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Fantasy Becomes Real


There I was, sitting on a red stool. I let out a long sigh as I tried to find a friend of mine. No one was around, not even a sound of feet clicking or stools sliding. All was calm, too calm. I glanced around nervously, and I saw something move. At first I couldn't tell what that was, the shadows casting a gloomy black across it. However, I could tell one thing. It was coming my way.

Click, click, click, click was all I could hear as the something came toward me. I was shaken. Then, I winced. Finally, she stepped out of the shadows, into a warm glowy light. My jaw dropped at this Asian beauty, standing at 5'7'', nice wavy black hair down to her shoulders and feathered. Her eyes were as brown as cinnamon sticks were, they were so dark brown, I felt my heart flutter. This was the first time I've EVER seen a woman as close to a goddess as she is. I was totally in awe of her beauty. She had all the right curves at all the right places.

Finally, she opens her voice, enchanting this room with the sweet tone. "Hello, Aaron. It's me, Kaleena." Oh damn I thought I was going to melt right then and there. Her voice was lovely, and accented lightly with a Chinese accent.

"Ka-ka-ka-kaleena?! Oh my gosh hun, you look really sexy!!" I managed finally, swallowing the lump in my throat, trying to not pay attention to my cock, which was hammering against the inside of my jeans.

I prayed she didn't notice as she took my arm, leading me to a bedroom type area. She closed the door behind us, and turns me around...plopping me onto the bed. She then hops into my lap, starts asking me questions.

"How are you sweety?'' She asked in her lovely voice, her hands around my waist, head laying upon my shoulder.

"I'm to-to-totally great. You're a damned BOMBSHELL though Kaleena, you really are.''

I could see her blush as she giggles heavily. Then she wraps her arms tighter around my waist, lifting off my shirt slowly, revealing my pudgy, yet some muscles on it stomach and chest. I blush too, obviously ashamed that I dont have any showing muscles. I pull her green shirt off, slowly, revealing her nice full breasts. underneath her silky blue lace bra.

I gulp mightily, resisting the urge to start licking and sucking on her breasts even with her bra on. She must've been reading my mind, she plucked her bra off, tossing it aside. I watch as her breasts heave in and out as she breathes, I can feel my pants bulging more, still ignoring. I reach up and rub each of her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers.

She tosses back her head, letting out a heavy sigh, her nipples start puckering, standing tall and erect. I put one into my mouth, sucking hard and slow. I could feel her heart beat faster as my tongue smacks her right nipple around. She parts her lips, a soft and slow moan escapes her lips, barely audible. I heard it though. I smiled to myself as I nibbled her hot pink nipple softly, hearing her gasp again.

My other hand slides over to her left breast and nipple, pinching and prodding that while I giving her right one the suck of it's life. I then swap nipples, having her softer left nipple plop into my mouth, hardening it right up. I hear Kaleena moan a little louder as my teeth nibble softly on the newly erect nipple. I suck hard and a bit faster, she screams because I accidentally pulled her right nipple too hard. I apologize quickly by going back to the right nipple, licking and massaging it with my tongue.

I hear a moan escape her lips softly, so I knew she wouldn't be mad anymore, and that all was forgiven. I went down to her waist, pulled off her blue pants and keeps her in her green panties. I smile, looking at the damp spot in the crotch of her panties. I slowly pull off her panties, wafting her lovely pussy's scent.

"Mmmm, Aaron, please eat my dripping pussy!'' I heard Kaleena beg. I followed her beg, out of love for her, and also because I just had to taste her snatch juices. I buried my face deep into her pussy, licking and flaying my tongue around like a madman inside. My tongue presses deep into her cunt. I hear her moan loud, shaking some windows.

My tongue goes around in slow hard circular strokes, feeling her clit and boxing it around. I could tell easily that she's enjoying it. I feel her legs tremble and quake, as if an earthquake was happening inside her body. I continue licking her pussy, wondering what was going to happen. Well, I had a good idea what was going to happen, but having never tasting a girl before her, I didn't know if I'd like it or not.

Before long, I worked her pussy enough to make her quake finally cease, ending up in my mouth. I enjoyed lapping up my own face, trying to get every crevice on my face and lips that she gave extra juices to. I finally finished lapping it all, slurping as well.

Sighing, I laid back. My cock was at its full length inside my jeans, pressing against the zipper part. I was wincing, trying to forget it. Everytime I looked at Kaleena's body, my cock hammered my pants harder. I couldnt get into any comfortable position. I just pulled off my pants. My cock was poking out of my boxers, fully erect at 7.5 inches. I notice Kaleena eying my cock.

"You want to taste it Kaleena?'' I teasingly say to her, noticing her blush as she turns her head. "It's okay baby, you can if you want.''

She droops her head down in shame. "Alas, I have never sucked a guys dick before, and I don't want you to think less of me because I couldn't pleasure you.'' I see a tear form in her eye.

I kiss her gently, letting her know that she can just suck it, and that I'd guide her head and mouth along as I would like it, so she could know how I like my hard cock sucked. She nodded her head, willing to let me guide her lovely head around.

She scoots down my body, licking my nipples on her way down. She giggles as one of my pubic hairs tickle her neck. I smile, feeling her warm breath against my balls. I let her maneuver herself in a way so that her mouth is right over my hard cock, now a little wet with precum. I watch her flick her tongue across my cock head. My cock gets even harder, fully pulsating and throbbing.

I let her do what she wants first, seeing how good her natural talent is. She starts by licking around the base of my hard shaft, and licking her way upwards. I moan slightly, letting her know she is doing a good job thus far. She wraps her tongue around my cockhead, pulling and pushing it around. I moan softly, telling her that she's doing a great job. She uses her right hand to grab my cock shaft, slowly jacking it off for me while sucking it still. I moan a little louder. Her other hand grabs my balls, slowly playing with them. I moan louder, letting her do so. She smacks my cock shaft with her tongue, licking up and down up and down, in unison with her hand and the circular pattern of her rubbing my balls.

"Ohhh yess sweetheart! Good girl! You wont be needing MY HELP at ALL!'' I cried out as she continues sucking me off hard, she stops jacking me off too. Her hands both go on my balls, each hand gets a ball, while she sucks my hard cock, which I can feel growing even bigger than 7.5 inches. She is pushing my hard stiff cock into her mouth as deep as she could, without trying to go any deeper than she knows she could. I moan loudly, telling her I'm about to cum.

"Hurry sweety, get it outta your mouth and put it on your belly/stomach/breasts area.'' I shouted, and she complied immediately, putting my cock against her body, where I rub it against her, the last few strokes before I blew my load. It was hot and thick, all over her breasts and very little dabbed her face.

"Okay baby, just lay back and let me clean you up!'' I smiled as my tongue pressed against her cheeks, getting the little dabs of my load first. I slip my tongue downwards...slowly, onto her breasts, lapping at the first little pool on them that I could see. I eat the pool up slowly, tenderly. I slide my tongue around her nipples, where the thickest pools of cum splattered. I tuck it under my tongue....then go on to the last bit of the pool.

This pool was huge. It was glistening, making her shine like a glaze. I put my hands onto her ass, rubbing it and massaging it softly as I finish sucking up this pool. My mouth was full of cum. I rolled it all into one wad in my mouth...and then I pull up to her, and she closes her eyes, I start frenching her, my cum drips slowly into her mouth....and you can tell apart my saliva from my cum. I frenched her deeply, swishing my tongue around, making her taste the cum wad in full swing.

Then, I pull her up to my chest....laying her there. We fall asleep like that....my hands on her hard ass. :)

The End?

- Not fucking likely!

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