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Fantasy Dance


Alex and Carolyn had gotten an invitation to dinner at one of the most elite five star eateries, in New York.

When they got there, the band was playing and people dancing; And Carolyn could not wait to dance.

They walked over to the table grabbing drinks from one of the servers.

Tom and Jody, friends of there’s, were sitting and waiting for them.

The four of them talked and joked for a while;

The band was playing something slow and Carolyn wanted to dance.

As Alex and Carolyn danced, Carolyn put her head on Alex’s shoulder, Alex whispered, I love you Carolyn, she looked at him, and gave him a kiss and said, I love you too sweetie, she paused, and said, I can't wait to get you alone.

The dance ended, dinner was being served, and Carolyn and Alex made there way back to the table.

Tom asked, is any one in need of another drink, Alex answered no Tom thank you we're good.

Carolyn looked over and saw some one she wanted to go say hello too, she asked Alex, do you mine, no sweetie go-ahead.

Tom was still getting drinks, Jody and Alex were alone at the table, Alex said, Jody, you are beautiful tonight as always.

Jody looked at Alex intensely, not saying anything, after a few seconds Jody said, Alex, thank you that was sweet of you to say. And she continued to say, Alex, I‘ve always found myself very attracted too you, I hope you do not think me to forward for saying this. No, answered Alex, as he smiled.

Tom made his way back to the table, handing Jody her drink, and the four of them once again started talking. Alex felt some thing touching his leg, thinking Jody or Tom just moved.

Then it happens once again, Alex realized it was Jody, she looked at Alex smiling, as her foot touched Alex’s leg once again.

It did not stop, every chance she got, she would once again rub his leg with her foot.

Jody was so bold, she took off her shoe and gently placed her foot between Alex’s legs, slowly moving up until her foot was touching his balls.

Alex was a bit nervous, and did not know what to say or do. However, as nervous as Alex was, he like what Jody was doing to him. Alex moving back out of her reach, and asked Carolyn to dance.

Tom asked Jody if she wanted to dance also. As the four were dancing, Jody kept looking at Alex, and smiling at him. She took her tongue, touching, and rolling it around her lips, and then winked at Alex. Jody making sure Alex was looking directly at her, she lipped some words to him,“ I am wet for you and I want you now, I want you to taste my warm sweet juices.

Alex found himself fantasizing, and maybe wanting Jody. A few times Jody had gotten behind Alex, as the two couples danced, Jody would bump into Alex’s butt with hers. Alex would jokingly say, hey stay in your own lane and laughed.

Suddenly, the lights had gone out through out the building. Carolyn dropped Alex’s hand, Alex, did not know why. A minute or two went by, Alex felt his hand being picked up, and he was being pulled off the floor, He ask, sweetie, where are you taking me. There was no answer, again he asked, Carolyn where are we going?

It was dark, and Alex could not see where he was being taken, she pulled Alex through a doorway, he heard a door close and a lock turning. Alex thought to him self, this is one of my fantasies, but how did Carolyn know. I have never said any thing about this to her, could I have said something in my sleep.

Then suddenly, he felt Carolyn’s hand between his legs, she was slowly moving upward, touching his balls, and then rubbing his cock, and as she did, it grew harder. Alex Asked, Carolyn what are you doing. Alex thought to himself, what if this is not Carolyn, could it be Jody, why isn't she answering me, he Alex called her name once again, still she did not answer.

Who ever she was, Alex was nerves, but not enough to stop it, the pleasure he was feelling was over taking the need to stop. She unbuckle, and unzipped his pants, pulling them down to his feet, Alex's body was unable to move with the pleasure he was feeling. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and slowly rubbing, and stroking.

Alex felt her tongue touching the tip of his hard cock, her mouth sliding down his shaft. Suddenly a cold chill ran down Alex’s back, it is cannot be Carolyn, it is not her style to do this. She continued sucking, licking, and slowly moving her mouth up and down on Alex’s throbbing hot cock.

Alex was out of control, he wanted more of her, and didn't care who it was now, he pulled her up, and gave her a kiss, then pushed her up against the wall, he held her there as he touched her breasts through the dress, Alex place her nipple it in his mouth, He felt her nipple getting larger as he licked it through her dress, and more he did, the harder it would get.

Alex undid the back of her dress, he pulled it down, he placed his hands on her bare soft silky beautiful breasts, and as he did, she moaned. Oh my God! Alex thought, what am I doing? if this is not Carolyn, it has to be Jody. And if it was Jody, Alex would be in deep shit.

She put her hands upon his, and together guided his hand to the bottom of her dress, and together they pulled the dress above her hips, she slowly guided his hands to the cheeks of her ass.

In a low, unrecognizable voice, she whispered, take my pussy in your mouth, and taste my warm sweet juices. Alex pushed her legs open slightly, and as he slipped his hand between her legs, his hand pressed against her clit, her moans were getting loud.

Alex in his heart, knew it was not Carolyn, but he could not stop. She kept stroking, and at one point, she must have known Alex was about to cum in her hand, and she stopped. She whispered, not yet Alex.

She took and placed his finger into her mouth, making it wet, and then rubbing her clit with his finger, as she got wetter, she guided and pushed his finger inside her. Alex was burning up with passion, and wanted more from her; he wanted to fuck her deep and hard.

Alex was moving his finger in and out of her pussy, and she was breathing heavily, and her warm juices were flowing over his hand. She gently grabbed Alex’s shaft, pulling it closer to her pussy, she wanted Alex to put his cock deep inside her, Alex felt the warmth of her wet pussy, just touching the tip of his cock. And as her warm juices were dripping down onto his cock. Alex leaned into her, and kissed her softly, her mouth opened slightly, and there tongues gently touching, Alex’s blood boiling, and wanting her more then ever, As Alex kissed her once again, he suddenly became very relaxed, as if he had excepted what was happening.

Alex’s touching her gently, wanted to put his tongue inside her pussy, he wanted to taste the essences of her soul. There was a chair by the wall, she moved it away, and guided Alex over to the chair and wanted him to sit.

Alex sat down, for about 30 seconds she was straddling Alex and was teasing him with her warm pussy, and then sat on his lap. Alex pulled her dress, up and over her head and dropped it to thee floor. She took the tip of Alex’s hard cock and putting it between her legs, and just touching the opening to her soul; and once again he felt he warm juices dripping down on to his cock.

she wanted his hard hot throbbing cock deep inside her pussy. She slowly sat down on his cock, sliding it deep inside her. He felt her pussy throbbing as he held her breasts, and he kissed and licked her nipples, her moans growing louder, And Alex hoping no one would hear her.

Her body moving up and down slowly. And as she pushed down closer and harder forcing his cock deeper in her, he felt her tightening up around his cock. Her clit rubbing on him each time she moved down, He spread the cheeks of her ass as she pushed deeper with each thrust. And with each thrust she was Cumming repeatedly, and moving faster and harder, Alex could not hold back any longer. His cock was throbbing and wanting to explode, she pushed down one last time, it was a hard deep wet thrust and as she did her body tighten up and the waves of pleasure traveled through her body and through Alex's. Alex then exploded. After a few seconds, her head fell down onto Alex’s shoulder, and she gave out a loud muffled scream as the waves were coming to an end.

Her body went limp on Alex, her head on his shoulder, his hand stroking her hair. Alex was holding her close, as he whispered in her ear; please, tell me you are Carolyn. There was no answer.

They felt around for there things, and when they were dressed, Alex felt her pulling him towards the door, feeling they're way along the wall. Just before she unlocked and opened the door, Alex once again asked, who are you?

As she opened the door, Alex felt her finger on his lips and heard her say, shush, as she moved back and gently pushing Alex out the door. The lights were still out; the candles from each table were the only source of light. As Alex walked back too the table, he kept thinking about how he was going to tell Carolyn.

He could not find Carolyn, and then he heard his name called from the other side of the room. Carolyn came up to Alex looking at him and adjusting his tie and jacket, she gave him a kiss, and asked, where did you go.

Alex’s heart was beating hard, and feeling as if he just ran a 26-mile race, he could not say anything. After a few seconds Alex said, where do I start. Carolyn said, at the beginning silly, and laughed, well, things could not have gotten any worst, the light just came back on, it was not enough that Alex was about too hurt Carolyn but now he had too see it on her face.

As Alex was about to tell Carolyn, he saw a spot on Carolyn’s dress, just by her nipple, a wet spot as if it was made by some ones mouth. He whispered to Carolyn, Oh My God, it was you.

She answered, yes, and laughed. Carolyn and Alex danced holding each other as if it was the first time. Carolyn smiled and said, lets leave; I have mine own fantasy, and it has to do with you and me, and that limo waiting outside.

As Alex left with Carolyn, he could not get Jody off his mind, wondering about what happened, between him and Jody before the lights went out, and if that will ever happen again.

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