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Fantasy Finally Becomes Reality


Linda and I met in college during my senior year. She had just transferred in from another school as a junior and was definitely one of the most sought after new girls on campus. Linda had a great little body, with amazing legs, a great ass and perfect breasts. And to top it all off, her face was drop dead gorgeous and her smile could make any guy melt.

Well, despite being hit on by about every heterosexual guy on campus, she started dating me. To be honest, I was not looking for a relationship. I was more interested in getting the hottest looking chick on campus into bed. What I quickly found out was that Linda was not the type of girl that would jump into bed, as she was in fact a virgin, and she was so much fun to be around that I quickly realized that she was exactly the type of person I could spend the rest of my life with. So, rather than getting her into the sack and moving on, Linda and I became inseparable.

After she graduated the following year, we got married, moved to Florida and started a family. Since Linda had a very prim and proper upbringing, she was definitely on the conservative side in terms of what she would wear in public and what she was willing to do in bed. Over time, she became much more comfortable wearing outfits that would show some skin, as long as they were appropriate for a late 20's mother. Her body was still amazing. In fact I'd say it had even gotten better as her hips filled out a little due to child birth. When the two of us vacationed on our own to beaches or cruises that allowed topless sunbathing, she began to finally put her perfect breasts on display for all of the other guys to see, as long as other women were also doing it. This was definitely very exciting to me watching as other guys checked out her perfect tits and probably wondered what it would be like to fuck her. But, the fact that she'd only do it when the two of us vacationed without the kids, did not allow it to happen as often as I would have liked.

The next thing that happened to take some of her conservative side away was when we were house sitting for my brother's family while they were out of town. While looking for a movie to watch in his video collection, we stumbled on to a few porno movies that he had. Linda had never seen porn before, and it had been a while for me too. While we watched it, we had a very matter of fact discussion ranging on things like, "how big do you think it is", "do you think those are real", and even a few "we need to try that position out". As a result, it took the uneasiness about talking about sex away and eventually led to us talking about fantasies, role playing, and trying about any position imaginable.

Like most guys with a gorgeous wife that is constantly being checked out by other guys, one of my greatest fantasies was seeing her with another guy. Over the next few years, we'd role play that as well as other fantasies that either of us had, but the majority of time the fantasy that we'd be acting out had one or more other guys getting to touch her perfect body or bury their cock deep inside her.

One of the things that Linda always made very clear though was the importance of her only having slept with me and that none of these fantasies would ever become reality. At first, I was fine with that because candidly I would not want any other guy touching my wife. But over time, I began to feel much more comfortable with the thought of another guy getting to touch her breasts and even proposed to set up a special massage, but Linda always turned me down. It was on a trip shortly after our 15th anniversary that everything would change.

Linda and I had reserved a mountain cabin near Gatlinburg, TN to spend a long weekend away from the kids. The cabin was perfect, with a pool table on the lower level and the kitchen, bedroom and family room on the main level. The resort had 4 similar cabins and a large hot tub outside that was shared by all of the guests.

The first full day we were there, we saw a lot of the local sights, did some hiking and made reservations for the following day for a half day couples spa session. After a romantic dinner in our cabin, we decided to sit in the hot tub, before what we both knew was going to be an extended love-making session in our secluded cabin. Linda looked amazing as she walked from our cabin to the hot tub in her very sexy bikini. Normally, she would have worn a cover-up, but since we were only a very short walk away and the fact that no one there knew us, she had my jaw drop as she glided down the path to the hot tub in her curve hugging bikini.

When we got to the hot tub, both of us sat on the edge with our feet in the water to get used to the temperature. It was at that point that a car drove up and parked at the cabin next to ours. Two twenty something year old guys got out of the car and took their few bags into their cabin. Although it was starting to get a little dark, you could tell that both of these guys were good looking and I also noticed that Linda seemed to be watching them intently as they went from their car to their cabin. I think she realized that she was staring and turned to me and asked me what I thought that was all about with two guys sharing a romantic cabin in the mountains. Being the smart ass that I am, I told her they were probably a couple of pretty boy gay boys, who like us wanted to have a romantic weekend. When she looked at me and with a "really" type look on her face, I said that we'll now within a few minutes whether they are gay or not.

When Linda asked how would we know that, I told her that each of them saw her sitting on the edge of the hot tub, so if they aren't gay they will be out there joining us as soon as they can find their swim suits in their bags. As Linda rolled her eyes, sure enough our new neighbors came out of their cabin with their swim trunks on to join us in the hot tub. They introduced themselves to us at Mike and Nick, both graduate students that had come up for the long weekend to do some serious fishing. Both of these guys were a little over six feet tall, and although I'm not one that would typically say another guy was good looking, I have to admit that they were.

Mike was definitely the talker of the two and very proud of his chiseled physique as he used every opportunity to strike a pose or jump out of the water and sit on the edge for all to see. Nick was much quieter as he just listened to Mike, Linda and I do most of the talking. They had brought a cooler out to the hot tub, so we each enjoyed a few beers over the next hour or so. With the water being as hot as it was, it forced you to occasionally sit on the edge of the hot tub to cool off once in a while. It was very clear from the obvious looks they gave Linda that neither of them were gay. Mike even tried some innocent flirting with her, but she just giggled and reminded him that I was right there. Linda's bikini had a triangle top that did a great job of putting her cleavage on display and allowed her nipples to clearly push through the thin material. The bottoms were one of those scrunchy ones that have a seam go right up your butt crack, so it does a great job of showing off a very shapely ass, like Linda's.

Mike shared that the two of them got up to the area to fish several times a year and that they always caught their limit. Apparently, Nick's grandfather had lived on one of the mountain lakes in the area and he knew exactly where the hot spots were. During the conversation about fishing, they invited Linda and me to join them. Linda quickly thanked them, but shared that we already had a day of spa treatments booked. It must have been obvious to Mike that I would really rather go fishing, especially since they knew where the hot spots were, so he asked if I would just like to join them while Linda enjoyed her spa treatments. When I was a little slow to respond, Linda suggested that I go fishing with the guys since I usually don't get to do that and she would see if she could extend her half day spa session to the full day.

While we were discussing what time we'd be meeting to go fishing and the other specifics, Linda excused herself to go to the bathroom. As she got out of the hot tub and walked to our cabin, Mike did not even try to hide the fact that he was staring at her incredible body. When he realized that I had caught him checking out my wife, he just apologized and said that she had an amazing body. I thanked him and told him that I was actually flattered that two guys 15 years younger than us thought my wife was hot. They both laughed and commented that they wished they had some "talent like that on campus".

After Linda returned, we decided to call it a night and go back to our cabin. Mike used the opportunity of saying good night to shake my hand and give Linda a friendly hug. Nick got out of the hot tub too, but rather than giving Linda a good night hug, he just shook each of our hands as he said good night.

When Linda and I got back in our cabin, I figured she might be upset about me agreeing to spend the day fishing with the guys, so I apologized and asked if she was sure it was ok. She commented that she was really looking forward to spending the day together getting a half day of spa treatments, but that the possibility of her getting a full days worth of treatment instead would make it ok. As we climbed into bed, I asked her what she thought of our two neighbors. She said that they were both very nice, although it was obvious that Mike really thought he was a ladies' man. I agreed and told her about how much he checked her out when she went to the cabin. She just shook her head and said that she caught him several times checking her out and even brushing his hand against her lightly during some of his animated stories.

I then asked her to imagine that we were still out in the hot tub with our two new friends and that one of them commented on how amazing her breasts looked. And then when she thanked them, they would respond by asking her if they could please just feel them. When she looked my way for approval, I would just shrug my shoulders and tell her that they were her tits. So, she would reluctantly say yes allowing these young guys to grope her in the hot tub. From there, they would beg her to just take off her bikini top for a few seconds so they could see her perfect mounds. This would eventually lead to them being allowed to suck on her perfect breasts before ultimately getting to taste her clean shaven pussy.

By the time we had reached this point in our little fantasy / role play, she wanted my cock in her and begged me to let her get on top of me. Rather than starting with slow movements while allowing me to suck on her tits, she leaned back arching her full breasts into the air and began thrusting her hips back and forth as hard as she could. Within a few minutes both of us came as she slowly milked the last few drops of cum from my cock while tightening her pussy walls. She collapsed on top of me as we just laid there for a few minutes. When we got up to go to the bathroom, I joked that our new friends must have really made an impression on her and that maybe we could try to set something up. She told me to dream on, and that it was the booze, our romantic cabin, my story telling and my incredible cock that were to blame for her acting that way.

The next morning, Linda woke up briefly to wish me luck fishing, before going back to bed for a few more hours of sleep, since Mike, Nick and I were meeting at the crack of dawn.

When we arrived at the small marina, we loaded up the boat with all of the fishing gear and plenty to eat and drink. As Mike and Nick had said, the action was non-stop. By late morning, we had already gotten our daily limit of fish, so we headed back to the cabins. We were so busy with the action in the boat, it had really not allowed us to have much of a conversation other than some small talk in between pulling in the fish. I was really hoping to get these guys talking about my hot wife, so on the drive back to the cabins, I started to pry a little bit into their college lives. As I had expected, Mike was definitely the lady's man and talked about a few of his many conquests. When I pressed Nick for some of his highlights, he just commented that he's more reserved than Mike and has not dated as much, as he's occupied with his studies. Mike laughed and said that he was sure in the grand scheme of things that Nick being a straight "A" virgin, was probably going to pay off more than him being an average student playboy, but that he was hooked on pussy.

Nick then spoke up a bit to make sure I understood that just because he was a virgin, did not mean that he did not like women. He said he loved women and even admitted to having a hard time moving to the edge of the hot tub the previous night because he was sporting a hard-on looking at Linda. Mike agreed and commented that I was only lucky SOB to be able to land someone as hot as Linda.

When we arrived back at the cabins, there was a note from Linda indicating that she had called the spa and was able to exchange our couples half day session for a full day of spa treatments for herself, so she'd probably be back late afternoon. The note also said that she was thinking that the two of us could have a romantic dinner and that there were some steaks and potatoes in the refrigerator if I would plan to cook them on the grill.

Since it was early in the afternoon, I volunteered to help Mike & Nick clean the fish in their cabin. We spent the next few hours gutting, cleaning and filleting our catch, while enjoying a few beers and watching some college football. As we finished cleaning the fish, Mike volunteered to go to the store and get whatever other groceries we'd need for our fish fry dinner that night. To be honest, I had forgotten about Linda's note on a steak dinner for the two of us and jumped right in on what else we'd need for the four of us to enjoy a great fish fry. When it finally dawned on me that it was supposed to just be Linda and I for dinner, Mike had already left for the store, so I just figured we'd postpone our romantic dinner for the next night.

Since Mike and Nick's cabin smelled of fish guts, we decided we'd have the dinner in our cabin. We all needed to clean up, so we agreed on a time that they should come over so we could begin preparing our feast. Linda arrived back at the cabin about 10 minutes before Mike & Nick were to come over. She said she had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the full day of spa services they gave her, the wonderful fresh fruits, finger sandwiches that they had for lunch and the mimosas that they gave her. You could tell she was a little tipsy and not feeling much pain, but she still was not happy with me when I mentioned that Mike & Nick would be arriving shortly and that we'd be having fish instead of steak. She said that she was really in a frisky mood and was looking forward to getting me in bed. We agreed that after dinner, we'd try to get Mike and Nick to leave as soon as possible to allow us to have some fun.

As Linda was changing, Mike and Nick arrived and we began to get dinner ready. I commented to them that Linda had a wonderful time at the spa, but that she was very tired, so we'd probably not be able to make it very late. Just as I finished hinting at a short night, out comes Linda in a tube top and terry cloth shorts. Tube tops always look amazing on Linda with her amazing tits and allowing her shoulders to show, but her sexy ass and long legs in those tight shorts was over the top sexy. Mike told her she looked incredible and even Nick chimed in that it would be nice if they had girls half as gorgeous as she was at their university to look at. Linda just giggled and responded that she was sure that they have great looking girls at their college and it was just that the only thing the three of us guys had seen all day were fish, so of course she would look good compared to that.

We begin preparing dinner as Mike provided drinks to each of us. When he handed Linda a wine cooler, she told him that she was already feeling pretty good from the mimosas and was going to pass on it, but then agreed that one should be fine. Dinner was great -- there's just something about freshly caught fresh water fish that is hard to beat. We sat around and just chatted about families and Mike pressed Linda on how she ever wound up with me. She laughed and said that although other people asked her the same question back in college, she was always hooked on me. At that point, I was about to suggest we call it a night when Linda asked Mike and Nick if they thought they could beat her and I in pool. Mike joked that he could beat us blindfolded and we were on our way downstairs to the pool table.

Fortunately for Linda and I, Nick was not a very good pool player and I was making just about every shot even though it had been a few years since I had last played. After we convincingly beat them for the third straight game, Linda, who was enjoying another wine cooler, suggested that we make a "fun" wager on the next game. Mike immediately said that he was in and asked her to define what she meant by "fun". Linda looked at me for a second and said that if her and I won, that Mike and Nick would have to shave each other's balls in front of us. When I looked at her with an "are you crazy" face, she said that she knew that I would not like to see that, but promised it would pay off big for me when she and I went to bed later. Nick was clearly not in favor of it until Mike said that if they won that Linda would have to do a slow striptease for them. Linda quickly agreed and asked me to rack up the balls (pool balls that is).

As I was racking them up, I thought to myself that I was essentially in a no lose situation. If we win, although Mike and Nick will have to shave each other in front of us, it would definitely lead to an incredible fuck session with Linda after they left. On the other hand, if we lost, the thought of her having to do a slow striptease in front of these two college guys was already getting my cock rock hard. The game was a little closer than the previous ones had been, as both Mike and Nick were taking it very seriously. I still had the chance to win the game though if I could sink the eight ball on a mildly difficult shot. As I was lining it up, Linda came over and gently groped my crotch and whispered to me to hurry up and make it, so that I could have her any way I wanted. Although that should have given me the focus to sink that last shot, I think sub-consciously I wanted to see her strip in front of these two young guys. So, not only did I miss the shot, but I ended up leaving the cue ball where it was very easy for Mike to sink their last solid before putting in the eight ball.

Mike and Nick were high fiving each other when Linda asked if they would be willing to play another game for double or nothing. Mike asked her what she had in mind and she said that if we won, that Mike and Nick would need to shave each other and that they could think of something else for her to do if they won. Nick immediately responded that double or nothing should actually mean that if they lost, they would have to do nothing. Mike agreed and said for them to agree to that, that the extra thing Linda would have to do would have to be very good. He looked for a moment at Nick before commenting that he's played 5 Steps with a few friends at school before and that we would need to do that. When I asked what 5 Steps was, Linda cut Mike off before he could explain and said it does not matter as long as it does not involve pictures or video being taken of her, or Mike and Nick sticking any part of their bodies in any of her holes. Before Nick or I could even respond, Linda said "It's a deal. Rack em up."

This final game did not go well for Linda and me. Mike and Nick were making some very difficult shots and we could not even sink the easy ones. In less than 10 minutes we had lost and Mike began to explain how 5 Steps is played. Basically each step was doing something a little more erotic than the previous step. Linda would need to go to our bedroom, while the three of us guys stayed downstairs. Mike and Nick would tell me what the next step would be and my only job was to go tell Linda and make sure she was comfortable. Each of them would then have a certain amount of time to do the step. Linda said she was fine with that as long as we stuck to her rules around no pictures or video and no body parts in holes. We all agreed as Linda walked up the stairs.

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