tagLoving WivesFantasy 1, Ch. 04

Fantasy 1, Ch. 04


I'm not sure who ask for this or when but here goes. And thanks. Texasreb.


The guys and my darling blonde bride who is allowing this adventure to go much further than I ever expected on our first submissive slut wife date, are sitting there in disbelief. Wife really dealing with confusion from many new angles, one that she is actually enjoying this so far, two that is have over come all the reasons she had for not allowing this to happen before and third but certainly not least, that my husband had better not have been lying to me about this kind of behavior really turning him on. The guys because their minds are racing trying to imagine what the hell they had gotten themselves into. And I was sitting there loving every minute of the whole adventure.

Watching my wife look from the guys to me and back again, I realize she is have a moment of doubt. I reach over, gently turn her around facing me and lovingly kiss her with all the love and warmth I have in me. She responds with warmth, passion and need to get on with this adventure. I whisper in her ear when the kiss breaks, "I love you. I love what you are doing. I will love you even more tomorrow."

She smiles and whispers back, "Oh God honey I love you so much. I'm so turned on. I so am going to fuck these two guys so hard, so long that they will be begging for me to stop. How does that sound?"

I kiss her again and again whisper, "Show me don't tell me, my wonderful little slut puppy."

"Arf, arf." And a smile is all I got.

We will call the guys kissing guy and talking guy from now on, just to simplify matters. Kg and Tg for short. And darling wonderful wife, Subslut Wife or sw for short.

Tg not wanting to say or do anything that might make this dream end sheepishly asked, "What now?"

I looked at sw and did not offer to say or do anything.

She slowly shaking her head back and forth and smiles before saying, "Well, I'm the one who is submissive tonite, so I guess you fine gentlemen need to tell me what I we are supposed to do now."

Again the guys were unsure about how to proceed, having never been in a position to have a woman do whatever they wanted or asked. They looked at her, at me at each other and finally raised their hands in uncertainty.

Laughing I simply ask if there was any fantasy either of them had that they would like to see happen while they have this chance, maybe the most erotic chance of their lifetimes.

"Well," Tg said, "if we go to the suite we will have to spend time explaining to our friends, who left earlier, what is going on. And they will want to play some more for sure. Is that going to be OK?"

They all look at me and I simply raise my hand and gesture to sw. She figures out I want her to respond. "Well I need another Dr. Pepper if we are going to just sit here and try to figure out what I'm supposed to do next."

Kg blurts out again as he starts to get up, "OK, I'll get you one."

Tg again places his hand on his friend's arm easing him back into his seat before he says, "Since we have this gorgeous creature at our disposal, why don't we enjoy the view of her walking across the dance floor to the bar, fighting her way through all the horny guys who did all the watching, hooting and hollering tonight and get her own Dr. Pepper"

I smile when sw turns and looks at me. Then without hesitation she gets up smoothes her sexy black dress down over her ass and legs and starts towards her quest.

"And by the way," Tg calls out, "you must get someone at the bar to pay for that Dr. Pepper."

This stops sw in the middle of the dance floor. She turns around with her hands on her hips and looks at Tg with more uncertainty. After holding that pose of a couple of seconds she smile raises her left hand and shoots us all the bird, before turning back toward her quest.

We watch as she moves into the crowd at the bar. As soon as the guys see who it is, their opening up looks like the parting Red Sea for Moses and the gang. As soon as she gets to an open space at the bar the opening just like the Red Sea, closes more quickly than it had opened. I smile when I see the look of disappointment on the guy's faces now that they can't see her any more. And don't know what she is doing.

"Bummer!" Kg says as he turns around to look at Tg and me.

Tg then asks me, "Should we go get her?"

"It's up to you, but it might be fun to see if she comes back with a Dr. Pepper and then have her tell explain to us what she had to do to get it paid for." I respond in kind.

"Hmmm, Ok, ok that sounds like a good idea. How long should we wait? Kg asks doubtfully. As we all stare at the crowd around her at the bar. Occasional roars of approval and applause can be heard over the music. After about ten minutes sw works her way out of the crowd kissing each gentleman she passes and trying hard not to spill her Dr. Pepper. Each guy takes liberties with her body and she moves through. As she kisses each guy, he and the others around her grab her ass or boob. Finally breaking away, sw in a very aroused and erotic fashion moves back over the dance floor towards our table. Again to an ovation easily heard over the music.

Sw settles into her chair, setting her drink down, fluffing her hair and rearranging her dress, one more time. Smiling at the three of us she says, "Those guys really did not want me to leave the bar!"

"Oh, what gives you that impression?" I ask.

"I think they like my attitude, but it just might have been that I told the bartender, for a Dr. Pepper I will give you a kiss. He readily agreed, drawing a Dr. Pepper into an iced filled glass while smiling." She shared.

"The bartender," she continues, "then ask, as he hands me the drink, just where do I get to kiss you?"

"Quick thinker." Tg says never taking his eyes of sw.

So you tell him, "Being in my new submissive slut mode I say loud enough for all the guys standing around to hear, Where ever you want to. The bartender then excitedly says, How about a few inches below your belly button!"

Kg then blurts out, "Damn it! I knew we should have gone up there with her."

"It's ok, lover," you say, "There is still plenty of fun left for you."

Kg beams with a huge smile as he nods his head in the affirmative.

"The bartender", you continued, "comes out from behind the bar. Puts his hands around my waist and sits me on the edge of the bar. Asks the two guys on each side of me to hold my legs up and out so he can get his kiss. And let me tell you he was a very good kisser. He then proceeded to push my dress up to my waist. This bartender guy was quite a player making sure he stepped back for all to see hot, horny and juicy twat spread out for all to see. I have to admit I was really getting turned on knowing I again was the center of attention. Then the bartender, as my darling husband like to say, put a lip lock on my twat would challenge an Oreck. He did not stop until I grabbed his head and came in his mouth. Bucking and humping his face, I climaxed without shame thoroughly enjoying experience. He then helped me down from the bar, handed me my Dr. Pepper and waved the guys back to allow me to get back to you guys. And you gentlemen saw all the guys enjoying me as I left the bar. So now I guess I'm warmed up now for whatever you gentlemen have in mind for me."

Tg looks and me and says, "You are one lucky fucker."

"I am that for sure." I reply.

"So why don't we take this party upstairs for a while." Kg says for the first time, not blurting it out.

"Honey, are you ready to go upstairs with these gentlemen?" I inquire.

"I think that was the plan, wasn't it?" she coos.

"Well there are a couple of decisions you need to make before we leave the table." I begin.

"Like what darling husband?" she smiles.

"Do you want to go up there without me? Do you want me to take pictures or do you want the guys to take pictures for my later enjoyment?" I reply.

"I didn't really think it through that far yet. Hmm, wow, I really don't know. I never dreamed that I would do something like this without you being there." She thinks out loud.

"You guys need to be part of this conversation." I offer.

We then proceeded to discuss all the scenarios; me there, me there taking pics, me not there, me not there them taking pics. Sw is just sitting there sipping her Dr. Pepper seeming to enjoy all this discussion about her like she was not even there. Kg finally getting impatient, again blurts out, "Is your husband being there going to change your willingness to be our sub/slut?"

Sw thinks for second then says, "As horny as I am, I really don't think it matters."

Tg then turns back to me and says, "What if we want to do kinky things to her? Will that bother you?"

"Guys one more time", I respond, "this is her first night being willing to be a submissive slut, so again you have to ask her. If it were up to me, she would be absolutely, totally kinky as a good submissive slut should be."

All eyes turn to sw. She is sitting there taking all this in unsure whether she is feeling fear, excitement, antisipation or what.

"Ok", Tg says to all of us, "what if we want put ourselves into all your places?"

"I'm not sure what you mean." Sw answers.

"I think, Honey, they are thinking of triple penetration."

"Whaattt?" you inquire.

"Correct me if I'm wrong gentlemen, but what I think I'm hearing is you might want to put a cock in my darling wife's mouth, a cock in my darling wife's ass and a cock in my darling wife's cunt. With all three cocks penetrating you at the same time. I that about it?"

"That is about what I was referring to." Tg says smiling.

You look at him then over at me, and then say, "If that is what you want then that is what you can do. But if that is what is likely to happen I would hate for my darling husband not to be there to see it and take pictures."

Tg feeling more confident stands up saying, "Well, you horny little blonde fuck, get your ass up and lets go to the suite."

Without a word as a good slut you stand, turn and begin to walk towards the lobby and the elevators.

We all follow closely behind her, not saying much, just watching her ass move beneath her very tight dress that barely covers her crotch.

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