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Fantasy Fulfilled


When Carrie broke it off with my brother Dean, I set my sight and lips on my dreamy brother. My brother is so physical, always doing things to stretch his body to the limits. He'll jog before going to his classes in the morning, then cycle to college, and then work out at the campus gym. How Carrie could have dumped my brother for some dork is one of the great mysteries of the world. Perhaps her pussy was too tight to handle his humongous hard-on. I know how big my brother's cock thanks to the fact that we experiment and fool around some last year before our college classes started. My brother Dean was about to fuck me when he meet Carrie and began dating her, so we stopped. But I never stopped wanting my brother as a lover.

A gang of party people gathered at the community center for a game of volleyball. Dean dominated the event, his sweaty physique making my panties damp. From the way that some of the other girls were eyeing my brother I knew I wasn't the only one whose panties were soaked. I knew I had to spend some quality time with my brother's cock soon or my chance to get in his pants would be lost again.

My plan was simply, after the game I called him tell him I need his help move something to my place, what I was think was his cock move in and out of my pussy. When we meet on the steps of the community center, my curvy body hugging outfit made even him do a double take just like every guy that had passed me on the step had done. I could tell he was checking me out, noting how my hooters pushed against my tight red school shirt. My denims were super tight, and the material of the crotch was push up between my cunt lips. He stared at my camel-toed pussy mound as he came up the steps. When I turn around he couldn't help see the string thong I was wearing poking out the top of my super tight jeans. As he came closer I posed for me as provocative as I could in my tight outfit.

I watched my brother muscles ripple as he lift the heavy boxes into his truck's bed. I ran my hand over his muscular arms and back when I was able. I tightly hugged him to as a thank you, pushing my breast against his chest, inhaling his musky, sweaty scent. I wanted to drop to my knees to get at the growing erection I felt. I wanted to see it, touch it, and taste it. Since my brother is a tit man I knew he couldn't help noticing my hard nipples trying to poke holes though my shirt.

We talked as we drove to me place, just BS-ing. I kept catching Dean checking me out when I moved around the cab of his truck. My T and A had his full attention, and his cock growing harder. I asked my brother to stop at a drug-store. I made sure to wiggle my ass as walked across the parking lot, since I knew he was looking at it. When I could back he asked if I had got what I needed. Smiling I said, "Not yet, but as soon as I can get one of those condoms on your cock. I will."

Dean looked shocked, as I said, "Brother, I want you in me, here and now." Dean had told me once about a kinky fantasy of his to make in a busy parking lot, since his truck are so darkly tinted. I was willing to make it happen if it meant I could have him. I grappled with his crotch and rubbing his bulge that told him I was serious. Dean had shit-eating grin on his face as he moved his truck to a spot in the parking lot with more shadows thanks to it now getting darker.

Dean pulled my shirt over my head. He kissed my smooth-skinned shoulders before taking my bra off me. Dean a real tit man, swirling wet circles around and around my firm nipples. As his tongue dance around my ivory jugs, he paid attention to ever bump on my large areoles. This was like to first time we had ever fooled around, Dean's mouth loving my fleshly globes but added to that excitement we're in a public parking with me naked to my waist. I rubbed his dick through his denims. But I had to feel the heat in a flesh-to-flesh way.

Like most jocks, he enjoyed showing off, he deserved to. He helped me push his denims all the way down so I could see his throbbing member. It looked better than I remembered. I stroked his hard-on with one hand and pushed his shirt up so I could cover his solid chest with endless kisses, and return the favor by swirling my tongue around his nipples and nibbling on them. I whispered in his ear, what to know if being naked in his truck about to be fucked by his own sister in a public parking lot was turn him on as much as it was me. "My thong panties are soaked." I whispered in his ear.

Dean couldn't wait to get at my hot pussy. He pulled my denims down from my hips and felt the musky heat from my crotch. His fingers pressed into my pussy through the moist material of my panties. My juices totally soaked the thong, and I teased. "I better get out of these wet clothes."

The panties clung to my sticky crotch, but that didn't stop my brother from peeling them down with such excitement. My bare beaver really got to him, drawing his fingers to my syrupy center. He fingered my slit and me to slam into his hand. My warm pussy swallowed up his fingers. Dean knew how to finish me, moving in with his mouth. My pussy was the first he had ever tasted. So for him going down brought a flood of special memories back. He licked the love honey sliding from my snatch. Then he lashed my clittie with his sizzling tongue. "So good!" I moaned. "So damn good!"

He got me all the way off until my juices soaked onto the upholstery. He kissed me; I tasted my own warm flavor on his lips. It then my breath's turn on his balls.

His cock was the hard stuff of legends. It throbbed to my touch, and I used my warm hands to further heat him. That wild thing flexed and surged between my palms as I rubbed him frantically. Then I felt Dean's nudging pressure, urging my lips to his long one.

My thirst for jism was overpowering as I began on his big-boned erection. The sweaty scent of him gave me a heady feeling, a definite rush. As if being naked at night in a truck in a parking with my own brother's cock about to go in to my mouth wasn't enough already. My tongue traced the rigid lines of his cock form its massive knob to its thick, fleshly base.

A bath of kisses rained down on his cock until that rod glistened in a wet sheen. My hands clutched his pole, climbed to the summit, the slid down with tightening pressure. Slow and gentle stroking gave way to frantic hand jerks. Dean's heavy breathing and thrusting hips told how good he felt. My lips raced to the knob of his sweet rod. I opened wide to feel the branding bliss of his penetrating cock. He slid his fingers through my hair mumbling how good a cocksucker I was. He didn't have to tell me what I already knew. Nothing would make me stop until the foamy cum filled my face. I could do nothing less in the close presence of his fantastic prick.

My pussy twitched in pleasure at the feel of my brother's fat rod between my lips, my juices flowing as the shaft pressed against my tongue, the sweet leak of pre-cum making him taste even better. My brother squirmed around on the bench seat of his truck until he could reach my crotch, two of his fingers sliding up between my slit and spreading apart inside my love canal giving my pussy a dizzying tingle of excitement.

At that point the whole student body of the college could have been watching me suck off my brother, and I would have stopped. I was hot, on fire-my focus was on his thick staff of hard meat throbbing between my lips. I hungered to feel the gushing spurt of his spunk pumping between my lips and into my mouth.

My hunger was satisfied in just a few minutes. My tongue had just begun to working at the spot just below the underside of my brother's pole when Dean moaned, hips bucking forward to slide more of his cock into my face. I heard him moan, a wordless cry of lust, and felt his balls roll against my chin as a wrenching twitch of pleasure twisted his body.

Dean's thick prick swelled between my lips, and then suddenly the gush of his hot jizz filled my mouth. I gobbled as fast as I could, swallowing what seemed like a pint of his goo while my brother moaned my name over and over again in the spasms of his climax.

When my Brother's orgasm was finished, his body wet limp, but his cock did not. I looked up into my brother's face rubbing his hard thing against my cheeks and tits, before rolling a condom over and down. He slid across the bench seat to give me more room the work with. I straddled him, dropping my weight onto his erection with a long sigh, my cunt giving a clenching twitch of joy at the feeling my brother slab of meat drive deep into my fuck-hole. I began to bounce up and down on him, yelping with pleasure every time my down stroke pressed the tingling pearl of my clit against his body.

My tit-loving brother fondled my breasts, pinching my nipples, his fingers slide over my globes squeezing them increase my excitement. Then he grabbed my hips, yanking me hard against his up thrust hips, my love button crush into his crotch. My back ached and I exploded in a huge orgasm, my cunt clamping in uncontrollable frenzy around his cock as wave after wave of ecstasy seared through me.

I heard Dean grunt, and felt his cock swell inside my cunt. I could feel his spunk flood in the tip of the condom. I imagine it shooting into my guts, a river of frothy white sperm blasting from the reservoir of my brother balls. Imagining his load empting into my womb and not the condom made my cunt release another flood of juices. I could hear the wet slurping sounds of my brother's prick slopping around in my soaked pussy as I hump him.

Finally my orgasm had drained me. I sat on my brother's lap breathing heavy my head on his shoulder, the cab of his truck smelled of sex. I was glad his bench seat was leather other wise my leaking cunt would have soaked his seat. I slide off of my brother, his cock was surprisingly still hard. "I want to go again." he said. I was stunned, I had sucked and fucked him two orgasms and he wanted more. He was the man of my dreams. "I want to fuck you from behind sis."

The cab was too small for that kind of fuck and I said so. And again my brother stunned me saying, "we could get out and I could bend you over the hood." My brain should have scream "What are you crazy? Isn't fuck your own sister in a parking kinky enough?" instead I feverously looked around the parking lot, "there over there." I said as I pointed to what looked like the darkest spot in the parking lot.

Once we moved over, we slip out the drivers' side. We move quickly into position, I had put a new condom on my brother hard member on the drive over. His hands gripped my hips tightly, as he fucked me fast and hard from behind. His cock made slurping wet sounds as he pumped in and out. Being in the open fucking had us both gasping , trying to be quiet try not to draw attention, but at the same time the pleasure was making us what to scream. His pace was impressive his stamina was incredible, I would have loved him to fuck me this way all night and the way he was going I almost thought he could. But were we where made that impossible. I hunched back to meet him, and when his fingers tightened on my hips, I reached between my legs to tickle his balls and give him an extra thrill.

He moaned, a little too loudly, thrusting hard, and groaned as another spurting river of goo blasted through his twitching cock into the condom. As soon as he finished blast his load he pulled out and we hurried to climb back into the cab. I remove the stick condom off my brother finally soften cock, and on the drive to my place and clean it with my mouth. I hung my panties over his mirror. After dressing I climb out of his truck and smiling I reminded him that condom came in a three pack, and I asked he wanted to come up and finish off the last one in my bed. Dean clothes were back on only long enough for me to get him into my place then they were off again. Have cum three times even my brother's incredible stamina need some help to get hard, it took a while but either of us compliant at how long I took suck him hard. Once he was hard he return the favor by fucking me close to an hour straight, when he balls emptied into the condom, we fell into an exhausted sleep.

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