some of the hotels had live music in the upscale lounges. No way to avoid lounges with the alcohol and smoke if we are gonna dance.

On the way to a place to dance we chatted about our night so far. I shared my deep appreciation of your new willingness to do things that you think turn me on. The way you dressed, the fact that you had shaved your own cunt, the no bra look that allowed you nipples to be kept erect at all time, the slow entrances and exits from the car for the valet guys viewing pleasure, the way you sit in the car now with you cunt exposed to me at all times, and the fact that I can make suggestions without you getting your feelings hurt (Especially the dancing and hugging part. I'm getting a real hard-on just writing this.) You share the fact that you are really enjoying showing off and strutting your stuff just because you can. You, also, share that you are on the verge of an anxiety attack with anticipation wondering what I will ask you to do and what you might just jump up and do to keep working on turning me on. Actually a wonderful conversation throughout.

When we pull up to the Holiday Inn on 410 to go to the Frog Lounge (not sure of the actual name) I use the valet parking more than willing to pay for valet parking if it might allow you another opportunity to continue practice your new found, exhibitionist behaviors. Under the brightly lighted foyer the young man opening you door seems to be one to understand the perks of his job specifically the chance to see some erotic behavior while assisting women in and out of vehicles. I stay seated under the steering wheel long enough to watch whatever show you might put on. The young man opened your door standing back looking right into the door opening. You look at me with the biggest mischievous grin I have ever seen. Your dress is already bunched in your lap from having been showing me your pussy while driving over here, so you turn in the seat with out pulling the hem down at all. Sliding to the edge of the seat and placing you right foot on the cobblestone drive leaving your left foot inside the Blazer on the floor board providing a completely open view of your cunt for the young man to enjoy. Then stop, turn your head back over your left shoulder and ask, "I this kind of what you had in mind?"

I reply, " Without a doubt! You are becoming such a wonderful slut."

The young man stepped closer all the time with his eyes locked on now really moist cunt, took your hand to help you out of the Blazer. You looked up catching his eyes locked on your sex and coyly coo a sexy "Thank you." Once standing you make an issue of slowly, oh so slowly, pulling your hem line down below your cunt line. As you walk away toward the entrance the young man looks at me smiles and again I get an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Once in the lounge where to sit became an issue up for and worthy of debate. The issue was what did we want to accomplish that would be affected by where and how we sat. The dance floor was in the middle of the room. Directly across from the entrance was the bar just full of singles mixing and mingling. To our right is a raised area with table and chairs with a rail separating it from the dance floor. Other seating areas were to the left and right of the dance floor and bar. I suggested we take one of the small tables along the rail on the raised portion of the table area. This raised section overlooked the dance floor and was close to the rail opening to allow easy access to the dance floor. That, you said, was fine with you. The waiter took our coke order and we settled in.

The crowd was the usual bunch for a hotel lounge. Some couples, some tables with just women, some with just men and numerous single (Or men without wives, dates or women to be with.) men and women. Rather an upgrade looking bunch. Mostly suits and sport coats no tee shirts or jeans. The women were dressed in outfits ranging from professional business suits to outfits similar to yours, which were designed to attract attention. Classically slutty if I do say so myself.

I leaned over and put my finger in the front of your dress and pulled it out and looked at your nipples. Your breathing became more rapid and to my thrill you said or did nothing to discourage my forward behavior. The guys at the next table picked up on my action and became very interested. I smiled at them when I released your top. They smiled back. I leaned over and ask if you would like to dance. Your reply was, "Of course!". I reminded you of the new rules for hugging and dancing. You just smile, take my hand and lead me out on the dance floor. The guys at the next table are very attentive of your legs and jiggling breast as we pass by their table on our way to the dance floor. You pull me around the rail to a spot directly in front of the table of guys. You pull me to you and whisper in my ear, "I thought since we have an audience we should continue to give them a good show."

My response was a huge smile with the question, "Just what do you mean by a good show?"

With a shaky voice you say, "I'm not exactly sure yet, are you."

Dancing fast for the first few songs you kept their attention as well as mine, touching your hips and legs, dragging the hem of dress up a little as you pulled your hands up your thighs. Backing into me rubbing your beautiful ass against my crotch and I was actually getting an erection. Finally a slow song came on.

I ask, "Are you ready for this?

With out saying a word you slink over to me put both you hands on my hips and push your cunt against my dick. The guys at the table were all eyes. You move your hands up and around my neck and your body melts against mine. I raise my arms and kiss you deeply. Our tongues duel to get into each others mouths. Slowly I bring my hands down your side until they slip over your breasts. I take you nipples in my thumb and forefinger and roll them until they are hard as rocks, again. I move my hands down to your hips as we sway to the music. I slide your hips a little to the right until my right leg is dancing between your thighs. As I continue to pull you to me your hemline begins to work its way up to allow my pant leg to come in direct contact with you now juicy pussy. As we dance I dip you in such a way that you cunt is rubbing on my upper thigh. After a while I no longer have to move your hips with my hands. You are working on an orgasm and don't really need my help. So I slide my hands around and cup you barely covered ass. The back of your dress is up to where everyone can see the top of you thigh high stockings but not your ass. We dance this way until the end of the song. You don't want to stop but I pull you off the dance floor. As we separate you slowly pull your dress down and brush your front caressing your breasts as you go down.

The guys at the table are spell bound.

"Well, if you are not gonna dance with me, I'm going to the bathroom."

I take your arm and ask are you going to the ladies room to use it or are you gonna masturbate and finish what we started on the dance floor? You smile real big, I'm not sure if that was why you were going or you liked the idea when I brought it up. I share that you can only cum if you have my permission. Your lower lip sticks out and off you go prancing to the bath room.

I retreat to the table making sure my blazer covers up my erection and the wet spot on my leg from you rubbing your wet cunt. As I sit down the guys at the next table start making conversation. "Wow your wife is really hot.....Man you are one lucky guy............etc.

Yeah, I shared I'm one lucky guy. She's a whole lot of woman. They were in their 30' and 40's in town for a convention.

Wondering if I wanted or needed to involve others in our play this soon hesitated to get too friendly at this time.

Your saunter and swaying return trip from the bathroom was just oozing with sex. It seemed like a whole new way of walking for you. Maybe it was the new higher heels, maybe it was the sans underwear or maybe it was just a new attitude and a willingness to turn me and the world on. You were being very successful.

The guys at the next table were all eyes, again.

You couldn't help but notice the guys ogling you up and down and didn't try real hard to hide the sensuous smile they brought to your face. Instead of taking the chair you had been sitting in you pulled out the chair on the end of the table that faced the guys. Still with you sensuous smile you winked at me as you slowly lowered yourself into your new seat. As you settled into your seat you leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek, "Whispering in my ear, "Are they looking up my dress?"

I quickly lifted my eyes off the top of your stockings and was not surprised that all eyes were locked on your twat or leg or whatever they could see. The poor guy with his back to you nearly twisted his neck trying not to miss any of the show. I replied, "No the are not looking they are totally staring! And I think it is wonderful that you would entertain the troops so wonderfully, especially on our first night out."

As you sat back up straight you lifted your left foot up and placed it on the leg brace of your chair. This allowed an unobstructed view up your skirt. The bolder of the guys at the table gave me a thumbs up in appreciation. I was very curious as to what they could and could not see, so I got up and told you I was going to the men's room. And being the smart ass that you can be, you said, "To pee or to play with yourself?" Paybacks.......... I smiled and walked around to the other side of the table where the guys were sitting. Sure enough three of the guys had a clear shot at you twat and all its moist/wet brilliance. God that made me so hard I could hardly stand it. I leaned into the guys table and let them know that you loved to dance and might be willing to dance if asked. I thought they would break a leg or each other's necks getting up to be the first to dance with you. With that I sauntered off to the men's room. But only got to corner of the club near the men's room and looked back to see how you were handling this new development.

At first you seemed hesitant but finally got up to dance with the largest of the four guys. And away you danced.

I went on into the men's room and peed without playing with myself, hardly at all. I did not want to waste this excitement.

On returning from the men's room I could see you dancing a slow dance with the same guy you had been dancing with when I left. It appeared you were glued to his body, maybe even allowing his leg to slide between your legs and pushing your skirt up a little. I could not tell if he was trying to rub up against you more than you were trying to rub your cunt all over his leg and cock. I did not matter the vision of dirty dancing was very erotic and had the other three guy's eyes glued on the two of you.

At the end of the next song, despite the big guys arguments to the contrary, you, holding hands with him, came back to our table. He gave you a big hug before he pulled your chair out allowing you to sit. The guys at the other table were all eyes, again, not wanting to miss the show. You did not disappoint. Slightly pulling up your skirt/dress as you began to turn to sit, you swung you right leg under the table leaving your left leg spread the other direction as you slowly lowered your ass onto the chair. What a view the guys must have had. I thought their eyes were going to pop out of their heads.

As the next guy tried to ask you to dance you let him know he would be next but you needed a moment to catch your breath. Picking up your coke you leaned over and asked, "Well, did you like that?"

"Of course, I replied but the better question is did you like/enjoy it?"

You slyly smiled and whispered into my ear that the big guy was a good dancer and was really big all over.

I of course ask what you meant by that?

You called me an ass then proceeded to share with me that he had pulled you very close while you danced and rubbed his very hard and large cock against you stomach and cunt while he held you pressed up against him by cupping your ass in both of his hands. And you were very proud of yourself for not telling him to stop or trying to pull away.

I replied then I guess that means you are having a good time and would like to stay longer for more play.

You said, "Why don't you let my actions answer that question."

I reached over and pinched your right nipple between my thumb and forefinger to pull you to me for a kiss. I told you how much I loved you and how much fun I was having so far and to go for it. Whatever "it" is/was.

You smiled and asked the table of guys, "Now which one of you is supposed to be next?" The next guy leaped up before he lost his place. Grabbed your hand and lead you out on the dance floor. After you and I dance, your dances with his friend seemed to make him think he could take certain liberties with you without any warm up or fore play. He took your arms and put them around his neck, places his hands on your ass and pulled you hard up against his already hard and throbbing cock. He then proceed to not really looked like he was dancing with you so much as he was dry humping your cunt on the dance floor. The other guys were laughing and punching on another as their eyes followed you twos every move. Again I was thrilled when you did nothing but allow yourself to be used as a sex toy. I think I even was able to see you becoming even more aroused than you already were.

After one dance the guy brought you back to the table and as he stepped from behind you it was apparent why he wanted only one dance. The large wet spot on the front of his pants told the world that he had prematurely ejaculated while humping you on the dance floor.

You could hardly contain yourself, to keep from laughing but you were nice and did not embarrass him any more than he already was. You whispered to me, "What he doesn't even know is he is not the only one who had an orgasm!" "Did you enjoy the show, your slutty wife has been putting on? You asked.

Without a shadow of a doubt was my quick reply. The only thing I will do different next time is to have a camera.

This remark made you look at me wide eyed. Then in a very serious manner you said, "Enough of this back to business!" Turned, got up and grabbed the next guy hand and tried to pull him up but he resisted. You ask, "What's the matter?"

He sadly replied, "I don't know how to dance."

With that you replied, "So, what you need to learn I think I can teach you in one dance, so come on with me now."

He sheepishly got up and let you lead him out to the dance floor. Where you took his hands and placed them on your ass, then put your hands around his neck and tried to pull him to you. This did not seem to be working so you moved your hands and arms from around his neck and place then nicely on his butt cheeks. This allowed you to get the affect you were after. Slowly you began to move to the music and he quickly got the idea and the two of you melted together into one slow moving erotic motion. It was amazing how quickly he got your message. He too did not last very long and had to join his partner in the men's room or wherever they went to hide their wet spots.

After you got back to the table you rested for a couple of dances then both the guys left at the table ask if you would like to dance the next fast dance with both of them at the same time. Your eyes brightened and you smiled at me, saying, "Eat your heart out you dirty old man. And just enjoy the show."

"I did, I am and I will!" was all I could say as the next fast song started.

The guys had figured the system out and remained seated while you turned to see if they were ready to dance now. You also figured out what they wanted and proceed to do exactly what they wanted. Which was for you to spread your legs while facing them so they might have a great view of your juicy, wet and swollen cunt lips. You were absolutely wonderful. Slowly spreading your legs as you began to talk to them about dancing. Placing your right leg one the brace on the legs of your chair which pushed your dress/skirt up to the top of your thighs. Their eyes never left your crotch.

You finally ask, "OK guys, are we gonna dance or are you two going to just look at me and not let me have any fun?" With this they both got up and held out a hand to help you up. Only after you started to stand did their eyes leave your pussy. I sitting there pushing my hard on down in my trousers. Damn I wish we were at home so I could share it with you.

Chapter 3: More dancing.

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