tagMatureFantasy Fulfilled Pt. 03

Fantasy Fulfilled Pt. 03


What a night this was turning out to be. His face pressed to the crack of the door, Jason tried knocking again. "Come on, Catherine, open up. It's just me, Jason."

On the other side of her apartment door, her arms wrapped protectively around her, staring anxiously at the door, Catherine murmured, "I know. And that's the problem." Now that she'd made up her mind it was over, she just couldn't let him back in, not after the way he'd broken her heart.

Just then, out in the hallway, a young mother with her son asleep in her arms got off the elevator, giving Jason a suspicious narrow-eyed look with a tentative nod of her head, as though she didn't quite know what to make of him lurking at her neighbor's door. Trying to put her at ease, Jason said with a casual smile, "Hey," nodding right back.

Shaking his head as the woman gave him one last hard look before she let herself into her apartment down the hallway, Jason said against the door, "Catherine, come on, just let me in so we can talk. Your neighbors are starting to give me weird looks out here. And I don't think we need the cops called."

Heaving a sigh, Catherine finally relented and unlocked the door. And of course Jason strode in, telling her right off the bat, "Look, I'm sorry you had to see that, okay? But I swear nothing's going on between us, and we're done."

Anxiously looking up at his face, she told him, "But I did see her though, Jason."

"Yeah, I know, not a pretty sight." Wow, his ex, naked and fingering her pussy was not something he thought Catherine would ever have to see.

"I don't mean that." She pulled a face. "Although, ugh, that's something I could live without seeing again."

"I know. But you have to understand, Macy's an actress, and probably thought she'd get my attention by going for the shock value of having me walk in and finding her getting herself off like that."

"Well, she sure shocked the hell out of me."

She wasn't the only one. If someone had asked him how the night would have played out - the night that he planned to tell Catherine that he loved her - never in a million years would he have predicted his ex, letting herself into his condo, stripping down and fingering herself on his couch, while he and his current lady were walking in, ready for a night of their own fun. "Like I said, I'm really sorry you had to see that. And I swear, she and I are done, and have been ever since she ended it, months ago, before I even saw you again. And I haven't got a clue why she'd pull a stunt like that."

"I do."

Brow raised, he looked at her and waited.

Finally, she heaved a breath, and said, "Because she knows she made a mistake and probably wishes she'd never let you go. You're an incredible guy Jason, and I've had the best time with you, but now that I've seen her, I just can't do this anymore."

His eyes shot open, unable to believe she'd blame him. "Why? I told we're done. And I made her give me the key back, so she won't be bothering us anymore."

"But the point is that I did see her, and she's beautiful, and so young. Exactly how old is she?"

He shrugged. "What does it matter, she's gone. I told her to leave and not come back. So we never have to worry about seeing her again."

"But just looking at her I could tell she's probably half my age. And then I realized I've been fooling myself, believing we can have something, when you should really be with a girl like her."

Jason chuckled humorlessly, shaking his head. "But that's the whole problem with Macy, she's still a girl." Reaching for her, he brushed the damp hair from her cheek, hating to see she'd been crying. Cupping her face in his hands, and wiping the last of her tears away with his thumbs, he said, "But you're a woman, Catherine. A woman I happen to be in love with. And I've been with plenty of girls, and believe me ten of them could never measure up to you."

Gazing up into the imploring look in his eyes, Catherine wanted so much to believe him, but how could someone at her age, in her early forties ever hope to hold onto a guy like him. So young and so just so good looking, he could have anyone he wanted. Maybe not as crazy as the one she'd seen fingering herself naked on his couch, but he could meet Miss Right tomorrow, and where would that leave her? With her heart broken having to pick up the pieces of her life all over again, that's where. Finally she sighed. "I don't know. Maybe we should try taking a break for a while."

With a firm shake of his head, he said, "Nope. Not going to happen. Not over this. Just be honest - before we walked in and saw her, would you have said we're good together, and that I make you happy?"

She couldn't lie to him. Smiling into his eyes, she admitted, "Yes, probably happier than I've ever been."

That finally put a smile on his face. "Me, too, you just make me so damn happy. So, we don't need to take a break. What we need to do is put this behind us and try to forget it ever happened, because I don't want to lose you, especially over something I didn't do." Drawing her close, he brushed his lips over hers, closing his eyes and squeezing her tight. "You just mean too much to me. And whether you know it or not, I've come to realize that you're mine and I'm yours."

Giving in and finally hugging him back, she actually managed a little smile. "What I really want to know is how you always manage to wear me down and get your way."

Grinning against her hair, he said with a shrug, "Don't know, but if it's working, then I'm sure as hell gonna to run with it."

Finally they both laughed. And then she told him the truth, "I think I've fallen for you, too, although I'm not exactly sure that's a good thing," seeing as he could break her heart so easily, especially after seeing what happened tonight.

"Damn," he said. Lifting her into his arms, he didn't waste any time heading for her bedroom. Brushing a kiss to her lips, he said, "Then what are we arguing about? I love you, you love me. And on Friday when I get the key to the house, I want you to move in with me. Now do you believe I'm serious?"

Hanging on for dear life, with the way he was racing to get them in bed, Catherine said against his neck, "Move in with you? I could never do that. How could I explain to my sons that I'm shacking up with their friend? They'd want to have me committed."

Once Jason set her down on the bed, he crawled up her body and kissed her, then lifting his head and looking her in the eye, he said with a sexy grin, "Okay, then marry me."

Not quite sure she heard him right, eyes wide, she said, "You can't be serious."

Digging into his pocket he pulled out a small blue velvet box and flipped it open facing her. "Does this look like I'm serious?"

Staring wide-eyed at the big beautiful diamond solitaire, then back up at his face, all of a sudden, he just looked so vulnerable, waiting to hear what she'd say. And for the first time she realized she could hurt him, too, which she knew she'd never want to do. But agree to marry him? She'd want to have herself committed. Reaching up to cup his face in her hands, she said, "Jason, although I do love you, this is crazy. I mean, of course we could keep seeing each other, but..."

Refusing to take no for an answer, he shook his head, and said, "Here, give me your hand." As Catherine lifted her shaky hand, she couldn't believe he was putting a ring on her finger. And it sure was a stunning ring. She'd married so young the first time there wasn't even money for an engagement ring, much less a honeymoon. She and her ex had just gone to a motel for the night, and that was it.

After pressing a tender kiss to her fingers, keeping his gaze on hers, Jason said, "I'm not asking you to say yes right now, but I want you know you're mine. And whenever you look at this ring, you'll know that I love you, and that I want what we have to last. And whenever you're ready, we'll make it legal."

Catherine swallowed hard past the lump in her throat, feeling her eyes starting to fill with tears. Maybe not the most romantic of proposals, but surely one of the most heartfelt, overwhelmed, she reached up and tugged him down and kissed him. Crazy or not, it seemed that Jason had won her heart and worn down her resistance, yet again. But seeing that she just couldn't get enough of him, she had to wonder why she was fighting so hard against the idea of really being his, and him, of course, being hers.

Pulling back, he smiled into her eyes, looking hopeful. "So, is that a yes?"

Grinning back at him, she said, "I guess it's a yes to wearing your ring. And of course I'd love to spend time with you in your new house. But for now, let's just see how we do okay?"

Just the feel of cupping his lady's lush ass in his hands and squeezing, had Jason feeling elated, he could never get enough of her, and now he hoped he'd never have to do without her again. She'd agreed to wear his ring, and he knew once he got her in their dream house, that she'd have to see they belonged together. But if she still hand any doubts... Wearing the most devilish grin imaginable as he began to strip her off, carelessly tossing her clothes over his shoulder, holding her gaze as he exposed her incredible body inch by amazing inch, he just couldn't imagine not being with her like this again. Because once they were in bed together, and the sparks began to fly, nothing else mattered - nothing but how good they made each other feel whenever they were together. And damn did he ever love getting inside her.

He might not have planned to propose to her like this, but at least it had worked, and she hadn't said no.

Just the feel of her reaching up to unbutton his shirt, had his eyes warming, loving the feel of her fingers brushing against his skin, as she stripped him off. Smiling down at her, Jason told her, "You know I love how you look when we're about to make love." When she scrunched up her cute little nose, looking curious, he brushed his knuckles over her cheek. "The way your skin gets all flushed, and your eyes go all dark and sexy, and I can see from the look in your eyes that you want me every bit as much as I want you, which is why I can never hold back with you. You have got to be the sexiest woman I've ever seen." Cupping her face in his hands, he tenderly kissed her lips, and then lingered, slipping his tongue inside, savoring the taste of her - the woman he hoped like hell would become his wife.

Running his hands down over her body, filling them to overflowing with her gorgeous breasts, he bent and kissed each nipple, hard as pebbles now, she was already so aroused. And one by one he sucked them into his mouth, rolling them with his tongue, giving each a little teasing tug with his teeth before trailing lower over her tummy, moaning as he circled her navel with his tongue, before dipping inside, making her giggle and squirm.

Then sliding his hand down over her pussy he began to stroke over the heat of her slickness. Looking up and seeing Catherine blissfully smiling down at him, before she closed her eyes and began to softly moan, already writhing beneath him, he wanted so much to make this good for her, to make her come so hard, she'd have to realize that this is where she belonged - with him - the only man she'd ever need.

Parting her thighs, burying his head between her legs, he lapped into her deep. Already so hot and wet - there was nothing quite like the sweet honeyed taste of his woman on his tongue, a taste he could never get enough of. And just the sensual scent of her arousal was enough to get him rock hard. Circling her clit with the tip of his tongue, then gently tugging it between his lips, the sexy little sounds she was making as he toyed with her pussy was making him crazy to get inside her. Pushing in a finger, he worked her slowly, drawing out her release so that when she came, she'd nearly explode, and after pushing in a second finger he realized he'd found her G-spot with the way she was shamelessly thrusting her pussy against his mouth and murmuring, "Oh, god, yes," making him smile against her sex. Catherine coming undone had to be the most gorgeous sight it the world. Her long dark auburn hair splayed across the pillow, eyes closed, lips parted and softly panting as he lapped into her sex and worked her pussy into a crazy earth-shattering climax, he knew he'd never seen anything more beautiful than the way she looked right now. Every inch of her quivering, only made him work her harder, till he knew she was ready to lose it, and fall to pieces in his arms.

And even when she was right on the edge, entire body beginning to tremble, clutching her fingers desperately in his hair, he didn't let up, not until she had her legs wrapped around him tight, frantically squeezing his head between her thighs, and screaming out his name, her pussy quivering hard against his mouth as he lapped up every last drop of her delectable release.

Finally, he pulled back and got on his knees, his cock poised in his hand, ready to take his reward and claim her body with his, he told her, "Look at me, Catherine. I want you to remember tonight, the night I really made you mine." And then he was pushing into her, and her eyes never left his as he began to make slow sweet love to her. Reaching for him as he filled her, inch by inch, her eyes drifted shut as he covered her body with his, enveloping her in his arms, wrapping her in his warmth.

"Damn, I love you," he murmured, circling his arms tight around her as he took her mouth, in the same moment he claimed her body. Rocking into her deeper with every thrust of his hips, slamming his eyes shut, he groaned at the incredible feel of being buried so incredibly tight in all that snug wet heat, as she softly began to whimper, clinging to him, pressing kisses everywhere she could - his chest, his throat, and finally his mouth.

"Mmm, and I love you, too," she whispered, circling his hips with her legs, drawing him in that much deeper, clenching him inside her just as tight as she could, wanting him to feel what she was feeling, the joy of being with him like this, as close as they could possibly be.

Smiling, into her eyes, Jason decided the utterly blissed out look on her face, was more than he could have hoped for as they made sweet, sweet love for what felt like forever.

"You know, this could be our life," he murmured, as he pulled back, circling his hips, and sinking into her again, filling her up nice and tight, over and over again till he had her breathlessly panting and sinking her heels into his ass, desperate for the feel of him. "We could be like this together all the time, and no one would ever have to go home, because we'd be right where we belong."

Letting out a happy little moan, she murmured, "You make it sound so easy."

Bending to brush a kiss to the end of her nose, he said, "That's because it is. If we love each other, then nothing else matters. I'd say you've earned the right to be happy. You've raised your kids, and I think it's time you do what you want with your life."

He did have a point. Catherine slyly smiled up into his eyes, especially since all she wanted to do was him. Hugging him close as he filled her up to overflowing, as they both slowly began to shiver and mindlessly moan, her entire body beginning to quiver in his arms, cresting on the cusp of one hell of an orgasmic wave, she knew no one had ever made her feel this good.

And it wasn't just the sex, as mind-numbingly good as it was. It was him. He made her feel like she mattered, and that was something she hadn't felt in a very long time - if ever. Especially over the course of her marriage, where she'd gradually began to feel less and less like a woman, at least a desirable one.

But with Jason, god, he made her feel like the most precious woman alive. And what an intoxicating feeling that was, to know she was loved and treasured, and that all he wanted was her - and apparently for the rest of their lives.

As the tingling in her pussy really began to hum, Catherine could feel her climax mounting, as the most delectable tingling sensation infused her sex, sending her helplessly shivering into a full body shudder. Her breathing coming hard and fast, wrapping her hand around his neck, she tugged down his head and sank her tongue into his mouth, smiling against him, as his tongue happily mated with hers. And as they came together in an earth-shattering rush, wrapping her body tightly around him, she wished she never had to let go, it all just felt so perfect as he just kept pulsing deep inside her as she squeezed him tight with everything she had. Her inner muscles clenching down on him so hard, he groaned and threw back his head as he pushed into her and froze, his entire body shuddering every bit as hard as hers as he filled her to overflowing with the heat of his release.

Coming down from an amazing high like that, had her thinking back to her married life, knowing it was like night and day. The last few years of her love life with her husband, if she could even call it a love life, at least for him, had been nothing more than - get it up, get it in, get him off, and he was done. Then with a guttural grunt he'd roll off her and go to sleep on his side of the bed, about as far away from her as he could get. There was nothing remotely romantic about it. Gradually it had been become like a chore that she'd begun to dread.

But with Jason, she finally understood what making love was all about. And she knew now that before him, she'd only ever had sex. Swept away by his passion, it felt like so much more than just the simple act of coupling. Transported to another place in time, lost in each other's arms, nothing else mattered but how good they could make each other feel, when they were together like this.

Which had her wondering yet again, why she'd put up with her cheating ex for as long as she had. But of course she couldn't have known that Jason was going to come in to her life and turn it upside down.

Thinking back, even once she suspected her ex-husband had been fooling around, she tried to work on herself, since he'd told her she'd lost her sex appeal, so naturally she'd blamed herself, figuring it had to be something she was doing wrong. But even as she tried everything she could think of to please him, she had no way of knowing he was already spending every free minute he had with his new little sugar baby, a mere girl, in her early twenties, and that as far as he was concerned, their marriage was already over.

Pushing the thoughts aside, happily running her hands over Jason's delectably sculpted body, she grinned, thinking how shocked her ex would be to discover he wasn't the only one who could attract someone younger. But at least Jason wasn't interested in her for her money, since she'd had to start over with almost nothing when she'd finally had enough and walked out of her marriage.

His eyes trained on hers, watching the play emotions cross her face, Jason picked up her hand and pressed a kiss to her fingers, and asked, "What's wrong?"

Gazing up at his handsome face, shaking her head, all she could do was smile - since there sure wasn't much wrong anymore. Not since she'd found someone who loved her, who she was just as crazy about, who'd also just told her he wanted a future with her. Finally smiling into his eyes, she whispered, "Nothing's wrong anymore, now that I have you."

Heaving a contented sigh, Jason rolled onto his back beside her, and as their breathing began to settle, he reached out and entwined his fingers in hers. Staring up at the ceiling, as the most amazing feeling of contentment washed over her, bathed in the bliss of the warm fuzzy afterglow, as nice as it felt to have him close, Catherine decided what she really needed was to feel him in her arms. Turning and crawling on top of him, smiling coyly into his eyes, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her lips to his, hoping he could feel the depth of her feelings for him, as she traced his lips with her tongue, giving him a playful nip of her teeth. Loving the sound of his deep groan as she taunted him, he soon had her moaning as she felt him stirring all over again against her belly. Wow. Just another benefit of being with a young stud, he was always so ready for her.

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