Sunday night, we'd had a fairly long conversation. At least 3 hours long or longer, depending on whether you count when the phone's lose their signals or not. It's well past 2 your time and your just exhausted. It doesn't thrill you either that you have to be up in 4-5 hours for work and getting the girls off to school.

You return from your nightly trip to the bathroom and much to your surprise you see a shape in the bed. It's completely covered by the blankets so you creep closer and just as you reach for the blanket to pull it back I sit up, surprise! You leap back, startled. There is no way your believing your eyes. I was just on the phone with you for THREE hours, I'm in Wisconsin, your in New York, no way is this happening. Your heart is pounding as you go 'holy shit, what the hell? What are you doing here? How did you get here?" I just sit there with this grin on my face at your expressions. "Were you HERE all this time?" I just shake my head no with my cheesy grin.

Holding out my arms you gratefully go into them. Thrilled beyond measure to have me there in your bed. I haven't answered any of your questions really, but you don't care since I'm so THERE. Kissing, hugging, caressing soon follows as I begin to make love to you. Pulling back you can't believe your eyes. You quickly rise and shut the door that you'd left open. Putting the weight bar in front of it so we won't be interrupted. You turn out the light and return to the bed. You begin to ask questions again but I silence you with my tongue in your mouth.

For two hours we play with each other, enjoying our bodies against each other. The caresses, the moans, the sighs. It's incredible. You fall asleep in my arms, totally exhausted by our love play.

BANG, BANG, BANG! You come awake abruptly to find yourself alone in your bed. Dazed and disoriented you look around the room. The clothes you wore to the bathroom are flung around the room. BANG! "Mom? Aren't we going to school?" one of the girls asks through the door knocking on it again, HARD!

"Yeah, be there in a minute, go downstairs." You answer sleepily. You can hear the retreating footsteps. Looking at the clock it's already 7:30. Looking about the room you doubt your sanity. What an incredible dream you had! It was so real! Realizing that you slept naked and how wet you must have been, your a bit crusty between the legs and the bed reeks of sex.

Pulling on your clothes you head downstairs for a very quick shower. You remember each and every moment of the dream as though it were real. Incredible. Your clit actually feels well used this morning.

Rushing the kids off to school you distractedly talk to them about what they are doing today after school. Your mind isn't on THEIR day at all. You basically push them out the door at the school wishing them a good day. Leaving the school you punch in my auto dial on your cell phone.

Man it seems early here. I sleepily answer the phone. "Mornnnnnnnnninnn?"

"Hi there, were you asleep?"

"Hmmm mmmm." I refuse to fully wake up.

"I'll let you go back to sleep then."

"No, that's okay" I answer.

"You won't believe the dream I had last night! It was incredible! AND I remember it!" Your talking excitedly.

Waking up a little more, I rub the sleep out of my eyes and yawn. "Oh really?"

You begin to tell me what you dreamed since you went to bed last night. It all seems so real, so very very real. You can feel yourself getting aroused at the thoughts again.

Smiling at your excitement I enjoy your recitation of the dream. Over the course of the day you discuss the dream over and over with me. It just seemed so real!

Monday night we again talked for a couple of hours. I'm kinda sleepy tonight so we get off the phone by 1am your time. It hadn't got heated and you didn't need to go down to the bathroom tonight. Rolling over on your side you stare into the closet until suddenly you realize your NOT alone in the room. Rolling over suddenly you realize someone is IN bed with you! Startled you look closely, realizing that it is me!

"My GOD, how did you get here?"

Shaking my head I smile and caress the side of your face. I cup the back of your head to hold you for my kiss. Bearing you down to the bed I begin to make love to you. Your not going lightly though.

"How did you do this?" You try to ask.

Shaking my head again I try kissing you to shut you up. I'm only partially successful.

"Hey, stop! Stop! How did you do this?"

You can make out my smile as I shake my head.

"Your not going to answer?"

I shake my head slower.

"Why not?"

I shrug.

"Is this real?"

I lean over and pinch your butt. Jumping at the sensation you KNOW your awake. You put your arms around me and accept it. If it is a dream you DON'T WANT to wake up NOW!

In the morning, again, you wake up to an empty bed. You are again, naked, crusty, and the bed reeks of sex. You see the definite imprint of a head on the pillow besides yours. You remember falling asleep on top of me, snuggled into my shoulder.

Getting dressed after you shower you wonder, what the HELL is going on. It was too real, the pinch, the caresses, the thrusting, to be JUST a dream! You resolve to ask me when you phone after the girls are off to school.

"Good Morning" I must have been up for awhile. My voice is clear and I must be smiling into the phone.

"Good Morning" you can't help but respond to the cheerfulness.

"How are you this morning?" I ask, still grinning.

Deciding to play along with whatever game is going on you answer "wonderful, and you?"

Stretching, which you seem to be able to sense I answer "pretty good, pretty damn good."

Getting sick of the game already and wanting answers you ask "what the hell happened last night and where did you go?"

"Huh?" I ask.

"All right, this is a pretty elaborate game you've set up, but why did you leave? Were you afraid you'd get caught by Michael?"


Just then the phone dies. You call me again and get my voice mail. You call again, and again, and again. All voice mail. Suddenly the phone rings and you see on caller ID that it's me.


"Hey! Sorry about that but I leaned over for something that fell off my bed and I disconnected us."

"That's okay, but what happened to you last night?"

"What do you mean?"

Getting distinctly annoyed now at the game you ask "were you or were you NOT in my bed last night?"

Laughing I answer "Last night? Noooooo."

Doubting your sanity your like "Then who the HELL did I make love with last night?"

"What do you mean?" I ask. You can still hear the laughter in my voice as though this is all a big joke.

"You don't remember? You pinched me? You made love with me? Rather well I might add!"

Laughing out loud I answered "I didn't pinch you last night, I didn't make love to you, last night."

Now you are a little confused and then you realize something I'm saying. Your very quick that way. "Ok, so it wasn't last night, it was this morning."

Laughing again I just humor you going 'uh huhhh' I change the subject asking about what your going to do today.

Your not distracted though. Something is going on. You realize I won't or can't talk about it though. You decide to see if I show up tonight to ask me THEN.

Tuesday night we end up talking until 2am your time. You HAVE to go to the bathroom this time. Returning you quickly look to see if there is a body in the bed. The shape of the blankets indicate there is but when you pull them back I am NOT there. Now you are doubting your sanity. Those dreams were SOOOOO real! Getting into bed after turning out the light and undressing you decide to sleep with just a shirt on. At about 3am you realize your staring at the clock. Something has woken you. Its a hand caressing your hip and thigh. Turning over suddenly your elbow encounters me, you hear an 'ooof' as my breath is whooshed out of my body.

"Oh, sorry" you laugh. But your really not. It confirms what you suspected, that I'm really THERE.

Smiling I nod and lean over to kiss you. You forestall me though, wanting answers.

"How did you get here?" you ask as I try to kiss you again. My hands are distracting you, caressing your body. Grabbing my hands to hold them we end up in a tug of war, my wanting to caress you, you wanting answers to your questions. Before long we are both giggling until we're breathless, your flat on your back and I'm mindlessly kissing you. Oh well, you'll get your answers later.

You wake up Wednesday to a familiar sight. An obvious body print on the pillow and bed beside you but NO ONE in the bed with you. Sighing as you get out of bed you realize NONE of your questions have been answered. Now you ARE a little perturbed.

"Morning" my cheery voice comes over the phone line. Your calling after you dropped the girls off at school.

"Good morning." You answer but continue. "Okay, enough is enough, would you be so kind to explain how your able to get here every morning into my bed?"

"What?" I ask in an amused tone.

"Not funny" you answer. "I really need to know how this is happening?"

Again, the amused tone "How what is happening?"

Now your getting a bit pissed. Enough was enough. Am I sneaking into your house somehow? No way. You know your NOT imagining the wonderful nights. Your body is not imagining it at ALL! It is all so imposible anyway, there are over a thousand miles between us.

"Ok, you need me to spell it out?" You ask.

"Possibly" I hedge, suddenly sober.

"How are you able to appear in my bed, make love to me nightly, and disappear by morning?" Now your feeling stupid for saying it aloud and that pisses you off.

"I'm doing that?" Again, the amused tone.

"Come on, enough is enough, tell me!" I can hear the anger in your tone.

"I can't" I answer.

"Why not?" At least you know I'm answering ONE question.

"'cause it's part of the rules" I answer quietly.

"The rules?" Now your truly puzzled, have I flipped out?

"Uh huh" I answer. "But if you ask me I can nod or shake my head" I say quickly and quietly. "Hey, I gotta go, bye"

Suddenly your disconnected. What the heck? The rules? Nod or shake your head? More puzzled than ever you decide to wait up and see if you can see me sneaking into your room tonight.

Wednesday night we only talked briefly. I had a long day working and I wouldn't address anything of what we spoke of that morning. I'd only go 'uh huh' and 'uh uh' in answer to anything. It was frustrating you and you gave up. Finally at midnight your time we sign off. You wait patiently for something, anything to happen. But nothing does. 1am comes and goes. Getting impatient you decide the light must HAVE to be off and you make it so. 2am comes and goes and you find yourself dozing. Suddenly your conscious of me laying there staring at you. You MUST have dozed off cause you didn't hear me come in or climb into bed with you. Being the light sleeper that you are you are amazed to find me there. In the dim light you can see my smile as I lean in to kiss you. Holding me off, you get out of bed and switch ON the light. Blinking at it's glare we look at each other. I'm still smiling.

Leaning over the bed you pinch me. Jumping up in alarm I glare at you. Your beautiful smile is my reward. "Can you tell me now?"

Shaking my head I just grin intently at you, meaningfully. Trying to communicate SOMETHING with my eyes.

Thinking for a moment you realize something. In the four nights I've been coming to you, I haven't said a word. Moans, groans, and sighs, yes, but no verbal communication. "You can't talk? Is that it?"

Smiling, I nod.

"Is that part of the deal?"

I nod again, grinning. You're guessing IT!

"So, for you to be HERE with ME every night, you can't TALK to me?"

My hand makes a waving back and forth motion, like a see saw going back and forth.

You take that to mean 'so, so' or 'sorta.' "How long does this last?"

I shrug, I don't know.

"Well, far be it for me to look a gift horse in the mouth!" You smile as you join me on the bed and begin kissing me passionately. Your body rubbing against me HARD. We make the most passionate love that night. It's nearly morning and you sigh "I love you!" Looking deeply into my face, the light is still on in the room.

I smile sweetly at you and say "I love you, too" before I get the 'too' out I begin to fade from in front of your eyes.

Alarmed you watch as I disappear. The indent of my head stays on the pillow, the indent on the bed as well.

Waiting until the kids are school, you park your truck and phone me urgently. All you get is the voice mail, no answer. You leave several messages. Then when you get home you call, again no answer, only voice mail. You call my business phone as well, answering machine. Leaving a total of six messages between the two lines all you can do is go to work. Your worried though.

Thursday comes and goes and you don't hear from me. Now your getting frantic. You've left even more messages but heard nothing. You hope that tonight I will appear as before. Waiting all night you get NO sleep. I don't appear. Friday is hell for you, you've had no sleep and the worry is eating away at you. Work drags and you are NOT at your best there either. Snapping at the kids when they get home your feeling VERY hormonal. Your not sure you can even call the cops or anyone. Who would believe you? I've disappeared?!

Friday evening you go to bed at 8, hoping to get some badly needed rest. Your miserable but deep down your hoping that I will appear. Exhaustion takes over and before you know it, it is morning. Looking around the room you don't see the impression on the bed beside you and this depresses you. Grabbing the phone there is still no answer, only voice mail. Who could you call? The two numbers you have for me, both are no answer.

A week goes by and you've heard NOTHING. Extremely depressed at this point, you've almost given up. Absolutely nothing you've done has produced results. Everyone at work and around you at home is commenting how horrible you look. Lack of sleep, worry, and depression is taking it's toll.

It's Friday night again and you read a few things we've shared. Remembering better times. Before you know it, it's past midnight and you begin to doze. Something has awoken you. You realize you can actually SMELL my perfume. What the heck? Looking around frantically for what caused the smell you see nothing. Something though has caused it, because it is still in the room. Faint, elusive, but THERE. It gives you hope. It's a sign, your sure of it. Smiling, contented you go to sleep.

In the morning you again call, not expecting an answer but hoping. Still a voice mail, no answer. That's okay though, you know you got a sign the night before. You weren't imagining it, you aren't going crazy.

That night you wait, hoping against hope. The light is on and you wait. 11pm, 12am, 1am...finally when you are about to give up for the night you again get a faint smell of my perfume. This one you aren't as sure about, it's lighter than the night before. Have you imagined it? Are you willing it to happen? Just then out of the corner of your eye you see something, turning your head your shocked to see a shadow. A definite shadow. In the middle of the night? Your a little spooked but you watch it intently. It doesn't get darker, it doesn't get fainter. After a long time it moves slightly. Your convinced it is me, trying SOMEHOW to communicate. Knowing how nuts anyone who saw you would think you are you whisper "is it you?"

The shadow moves and you see the distorted outline of a head. It's nodding.

Relieved you ask "are you okay?"

The shadow shakes it's head. No.

Thinking quickly you ask "is there something I can do to help?"

The shadow shrugs.

Feeling as though something has dropped into the pit of your stomach you ask a question you've been dreading "Are you dead?"

The shadow shakes it's head. No. Then it shrugs.

Well, your a bit relieved but your not sure still. As you watch the shadow begins to fade. "Don't go!" you almost shout it, but the shadow is gone before you finish it.

Sitting there for hours you think about what you've seen. Frustrated, you are not sure WHAT you CAN do.

Another week goes by but you are feeling better. For some reason you see the shadow every night but only after 1am. Each night your sure that it's getting sharper, clearer, more defined. You can ask it yes and no questions but you don't always get the answers and a lot of them leave you just as confused about what is going on. Friday comes again and your waiting patiently, looking for the shadow. It doesn't always appear in the same place twice so your eyes are darting about the room. Finally it begins to appear. To your surprise it is as sharp as you've ever seen it. It continues to sharpen until you realize it's taking on COLOR! What you begin to see appears to be a ghost. You can faintly see the details of me as I stand there. Standing up you try to touch me but I shake my head, no.

Over the next week the ghost becomes clearer and more defined, each and every day you do your same routine. Take the kids to school, work, come home and WAIT for the kids to get home from school. Not being able to talk to me everyday for countless hours bothers you but you have the nights and a shadow and then a ghost listens to every word. You chauffeur the kids to their various activities and try to give them a normal mom. Nights are the worst, waiting until after 1am for your ghost to appear.

The next week the ghost begins to take even more form. You've asked it a million questions that remain unanswered. Nods, shakes, and shrugs are you answers. By the end of the week, a month from when I disappeared a body is actually standing before you. Amazed you hesitatingly hold out your arms and I go into them. We are able to kiss, caress, smell, nuzzle, and love each other again. That night you get NO sleep but you don't care. Not a word is spoken as we learn each other's bodies again. A month apart is just TOO long! In the morning the body is gone as before. You reach for the phone and punch in the auto dial. You haven't done this in weeks!

"Good Morning!" For the first time in weeks you HEAR my voice. The relief is palpable.

"Good Morning! I love you!" you answer. "Can you tell me now?" you ask.

"Tell you WHAT?" I ask innocently but you can tell the word WHAT has meaning.

Remembering the yes and no answers you begin. "Can you talk about what's been happening the last month?"

"Yes and no" I answer.

"Are you okay?" You ask.

"Yes, fine and you?"

"I'm fine. Where have you been?"

"Nowhere, just around" These vague answers are driving you insane. You want ANSWERS. It takes HOURS but you get them even with the yes and no and vagarity of it all. All of your answers were there finally. The relief is incredible. With a smile, you hang up the phone.

You as the reader:

Do you want to know the how?

Do you want to know the where?

Do you want to know why?

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