tagRomanceFantasy Ch. 1

Fantasy Ch. 1

byBaggins Wife©

We've just eaten an incredible dinner for two and it's storming outside. You can hear the thunder booming and the lightning crackle as lights flicker off and on in the house. You look at me from across the table and something just clicks and sizzles between us. I reach for your hand, and hesitate hoping you'll accept the invitation I'm feeling so deeply inside me. You smile, and grab tightly onto my hand as we stand up and slowly make our way over in front of the fireplace. A bit of chill in the air so we've got a comfy fire to keep the air away from us... I grab your hands and slowly walk toward you until our bodies touch. Bracing each other as my hands move up to cup your face and feel your skin. My fingers skim over your face from starting at your forehead, moving slowly down your nose, over your eyes, your cheeks, and jaw, then skimming over your lips... You look so beautiful and I want to touch you so badly... You can tell I'm not usually this bold but something inside grabs at me, and makes me yearn for things I've never felt before or experienced.

I grab your face in my hands, and slide my tongue over your lips, tracing at them, nipping at the seems of them... Sucking your lip into my mouth and then thrusting my tongue in and out of your mouth as you grab onto it and suck me in... We kiss passionately as my arms wrap around your neck, and your arms tighten around my waist. I can feel your hardness pressing into my pussy through my dress. Our tongues duel harder and harder until I'm moaning into your mouth. I can't seem to get enough of your taste and wetness. Our lips break apart and I slide my hands down your chest, over your nipples, and down your stomach, grazing lightly against your cock... Bring my hands back up to hook my fingers into your shirt and lift it over your chest, and then your head, as I kiss the skin that is exposed... Then I unzip your pants, pull them down, and slide them over your feet... Next come your briefs... I hesitate before looking at all of you and you can sense it's been a long time for me so you crook your finger under my chin and lift my face up to look into your eyes... You can see how much I want you and you undress me slowly, as my dress pools at my feet, then my bra, and panties till I'm completely nude... Our bodies press together and I drag my tongue slowly down your body starting with your eyes, and neck... Feel my teeth biting at your neck, and sucking on it over and over. Dragging my tongue over your collarbones, down your chest... Feel my tongue teasing your nipples... Lightly rubbing my tongue back and forth over them, making them pointy and hard, yet not taking them into my mouth just yet... While I lick and rub one nipple, my fingers squeeze, and pinch your other... Put both my hands on your chest and suck your nipples in one at a time, biting at them, nibbling on them, and then blowing my breath gently over them as they pucker and harden for my eyes... My tongue begins sliding down even more towards your throbbing hardness. My hands reach around you and grab your ass, splaying it wide, and squeezing them as my tongue rims the tip of your cock...

I suck on the tip of you, as your cock becomes even darker in colour and hardens even more in my mouth... Just as your starting to buck against my mouth to make me take in all of you, I move up your body, and place a blindfold on you. As before the rules are simple... No talking unless you're moaning, no rough stuff unless that's what you want, and you're to do as your told, yet you don't have to do anything you don't like. I make you get on your knees in front of me, with your tongue out, as I spread my lips apart and teasingly rub my wetness against your tongue... Oh and one more rule I forgot to mention. No touching until I tell you too... No matter how much you want too you must wait until I say so. I spread myself with one hand as my other holds your head still so your tongue can taste my juices... I want you wild for me. I want to make you lose total control of yourself until you grab me, and throw me on the floor and fuck Me... And know I'm completely wild for you and have already lost control of myself. I want to give you such intense pleasure the likes of nothing you've ever felt before.

I stand you back up, get on my knees, and suck your cock into my mouth. I massage your balls with one hand as the other is playing with the lower part of your cock... My tongue slides up and down the length of you, sucking at your sides, and swirling over the tip of you... Then I ram you into my mouth and suck you deeply into my throat... As your knees start to quiver and buckle beneath you, I give you permission to grab onto my hair and pull anytime you want me to take you deeper and faster. Not too rough but enough so I know when to go deeper and when to go faster... I want you to cum a bit in my mouth but not completely... Not yet... As your precum squirts into my mouth, I stand up and we kiss passionately. You can taste yourself on me and it makes you moan for more... While I'm kissing you my hands are moving up and down your body. I turn you around, and begin sucking and nipping at your back. Licking my tongue over your shoulders, down your back, and towards that beautiful crack of yours...

I bend you over and have you get on your hands and knees... I spread your butt until I see that tight hole of yours...My tongue flicks at it, rimming it slowly, before sliding my tongue inside you... This is a very new experience for me, and I love It... Love knowing my tongue is inside of you, and love the taste and smell of you... You try thrusting against my face and I let you but only for a bit... then I slide my tongue down, and suck your balls into my mouth, laving them with my tongue, and sucking at them... Rubbing them around in my mouth... I lay you down on your stomach as your body quivers beneath mine and slowly and gently kiss your thighs, and calves... Licking at your skin inch by inch... Kiss your feet, and lick at them... Move my way back up and have you straddle my face as I'm laying down so I can spread your cheeks and lick every single inch of your hole...

I can feel you squirming on my face, and feel the muscles tighten in your thighs and ass. My hand wraps around the front of you and squeezes your cock, moving up and down you and making you even harder for Me... I can feel your wetness seeping onto my hand... I change places and get on top of you, rubbing my cunt against your cock, teasing the tip of It... You try grabbing onto my waist to push me down on you but I won't allow It... I move up and squat over your face, teasing you with the smell of Me... You can feel the warmth of my pussy but can't quite reach with your tongue... I rub against your face lightly and turn myself around to kiss at your lips, tasting myself... I slide my fingers and hands over my breasts, squeezing my nipples, and sucking on them as I remove your blind fold... You watch me pleasuring myself, and I reach down, slide my finger inside me and start fucking my finger... I pull out my finger with all it's juices clinging to it, and stick it in my mouth to suck on, then I lean down, slide my finger into your mouth, and whisper... 'Your turn sweetheart'...

You take over, toss me on my hands and knees, lay beneath me but sitting halfway up so you can spread my pussy and lick at me. Your tongue swirls around my clit, teasing it, but never quite touching. Your fingers are inside me and your tongue is sucking and licking... You slam your face into my cunt sucking as hard as you can, and letting up on it when my orgasm starts only to start back up once I've calmed down. You tease me unrelentlously... You lick at my thighs and my crack, teasing me even more. Then you push me on the ground, and start licking and sucking my nipples into your mouth, making them hard and rolling them over your tongue. Your hands glide gently over my body as I start to lift myself against you. I am quivering so badly and shaking... Your tongue slides over every inch of mine, and you slow things down a bit to make love to me. You start kissing my stomach, and then teasingly lick at my lips inhaling the scent of me, but not opening me to your tongue... You spread me, and lick at me like a cat laps at milk. Nice and slow. I try thrusting against your mouth, but you wont' let Me... You want me to lay there and don't move. Don't make a sound. I want to scream so badly... I'm shaking so badly. You bend my knees up and spread me wide, so your tongue can eat at me and my juices can run into your mouth. You drink every last drop and then some. As my legs shake and give out you raise up, and rub your cock against my cunt... You slide into me slowly inch by inch as my body adjusts to your size... You stretch me slowly and fill me completely... I still can't touch you and I am nearly insane from all the pleasure that has been building up. You allow me to wrap my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck as I'm whimpering and thrashing underneath you. Then you push my legs up even harder, and fuck me slowly and deeply... Going faster and faster... Just when I'm about to cum and explode all over you, you pull out, and shove in all the way, putting my legs on top of your shoulders and fucking me hard and fast. I explode around you just as your reaching your peak and then you explode inside of me. You spurt deep inside of me. As our orgasms fade and our heartbeats return, I turn into your arms, and wrap my legs with yours, and my arm thrown over you, as my head lays on your chest. I slowly lick the sweat off of your chest, and kiss you softly on the lips. As we're laying there staring into each other's eyes, I rub myself against you, and realise your getting hard again. I slide down, suck you into my mouth over and over, as your cum starts squirting into my mouth. Move up to kiss you once again, and see the passion flare in your eyes, as you flip me under you and smile wiggling your eyebrows at me before your mouth descends on mine...

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