tagBDSMFantasy at My Office

Fantasy at My Office


You enter my office as instructed, closing the door behind you as I tell you to strip for me. When done, I have you kneel quietly at my side naked as I completed my work.

Reaching down between your legs, I feel your wetness and slide my finger across your freshly shaved pussy. I remove my fingers not looking up from my desk brining my fingers to your lips. "Open". I say flatly. You obey quickly as your heart races.

You open your mouth tasting my salty fingers mixed with your juices closing your eyes as you savor the taste. "Keep them closed for me." I say. You lick each finger like it was a tiny cock. The sound of people walking and approaching the door to my office beings a sense of panic. "Do not move". I say quickly in a confident commanding voice. You obey and realize your pussy is literally leaking between your warm bare thighs.

I casually remove my fingers from your mouth. You pout and say quietly: "More please, Daddy".

"That's all for now, get under my desk, I have a meeting starting in a few minutes and you will need to be quiet".

"Yes, Daddy" you reply and smile up at me.

You struggle to fit under my desk and I look down as you. "Hurry, you have about 30 seconds and then I will let them in." You hear what you believe are three women filtering slowly into my office. They chatter about the cold weather and laugh to themselves as they sit at the round table at the far end of my office. "Please close the door Susan" I say. You hear the clicking of heels walking

Past the front of my desk and can see the bottom outline of her shiny black heels making their way a mere inches from you under my desk. If it were not for the large wood privacy partition, Susan would surely see you crouched under my desk.

I start the meeting and ask for current business from each business unit. Each woman proceeds to read from each of their respective notepads. You look down at my shoes and notice the lace dangling from my right shoe and reach over carefully. Slowly, you tie my shoe for me and smile admiring your handiwork. I move my hand from the top of the desk underneath and you see a yellow sticky note in my hand. You take it and you read: " Thank you ". And smile

I continue talking to the women across from me and I move my foot closer to you. The tip of my shoe is pressing against your pussy as you I push forward slowly. I begin tapping my foot and a soft moan nearly escapes your lips. Your heart races as you again realize that you would be incredibly embarrassed if the women in my office knew you were here completely naked just a few feet from them.

You realize that your pussy is getting wetter at the thrill of being caught dances through your imagination. You find your fingers playing at your swollen clit making small circles and can smell the scent of your pussy filling your nostrils. The leather tip of my shoe presses against your aching swollen lips as you try to quietly scoot closer to me. I cough a few times giving you ample cover to move. You do so and can feel my shoe sliding between and into your swollen wet lips.

I stop moving my foot and I begin to discuss business again. You are growing impatient as the minutes pass. You are very horny and try to move back and forth over my shoe to jack off a bit. You can't quite get enough motion or leverage and after a few more minutes pass

you only feel more frustrated and horny. I seemingly ignore you but you know I have work to do and sit quietly listening to the sound of my voice. I instruct each woman to be prepared to present a report to me next week on their progress and begin to wind the meeting to a close.

You smile and bounce quietly in nervous anticipation waiting for my undivided attention.

Your hands are bound behind you and you try to relax a bit to loosen the bind on the ropes. You hear the last woman still talking to me and can see the tips of her pointed heels as the front of my desk.

"Leave!!" You mentally will her to leave but she does not stop talking. You close your eyes and try to concentrate again on my voice.

Your mind wanders a bit as you think of what my office looks like and you imagine her walking out the door. She is still talking!!' Grrrr

Your heart stops as you just realize that you left your clothes in a pile to the right of my desk. Your hear races and you try to control the panic growing in your chest. "Please, Daddy make her leave!" you think. And as If I can hear you, I stand and usher her to my door.

You exhale deeply as you hear the door shut behind her and you hear me making my way back to my seat behind my desk.

You wait for me to touch you, but I get to work and am shuffling papers as I hear you moan softly while caressing my pant leg hoping to garner my attention.

This goes on for nearly an hour and I finally reach down to caress your head softly. You nuzzle upward at my touch and it makes you tingle a bit as my fingertips run lightly through your soft hair.

With my other hand, you hear the clinking sound of me unbuckling my belt and the familiar "zzzzziiiippp" sound as I open my pants and pull my stuff cock out a few inches from your mouth. You extend your tongue in anticipation of tasting precum that has formed at the tip.

You coil your soft tongue back into your mouth and taste me. Your mouth begins to water and you want me in your throat again. You want me fucking your mouth like a dirty girl. You know I like how you suck my thick cock and want to force your mouth and face downward impaling and chocking and drooling on my meat. It makes you feel like a good slut coughing and gasping as you try to see how long you can keep my dick buried deep in your throat.

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