tagLoving WivesFantasy 1, Ch. 03

Fantasy 1, Ch. 03


Once the guys, the two remaining after the other two had problems with pre-mature ejaculations, took their eyes off your clean shaven, moist and swollen cunt lips and took your extended hand to move to the dance floor. They both followed you onto the floor where a disco song was playing. You began to dance, sway and play to the beat of the music as you turned around to face them. They both began to dance around you, taking turns taking your hand and spinning you around which caused your skirt to flare erotically. You could see me smiling on the other side of the rail every time your skirt flared. Of course this gave you ideas immediately. When one of the guys took your hand again, you with the other hand grabbed and pulled up on your skirt, which caused the other guy dancing with the two of you to clap his hands enthusiastically. From the look of your smile it seemed like you were having a great time and it was obvious the guys were having a ball. The three of you danced and played through a couple of songs continuing to have a great time laughing, flirting and teasing each other. Then the band took a break.

One of the guys wrapped his arms around you, pulled to him and gave you a very wet, juicy and tongue wagging kiss, which you responded too with vigor of equal to or more so than he was giving. The other waited patiently for a few seconds but finally got tired of waiting and tapped you both on the shoulder letting you know it was now his turn. Reluctantly the other guy finally let you go and the other guy spun you around and did exactly the same type erotic kiss. Again, you were more than a willing participant. After everyone else had left the dance floor. The first guy that had kissed you came to the table where I was sitting, smiled and ask if he could sit with me. I waved him into a seat still watching you growing more and more hot as the guy just would not stop kissing you. After a couple of minutes the two of you were the only ones on the dance floor, which was causing quite a stir around the bar.

The guy sitting with me started to make conversation, heehawing around in such a way that I could tell he wanted to talk about something other than the weather. He began to tell me how lucky I was, how sexy you looked and what fun they were having dancing with you. He thanked me for letting them dance and occupy you for most of the night. We talked and he shared they were in town for a convention; staying in the hotel we were dancing in. After stuttering and stammering some more the guy finally got out an invitation for us to come up to their room for a drink. I shared that we did not drink but if he and his friend could talk you into it, she or we might be willing to go up to your room for a while. This confused him to no end. He sat turning from looking at me to looking at you and his friend still locked together like horny lovers. I let him stew for a couple of minutes not knowing where this was going. Finally, I ask him if he knew what a submissive slut is. His eyes got as big as saucers and again he looked from me to the two of you. Then he asked in a very polite and courteous voice, "Are you telling me she might be willing to go up to our room with the both of us for a while?"

"Again, you will have to ask her. But it is absolutely fine with me, whatever you two can talk her into." I said smiling.

Again, he was unsure where to go with this. After some serious thought he ask, "Let me understand what is going on here, ok?"

I again smiled and said, "Sure."

He began to explain that his understanding of a slut was someone who liked sex a lot and fucked other people but was not a whore who would charge money. Now the submissive part he was not totally sure about.

Again smiling I answered, "So far you have a slut pegged pretty closely."

He blurted, "But isn't she your wife and you are telling me she is a slut, who might go up to our room with me and my friend knowing that we want to have sex with her."

I laughed and shared, "Sounds like you are finally figuring out what may happen here."

Once more his eyes got at big as saucers. He wanted to be very sure what he was hearing so he politely asks again if he could ask a few more questions. I replied that he could ask me anything he might want to ask. So he started stammering and stuttering again when loud whistles, hoots, applause and hollers began to come from the bar area. We both looked up and my wife and the other guy had finally drawn the attention of most everyone in the room. After a couple of more minutes it finally dawned on them that all the noise was about them, so embarrassed they broke from groping kiss and hurried back toward the table.

My wife smiling and embarrassed sat down without an audience for her leg show and put her face in her hands, shaking her head back in forth in disbelief. The guy who had been kissing her sat down laughing and talking about what a little hottie she is. Then he realized what he had said in front of her husband, he immediately started making apologizes. I let him know that it was quite all right and I felt exactly the same way. I have known for a long time what a little hottie she is. He realizes I'm not mad and thanks me for letting them dance with her. I let him know he was welcome.

You raise your face out of your hands and say, "If you guys will excuse me for a moment I'll go powder my nose and get a breath of fresh air." With that the guy you had been kissing her started to get up, saying he would go with you to get some of that fresh air. His friend grabbed his arm, motioning him to keep his seat, whispered to let her go and to shut up. The guy looked at him like he was crazy, leaned over and began to whisper in his friend's ear. The guy who had been sitting at the table listened then told his friend to just cool it, stay where he was and to please shut the f_ _ k up, thank you. The kissing guy looked at his friend in disbelief but stayed where he was as my wife danced away towards the ladies room.

Then the guy I had been talking to at the table resumed where we had left off, or so he hoped. "As I was saying, before we were so rudely interrupted by your beautiful wife and bozo here. You would not be angry or mad that we might want to take your wife upstairs to our suite and try to talk her into having sex with us?" he said loud enough for his friend to hear every word. His friend's mouth dropped open and his eyes got as big as saucers again.

Looking at the kissing guy trying to figure out how this conversation got to this point I had to laugh knowing one would have had to be there to understand. So I calmly shared, "What I said was it was entirely up to her what she wanted to do or not to do. If you guys can talk her into something I am perfectly fine with it."

Kissing guy shaking his head to make sure he had not had too much to drink and wanting to be sure he was following this conversation fully, said, "Whoa, did I hear you correctly? You just ask this gentleman if we could take his wife up to our room? Is that right." He looked back and forth from me to his friend in disbelief.

His friend laughingly said, "Now you know why I told you to keep your seat and shut up."

No sh_t!" kissing guy said in amazement.

About that time you returned to the table looking sexily refreshed. Smiling as you could feel many eyes on you and your sexy attire. When you were seated, you pulled me to you and whispered in my ear, "Don't you think you better take me home now before I get into more trouble?"

I responded quickly with, "Trouble! What trouble have you been in? I'm not aware of any trouble you have caused tonight."

You laughed gently punched me on the shoulder and said, "You know what I mean."

"No I really don't." I assured her.

"You are really going to make me talk about this in front of these to wonderful dancer aren't you?" You say glancing at them as you spoke.

Playing dumb again I said, "I just don't understand what you think has happened that was trouble. I saw you having fun dancing and kissing with these kind gentlemen and their friends who could not stand the heat."

They did not look troubled when they left they looked spent actually. Again you punched me on the shoulder. It seems these gentlemen have offered an invitation for us to come up to their suite and have a drink. I nicely told them we did not drink but that if you wanted to we or you could go up to their room for a while if you really wanted to. It is entirely up to you my dear.

The look on your face was priceless. I am not sure what feeling was showing the most embarrassment, fear or excitement. They were all over your face. Then you looked me straight in the eye and said, "What have you done?"

"I have done absolutely nothing. I simply answered this gentleman's questions." I said as I gestured towards the guys.

"You didn't promise them anything, did you?" you replied with the look of fear now being the dominant expression on your face.

"No, I did not promise them anything. I simply shared what you wanted to do next was entirely up to you. I think you know that already though don't you?"

You grab my hand and try to pull me up and away from the table. I politely say no let's stay here and discuss whatever needs to be discussed.

You stare straight at me and say, "This is part of me being a submissive isn't it?"

"You might say that."

"Ok then, what do you guys want to do?" you ask looking at them.

Again they both are not sure what to say, so they look at me for help.

I jump in and say, "This kind gentleman right here ask me while you were kissing and dry humping his friend on the dance floor long after the music stopped, if we want to come up to their room for a drink. I told him we don't drink but if they wanted to try and talk you into going to their room with them it was fine with me."

You think about this for a moment before saying, "Oh really and what would we do when we got up there?"

They both shared how you guys could dance some more and talk. You quickly informed them that you might be danced out for the night. The looks of disappointment on their faces were apparent. One could almost feel the air deflating away from the table.

Your smile was beautiful. Then you say to me, "What would you like for us to do?"

"That my dear is entirely up to you again."

"No, you have to tell me what you have in mind." You plead.

"So I ask if you really want me to be in control of where this goes next, because you know how my dirty little mind works. Remember how we got here?"

You look down then back up and say, "Yes I know. And I know I was having fun and I'm not sure if I'm ready to go home yet but I don't know where this might go next either."

"OK then why do you think they want you to come up to their room?" I probe.

Embarrassed you hesitate before you are able to reply. "I think they might want to have sex with me if I went up to their room and I know you would not only let me, you would be happy and excited about me doing that."

Both of the guy's eyes lit up like neon signs in Vegas. I am both happy and surprised by your response. I share with the guys, "Wow, men this is the first night of her new sub/slut attitude and I didn't think it would this far this fast. Not that I'm complaining I just don't want to scare her off."

They both nod their head in agreement and mumble something like yeah or right. Then the guy I had been talking to just has to ask, "Would you be kind enough to explain a sub or submissive slut is?"

I shift my gaze to you and you know exactly where I'm going to take this question. So with out a word from me you say without looking up at the guys, or me "I know he will tell me to answer that question." Gathering your courage you finally get to, "A sub/slut is what my husband has ask me to become. And tonight is the first time that I have finally had enough courage to do what he wants. I am scared to death, excited, horny and not sure I can do it but I think I'm just about to find out."

The talking guy shakes his head and says, "Ok, but that does not really answer my question."

You trying to buy some more time look up at him bat your eyes and sweetly ask, "What was the question, again?"

He picks up on the smile and the flirty eyes and responds, "I think you know, but just to be sure, I think you were to answer my question about just exactly what a sub/slut is?"

"Oh that question! Oh, Ok. Let me see if I can remember just what a sub/slut is.. Hmm, a sub or submissive is a person who submits herself or himself to another person's will and desires. And what was the other part you sheepishly inquire.

Both the guys now are picking up on the playfulness and say almost at almost the same time, "The other part of the question was slut. Like in submissive slut. Now do you remember?"

"Oh that part. Well, my husband says because I like sex so much and have so many multiple orgasms that I would make a very good slut if I ever make up my mind. So I guess a slut is someone who really likes sex, sex and more sex. How's that for a definition?"

Both the guys and I nod our heads in agreement but the kissing guy wants to take this conversation further. So he asks, "Hmm, Ok let me further clarify this. Just what do you mean by, "submit to another person's will and desires" I don't quite understand exactly what that means."

You look him in the eye and without any hesitation say, "Submit means when I agreed to my a submissive to my husband I agree to do what I'm told, when I'm told, where I'm told and with whomever I'm told, with no hesitation or questions.

The kissing guy loses all his cool and says, "No friggin' sh_t!"

The other guy elbows him in the ribs and tells him to be cool. He obviously did not want to mess this up. Whatever this was or was going to become.

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