Fantasy Fest Fun


I finally awoke around 9 in the morning and woke Ted with a blowjob. We then called for room service and took our showers. I answered the door naked hoping to give some guy a surprise, but I got surprised. It was a very pretty girl. About that time, Ted came out of the bathroom naked but he didn’t realize the girl was there. I apologized to the girl foe our nudity but she said she did mine. She said that she also enjoyed being naked and seeing naked people. I told Ted to get some money and give the girl a tip and a close up look at his unit.

Ted said he felt like going to the pool again after we ate. After we finished, he gave me a new white gauze g-string. It was so thin, I could see thru it while dry. I knew it would be very transparent once it got wet and I want to hurry and get to the pool to find out. I knew it was time to give Ted my maximum exposure suit for him to wear for me. It was a pair if white gauze jogging shorts just like the black ones he wore down here. [I had also removed the built in underwear of these shorts too.] The material was almost as thin as the material of the new bikini he gave me to wear. He didn’t hesitate about putting them on. We both tossed our towels over our shoulders and off to the pool we went, hand in hand. There were about 20 people at the pool, about two-thirds women. We took lounge chairs between two guys about 25 and the same two women we seen at the pool when we got her Friday. Ted took the chair near the ladies and I sat near the men.

Ted immediately struck up a conversation with the women then he excused himself so he could get in the pool. I followed him in, I dipped down to get everything good and wet then stood to give Ted a look. He said the top was so see-thru; he had to look close to even tell if I had a top on. We hugged and kissed a few minutes then I told him I need to get out and show off my new see-thru suit. He said he would stay in a couple minutes longer and watch everybody’s reaction. I climbed out at the shallow end and walked the shower to rinse the chlorine off of my new suit and me. Ted said the suit was so see-thru it looked like I was naked, and that everybody there stopped what he or she were doing and watched me. I bent over to spread out my towel on the lounger, facing my rear towards my male neighbors, wondering if they could see my pussy lips through the wet bottoms. I then turned around facing my male neighbors as I sat down, spreading my legs so they could try and look at my slit if they wanted. I noticed both set of eyes look down at my crotch. I asked if they liked the new suit my husband had gotten for me. They said that they liked it a lot. I told them I liked it too. I said I love showing off and that husband and I both got off on it.

I watched as Ted exited the pool and I could easily make out his package across the pool through those wet shorts. Ted walked to me and told me I put on a great show as he kissed me. He then went around the chairs and faced the women as he started to dry off. Both women talked to him but were looking at his almost hard dick in those wet transparent shorts as they talked with him. When he did lie down on his lounger his dick was almost straight up and he made no attempt to cover or adjust himself. I wanted so badly to get up and go mount him right then and there, but I knew that we could never get away with that. I told Ted to lie on his stomach because I wanted to try something. After he got on position, I got hold of the sides if his shorts and folded them towards the middle, baring half his ass to the sun. A few minutes later I told him I had another idea I wanted to try and I wanted him to stand in front of me. I asked one of the women if they would help me. I had her hold the flaps in place as I rolled his waistband down and then pulled it upwards. This created a bikini type bottom, the side was an inch or so wide and the backside looked like a thong. I tucked the front flaps up underneath the front creating a pouch. I then had him lie back on his stomach again.

We stayed around and in the pool till about checkout time. Our suits were still wet, so Ted and I agreed that it would be best if he wrapped a towel around his waist as we went through the lobby. As we got in the elevator, the girl from this morning was in there. She had clean dry towels with her. I asked if we could have a couple more to finish drying off. I looked at her as she handed me my towel and told her if she would like, she could dry Ted off. She gave me a blank look then smiled saying that she would love to. The elevator doors opened and I said that maybe we should go to our room and let her do it. Once the door was shut, she grabbed a towel and walked slowly to my husband. I told him to turn around so she could start with his back. She started to rub his shoulders first and then slowly worked her way down to his waist then she asked him to turn around. She started at he neck and went to his waist and she told him to turn again. She pulled up her tight dress a bit as she got on her knees, she pulled down his shorts and started at his feet and worked up to his ass. Again she asked him to turn, Ted was sporting a huge hard on by this time. I also notice her nipples were hard. I guessed she was braless and wonder what if anything she had on under that dark green uniform dress. I began to remove my wet suit. Once again she started at his feet and worked up. When she got to his dick, she blew on it as she rubbed it with the towel.

As she was drying his dick I got on the floor behind her. I reached for the bottom of her dress and lifted without any resistance. She was pantyless as I hoped she would be so I got on my back and slid between her legs and started to lick her pussy as she started to suck on my husband dick. After getting Ted off, she returned the favor and ate my pussy as Ted finger fucked her. After we were done, she said that this was the first time she had ever made it with guest while she was on duty. She also asked how long we were staying, because she would love to return and get that dick in her pussy. She was sad when we said we were leaving in a few minutes. She asked us to look her up when we returned and we said we definitely would.

After cleaning up from our unexpected midday romp. Ted began to take what few things we brought to the car. I asked Ted to wear those same white shorts only back home and with no shirt. He said he would like for me to wear only a smile home. I was hoping he wanted me to walk out of her naked and he did. He told me to give him 15 minutes, he wanted to check out and move the car to the far end of the parking lot. He said he wanted to give me maximum exposure time possible. I waited the 15 minutes the best way I could. I sat on the balcony in the warm sunlight and pleasured myself. I got up walked to and out the door wearing only my watch and rings. There were 10 rooms between the elevator and mine. The next to the last door opened and out came a young couple going to the pool. I guess the guy wasn’t expecting to see a naked woman walking down the hallway. He stopped as he came out the door and the girl with him almost knocked him over. I smiled and commented how it was a nice day to get some sun. He agreed and they followed me to the elevator. The girl asked if I would like to use her towel and I told her I was fine with how I was dressed. I told her I usually wore a white g-string to the pool but since I was leaving, my husband had dared me to walk out naked and that I was taking him up on his dare. The guy smiled and the girl looked at him and told him not to get any ideas that she was still nervous about the thong she was now wearing. She told me that it was the closest to naked she had ever been in public. I told her how much of a thrill it was for me to being naked in public and that she should at least try going topless on the beach at least once before they left. She said she just might give that a try.

When the doors opened in the elevator, I slowly walked across the lobby and there was my husband standing at the doors with our camera. He had a big grin on that face of his as he was filming me. I stopped in the middle of the lobby and popped a few poses for him. I continued walking towards the door and looked at all the shocked faces staring at me. I stopped at the door a few seconds because Ted was running across the parking lot. He stopped about halfway across and raised his camera so I started to walk towards him again. I heard some clapping about halfway to Ted, so I turned and looked. There were about 8 people just outside the doorway clapping, so I just turned, faced them, and waved to them. When I finally got to the car and opened the door. There on my seat was my viberator. Ted was thinking of everything. I had that thing deep inside me before we got out of the parking lot. I did remain naked all the way home, even when Ted got gas at a truck stop. Ted got 20 dollars worth so I got out a 20 and walked in the store, loving all the looks the truckers were giving me and paid the shocked man. A few miles down the road I had to pee really bad, so Ted just pulled off an off ramp and pull off in the grass. There were no restrooms near, so Ted said he wanted me to just get out, squat, and pee. As I reached for the door handle, he reached for the camera. He had never asked to see me pee before and now he wanted to film it; I was willing to give it a go. He got out and walked behind the car and knelt down as I squatted; I let go a river for the camera.

We made it home and Kim was waiting for us. [I had called here when we were about a half hour out.] I had already told her I was naked but Ted had removed his shorts when he had seen her car in front of our house and when he climbed out naked Kim was surprised. I told her he drove back like that but them I started to laugh and told her the truth. She wanted to see his little shorts so he put them back on for her. I told her how cool they looked wet and then she had to see that. Ted headed for the pool and I got the camera. I filmed Ted as he came out off the water so he could see what we all enjoyed seeing. Kim said all the sudden she felt hot and need to take a dip. She pulled off her little dress and now naked dove in the pool. Ted removed his shorts and he and I both got in the pool with her fun some fun and misbehaving.

Well, that’s all I can remember. Sorry it took so longer to publish this story but I couldn’t keep my fingers out of my pussy when I remembered the fun I had. Will write again next time I have fun.


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