tagGroup SexFantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03


I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Angel_Love (a Volunteer Editor) for graciously and competently taking on the task of editing this, my second submission to Literotica. Without her guidance and sharp eye, I don't think I would have got by the 'censors'. I'm blessed though as she's agreed to edit all my submissions and I'm going to take her up on that! For any of you out there who are the least bit hesitant about submitting a story, get in communication with Angel_Love as you'll get all the help and encouragement you need to become successful submitting stories for publication in Literotica.

I wasn't sure what would happen next, so didn't suggest that we get dressed. Bronwyn and I, with Jason and Dana in tow, went out onto the main floor, each couple with their arms wrapped around each other, holding their clothes.

I noticed Bronwyn looking around, taking in the room and visualizing her performance in this large space, crowded with admiring people. She had a dreamy look on her face. Suddenly, she stopped and turned to me, saying, somewhat breathlessly, "Darling, I've never had a cock up my ass!"

Then, she turned to Jason and whispered, "Would you be so kind as to help me with something?

He nodded his agreement and said, "Sure!"

Bronwyn whispered something into Dana's ear - Dana giggled, clapped her hands and jumped up and down, her gorgeous breasts bouncing delightfully. Dana looked at me, smiled lustfully and came to me, wrapping her arms around me and grinding her pussy into my thigh. Well, since Bronwyn now knew all about us, the restrictions were off! That was the message I got.

Then Bronwyn looked at each of us in turn and said with lust in her voice, "Don't you agree we need some practice, before the big show? Really, we are just amateurs, and we're expected to put on a professional show! Well, then, let's become professional. After all, we all know that 'practice makes perfect'!"

With that, she led us all, hand in hand, up the stairs to the Orgy Room. Once there, Bronwyn turned to Jason and asked, "Could you get some of that KY over there and bring it to me? You and I will need it!"

Then, she knelt down on all fours on the edge of the bed (which happened to be unoccupied at that moment), spread her legs wide and stuck her ass up in the air.

Jason returned and she asked him to lube up her asshole and his 'lovely cock' (her words) and slowly, gently stick it into her asshole. She told him she'd never been ass-fucked before, so wanted him to approach her with gentleness and try to avoid hurting her too much.

He glanced at Dana, who immediately nodded her approval.

First, Jason knelt behind Bronwyn and began to lick all over her pussy, up and down the lips, back and forth as he moved up and down. Very soon, it was obvious her pussy was sopping wet! Then, he began to shift the focus of his tonguing up to her pretty little brown asshole, while his fingertips continued to stroke softly over her pussy. His tongue began a large circle around her ass cheeks, gradually narrowing in to her tight little sphincter. As he got closer and closer to her hole, Bronwyn was squirming and gripping the bed cover tightly. She was building to an orgasm! Jason was good! He'd done this before and knew how to get the maximum pleasure out of it for both participants.

As Dana and I watched Jason's ministrations to Bronwyn, we began to fondle each other. Dana was standing with her legs slightly parted, her pussy glistening! As my lightly skimming fingertips flew across her gorgeous breasts, I lingered for some moments, lightly flicking her engorged, hard nipples and pinching and pulling on them tenderly. She moaned, gripped my raging hard-on and began to stroke it very slowly with her soft hand. Her other hand shot to her pussy and she began to rub it, continuing to moan, more loudly now.

Jason, having got to the center of his attention, for the first time, touched Bronwyn's sphincter gently with his tongue. She shuddered and gasped. He inserted his tongue ever so slightly and she squirmed with delight. Then, he began to actually thrust his tongue rapidly in and out of her nut-brown bud, not deeply, but just enough to titillate the nerves there. He was being very slow and gentle, and teasing at the same time.

Bronwyn bucked hard, pushed her ass back at Jason's face and orgasmed, loudly screaming her passionate release. Her pussy gushed and Jason held her bucking hips tightly until she calmed, breathing raggedly, her lovely full breasts heaving. She had never experienced an 'ass' orgasm before. It was fantastic! She wanted more! She was now filled with lust as she turned back to Jason and thanked him, urging him to now fuck her asshole, hard!

He picked up the tube of KY and smeared a generous amount on her asshole and his fingers of one hand. With that hand, he gently thrust first one finger, then two, and finally, three fingers into her, up to the first knuckle only, but increasing their depth until they were fully into her with each stroke, slowly working them in and out of her hole. She was moaning with pleasure and her breath was again, ragged as she built to still another orgasm.

Jason, sensing this, removed his fingers and quickly spread the KY up and down the length of his cock, leaving some excess on the head of it. Then, he moved up closer to Bronwyn and placed the head of his cock against her nut-brown hole, which was gaping a little by this time.

Bronwyn, feeling this touch, thrust back hard and impaled herself on the first couple of inches of his long, slim shaft. She grunted and began to move back and forth herself, riding his prick with short movements.

Jason began to slowly push himself forward so that more and more of his rigid cock was taken in by her.

Then, it was all the way in and Jason stopped thrusting, but just let his cock stay there, fully into her ass.

She seemed to shiver again, feeling the fullness in her body and then began to very slowly rock back and forth again. No one touched her pussy! As she increased the tempo of her thrusting back and forth, Jason kept his cock still, providing her with the opportunity to control the action.

Her tempo increased to a rapid pace, her hair was flying to and fro, her body was shuddering, and her breathing came in loud gasps. Now, she was ravishing her pussy with her fingers of one hand. Suddenly, she thrust back, fully impaling herself on his long shaft, and screamed out her orgasm as her body shook with the force of it, her face contorted in the intense pleasure of it.

Jason held her hips firmly to prevent her from collapsing off his cock - he wanted her to experience the feeling of fullness throughout her orgasm. She seemed to have gone limp, but was breathing softly. She turned back and looked at Jason with glazed eyes.

"Oh, my God!" she said, "That was the most fantastic orgasm I've ever had! The orgasm was all over my entire body! Oh, thank you, thank you!"

He began to pull his still rigid cock out of her and she said, "No, no!"

She thrust back onto his cock, burying it again to the hilt and said, "You haven't cum yet, have you? Fuck me more until you cum, too! Inside me! I want your sweet cum to fill my ass!"

"But, this time," she breathed, "I want you to control the action. Fuck me, Jason; fuck my tight ass with your lovely big cock. Ravish my asshole! Cum in me, cuumm in meeee!" she screamed as she held her ass up to him and gripped the bed cover tightly with her fists.

Inasmuch as he was still floating on the edge of the orgasm that had been building in his balls while she fucked him; after only a few deep thrusts into her, he stiffened, thrust all the way into her and his cock burst with his seed, seeming to fill up her body.

She thrashed about, moaning her pleasure as she felt his gooey, hot cum splash into the depths of her body. She shuddered, stiffened, and had another orgasm roar through her!

They both collapsed in a heap, his cock still in her, both breathing a bit raggedly and heaving for air. She could feel cum ooze out from around his cock, buried in her, and felt it flow down to her pussy lips. She loved the feeling...

By this time Dana and I, watching this pure lust displayed in front of us, were at fever pitch ourselves! She pulled me over to the bed, lay down with her legs spread wide and pulled me by the cock into her. She quickly wrapped her legs around my lower back and pulled me fully into her and held me there, slowly working her pelvis back and forth, rubbing her clit against the base of my cock.

Yes, now that Bronwyn knew all about what was going on between Dana and me, the gates were wide open - I'll say! This was infinitely better than being a voyeur, only allowed to watch as she was being pleasured - now, I could be the one giving her pleasure! I basked in the incredible joy of it!

As she pushed her clit against me, I could feel her little shivers. I began to time thrusts with her rubs and soon we were in an ever quickening rhythm. Relax, thrust, relax, thrust, going faster and faster, until I was literally pistoning in and out of lovely Dana's sopping pussy, withdrawing a few inches, then driving in till our pubes slammed against each other. She began to shudder and grip me tighter to her, her body stiffening as she rose to an intense, overwhelming orgasm. Mine was right there, too.

We exploded together, my spurting cock buried all the way in her and her holding it there with a vice-grip around my buttocks with her legs. We rocked as one on the bed, loudly shouting out our mutual lust! Slowly, we recovered our awareness, our breathing soft and gentle. I was still buried deep in Dana, but was softening slowly. She stirred and her legs relaxed their grip on me, spreading herself widely to me again.

She looked at me, the glaze beginning to lift from her eyes. She smiled warmly, hugged me with her whole body and said, "Bronwyn was right, she told me you were an outstanding lover and you are - you just proved it to me! I'm so happy the barriers are down between us," she murmured softly, stroking my cheek with her fingertip.

Bronwyn and Jason were sitting on either side of Dana and me. They both congratulated us heartily on the "fantastically, erotic show" we'd just given them. As I began to roll off Dana, Bronwyn reached over and stopped my withdrawal as I was partway out. She stroked her hand over Dana's engorged and still sensitive pussy lips and then stroked the part of my cock that had emerged.

Then, with both hands she stroked both of us at the same time, saying, "I'm so happy that my two best friends can now enjoy each other as much as I enjoy both of them." She had a dreamy look in her eyes and a lovely smile on her lips. Her faraway look told me she was looking into the future and liked what she saw.

Bronwyn came back to present time and said, "Hey, guys! I'm a little tired. How's about we all go home and get some sleep."

As Dana and I completed our uncoupling, Bronwyn looked at Jason warmly and said softly, "Jason, I hope this is just the beginning of a lifelong friendship. You were infinitely gentle and kind with me tonight. I'm sure you were aware it was my first experience with anal sex. With your consideration for me, the anxiety you knew I was going through, you made it a mind-shattering experience, one I'll always treasure. It was a fabulous way to be ushered into a whole new realm of pleasure and I'll never forget you for having given it to me!"

He colored slightly, loving her praise and responded, "Bronwyn, you're not the first woman I've had anal sex with, but, without doubt, you were the best - so far," and he paused, looking at Dana, "but somebody I know could beat you out!" Dana beamed and hugged his head to her breasts, inviting him to feast on them. He didn't pass up the opportunity. It was clear the younger people wanted to stay on for a bit, but Bronwyn was exhausted and we dressed and headed for home, both of us, humming happily and stroking each other softly with our hands as we went to our cozy home.

As the days went by and the day of the show crept nearer, I could sense an incredible excitement building in Bronwyn. Well, of course, I was excited, too! I knew that Bronwyn was supremely happy; knowing her most ultimate sexual fantasy was soon to be enacted. Our relationship had taken a quantum leap forward in these last days - the separation that had previously crept in over the past few years was gone forever - we were at peace with one another, each of us constantly seeking new ways to bring pleasure to the other. This was a good thing!

We almost always had sex every evening when we returned home from work. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other - tickling softly, toying gently, teasing tenderly; touching parts of our bodies we never knew could experience such wonderful pleasure, gradually building to huge mutual orgasms. While it didn't always work exactly that way, it was always supremely wonderful - it was now clear to both of us that our love for each other was infinite...

It's wonderful to see Bronwyn sexually active again. It suits her! She's a very sensuous and feeling woman, with physical attributes that enhance every aspect of love-making. Even in the throes of the massive building of her own shattering orgasms, she's conscious of the needs of her partner - she's extremely loving and giving! And if she's said it once, she's said it a thousand times - she'll be ever grateful for my decision to include her as I reached out for more pleasure in my life.

A few times in that period, Dana and Jason came over and we took the opportunity to pleasure each other.

A couple of times, Dana came over alone and Bronwyn and I 'jumped her bones', taking turns at exhausting her with pleasure. Now, make no mistake about it, 'that ain't easy'! She seems inexhaustible! Blames it on me - awakening her to the pleasures of life. Well! I declare! (I'm smiling.)

We've discovered that Dana only comes alone when Jason is out on business calls or out of town on business. So clearly, Dana has developed a thirst for passion - this, too, is good! This awakened openness among the four of us is not only pleasurable, it's invigorating! We all have been commented to by other friends and colleagues that something surely must be going well in our lives, because our happiness just shines through, no matter what. And it really wasn't quite like that before, to some degree for each of us.

Well, three more days (and nights!) to go. John called me at the office today and said everything was ready for the dress rehearsal and that the show was sold out, with people still clamoring for tickets. Seems the Thompson twins had been spreading the word about Bronwyn, saying she was the most erotic person they'd ever 'met'!

John said he had set up a special 'front row' section for which the seats were going at $500 apiece. He said it was the best pre-show action he'd ever experienced and then added, '15% of the gross' for emphasis! He said the clientele is literally buzzing with the upcoming performance and he was very confident the attendees would not be disappointed. He sounded extremely pleased and ended off saying the dress rehearsal was scheduled for 5 in the afternoon tomorrow, Thursday. He explained he wanted his people to have enough time to fine-tune the setup and for the participants to be well-rested. It suddenly dawned on me that the dress rehearsal might become more than just an "adjustment" session...and he knew it!

Well, Bronwyn just got home and I told her about John's call. She was thrilled! That's putting it mildly. The part about the Thompson twins particularly set her off - she rubbed herself up against me, slowly stroking the bulge growing in my pants and asked, "Do you think they're right, is there something to that? Am I really extremely erotic?"

I couldn't talk. All I could do was reach for her gorgeous tits and fondle them through her bra, only to discover she wasn't wearing one! I crept a hand down across her flat tummy to her puss and sure, enough, felt no panty outline, only a wetness, with a lingering, musky fragrance. I stepped back a bit and admired my beautiful wife's image in her frock. I felt my eyes clouding with lust, overpowering lust! I could smell her - raw animal lust was building in her, too, as we swayed against each other, touching lightly, pleasuring each other with our fingertips and tongues as we dipped together into a passionate kiss.

Tomorrow afternoon at 5 was faaarrrr awaaaaaay... Then, the phone rang, shrilly jolting me back to present time. It was Dana and Jason - she was at his place - had we heard anything from John? I punched the speakerphone button and told them about his call. Their excitement was 'electric'! They wanted to know if they should come over tonight for some 'practice'?

Bronwyn and I looked at each other and said simultaneously, "What a marvelous idea!" We giggled to each other.

Bronwyn pleaded, "Would you, please? That would be wonderful! I'm really anxious about this and want to be sure we have every tiny nuance fully handled..." she said in mock seriousness. We all broke out in gales of laughter!

Dana said they were on their way, and hung up. The speakerphone droned and I put the phone back down in its place. Bronwyn looked at me and said, "Aren't you hungry? I'm starved! Hey, let's order Chinese and get it delivered - it's something we all enjoy."

"Sounds great to me!"

We quickly agreed on the contents of the order and I called the local Golden Dragon Restaurant and placed the order. I asked them to skip the MSG - didn't want us to have any senses clouded tonight! They said that was fine and that the order would be delivered in about 45 minutes. Good! That was done. Now Bronwyn came over to me and asked if tonight's activities could include a 'mini' ultimate fantasy? I asked her what that might consist of.

She said confidently, "You will lie on your back on the bed, I will mount you facing you, with my legs spread over you and place your gorgeous fat cock in my pussy. Jason will mount me from the back and shove his lovely long stick up my ass. Then Dana will stand over your head, facing me with her legs spread on either side of you and I'll lean forward and eat her out, while the two of you fuck my brains out!"

"How's that sound? For starters."

"For starters?" I exclaimed.

"Do you think we could pull that off on our bed?" she asked.

I said, "Well, I don't know for sure, but we can try it and see if we can make it work to all our satisfaction."

"Good!" she said, excitedly, "We'll try it!"

She ran upstairs to the bathroom to pee and I busied myself around the kitchen, getting out plates, cutlery and napkins for us all. Oh my, in the middle of all this I realized we didn't even know whether Jason and Dana had not already eaten. Well, no matter, we'll make the best of it in any case. The little problems of life certainly are easier to handle these days - seems they really aren't problems at all!

When Bronwyn came back downstairs, she was dressed in a very short, shimmering, see-through nightie and was, of course, naked otherwise. Her shaved slit was clearly visible above the hemline, glistening from time to time as the light struck just right and her exquisite hard nipples seemed to be pushing furiously to escape the confines of the delicate material. Her breasts softly jiggled from side to side as she walked. The sight of her took my breath away! My cock began to twitch and swell as I stared at her voluptuous beauty!

Gasping for breath, I asked her, "What do you think I should wear?"

She turned to me, smiling warmly, reached out her hands, beckoning me to embrace her and said, "Nothing! Darling. I don't think you should wear anything at all."

"But," I mumbled, my mouth buried in her breasts, "who's going to accept the Chinese delivery?"

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