The Beginning

She was a little nervous. She wondered if he would like the surprise she had planned for his birthday. She had found the place online, a club that fulfills fantasies for a price. She was surprised to find that it was only about 50 miles from where they lived. She had driven to club last week to check it out. It was a large house in a rural part of Ohio. There wasn't much around but herds of cattle once she turned off the main road, so they wouldn't have to worry about anyone seeing them.

The house had a large reception room downstairs where you could relax with a glass of wine if you wanted. The upstairs was filled with rooms that could be rented for 2 hour time slots. There were theme rooms, for people who were into bondage, certain eras of time, or fantasies about just about anything imaginable. The rooms were clean and the people who worked for the club were friendly. She paid for the fantasy that day, and sit it up for a time she knew they would be together. She also rented a room at a motel about 10 miles away, where they could spend the rest of the night.

He would meet her in a couple of hours and she would direct him to the club. But first she needed to dress for her part of the fantasy. She bathed, perfumed, and made up her face. She had painted her toenails and fingernails bright red. She put on red lipstick and mascaraed her lashes until they looked long and lush. She added just a pinch of rouge on both of her nipples. She put on a black lace bra, one that pushed her breasts upward and was cut low enough so all she had to do was bend over slightly and her nipples would tumble over the top of the bra. She slid into black stocking with lace garters at the top and left off her panties.

Her dress had a "v" cut neckline that plunged low enough to give the imagination a good workout but not tell of secrets hidden below. The skirt was mid calf length, with a side split that went up to the lace garters. She slipped into silver strap shoes had heels just high enough to put a little promise in her walk.


On The Way to The Club

They met at the usual place. She got out of her car and climbed into his truck. His eyes swept over her and she could see that he was already hard. It had been a long time since they had been together and the desire was high in both of them.

"Are you really ready for something different?" she asked him.

"Sweetie, you know I will try whatever you want, just let me go in and get us a room." he answered with a grin.

"No room, at least not here. I have rented us a fantasy". She answered. "If you are willing, they are expecting us at Club Eden in an hour."

"What is Club Eden?" He asked

"It is a place near here, where they will fulfill a fantasy for us, if you want. I drove to the club and checked it out last week. I told them what I wanted for you...for us, and then rented us a room for the night a little ways further from the club. We can only have the room there for 2 hours. If you don't want to go, or if you get uncomfortable while we are there, just tell me and we will do something else." She answered.

"Okay, tell me where to go, and I don't suppose I get to know what the fantasy is before we get there do I?"

"I'll tell you, if you really want to know, but I would rather wait and have you live it. Anticipation is half the fun you know" She smiled as she answered him.

"Well darlin, I will wait for the fantasy, but I can't wait another minute to kiss you."

His lips found hers, soft and yielding under his. His tongue searching for hers as his hand went to her breast. One fingertip traced the top of the lace on her bra as they kissed deeply.

She handed him a paper with written directions and told him that was enough for now, he was to save his passion for their playtime. He put the truck in gear and pulled up to Club Eden just short of an hour later

The Fantasy

They entered the front door of the club and were met by a tall well dressed woman. She looked as if she had just gotten off of her job at the bank and was still wearing a suit.

"Hello, and welcome to Club Eden. The rules of the house are pure pleasure. Two glasses of wine are permitted, no drugs and no hard liquor while you are here tonight. If your fantasy is not what you expected, or you become uncomfortable while you are in one of our rooms, you simply need to say the word "Enough" and leave the room" She looked at the couple in front of her and asked if they understood.

They both said yes and the woman continued with her address.

"You may or may not interact with any house players in your fantasy. That is up to you and there will be no extra charge for it. Are you ready to begin?"

She looked over at him, she could see he was totally in awe at what was taking place. She waited for him to answer aloud before saying yes herself. She smiled slightly as she followed the woman up the stairs and to a door on the left side of the hallway.

"Go in whenever you are ready, your fantasy starts when you step through the doorway. Enjoy" The woman told them before she walked back downstairs.

She opened the door to a large bedroom. There were vases of roses all over the room and candles provided a golden light. There was a couch with a bottle of wine chilling on a side table, two crystal glasses were nestled next to the wine. She led him over to the couch and set him down as she poured a glass of wine for them both. She turned her back toward him as she indicted he should help her with the zipper on her dress. With one tug she was standing in front of him in only her bra and stockings.

Her kisses warmed his body as she undressed him. He closed his eyes and leaned back onto the couch as she removed his shoes and socks. She had gotten lotion from somewhere and was rubbing his feet. She unbuttoned his shirt, leaning over his face so that her nipples showed through the lace of her bra and he took a nipple in his mouth sucking on it, teasing her while she worked at removing the rest of his clothing. His eyes were still closed and her hand was around his cock as he heard the door to the room open.

Two women entered the room, each of them wearing only a short silk robe tied at the waist. One was tall and slender, she had dark hair that fell below her waist. The other was short and plump, redheaded like the woman he was with. He could see that she had freckles scattered over her face and arms. He felt the woman beside him move closer and heard her whisper in his ear.

"Shall we go on?"

He nodded yes and felt his cock harden more than he ever thought it could. He knew what fantasy his love had provided for him tonight. What he didn't know was just how far they would take it.


The Women

The women began to kiss, there tongues melding together. Groans escaping from their throats as their passion began to rise. Each one tugged at the others robe until it opened and pulled it off of her partner. They lay down on the bed together. The dark haired woman had huge breasts. Her nipples were small and brown. The redhead straddled the woman on the bed, making sure that their audience was able to see all she began to kiss the other woman and started to suck on her breasts.

"Play with my pussy." the dark haired woman asked. "Later" the redhead answered. "Right now I want to suck on your pretty titties" She had the other woman's breasts in her hands and kneaded them as her mouth suckled the dark nipples. The redhead began to kiss her way down her partners body. Her tongue snaked in and out, moving with intense movements that made the other woman grind her hips into the mattress and open her legs for more. The redhead slipped off the bed and pulled her partner so that her hips were on the side of the bed. She opened her partners legs to show that brunette's pussy had been shaved clean. Her clit was so swollen that it was poking out of her pussy lips. The redhead sat on the floor and pulled a pillow under partners hips. The pillow raised the woman so that her pussy opened and her ass was plainly visible. The moisture from her excitement was glistening on her swollen clit. The redhead began to play with the other woman, running an index finger down the length of her slit without making penetration. She opened the woman's pussy lips and used her tongue to taste the wetness of her partner.

"Oh god, you taste good, like honey." The redhead put two fingers inside the brunette and then brought her fingers up to her partners lips. "Taste yourself, this is what you taste like when I eat your pussy." The other woman opened her mouth and sucked on the redheads fingers, both woman moaned with desire.

The redhead went back to her position at the foot of the bed. The lust in her eyes was deep and she was going to share it with her partner. Her fingers found the other woman's pussy and rammed deep inside of her. The rhythm of her fingers brought her partner to the beginning of a climax. But then she stopped. She didn't allow her partner to cum yet. She slowly brought her back down by sliding her fingers in and out more slowly and circling the woman's clit with a thumb.

She could hear her partner purr softly and knew it was time to take her back up again. This time she would be allowed to climax. The redhead moved her body so that her mouth could take up where her fingers left off. Her pink tongue disappeared into her partner's pussy. She licked and sucked until her partners hips began to grind into her face. She could feel the love juices of the other woman dripping down her own chin. She added her fingers ramming in and out of the other woman harder and harder with each movement. Just as the woman on the bed was about to scream out in climax, the redhead inserted on finger of her other hand into the other woman's ass.

The brunette screamed as she climaxed. Her body jerking, bucking not wanting the pleasure to stop. Her body was glistening with sweat as she came over and over again.


The Couple

He watched the women on the bed. His love had been stroking his cock gently as they had both watched the scene unfolding in front of them. Now she was between his legs, timing things so that his climax would cum at the same time as the brunettes'. He could feel her soft mouth sucking his cock. Her hands fondling his heavy balls. He watched as the woman on the bed scream in climax and felt his own rise up. His cum shot into his lover's mouth and dripped down her chin onto her breasts. His moans were loud and filled with lust. He climaxed harder than he had ever cum in his life.


The Question

She looked up at him, her blue eyes glazed over with passion that he knew so well.

"What do you want now, you can join them, I can join them, or we can go to the motel".

The answer, of course is another story...perhaps one for you to write.

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