tagRomanceFantasy Ch. 01

Fantasy Ch. 01


The cool breeze tousled his hair as he slammed the car door shut. He took a look at the neighborhood around him. A couple of people talking in front of a light, some kids trying to look rebellious, smoking on the corner. He tried to remind himself that there was no reason to be anxious. He had held her for hours on end, had kissed her on every available inch of her skin, had shared countless orgasms, and yet, he still felt that pang of anxiety. It was no matter, he would see her in just a few seconds, he turned and faced the wind.

As was custom he grabbed his cell as he reached the door, her number was the last on his call list. He had called her on the way up and told her that he wouldn't be able to make it, he told her that he was on his way to work because they needed someone to stay late and had called him as a last resort. Just before he pressed 'call,' he closed his phone shut and decided to try and drag out the surprise, surely she'd be even happier if he just burst into her room with a big smile on his face and some flowers in his hands.

He tried the door and to his surprise, it was actually unlocked. He held the handle and eased it open just enough to slip in, he loved trying to be sneaky. He slowly edged the door shut and ran the handle silently into place. He took a few test steps to make sure the floor wouldn't creak and snuck back towards her room. It was cracked just a peak and as he reached for the handle he heard her moan. He turned and peered in through the crack and watched one of his favorite fantasies unfold.

He edged the door just enough to see her whole body. One arm curved and clutching her breast, the other working its way down, closer and closer to her pussy. She played with herself teasingly and slowly worked off the shorts she was wearing. He felt himself harden and wondered for a second if this was wrong. He decided it wasn't, he wouldn't feel bad at all if the situation had been reversed, so he held back and watched as her other hand reached under her shirt to rub her nipples.

Her eyes were nailed shut in pleasure so he eased the door open just a little farther. She pulled her shirt back, revealing her large, perfect breasts and began to massage them in large circles, stopping to pinch and pull her nipples. Her other hand began to slide back to her bare pussy and he almost lost it when she rocked back and spread her legs, sliding her fingers across all the wet, pink places he loved to lick so much. He was glad to see her wetness trickling down felt his own cock swelling with cum. She began to moan more frequently, one hand working faster and faster on her breast, the other working in a jerky rhythm on her pussy; fast circular motions suddenly brought to a stop as she gasped and starting back immediately. Her body began to writhe on the bed as her breath quickened and her moans ran into one long, steady gasp of pleasure. Just when he knew she was about to come she thrust two fingers deep inside her wet pussy and held them there as her body twitched with pleasure. That was his trademark, working her into a frenzy and thrusting deep inside her as she came, it was a pleasure to see her emulating their experiences.

She lay on her bed, wrapped in a blanket of euphoria and he pulled out his phone and dialed her number. As soon as her phone rang, she jumped up and looked at the number. When he saw her smile at his name, he pushed open the door. Surprise filled her eyes and was quickly replaced with understanding and then lust. She walked up to him and took the flowers and tossed them aside. She grabbed his hair, gently yet firm, and brought him down to her level. She indulged in one long kiss and then guided his head down further. He took the hint and sank to his knees, gently kissing her breasts, then her stomach, then her thighs. He reached around and grabbed her butt, pulled himself up and spread the lips of her pussy with his tongue.

She gasped as he slowly began tracing circles around her clit, pausing for effect and diving once more with his tongue. He plunged it into her hole and slowly worked around and out, taking his time, not wanting to hurry her pleasure. He brought around one of his hands, the other clutching ever harder on the cheek of her ass, and gently held her lips apart. He began to lick faster and lighter, focusing on her clit and pausing to take long heavy strides the length of her pussy. She began to stand on her toes, flexing every muscle she could in pleasure as he moaned into her warm center. He began to suck on her swollen clit and she screamed with ecstasy. He felt the warm gush of her coming and took the chance to push her back on her bed.

He leaned over and kissed her, raising her up to pull off the shirt that she had neglected to remove. He lightly flicked her nipple with his tongue and then began to suck on them wholly, occasionally nibbling and pulling with his teeth in the way she loved. He moved down further, tracing lines with his hands and tongue. Down her breasts, across her thighs, breathing his hot breath on her pussy as he passed over it. She gasped every time but he would not indulge her with the pleasure of his mouth, not yet.

"Lick it."

"Not yet."

"Dammit, lick me now!" She grabbed his head and thrust his face into her pussy and he began to lick furiously. She bucked up against him again and again and he thrust one finger from his large hand deep inside of her, she came, her body riding his finger in a wave of pleasure. She shuddered as he slowly pulled it out of her and licked her cum off of his finger. He let her taste and they basked a moment in pleasure.

She pulled him up and spun him around onto the bed, unbuttoning his pants and jerking them free. He helped her by taking off his shirt and gasped as she finally removed his underwear to reveal his swollen cock, throbbing with come and aching for her touch. She wrapped her hot mouth around his cock, licking and sucking. She began to kiss his stomach, moved up and gently sucked his nipple and the two of them gasped as she finally mounted his cock, letting his entire shaft slide into her at once.

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