tagLoving WivesFantasy 3, Ch. 01

Fantasy 3, Ch. 01


Her new found attitude of sexual discovery just keeps inspiring our lives. It is just unbelievable how much more close, warm and loving we are becoming.

She had to fly to Louisville, Kentucky today for a business meeting. Flying into the cold, snowy weather was not a real thrill which she openly shared as she was leaving and again on an email after getting there. So I responded to her email saying, "Why don't you go dancing after dinner to warm yourself up?"

My fantasy of where it went from there:

She went to dinner with the guys from the business meeting and as they began their second bottle of wine she knew it was her time to get on with her life. She gets up saying she would make some calls and then turn in for the nite. They all know by now she doesn't drink so no one really tried to get her to stay. And away she went.

Getting on the elevator she noticed an advertisement for the Sky-Lite Lounge in the penthouse of the hotel. She began to think, arguing in her own head over whether to even consider going into a lounge/piano bar all alone in a strange town. Finally, saying to hell with it, he is always trying to get me to do erotic things so why not keep him happy and a few dances would be fun. That is if any one even asks me to dance. So she threw caution to the wind went to her room stripped off her clothes, foo-foo'd up a little bit. Put on her new half, shelf bra, a thin pull over top, thigh high hose and one of the shortest wraparound skirts any woman her age could get away with wearing. Stuck her ID, room key and a credit card in her waist band of her skirt and pranced out into the hall way on her way to the Sky-Lite Lounge in the penthouse.

The lounge was beautifully designed with three walls totally glass with the bar and band stand along the fourth wall. It was not really crowded some guys at the bar, a few couples at some of the tables and some dancers moving around the dance floor.

She took her seat at a table near the dance floor but facing the bar and all the guys who had come to attention to her presence when she sauntered in the entryway. The bar lighting was outstanding for accomplishing one thing. Despite her not knowing it the bar lights made her nipples come into plain view through the thin top over her shelf bra. Soon all the guys at the bar were already getting prepared to pounce before she even sat down allowing her short skirt to ride high up on her thighs just enough for the lace in the top of her hose to show. Even before the waitress could come over to find out what you wanted one of the guys told the waitress to bring you what ever you wanted and put it on his tab. She kinda laughed when you ordered your usual Dr. Pepper, which she delivered with a flourish and cherry on top. You ask which gentleman bought the drink and you raised your drink in a toast of thanks in his direction. Again wasting no time and to insure no one got in ahead of him, he immediately came to your table and ask if he could join you?

Taken a little aback you said, "OK, but usually doesn't some one dance a few times before asking to sit down with someone?"

He responded, "Sure we can dance, but I wanted to get a closer look at your nipples before anyone else tried to move in on you."

You are little shocked and look down and realize your nipples are pretty much in plain site with the lights the way they are. Your reflex reaction is to cover your nipples with you palms. Then you realize this just makes it worse (or better depending on how you are looking at it) in two ways, one; you look like you are playing with yourself and two; your nipples get even harder when your palms touch them. All the kind gentleman were loving it either way. Finally you drop your hands and just stare at him in disbelief. He waves at the bar to his two friends to join him. They come over and sit both having trouble taking their eyes off your nipples which are now hard as a rock and looking just erotically wonderful.

You are now a little scared you may have come on too strong without realizing it but then you have to confess the attention is quite flattering. So you sit up straight looking them all in the eye as they still have difficulty taking their eyes off your nipples now sticking straight out for all to see.

"OK, how about some names here?" you ask with false confidence.

The first guy answers with a sly grin, "Dick, Rod and Peter."

Despite yourself you have to smile at this blatant sexual innuendo.

He then reminds you that dancing was mentioned before everyone started staring at you lovely tits. Stands up and holds out his hand and ask you to dance.

Thinking this is what I came for but I didn't bargain for three guys to be so forward. A little scared and somewhat apprehensive you begin to dance with Dick, Rod or Peter or whoever he was. He turned out to be a fairly good dancer and you relaxed pretty quickly and got into the dancing and the music. Then you begin to realize every time he turned you it was not an accident that he would let his hand and/or arm rub across your nipples. Once or twice might have been an accident but every time just became obvious sexual foreplay. The other two guys were all eyes and seemed to be enjoying your dancing as much as your partner. Despite the fact you were a little apprehensive you did nothing to stop him or to discourage him.

This he took as a green light and when a slow song started instead of going back to the table he grabbed your hand and pulled you up against him with a firm resolve that he was not even about to be through with you yet. As his right hand slipped around your waist it never hesitated as it dropped down to cup your right ass cheek. Again you reacted with a start but did nothing to discourage his behavior. So with his left he placed your right hand on his shoulder and let his left hand slide down your arm until it was level with your right nipple. As he pulled you even closer he then with his thumb nail began to scratch your right nipple between your two bodies. Despite yourself, a low guttural moan escaped from you lips and you returned the hug that was mashing the two of you together. As he danced you over in front of his two friends at the table he became bolder. Taking your right hand putting it on his left shoulder he then took your nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Rolling your already erect nipple was just about as much as you could stand or so you thought. With no one else in direct line of sight except his two friends the big guy moved his left hand from your nipple, lifted your chin and proceed to run his tongue deeply into you mouth. Both your arms went around his neck as you gave yourself to his kisses. He slowly reached up his left arm and pulled your right arm down to your side. Then brazenly pulled the straps of your top and bra off your right shoulder he helped the top down past your nipple and held it for his friends to have a good look at. You finished the song that way and at the end of the song instead of pulling your straps back up over your shoulder you simply pulled the top over your nipple and went to sit down.

After a minute of the guys telling you how hot you are the next guy, still not knowing whether it was Dick, Rod or Peter, grabbed your hand and pulled you to the dance floor. Holding on to the right side of your top you moved your body into his and your arms around his neck and began to do a very erotic, sexual slow dance knowing your top was going to most likely fall down to expose your nipple again but not caring.

Your new dance partner was so proud of himself he wanted to show you off even more so he danced you over near the bar where all the other guys had been watching the whole show from a distance. When he was at the proper angle for the most of the guys to get a good look he moved your body away from his and pinched your right nipple between his thumb and forefinger for everyone at the bar to enjoy you sensuality. As the song ended all the guys applauded, whistled and hollered for more.

The waitress came over to the table and suggested everyone calm down before someone called the authorities. The third guy who had not danced yet reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold detective shield from the Louisville Police Department, suggesting the waitress not worry about the authorities. The three of them got a great laugh out of the waitress' expression as she moved back to her work station.

Not sure what to make of this predicament you had gotten your self into you pulled the straps up and started to make "go to the room" movements. But your new friends had other ideas. Letting you know it would not be a wise decision to make three of Louisville's finest angry. So you sat back down and smiled to hide a look of confusion. The third guy who had not danced reached over and puller your chair over right next to his. Then with total disregard for what anyone saw or thought pulled the front of your top out so he could look at your tits unobstructed. He lets out a low whistle that reflected his pleasure with what he saw. All the time you are feeling embarrassed but not enough to ask them to stop, because you really did not want them to stop.

You were feeling like they had taken total control of you and you were battling fear and excitement, with excitement winning a not so hard fought battle. Knowing they are police officers and in some way finding that reassuring of your safety.

The other two guys wanted to dance some more but Third guy wasn't hearing any of it. Letting go of your top he slide you chair around so you are facing him. He then asks, "What do you have on under the skirt, slut?"

The brashness and crudeness shock you a little but again excitement takes over the fear and apprehension. So you reply, "Thigh high lace stockings."

"What else, Cunt?"

Shyly you share, "Nothing but a very wet shaved pussy." You can not believe you have actually said what you said. But know that I would be very proud of you for it.

Finally the Third guy says, "Show us." It's is not a request it is with out a doubt a command. This is not a man to be trifled with. He is used to giving orders and having them followed and followed now.

You glance around the room and most of the couples are back to doing their thing but most of the guys at the bar are still watching with intense interest is what is gonna happen next to my darling. As you realize the Third guy is still staring you in the eye waiting for you to follow his command, you know you will be more embarrassed when they see your cunt is so juicy. But despite all the reasons not to you reach down take hold of the hem of you short skirt, slowly begin the slow pull up your thighs. First uncovering the lacy top of your stockings then the skin of your thighs until all they can see is the Y where your legs meet you lover body. You stop, still looking at the Third guy. Then before he can say it you slowly begin to open you legs so the he and his horny friends can see you beautiful pussy that is dripping wet by this time.

Waiting for him to say something you hold that pose for any and all to see. Getting more turned on all the time if that is possible.

Finally he says with a smirk, "Well now, slut, that is really nice for you to have that thing already for some serious use." He then pulls your skirt down and says come with us.

The four of you go to the elevator. Third guy pulls a key out of is pocket and turns a knob that allows him to take the elevator to the below level secret basement where the house detective has his office and a small medical office. They follow you off the elevator into a small waiting area with outside the medical office.

Turning around as the guys sit down in cushioned couches and easy chairs you eyes share the question, "What now?" The guys all kick back and relax with out so much as a word. The silence is deafening. Finally the second guy unzips his fly and reaches in for his cock while waving his hand for you to come over to him. The Third guy stops you with a look and tell the second guy to take it easy and slow down a little. We have all night now don't we sweet thing?

Afraid to say yes and more afraid to say no you don't say anything, just stand there with your nipples pointing straight out looking like they need attention.

The Third guy smiles and suggests, "Why don't you take off that top and skirt and let us feast our eyes on what your slutty ass looks like just before it gets the shit fucked out of it." The other guys smile widely in agreement.

Slowly you grab the bottom of your top and pull it over your head revealing the shelf bra and you wonderfully erect nipples. You cup your breast and slow take your nipples between you thumbs and forefingers. This increased your excitement from an already excited state. The guys begin to rub their crotches as you continue to fondle yourself. Before you get any more excited you decide to finish what you started and what Third guy had told you to do. You reach to your waist and unbutton the band of your skirt. Slowly letting it unwind from around your waist leaving you standing there with you skirt in right hand with nothing on but your half bra, thigh high lace stockings and your heels. You swing the skirt around before you flip it to the First guy. You are not sure if you have ever been this turn on ever in your whole life. A little bit embarrassed that you cunt juices are already running down you leg without even being touched yet, you reach down and scoop up a handful of juices and then bring your hand to your mouth and lick the juice off your hand. The guys really like this and whoop and holler loudly. You scoot back until your ass hits the edge of the reception desk. Leaning back and spreading your legs at the same time you place both you hands over your drippy cunt and begin to play with yourself to beat the band. Finally, you challenge the men, "Either one of you take care of this or I'm gonna finish it off all by myself."

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