Fantasy Dancers


Sandy sat down on the bed next to me. She put an ashtray on my stomach. Judy and Sandy could both reach the ashtray there. Sandy lit a cigarette, and lay by me. Her nipple was inches from my lips. I started sucking on her nipple, and she blew smoke in my face. The smoke, sucking, and light stroking was keeping me aroused. Judy lightly stroked my cock until I got close to an orgasm, then she stopped. She waited until I calmed down, and my cock started to get limp, before she started stroking again. When Sandy finished her first cigarette, she kissed me for a few minutes. Then she sat up and reached over to the end table to get another cigarette. She lit it, and lay down by me again. I sucked on her nipple again, while Judy lightly stroked my cock. They kept teasing me, Judy stroking me, and Sandy blowing smoke in my face as I sucked on her nipple. Judy knew when to stop stroking so that I would almost orgasm, but not quite. Once I was so close to orgasm that I started thrusting in the air when Judy stopped stroking. I almost cried as I calmed down.

Judy brought me near orgasm six times. Each near orgasm took less time, but more time to calm down.

After the sixth near orgasm, Judy asked me, “Do you want to come?”

I stopped sucking on Sandy’s nipple and answered, “Yes.”

“Do you really want to come?” Judy asked.

I answered, “Yes please.”

Sandy sat up and slid down to sit next to Judy. Seeing both of them naked and smoking was not helping me calm down at all. I wondered what Judy would want me to do before she would stroke me to an orgasm. I would probably do anything Judy wanted me to do.

“Eat me”, Judy commanded.

I nodded yes.

Judy crawled over by me, and sat down on my face. I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit, as best I could. I drove my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. Judy started moaning and squirming around on my face, and I had a hard time keeping my tongue in her pussy. After a few minutes of moaning, I could feel that she was close to an orgasm. She started shivering, and I licked and sucked until her orgasm was over. I licked the juices from her pussy until she got up, and crawled to the middle of the bed between my legs, and sat down.

“Eat me”, Sandy commanded.

I nodded yes.

Sandy crawled over by me, and sat down on my face. As I started licking her pussy, Judy started stroking my cock. I knew I would have to give Sandy an orgasm before Judy would let me orgasm. I licked and sucked as best I could, and after a few minutes Sandy had her orgasm. While I was cleaning the juices with my tongue, I had my orgasm. Sandy yelped as I drove my tongue deep into her pussy. She got off of my face, and I lay there enjoying my orgasm.

Judy untied me, and I went into the bathroom to clean up. When I got back they were sitting on the bed, still naked, drinking wine coolers. I sat in the chair by the bed, watching them. Judy got up, walked over to the chair, and sat in my lap, facing me. I reached up and started fondling her breasts. She just sat in my lap, sipping on her cooler, letting me fondle her. After a few minutes, Judy got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. Sandy followed her into the bathroom. When they came out, they got dressed. They put the rest of the cigarettes in a tote bag. They each hugged me, and gave me a long deep kiss, and then they left. I cleaned up the room and left, happy after my session with my fantasy dancers.

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