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My eyes slowly opened to a new day. This day was not like those gone by and as the sun shone through my window all I could do is watch its beauty. The pink streaks that peaked through the crags in the mountains reminded me of her rosebud just before his cock pushed its way into her swollen pussy. The day glistened growing ever pinker until the sun mounted ever higher in the sky, ever strong, ever dominant.

Watching the deepening rose color brought a smile to my face and made me wonder if it had all been a dream. Did I really taste my husband's release on the pussy of our friend Sadie? Was her excitement of me licking and rubbing her clitty really what made her arch. My husband had been watching. His throbbing member excited by the prospect of our new playmate, was waiting for its chance. He watched anticipating with pre-cum glistening on the swollen head. He moaned softly as not to disturb the two tangled bodies on the bed and wiped his thick white pre-cum slowly around the ridge that defined his cock.

Snapping back to the present I sat back on the bed and I spread my legs. Closing my eyes I relived our first threesome experience. Picturing Sadie, I instantly felt a pulling. My fingers began a slow massage of my clit as I thought of the woman who had shared our evening.

Sadie worked at the local bookstore, and even though her hours had been cut, the bookstore had weathered the economic hard times and now was on the upturn. She had found a second job at a bakery and since many of the customers shopped at both stores she enjoyed working at both. The part-time jobs held her over and now she was, once again, working full time and loving every minute of it.

In the college town of Ashland, Oregon people read and buy books regularly at the bookstore. At this small store the reading areas, the book clubs, and the new author events kept the payroll in the black. Sadie fit right into this laid back environment; she was an unassuming woman with a quiet way about her. The loose blouse and gauze skirt she wore each day hid the tight and subtly curved body. Her breasts were firm and although she wore sports bras when she stretched up to reach a book on the top shelf the taunt nibbles could easily be seen. Walking through the store she would chat with the locals and generally would not get a second look. That was until I needed some reading material.

My husband and I had just settled into our rented bungalow and had yet to get the cable hooked up. The autumn days were crisp and the rain seemed to fall all of the time. My husband, Mike, had long hours and often did not get home until late in the evening. My first trip to the "Nook" was not by accident; with my favorite author having just released her new book this trip was specific. Looking up and down the aisles I had not found the book. This store, although quaint, you really had to know where to look for things and after going browsing several aisles I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Sadie.

It was her green eyes that immediately caught my attention and the full lips that just begged to be nipped. A smile slowly spread across her face and she asked what I had been looking for. I told her the name of the author and with a start she looked deep into my eyes as she answered.

"Ah yes I know that author well."

She spoke slowly looking for words that would not make any customers nearby turn for it was a book that had got big attention in the media.

"We do have a couple of her new books; have you already read the first two in the series? There isn't much demand for erotica here in Ashland but I would be a happy to order you the latest if you can wait for a few days."

I nodded and gave her a smile, I was sure I could find some less interesting fiction to read while I waited. She lightly touched my arm and led me to the shiny wooden counter.

"If you leave your number I can call you when they come in," pushing a notepad forward she handed me a pen.

Visibly disappointed I wrote my information on the pad. Looking up at those green eyes I had to smile when she offered me a substitute by an erotica author she enjoyed. Although I appreciated the offer I tried to read good erotica, and unless you had done your homework the some stories can leave you unfulfilled. But the good stories had added spice to my love life and these cold nights needed some extra warmth.

Don't get me wrong, Mike is a great lover. We both enjoy our evening of play. Each session is different but sometimes I start by having him lie on the bed all showered and fresh. Reading to him several pages of a hot intimate erotic love story always bring a smile to his face. Glancing across the top of the book I will sneak a look as he relaxes, closing his eyes and slowly becoming part of the world I am sharing. His hand will make its way to his cock and as I read he will begin slowly stroking. It is what makes my pussy wet; I love to watch as he strokes his erection. The head of his cock changes shape and size as the blood begins to work its magic. Becoming engorged his pre-cum makes its way to the top of the slit. Glistening just begin to show at the top of the head his breathing increases and the clear love juice makes its way to the ridge I so love to suck.

Not more than a few pages read I slide into bed next to him and take over the stroking, taking him deep into my throat. His moans only work to make me more wet and ready. Sucking his cock I move rhythmically up and down. Before long I am moaning as well and my pelvis would tip back achingly wanting to feel him slide in. I will pull myself to my knees and beg him to enter me. The cool air of the evening dances on my exposed pussy and just like his pre-cum my place of the goddess begins to tremor. The wetness intensifying I moan just aching for the release I would feel after his member would fill me.

Variety is always on the menu. I like it when he pulls his cock from my mouth and turns me around to suck on my growing clitty bringing me to the edge of reason. Just when I am about to edge over the top he stops. Standing beside the bed he beckons me to bring my pussy to him so he can slide his rigid member deep into me. I arch in pleasure and he start to slowly increase his urgency. Pumping deep he asks me if I like what he was doing. Holding on to my hips he pounds into my pussy. I move my hips move to accept all he has to offer. If he is feeling especially frisky he stops and just holds my hips not moving his cock. This game of seeing just how long I could stand him not finishing brings a look of such ownership, it is his pussy.

We are so connected so in tune with one another that how he finished always leaves me with at smile. Some evenings he wants to fill my pussy with his cum then tell me not to move as it makes its way to my labia lips and dribbles onto the bed. He watches and sometimes fingers the silky result wanting more. On other evenings he will pull out and feed his cock to me crying out in ecstasy as I relaxed my throat and take him all as he comes. Easing it into my mouth his stream of cum dribbles from my lips as I take his member and spank my tongue. Rolling the white stream in my mouth I rub his penis over my lips finishing him in style.

We experiment and love to explore the limits of our lust. Over time it includes our fantasies. Sharing a woman was first on our list. We talked about how it might happen. Scenarios and hearing each others' dreams we look at each other in surprise as our imagination had no limits.

The book Sadie offered was one that I had already read so she walked around the counter to show me where other books were. Moving past me she leaned close and brushed my breast, was it an accident? I watched her walk away and swore her hips were swaying in a way that I had not seen earlier.

"Have you read any books by Guine?" she asked. "He is one of my favorites, especially on the long nights we have here in Ashland. It can get quite lonely"

We had walked down aisles and had turned into a small area. At the end of the row a wing-back chair beckon the shopper to sit while reviewing a selection. She stopped midway down and turned as she spoke. Looking directly at me she seemed to watch my reaction.

"Why yes, I have enjoy his books, especially The Rosebud Garden." I found myself whispering and my voice caught in my throat as I gazed at her. "I have an interest in complex relationships and the way he brought Janine and Sylvia together and then how they explored their sexuality was new and inventive."

Sadie's eyes searched mine and for an instant there was no denying the connection. Those full lips, oh the lips, I knew at that moment that they could be a source of pleasure for us both.

"I know exactly what you mean," her cheeks turning a light pink. "The language he used to express their arousal, well it was almost as though he had been a woman in another life"

Then she laughed a laugh that was genuine and the light in her eyes made me realize that I wanted to know this gal better.

Chapter Two

Later that evening while relaxing I had a feeling that I was being watched and it was that sensation that brought me back to reality. Sure enough, Mike was standing in the bathroom doorway with a towel wrapped and knotted at his waist. I never tired of looking at his body and his gaze told me all that I needed to know.

"How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to see your fingers moving under the sheet in an area that I can only hope is being made ready for me. Long enough to see your eyes living a dream in a distant time and place and long enough to know you were not here. Do you want to tell me about it or do you want me to just help finish the pleasure that you clearly need to feel?"

The towel drops to the floor and not taking his eyes off of me slowly he walks toward the bed. His manhood erect he gives me a look that says he needs release. What a lusty man he is. Only last night he joined two women after he had sat across the room watching cardinal knowledge being shared by his wife and new best friend. But now as he walks slowly toward me I sense that last night has only increased his desire for his wife and that desire will not be denied.

"I need for you to get on your knees facing the window," his voice low and husky. "This is not a request, do it now."

This is an actor I know well and the role he is assuming is one I like. He wants me to be quiet, not a word to be uttered and to follow his instructions explicitly. It will be mostly about him, but he will see that I also feel pleasure.

Pulling my legs up to my chin I let the sheet that had been hiding my pleasure seeking activities slip over my knees and fall bunched at my feet. Slowly I uncurled revealing the soft mound of hair that is always neatly trimmed. Rolling over on my stomach I arched my back letting my arms raise my torso so that he can admire the outline of my form. Pausing just a moment I pull my knees up under my tummy ending in the position he requested.

I feel his presence behind me before he touches me. Bending over my back he kisses the base of my neck softly. Unable to help myself I arch back and just at this moment he takes hold of my hips and starts to rub his hard cock between my legs. As he finds my pussy opening he pushes in the head of his hardness just enough to feel my wetness.

"So you were dreaming about last night weren't you? No need to speak my love your juice lubricating my cock gives me the answer," he laughs as he pushes into the warm essence of my pussy.

It takes all that I have not to beg him to push in further. I am so ready to feel him enter me. Knowing that if I say a word he will tease me unmercifully, I stay quiet.

Pulling his swollen head out of me he bends down on the floor by the bed and spreads my lips so he can enjoy my swollen pink pussy. Slowly his tongue savors the nectar. Pushing his mouth lightly on my clit he softly, slowly sucks and licks.

"Oh, my God, please, harder." I moan and push back on his face trying to force him to give me an organism that is only a lick or two away. I know Mike is smiling even though I cannot see his face. The sensation is increasing. As his passion grows I hear him moan and I know that he needs to fuck me more then he needs to get me off.

Standing up he plunges into my wet pussy that is aching with need. Slamming into me he stops suddenly and holds onto my hips grinding and enjoying my body response to his need.

"Don't stop, come on Mike, I need more!" pleading I can stand it no longer.

It is my turn and I push back on him ramming myself over and over on his hard manhood. Between the moaning and the sweet mewing sound he resumes the motion that we both need. His hands digging into my hips he no longer holds back.

"Is this what you need? Does my cock fill your pussy, do you want it harder?" he is mocking me as he pushes into me.

"I can take it; give it to me as hard as you want." Feigning power I really don't feel I banter back. As the words come out I know I have made a mistake. Stopping suddenly he laughs. I know that if I talk that I don't get it. We both know this role and game and I fell for his trick.

"Ahh come on Mike please don't stop."

"Turn around now. If you continue to talk I am going to be the only one getting off." His voice is serious and I know that if I am going get fulfilled I better play the game right.

My pussy is throbbing. Tonight is his night to do whatever he wants and this is his game. I turn and am met with his glistening cock. Mike smiles and he continues to stroke his hard cock. The way his torso meets his thighs the groin muscles that point the way to his cock was undeniably the sexist thing I had ever seen. Pulling my head down he beckons me to take him in my mouth.

"Baby, I'm just not ready yet, you are ahead of me, so put those lips around me and give me a show. Suck me like it is the last cock you will ever suck. Now is the time to please me like you do, come on baby take it."

His hand slides down the back of my head and he gently pulls my head toward his engorged cock. It was gorgeous and as my hand wraps around the base he stands up with his legs spread to better watch what is coming.

First I lick from the base to the head my tongue dancing around the ridge. My hand encircles the base of his cock and using a motion of up and around I engulf his love stick with my mouth. My hands begin a frenzy of grasping and twisting while my mouth draws him in and out. Keeping the pressure on the base I once again concentrated on the ridge and the sensation I know would be giving him maximum pleasure.

"That's right baby, you know what I need. Ah, work it more, you found it. Now take me!"

Mike's hands are massaging my neck as I worked my magic. I can feel the base of his cock thicken as cum begins to work its' way to the head. We both knew if I don't stop I will be swallowing his seed.

In a strain and husky voice Mike's hand grips my hair pulling me back.

"You need to stop now."

Grabbing my hair firmly I am pulled back to the bed. Spreading my legs he mounts me and plunges once again into my waiting pussy. Melting into one we pull on one another in the eternal dance of lust. Wrapping my legs around his hips I pull him into me with as much yearning and force as I can. He returns the overture in kind and before we know it I am flexing on him as he explodes.

His sheepish smile does not hide the fact he just loves the dance. "Did that fill you up? Show me." Pulling up my nightgown he slides his hands between my legs massaging my thighs and slowly working towards my pleasure spot. Knowing how he wants to suck and lick just makes me want him all the more. Yes, this is a man who loves the "fairer sex" like no one I have ever met.

I roll onto my back purring like a content cat, spreading my legs I watch as his eyes make their way to my tight pussy.

"Oh, you want to see your silk coming from me?" Liking what he sees he gives a moan and a kiss and offers.

"Want me to lick you clean? I will clean you right up if you want me to"

Just as I was about to answer his cell phone alarm starts that incessant noise which means it is time for Mike to leave.

Mike frowns and wraps his arms around me. "Damn, this is one of the parts I really like, next time you take the lead. Surprise me with something new."

My contented smile is all the conversation that is needed.

"You better get your ass moving Mike; you know how you are depended on. It was why you were hired. Your boss is a nice guy, maybe we should include him one night in our play, perhaps a Fuzzy Animal night I tease. He needs to get laid and I know more than one wild animal that would step up for that one."

"Well I think we will need to go slow on that one, he is a bit conservative and the very mention of putting on a costume to attract a lady friend would probably send him into a seizure." Mike's face takes on a thoughtful gaze and I know he is saving this conversation for later. "We can start slow, a barbeque maybe?"

Coming out of the bathroom after shower number two for the morning I watch as he drops his towel to the floor, again. His wide shoulders muscles taunt and ready accentuate his tan body. Working as the general contractor on a housing project keeps him in shape. Working his mind as well as his body was just the recipe for a happy wife and well used cock.

Slipping on his jeans I watch as he slowly buttons them. Knowing that I am watching he moves his hips just ever so slowly as he notches the top one. And oh the white T-shirt, it slides on over his well muscles chest hugging as it went.

"Ah, come here for just a minute, please," I need just one more touch.

"Now babe, I have to leave, what do you want?"

"Come on Babe, just one more taste, a kiss or something." Now I am pleading and hoping that he gives in.

With a smile he walks over to the bed while unbuttoning his pants.

My hands work their way down the front of him into his boxers stroking his rod which was immediately comes to life. Bending over the side of the bed I pulled his cock out and stroked it affectionately taking him into my mouth. I love this man, and want him all of the time.

His moaning brings me back as he pushes my head down further onto his cock I know he won't last long.

"Suck harder, nicely done now swallow what I give you; you know you want it."

Licking my lips I fall back onto the bed as Mike turns and trots out the door to work.

Chapter Three

While Mike loved his job as a General Contractor it did make us move to new places every couple of years. I have learned to love the nomadic life and the new environments we would find ourselves seemed to make us a closer couple.

I create websites so it didn't matter where I was as long as I have an internet access. Currently this is a bit of a problem. An order for a satellite connection had been placed but I would be without access for at least a week. My work was ongoing so I was heading to the coffee shop in town to use their wireless; this was my destination after my shower.

Pulling out my jeans and a top I look around and admired the large master bedroom. Like the rest of the house the bedroom was large with windows that looked over the hills of Oregon. It was such a beautiful place. The management company had warned us that it was a bit out in the country, but the view and quiet neighborhood, made it well worth the drive. In describing the house as a peaceful getaway they were right. Gazing at the world outside of the French doors across the room was so peaceful. The cooler weather did not allow for open doors but the winter pansies and kale in the flower boxes that hung on the deck rail offered a bit of welcomed color.

This was the life; with Mike home each evening and with his project on-time we had taken time for each other. Lately the sex was almost every night. The new surroundings and the closeness we share was wonderful. With the excitement of finding one another again, our sex life was better than ever. Both of us were so comfortable with what brought both lust and love we could experiment and fantasize without worrying about what the other thought. Knowing each other's fantasies and how many were alike made them even more intriguing.

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