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He enters his bedroom once again that night with no one to share his bed with…To him this is okay, he’s grown accustomed to such things, and he swears the reason is because he is waiting for a certain someone. Slipping his shirt over his head, he stretches in the dark---the only light is that trying to frantically scramble through the blinds, casting slivers of light onto the bed. He yawns and removes most of his other clothing, leaving him in nothing more than his dog tags and his favorite pair of boxers. The whole time he’s preparing to lay down, he is gearing his mind up to continue his ongoing fantasy of a beautiful southern girl…The scenarios he sets his thoughts on never consist of the girl’s body—her light skin, big brown eyes, the soft curls that fall over her shoulders—but of the way her kisses taste on his lips, the feel of her bare skin against his body, the way she smells straight from the shower as she lies next to him at night, and things of that nature. Just thinking of her presence in the room is enough to make him hard, and he closes his eyes and slowly starts to stroke his cock as he envisions her leaned over top him, allowing her nipples to touch his chest as she slowly kisses and sucks at his neck. Tonight he’s so into things he can feel the warmth of her mouth and breath as she moves down his body, trailing kisses along his stomach…

Most of the time, his fantasies with her never went much further than this, because he couldn’t begin to imagine what it would feel like to have her take his cock into her mouth, or even better, to allow him access to the pussy he’d been dreaming of entering. This is why it surprised him when his mind lead him to the girl licking gently around the head and shaft of his dick, allowing herself to gently suck him here and there, but mostly just tease…He could feel her tongue circling around his head, then moving down to the base and running back up before repeating the process. To him it was all beginning to feel so real and so lifelike that he couldn’t help but open his eyes. The sight before him was certainly one to behold…Sprawled out alongside him, he could make out the image of a beautiful young female, light splashing in bars over her milky skin, her hips rounded as she lay on her side with her firm breasts pushed together, her hair falling over her face as she continued the gentle actions she was performing upon him…He could see the hand that wasn’t gliding up and down his shaft in unison with her mouth was tucked in between her legs, with a finger gently rotating around her clit. Her nipples were hard and he could see her chest rising and falling as her breathing picked up pace. He could hear her moan slightly as she started to finger herself faster, and he witnessed what seemed like every muscle in her body tense up as her orgasm began. She took her mouth off his cock for a moment to let herself settle, her body quivering, before returning to her work in progress…The mere sight of her cumming caused him to close his eyes again and lean his head back, slowly starting to buck his hips up against her mouth, wanting so badly to have his own release…She began to suck a little more regularly now, taking more and more of him in until he could take it no longer. With the final submersion of his cock deep in her throat, he could feel himself explode, her swallowing as much as she could, leaving only a little to dribble down her chin…

With his eyes still closed, not sure whether he was saying only in his mind or actually out loud, he could feel himself mouth the words “that was amazing”. To this, he heard clear as day “thank you, and…I love you.” The crispness of the response startled him, and when he opened his eyes he couldn’t believe that even in his wildest dreams that he could have ever had a fantasy so intense, for there was no one to be found in the room. He drifted off to sleep after that, with dreams only known to himself, and the next morning found a note on his dresser as he was getting ready for work—it was only a small folded half sheet of paper with his name on it, but when he opened it, he couldn’t believe what he read:

“I had a lot of fun last night, I hope I changed your mind about not liking blowjobs.

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