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Fantasy Fest Fun


Well, my husband and I finally got away for our wild weekend and it just happened to be during ‘Fantasy Fest’ in Key West. If you read my story ‘My Key West Adventure’, you would know what I’m talking about. If not, my husband and I were planning to go to Key West this past summer. But to unforeseen circumstances, he could not make it. So he promised to take me during ‘Fantasy Fest’ so he could be with me when I showed off.

Oh, by the way! My name is Valerie and my husband’s name is Ted. We are in our mid 30’s now, but we keep in shape and still look pretty good. I weight 130 lbs., am 5’ 9”, brown shoulder length hair, and green eyes. And have a 36C rack, which I am proud of and love to show. Ted is 5’11”, 170 lbs., sandy blond hair, and blue eyes.

My husband and I decided to do something different. I packed his clothes and he packed mine, neither of us was to know what was packed until we got to Key West. Neither one of us wore all that was brought along so I’ll just tell what was wore and when. Ted took Friday off work and we left about 9am on our trip south. The trip took about 6 hours to drive down I-95 from near Jacksonville, Florida to Key West, Ted had me wear a man’s undershirt only, and I had him to wear some black gauze jogging shorts that were split to the waistband and a white t-shirt only. I made up my mind to try and keep his dick hard all the way down to Key West and the split made it very easy for me to get to his dick. I took my shirt off even before Ted got on I-95 and had his dick in my hand and out of his shorts a minute later. I had his dick in my hand or in my mouth over the next few hours, except when we stopped for food, gas, or stop at a rest area. The white man’s undershirt molded to every curve of my body and hid very little. Anyone could tell I was braless; my nipples were hard most of the time and half of my breast hung out the armholes and the shirt just covered my ass. And every step that Ted took, his shorts would split open to the waistband. Once while Ted was bent over pumping gas, I was standing behind the car and could see his dick though the open slit. I also have another pair of even more daring shorts for him to wear. Just wait to hear what happen!

I hadn’t even asked Ted where he had made plans foe us to stay and when he pulled into the same hotel that Kim and I had stayed at this past July, I wondered if anybody there would remember me. But then Kim was the one who made the grand exit. It was mid-afternoon when we checked in and people definitely stared at our near state of undress. And if you know my stories, you know that the more people look, the more I what to show. So just before the elevator doors closed, I turned my back to the elevator and bent way over to put down my bag. *FLASH*

I removed my shirt as soon as I was in the door and opened the curtains and doors to the patio. I walked out onto the patio and looked down [we were on the 4th floor] to the pool. I seen that there were about 10 adults around the pool and told Ted that I felt like a dip in the pool and wanted him to join me. He reached in my bag and tossed me my white g-string. I tossed him his yellow speedos that I had removed the lining out of last year. He looked at me and opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something. But I looked at him and said, “A deal was made buddy, so wear them.” He put them on them reached for the shorts he just took off. I told him to just wrap a towel around him.

We got to the pool still no kids so I dropped my towel in a chair and stepped in the pool. Ted took a deep breath and put his towel on top of mine. Ted may not admit it but I think he secretly likes to show off a bit too, because he was almost half grown in his little bikini. I liked the way it looked and I noticed a couple of ladies sitting together about our age taking notice too. Ted waded in and to me and I immediately put my hand in his suit. I told him I liked what I saw and I thought the ladies did to. He actually blushed! We played around and swam a bit for about half an hour. I decided I’d had enough and got out at the deep end near a couple of guys. Since I had removed what little lining there was from my little g-string, I knew the guys were going to get an eyeful as I walked slowly past them. But before getting out I told Ted I wanted him to get out of the pool at the shallow end and walk past the two women in his little wet suit, and that I hoped that they would be able to see a lot. I was drying off when Ted got out and his bikini was more revealing than I remembered. I didn’t tell him this until we got back to our room though. Both women’s mouths opened as he walked by and after he pasted the both smiled and whispered to each other. After drying off I gave Ted my towel and asked him to carry it back to the room, I said that I felt walking across the lobby to the elevator in my little g-string. Ted said he felt like going to the little snack bar down the beach I told him for a bite to eat. He gave me a little blue flare skirt to wear. When he went to the bathroom, and being a little smart ass I am, I removed my top and bottom and put on just the skirt. As he came out, I made the comment that if he wanted me to go like this I would, but that it might get me arrested. He opened up a box and gave me a pretty white crochet halter-top. The top was unlined and was open knit. I noticed that one of my nipples actually poking through one of the holes. I kissed him and told him I loved it. I reached in my bag for him and pulled out a black tank top and stretch mesh workout shorts. The shorts were white lycra shorts with black see-thru mesh, 6-inches wide up both sides.

When we got to the snack bar, the guy that was there in July [Antonio] was behind the counter. He was looking at me as if he was trying to remember me. I got Ted to sit at the bar so we could see the ocean better and I told him that this was the guy I told him about from Kim and my trip down here. When the guy got to us to take our order, I told him it was good to see him again. He said he thought I looked familiar but he still couldn’t remember. I told him about me and my girlfriend and what we did when we were there and how he got us out of the bar after Kim removed her dress and was dancing naked. He smiled and said he remembered us. I introduced him to Ted, my husband, and his smile slowly disappeared. I told him not to worry about my husband because he loved for me to show-off. And it was he who gave me the top I was now wearing. I stood up and gave him a good look. Ted said that I still wasn’t wearing panties and lifted the front of my skirt and showed him. I asked Antonio if he would be working in the bar tonight. He said he would be and I told him that I would be looking for him. He asked what was I planning on wearing and I told him I didn’t know. My Ted told him that he guaranteed that it wouldn’t be much and we all laughed.

Ted kept teasing my pussy during our snack and had me very horny by the time we left. It was just beginning to get dark when we left. I told Ted we need to find some place he could fuck me soon. He just smiled and took my hand and led me down the street away from the hotel. He led me across the street to a ‘Dairy Queen’; we went inside towards the back. He stopped and told me to wait here and walked around a corner. He came back in about 10 seconds, took my hand and said follow me. He pulled me into the men’s restroom. He locked the door, bent me over the sink, pulled down his shorts, and we banged out a quickie. After we came, he had me get on my knees and clean him up. After I finished he opened the door and we quickly left. I could feel him cum running down the inside of my legs. I know this sounds strange, but it makes me horny again being messy between my legs in public. So when we got back to our room I quickly stripped and then stripped Ted. I sucked him hard and then got on top for a nice ride.

After showering together, we got dressed for the bar downstairs. I got out a nice blue polo shirt and tan cargo shorts for Ted to wear, and he got out a just above the knee length, off-white, semi-sheer embroidered outfit. Looking in the mirror, I could see my areola easily. But it was the length that surprised me. Then he told me it should have been about ankle length but he had Kim hem it up and model it for him. He wanted to make sure it would could go out on it’s on. I told him that he just wanted an excuse to get Kim naked again. He just raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Oh, more on the dress. It was strapless and had a half-inch satin string under the arms that tied in a bow between and above the breast. It was deep ‘V’ in front to the waist, about a 4-inch wide gap at top. Both sides were open about 4 inches wide from the top string to the bottom of the hem. Except for three satin ties on each side, one between arm and waist, and another at waist, and the third at the hip.

The bar was dimly lit when we arrived, so I made sure to stand in the doorway so the brightly lit hallway shown through my dress as I waited for my eyes to adjust. We found Antonio and he had a table reserved for us near the dance floor. The place was packed tonight since it was a festival weekend. I knew tonight was going to be a memorable night and I was getting excited just thinking of all the possibilities. Ted went to order our drinks as I walked across the room to our table and sat down. Many eyes watching my ever move. Antonio returned with our drinks and told Ted and I that our drinks were on the house tonight. Then as he told us that the manager was out of town and to have fun, he reached down inside my top and squeezed one of my tits. After a good laugh Ted said he asked Antonio to do that just to get my motor going and that he and Antonio had another surprise for me later. After a couple swallows of my drink, Ted asked me to dance.

Once on the floor, Ted untied the strings at the hips and reached both hands through the sides of the dress and cupped my ass. He reached between my breasts and spread the ‘V’ wider. He stopped just before he exposed my nipples but a little areola and a lot of tit was showing. During a break between dances, Antonio said that every time I bent over the front flap would fall away from my body showing everything in front below my bellybutton. I made a mental note to do more bending. After resting and downing a couple more drinks, Antonio came up and said he wanted a quick dance. I was only more than happy to. After a minute or so he removed his hands from my back to my sides and undid the tie at my waist. He then reached under my dress and caressed my backside from mid-back to ass. Oh, it felt good.

My husband and I danced a couple more dances and went to our table to relax. A few men started to ask me to dance with them. I said I would love to but I needed to rest and to come back later. After a while I accepted an offer to dance. I danced with about four different men; all who reached under my dress and played with my ass, when I saw a man give Ted some money. Ted looked at me, smiled and nodded. He was telling me it was OK, but I didn’t know what for yet. At the beginning of the next song, this guy came up and said my guy said he could dance with me. This was strange because Ted had never accepted money before to let someone dance with me. A couple minutes into the song, this guy untied the last string on my sides, and then reached under as had everybody and ran his hands up and down my back and ass. I turned my back to him and bent over pushing my ass against his growing prick. While bent over, I reached under my top and cupped my own tits and pinching the nipples slightly. Then I reached back and lifted the back part of my dress from between my dance partner and me. The song ended with a few claps from the crowd. I gave a bow and went to my husband and gave him a kiss as I bent over. He reached between my legs and grabbed my pussy, sending electric shock from my pussy to my brain and back. I flopped down in the chair next to my husband with my legs apart, and just the loose front of the top covering my quivering pussy. Ted reached over and moved the flap to the side so anyone could now look at my shaved pussy. I couldn’t and didn’t want to move. I was so turned on that if anybody even touched my pussy, I would have come right there. And thanks to my loving husband, he did just that. He leaned over, kissed me and put a finger in my pussy. I came right there on side of the dance floor with at least 50 people looking at me.

After cumming, I had to pee. When I returned, Ted said that everyone loved the show and wanted to dance with me. I told him only after I had a couple more drinks. Eventually Ted led me back to the floor and he held me as we did a slow dance. Halfway into the dance, Ted pulled down the top to my waist, releasing my tits for all to see and feel, as it turned out to be. I remained topless the rest of the night and about a half hour later, Antonio walked onto the dance floor and said he couldn’t have me dancing like that anymore. He took my dress and twisted it until the splits were in front and back. Now everything was uncovered and I loved it. I kept drinking and dancing until I had trouble standing. It was closing time anyway, so my husband pulled my dress back up and twisted it straight. Antonio said the other bartender would finish closing up and that he would help my husband get me to bed.

I didn’t catch the meaning then but when they go me to the room I understood. This was the surprise my husband had talked about earlier. After stopping to get a pot of coffee, we made it to the room. Antonio undressed me as Ted pored me some coffee. We talked about the night and how naked I was and about my orgasm in front of everybody. I was getting horny again and was wondering when Antonio was going to leave so I could fuck Ted. About my third cup of coffee, I unzipped Ted’s shorts and started to play with his dick. I told Antonio that I was horny and that I was going to have sex with my husband and that he could leave or stay and watch I didn’t care. Then Ted told me that he had already told Antonio that he could stay the night and have sex with me. That sobered me up. I smiled and kissed my husband and told them both to get naked.

That was the start of a fun night. Ted pulled out our video camera filled almost a whole tape. Ted and I had often talked of taping me having sex with another man and now I have it on tape. We have taped ourselves a few times. He has tape of Kim and me, and now he has tape of me doing two guys at once. [Could three or more be in my future? I can only hope so.] I even got out my 10-inch viberator and had it in my pussy as I sucked off Ted and Antonio reamed my ass. I love that part of the tape. Ted also got a lot of pictures on our new digital camera. Ted said he got a good picture of me, legs spread on top of the sheets and covered with cum. By the time the sun came up I was one well used but satisfied slut.

When I awoke, room service had delivered lunch. I was on top of the sheets, naked and covered in dry cum. I guess room service got and eyeful, I just wish I had been awake to enjoy it. Ted had some paint on the table in corner of the room. I asked what the paint was for and he said it was for my outfit he wanted me to wear on Duval St. later this afternoon and tonight. I had no clue of what he meant but I would soon find out and really love the idea. He told me to go shower and eat before we get ready to go downtown.

After a nice hot shower and lunch. Ted had me sit on the edge of the bed and then he told me he was going to try and mix the body paint he had to the color of my nipples and areola. He said that if he could make the match, he was going to paint a bikini top on me. Making it possible for me to walk around in the daylight topless without anybody noticing unless they got close and looked hard. After about four attempts we decided it matched, so Ted started to paint a light brown bikini top about the size of my white g-string top onto me. After he finished, I dare say it looked pretty darn convincing.

I told him that if he had enough paint left I wanted him to paint a g-string bottom on me. He even had me bend over so he could paint about a ½ inch string up the crack of my ass. When he finished, it looked good. I told him I wanted to try it out right now. After it dried, I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around me and headed for the beach. I was getting a major rush out of this, Ted and I walking down a public beach with a lot of people on it at 2 in the afternoon. ‘I AM COMPLETELY NAKED’ and I don’t think anybody noticed. When we got back to the room Ted noticed hot wet I had become because some of the paint started to run down my leg. I told him he could touch it up later but first I needed to be fucked.

I had found a Roman toga along with authentic looking sandals the Roman soldiers wore for Ted to wear and I wanted him to wear nothing under the mid-thigh length skirt of the outfit. I wanted his dick to be easy to get at when I wanted, I told him. He said he wouldn’t mind doing it as long as some male didn’t reach underneath, or else he would just have to bash his face in. Well, he didn’t have any men reach underneath but I did get a few girls to grab hold on, especially when I lifted the front of the toga to give them a look. Ted seemed to enjoy my flashing of him. He was in a state of semi-hardness almost all evening.

We decided it would be best if I wore a little white lace sarong around my waist to start the afternoon off. When we got down to ‘Duval St.’ it was already getting crowded. I even seen a few other girls walking around with their tits and chest painted. Ted told me he had gotten the idea of body paint from a show he had seen in late night TV about “Fantasy Fest’. But I think I was the only one naked! Once it started getting dark and the alcohol was taking affect. I took off my sarong and gave it to Ted to carry. Now I was really beginning to enjoy myself. Walking naked, on a now very crowded street, and continually bumping into people. I was all the time getting my tits felt up but I didn’t care. I was enjoying my self. Ted started to have fun with me too. Every one in a while, he would pull me to him and kiss me. At the same time shove a finger up my pussy, right in middle of the street. By 10 o’clock, I was pretty well plastered. I even occasionally fingering myself as I walked down the street. By then my body paint was pretty much rubbed off, and I mean rubbed off. I had hands on almost every inch of my body by that time. We had lost the sarong some time back so I had nothing to cover up with, but then I didn’t want to cover up. Ted was trying to get my out of the crowd and back to the hotel but I still didn’t want to go yet. I told him I wanted to be fucked in middle of the street. He kept saying no way; he didn’t feel like going to jail. I kept telling him I bet I could find someone who would do it if he wouldn’t. Finally he gave in and started looking for a place. We found this cannon on the edge of the street. Ted got behind me so he could face the street and watch for cops and he had me lean over against the cannon. I was very wet so he slid in very easily. He took his time at first trying not to draw attention. [But thinking about it latter, an obviously naked girl bent over a cannon with a guy right up against her ass. What else would they be doing?] People started to stop and watch, this only make me hotter, so I yelled at Ted to fuck me harder and faster. He listened to me and started to pound away like a mad man. When we finished we got a round of applause. We quickly left before we got arrested.

Ted had a tank top in the car just in case I had to cover up. I put in on before I got out of the car at the hotel, but I wasn’t done yet. I wanted to go get in the pool wearing just the tank top. When we got to the pool, it was empty so I took it off and dove in naked. I’m glad it was still warm this late in October or we couldn’t have had all this fun. Ted said he had better go to the room and get some towels. When he returned he had his towel around his waist and when he removed it, he was naked. I said, “Good boy, that’s the way I like to see you dressed. Now come to mama. She’s hungry and would like some tube steak to eat.” I sat him on the edge of the pool and sucked him off.

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