tagLoving WivesFantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01


I lay Shanny down on our couch and ask her to close her eyes and relax as I start to whisper a sexy story in her ear. We had just been taking pictures of her in a sexy black lace bra and panty set in front of the fireplace and of course she had me worked up. I undo her bra and slip it down and off her arms, her heels and French cut panties following quickly. I give her a little kiss, careful not to touch her luscious body.

"I think we should go out for dinner, then to a club for some dancing baby, what do you think?". She smiles with her eyes closed.

"I'd like that," she whispers softly, "what would you like me to wear Demian honey?"

I suggest I am in love with what she has on right now, but understand it would be a tad much for public viewing.

"You haven't worn the new bra and panty set I got you for your birthday yet Shanny." Like all men I love sexy lingerie on a sexy woman, and Shanny has always had to wear expensive brassieres to support her magnificent breasts.

"Not since I tried it on for you." she says coyly.

"I like the way the bra gathers your breasts and leaves so much of them exposed," I tell her, my fingers trace the outline of the bra along her breasts, her nipples swelling even without being touched. My fingers lower to graze the swell of her mound, "and the G-string is so tiny, hardly covering your sexy smooth lips." my fingers drawing a long low moan from her.

"Sounds perfect," she says softly, getting into the game, "very sexy underwear, be a shame to cover it up too much."

I have to agree, suggesting thigh high stockings.

"Just below your ass cheeks, I love when they lift your sexy bottom, and tight against the top of your legs so they frame your sweet pussy."

"My black skirt with the buttons up the front." she volunteers, and I agree how sexy it is, how well it fits her exquisite ass.

"It would go nicely with your pink sweater with all the tiny buttons."

"Mmm," she moans, "lots of buttons to leave undone." and I correct her.

"Maybe later baby but for now lets leave almost all of them done up."

Shanny sighs a little, knowing the game is mine, then suggests high heels and her dangle earrings. I suggest not too high of a heel, just enough to accentuate her ass, She continues to moan as I touch her lightly.

"Sounds like I'm dressed, let's go eat."

I let her pick her favorite restaurant, telling her how much attention she is receiving from admiring men, including our young waiter.

"The service is always better when I am with you." I tell her. We enjoy dinner and wine, and I let her sip some wine from a glass I have next to the couch. She suggests she could attract more attention with a few buttons undone, I had her bundled up more than normal. I suggest she may want to undo some buttons later, let's just wait and see.

"You always attract attention no matter what you wear honey, and I can see you are enjoying the furtive glances our poor waiter is bestowing on you. I can see you sit back to let him enjoy your beautiful breasts showcased in your tight sweater. It's very erotic watching you put on a little one on one show just for his eyes." Shanny corrects me quickly.

"And for your eyes too baby." as she arches her back, making her breasts jut forward even more provocatively. I lightly graze her aureole in encouragement.

"Of course for me too baby, I so love to show you off, share your body with deserving men."

She asks the waiter to bring some chocolate sauce to go after our dessert, telling him it's for later, and I tell her how sexy her little tease is. We discuss dance clubs and she once again picks her favorite. We settle in a booth and order drinks, then move out to the dance floor, I whisper in her ear how many eyes are drawn to her sensuous moves.

"Demian, do you think any of them will ask me to dance?" she wonders and I laugh.

"Don't you always have a long line of admirers after I take you out on the floor baby?" and she blushes a little.

"I can't help how I move."

I reinforce the fact that I love how she moves, it's one of the things that attracted me to her, I let my fingers tease her breasts and ass as I describe how her breasts jiggle and her bottom shimmies when she is dancing.

"You are so delicious and impossible to ignore." Time to step it up a little. "Ah your first candidate, what does he look like?"

"Quite tall," she whispers, "A little old for me, shoulder length blonde hair, touch of grey at the temples." She is giggling as she describes me.

"Very funny." I pout, "Here comes one, a bit young perhaps but knows what he wants."

"He was brave enough to ask me, and it will let other men know I am available." she says coyly.

"Available" I purr, "yes that is the perfect word, let's hope there are some interesting men here to take advantage of your availability."

I let her fantasy move forward, dancing with two or three different men, and we also move back on the floor, my fingers tracing lightly over her belly as I tell her how good her body feels pressed against mine. We move back to our table enjoying soft conversation, when I pause for a moment.

"This guy looks interesting, tall, well built, dark hair and smiling eyes," I hear her sigh in agreement, "Ice blue eyes the same color as your lingerie, tight black jeans and a nice light colored shirt." She smiles with my description. "Is he a good dancer?" I ask, and she whispers.

"Yes, and very easy to talk to."

"What's his name?" I ask and she thinks for a minute.

"Steve. and he's here on business." she adds. "He's walking me back to our table baby, will he be joining us?" she asks hopefully and I tell her unfortunately not yet, but I can see you give him a dazzling smile and his hand an encouraging squeeze so I'm pretty sure he might come back.

"You like this one?" I ask and she nods, "so this would be one you might undo your buttons for?" and she smiles and sighs a yes. asking if she can undo them now. I explain no, if she is going to undo them for him, then he must see her undo each and everyone.

"If he asks you to dance again once you are on the floor explain to him that your skirt is too tight, then undo as many buttons as you want for him, knowing I will be excited to see how daring you are for him." Her body is flushing with wicked thoughts and she wants to hurry the game.

"Steve is coming back baby," and I tease, are you sure, maybe he's leaving . She giggles and shakes her head, no, he needs to be with me.

"Go and enjoy him Shanny." I encourage her.

"It's a fast song," she continues, "so I smile at him and tell him my skirt is too tight to move in. His eyes are watching my fingers pop the buttons on my skirt, and he's smiling."

"Very nice baby, how far is your skirt undone now?" I ask, moving my fingers past her knee, and she stops me about mid thigh. "Your legs look so sexy."

"I like how he moves to the music, and how his eyes caress my body, his eyes are very sensual. The next song is a slow one." she whispers, and tells me how she moves into his arms, she can feel his firm body, the heat of his chest and the smell of his cologne.

"Tell him he smells great." I suggest and she laughs.

"I did Demian and he told me I smell good enough to eat."

"That's pretty suggestive." I note, and she agrees.

"He's starting to come on to me a little baby, I'm going to invite him back to our table."

I tell her that's a great idea and put my arm around her belly.

"I'm sitting behind you honey, you are leaning on me but your body is turned towards Steve so he get's to enjoy your charms, he must be enjoying your legs. She moans a soft yes, then tells me she is undoing some of her sweater buttons as it was so hot out on the dance floor.

"How low Shanny?" letting my fingers run down between her large heaving breasts until she stops me, showing some beautiful cleavage below her spray of freckles.

"I noticed his eyes on yours as you undid your sweater, smiling at you, encouraging you."

"I know." she answers,"my eyes were flashing at his, daring him to look down into my cleavage, and when he did he kept smiling and then undid one of his shirt's buttons."

We have drinks and discuss Steve's business and we both dance with her, getting a few more buttons undone.

"Your breasts look great baby, a little of your bra showing now, I love how you bend forward to talk to him."

She sighs, "I love how his eyes move to my open shirt then smile at me, telling me how much he is enjoying seeing my breasts."

"I also notice you are toying with your skirt buttons." and she giggles,

"Yes, it attracts his eyes to my legs, and the next time I dance with him I will undo some more."

"Very sexy baby, where is your skirt open to now?" My fingers slipping high on her inner thigh before she has me stop. "Mmm baby very sexy, is he enjoying the view?" and she whispers.

"He will enjoy it even more when we sit down, he's going to be able to see my panties."

"They are so pretty baby, I bought them thinking how hot you would look showing off in them, I'm very excited to think Steve will be the first to see you in them."

I tell her I notice the extra buttons undone on her skirt and give her an encouraging smile, but because I am behind her can only fantasize about his view. I let my fingers trace over her mound, telling her I know he can see the swell and roundness of her sensuous mound, her small patch of trimmed bush and her beauty spot as I lean forward and kiss the sexy dark mole.

"He can see the smooth skin between your nylons and panties , and a little of the tiny swath of silk cupping your beautiful lips." Lightly passing my fingers across her slit.

"I know," she whispers," I love knowing you are right here, my protector, but only Steve can see up my skirt, his smoldering eyes pushing me for more to please him, and I want him to see more, I need to please those dreamy eyes."

"I notice when I join in the conversation you turn towards me a little, letting your legs part a little, letting Steve see even more."

I hear her sigh, "I didn't realize I was doing it until now, and I'm going to continue to do it now."

I encourage her to spread her legs for him.

"It's better for Steve, he can enjoy your body without worrying about you catching him staring."

I let my fingers graze her lips telling her I am joining the conversation more and more, keeping her legs spread for Steve as much as I can.

"I know you are Demian and I smile at you as I spread even wider, so excited to know Steve can see my pussy lips."

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