tagLetters & TranscriptsFantasy Email Ch. 02

Fantasy Email Ch. 02


This submission is based on actual email correspondence.

Ok so I have a little story for you my sexy married lover.

It was the middle of summer and you looked out the window to see a big truck pull into the house next door's driveway. As you went on cooking in the kitchen you hear the voice of the new neighbour moving his goods into his new home. Over the top of the fence you notice me carrying a table inside and gather that I must be your new neighbour.

The next day arrives and things are a lot quieter. You sit outside on the bench on your porch watching your puppies run around on the grassed garden. You sit soaking up the sun when suddenly a voice yell's out to you, "Hi''. You look over to see me standing at your fence smiling at you. Wearing just jeans with a vest top, my arms glistening with sweat from the unforgiving sun.

"Welcome to the neighbourhood," you reply with a big warm smile.

"Looks like you ordered some sunshine for my arrival", I tease. Our eyes lock and I reach out a hand to you. You place your hand in mine and I firmly but gently hold it. "Nice bush," I quip further. Your eyes enlarge and you are almost in shock before you realise I was referring to your gardening skills.

"I do like to keep my hand on it" you reply. Not missing the moment I mention how I was starting to enjoy planting my seeds and how I'd love your help and trained hand with that. It was clear we were right on the same page from the start.

We spent the next 15 minutes of the afternoon innocently flirting away. Your husband had eventually come over to say hi and as we shook hands you couldn't help but wonder if my cock was bigger than his. You smiled at me as you walked inside with him and I winked at you suggestively. You were quite intrigued from our meeting. You hadn't been laid in a while and honestly your wimp husband just wasn't doing it for you anymore. That evening you locked yourself in the bathroom and pleasured yourself while thinking of me. You'd tease your fingers inside of your pussy and think of how you really wish you could welcome your new neighbour. Your heart raced as you thought of me pulling down your panties and picking you up and fucking u up against the wall. You breathe out deeply as you finger yourself thinking of me cumming into you.

Over the next few days things remain keep progressing. We keep having these innocent naughty moments which seem to just add to the growing horniness between us.

My first weekend arrives and I have a little house warming party. Of course you and your husband are invited and are seemingly having a good time. I'd seen you and had been teasingly licking my lips and winking at you all night. Only as a playful gesture between us. We just had that vibe between us. I walk by you in the hall and purposely brush up against you as I walk by. You notice but willingly refuse to turn around to look at me. As I walk back I more bravely grab your butt. Both of us slightly intoxicated you giggle to yourself as things heat up between us. As the visitors begin to leave your husband starts to moan about a headache and tells you he'll be leaving too.

Pretty soon it's just 6 of us sitting in my lounge. One couple is telling stories about their honeymoon, and the lady, quite drunk, is busy telling us in detail how she loved sucking her husband's big cock and drinking every last drop of cum. We're on the floor, sitting on pillows and I'm right next to you. It's another hot sticky evening and impulsively I get up, pull of my t-shirt and jump into my pool. Soon after everybody is in. Laughing and smiling at you I swim over to you and splash water over you. Under the water you feel me grab hold of your ass and pull you closer. I whisper in your ear how I been wanting to get my hands on it since I met you.

Standing against the pool wall I face u and grin my cock against you. Smiling at me you lean forward to tell me how naughty I was.

I'm rubbing my chest against your tits and feel your wet nipples harden. I tell you how after the first night I met you I went home and jerked off thinking of pumping your butt full of cum. You asked me if I enjoy that and confess you fingering session.

The remaining guests all leave and before long you drag yourself away from me too so not to make your husband suspicious. You go back home to find everybody in your house sound asleep. You're about to have lock that bathroom door when suddenly the urge for a real fucking starts. I'd made you dripping wet in that pool. You wanted more. You wanted to feel my cock pump you till you went insane. Then you did it... you did something you hadn't done in a long time. Not since you were married had you released this wild side of you but tonight was it. I'd stirred in awake within you but now was the time for it to take over you. You wanted sex and you wanted it now. You dressed in your most revealing lingerie and put on some sexy lipstick. Wrapped yourself in your gown and walked on over to my door.

As I started clearing up I decided that you'd got me so hard I'd start watching some porn and jerk off thinking of you. The doorbell rings. I shamelessly open it thinking somebody just popped in to collect something they'd forgotten. I look at you in with your gown open and tits pushing out and stand there muted in disbelief.

"You just gonna leave me outside," you say to snap me out of it.

"No, no... By all means do come inside" I reply.

You walk inside purposely swing your hips passed me. Stunned I stand against the closed door and watch you model up and down my passage. You walk into the TV room and stare at the porn star sucking a big cock on the screen and ask me if I've been watching long. You motion me over and tell me to sit down next to you on the couch and watch with you. You've never felt this daring since you were a young single woman... you were loving having me right were you wanted me. You knew you were in control and you just loved it.

As the busty blonde sucked some more big cock on the TV you turned to me and asked if I was enjoying it. I was over the initial shock of seeing you dressed like that so I told you to refer to the bulge in my pants to determine that.

You smile and say, "found your tongue I see."

I reply, "barely.... but I think the pussy cat wants it back." As you stand up to open your gown I look up at you and lick my lips and as if about to take a bit of a sweet peach I go "mmmm".

You're in a bra, suspenders and some thigh high stockings. Lips red and eyes shining. You weren't just the sexy housewife who flirts from next door... now you were the cock loving sex addict you once were all those years ago. You were just primed for a good hard fucking. And you knew I was going to give it to you. You'd stand in front of me and shake your boobs in my face as I sat on the edge of the couch.

You let out an "oh yea" softly as my lips kissed between your tits and my hands slid up and down your hips.

I reached up to slide your bra from your shoulder and took your nipple into my mouth. Licking and sucking it I looked up at you and asked if your husband knew what a horny girl you were. I sucked your nipples and had my hand massaging between your thighs as you moaned. I stood up and held my hand tightly around your back. Tonguing your neck I'd push my hardon up against you. I was whispering in your ear how I was going to fuck you till you couldn't take any more. You were mine for the night, and I was going to take full advantage using your pussy just how I wanted. As you stood before me in nothing but your panties and stockings I touched and teased your body with my tongue and fingers. You' feel my horny hands grab at your butt and then id stick one in your pussy before telling you to lick it off. My cock was almost bursting out of my pants as I fondled and used you.

I was well worked up by now. I'd wanted to fuck you for days and was finally going to. I tongued your neck and was by now fingering your wet juicy pussy through your panties. You pushed my down onto the couch and were now straddling me. Your tits slapped against my lips and I'd lick and suck them while I scratched down your back lightly. With a sudden burst of energy powered by pure horniness I'll flip myself onto of you and in a moment your legs would be wrapped around me. Looking into my horny lustful eyes you'd ask me if I were going to give it to you. I'd stand up and start unbuckling my pants.

With you now sitting on the edge of the couch and my unbuckled pants right against your face I'd tell you to suck my cock.

"Nice and wet baby," I'd instruct you in a deep voice.

You'd pull down my boxers to have my big dick right in front of you. Licking and kissing it I'd tell you to look up at me as you sucked it. After spitting and licking my cock nice and wet you'd find the need to rub it between your tits. You hands squeezing your tits around my pulsing cock you'd tell me to tit fuck you good. Then without warning you're let off and took it straight to your mouth. I'd moan deeply and encourage you to suck on it nice and slow.

"Yeah baby... suck me like you mean it," I'd whisper as I grabbed your hair and guided you up and down my dick shaft. "You come over here to get fucked baby?" I'd ask as you eagerly stuff my cock into you hungry horny mouth.

"Oh yeah I need your big hard cock to fuck this sex addict wife," you'd reply. With that I'd order you up on your knees. Still in your thigh high stockings on all fours, I'd take position up behind you and gently start rubbing your ass. You'd start moving to my hand movements and before long your ass would be circling around in a sexy teasing way.

I'd pour some oil over it and lean forward to kiss you up your back and whisper in your ear how I was going to fill your sexy whore pussy with my warm creamy cum. With that I'd guide my thick hard cock over your oiled up ass and into your pussy. You'd moan deeply as you took all of me into you. Slowly I'd pump myself into you and teasingly pull out of you again. Over and over again, I'd fuck you slowly and teasingly.

"I'm gonna stretch you out," I'd tell you as I started fucking you harder.

"Oh yea baby... I haven't been fucked like this in a long time, use my pussy," you say as you looked over your shoulder at me pumping away.

"Stick it up higher baby" I'd command you and you'd willingly lift your butt higher into the air. "That's my girl... take your fucking like a good whore," I'd bark out almost out of breath. The sounds of my hard wet cock fucking into you filled the room and each time it did I slapped my pelvis against your butt to give off a slapping sound.

"You love cock baby?" I'd ask you as I leaned forward to your ear.

"Oh yeah I love getting fucked nice and hard," you'd say to me as I continually fucked your oiled up ass. Deeper and deeper I'd thrust into you and my moans of pleasure would deepen.

"I'm sure your husband would love to see you get fucked like a whore wouldn't he," I'd say as your ass rippled from the pounding it was taking.

I tell you to lay flat on your tummy and arch your butt out for me as we glanced up to notice the European brunette getting fucked on the TV screen. Like a hungry pussy loving bastard I'd climb all over you and be panting in your ear. So excited for the feel of your warm pussy soaking and sucking in my rock hard cock I'd be delirious and be chuckling away above you. My body pumping down on top of you.

"Fill me up," you'd scream at me. "Fill my slutty ass now."

I'd grab your hair and pull it gently while telling you I was about to cum. I'd moan deeply before screaming out "Oh my god!" as I felt myself shoot waves after wave of sticky cum into your pussy.

My body weak and drained you'd teasingly get up and clean my hard sticky cock coaxing out my last juices.

"You do love planting your seed don't you," you'd say to me with a smile on your face as the cum covered your lips.

I'd smile at you and say, "I always wanted a neighbour who wanted a cup of milk."

With that I knew that I would end up loving this neighbourhood.

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