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Fantasy Girl Fulfilled


I am a successful guy who has had a good run of luck and skill with women over the last 15 years or so. Now in my early 30's I have slowed down a little but occasionally still have the draw that makes unexpected things happen with women. My confidence is much better than it was in my early 20's and I am more willing to say things that may be embarrassing but enjoy being honest with women. I have been surprised a number of times what honesty and confidence has brought out in women, not that a few times the hard slap of disappointment hasn't also appeared.

I work for a struggling law firm in a medium sized Midwestern city. I say struggling because we are not very big and have had a number of people defect for larger firms lately. It seems every couple weeks we have another going away party for a co worker. Of course not everybody attends but since I have been one of the few attorneys to hang out with people at all levels of the firm I always get invited.

This Thursday was no exception. Everyone was meeting at Monks, a nearby watering hole, to send off another paralegal to the land of big firms, big hours, and probably big paychecks. I made my way into the crowded bar area and grabbed a happy hour beer. No reason to hit the hard stuff since it was only Thursday and I didn't plan on staying long. I surveyed the room and saw Kira Jensen hugging our latest paralegal departure.

Kira had also been a paralegal at our firm but left for another firm about a month before. I was sorry to see her go. Not because she was particularly good at her job but because she was so damn sexy to look at. She always dressed smartly and had a sleek sexy quality to the way she moved about the office. Her low maintenance short dark hair didn't even reach her shoulders but wisps of her long bangs framed her face beautifully. Her face had large round deep brown eyes, high cheekbones, and thin lips. She had a thin graceful build with smallish high breasts, a slight bit of curve at her hips and very long legs. She was at least 5 foot 7 inches and her legs looked long even for her height. If I had to guess her measurements I would say 32-23-30. Kira was 5 years younger than me at 26 but had actually started at the firm before me.

Our eyes made contact as Kira broke of the hug with my now former co worker Jill. I lingered for a moment and then looked away, not wanting to be too obvious in my stare. There was hardly any room between the bar stools, and the row of tables against wall so I found a nice seat in the corner where I could watch the room and enjoy a cold beer after the long day. Occasionally someone would sit down with me and chat but my attention was secretly on Kira across the room.

I watched her making small talk with old friends and co workers, sometimes laughing out loud or lightly hitting someone who teased her. It was obvious guys were flirting with her and she was enjoying the attention. Kira had been engaged when she left the firm, and I assumed she still was, so getting out and flirting with the guys again probably felt good for her. Sporadically, our eyes would meet briefly holding the gaze until one or the other tried to non-chalantly look away. More than once she laughed and looked my way as she touched a guy's shoulder or hugged another friend. I could see she was slowly making her way toward my corner. I was on my 2nd pint of beer and had a little more courage so at her next look I didn't break away from her gaze. She and I held the look for what must have been 10 seconds but felt like 30. Eventually, she glanced away to break the moment but I saw she immediately looked at me again to see if I too looked away. I gave her a big grin letting her know she was busted. She smiled and slowly made a show of turning her back toward me as she talked to Bill from accounting.

The waitress stopped by and offered a refill.

"I'll take ale, please." I ordered. "Oh, and before you go, one more request. See the woman with the short dark hair in the black dress?" I asked pointing to Kira.

"Yeah, the one drinking the Stoli Razz and tonic?" She asked.

"Yeah, her. Get her another one but tell her it is waiting at my table."

"Sure thing honey," she laughed, "you guys are all the same."

I saw the waitress walk past Kira on her way to the bar and whisper in her ear. Kira quickly looked up and gave me a smirk as she playfully shook her head no.

"Please, "I mouthed to her.

"O.K." she mouthed back smiling and excused herself from her current conversation. She made her way over to my table.

"Where is my drink?" She teased, knowing the waitress hadn't had time to come back with it yet.

"It's coming. I didn't know I was going to have to use bait to get you to finally come over and say hi."

"You're the one sitting in the corner. You could have come over and said hi anytime during the last half hour."

"Here are your drinks," interrupted the waitress. She looked at Kira, "I can't believe you came over her for his drink. I would have made him get up and bring it to me."

"He knows he was my favorite lawyer in the firm when I worked there so he tries to act all cool and in control," explained Kira as she smiled coyly at me.

Actually I had no idea I was Kira's favorite. We really didn't talk all that much during the 5 years we worked together. Our relationship really only started during her last few months when she came to me looking for advice on her job hunt. She said she trusted my opinion and knew I wouldn't get mad at her for leaving so we started to talk more. At her going away party she asked me to email her my personal email so we could keep in touch. We had traded a few emails about her new job but this was the first time I saw her since she left the firm.

We sat and made small talk. She told me about her new job and caught me up on the gossip from my office that I wasn't privy too. She didn't say anything about her engagement and I didn't want to ask for fear of either upsetting her if it was broken off or remind her that she was engaged. She had rarely spoken of her boyfriend/fiancé around me anyway so no reason for me to bring it up. The drinks kept coming and we were both starting to feel the effects of the alcohol.

"Lets talk about something fun. I don't want to talk about work stuff anymore." Kira stated in a tipsy voice.

"Like what?" I asked. We had never really talked about much besides work stuff.

"Tell me some of the stories I hear you are so good at. I always heard people at work say you had wild and crazy stories from growing up in a small town and partying in college and stuff."

"I don't know what to start with. What do you want to hear about?" I asked.

"Have you ever been arrested?" She asked.

"Not really. I have had a few run ins with the police as a high schooler and in college but never a full blown arrest."

"What did the police catch you doing?"

I started thinking about the stories I could tell her and the alcohol helped me push the envelope a little.

"Well when I was 17 my girlfriend and I were in my Mom's station wagon parked on a logging trail by the river. The windows were completely fogged up and we were in the back. I had just gotten her shirt off when a flashlight rapped on the backseat window. We had the back seat laid down flat so I had to move up and roll the window down to see out. A cop was standing there shining his light in my face asking if everything was all right. I assured him it was but I suppose he knew what was up and wanted to make sure my girl was O.K. He shined the light in on my girlfriend who was covering her bare chest with her shirt and asked how she was doing. She said OK and he told us he would be back in 10 minutes and we had better be gone."

"Aww, poor Davey couldn't get it on because of the cops," teased Kira. "So is that your only police run in? What is the craziest police run in you have had?

"Well it isn't so much of a police run in as it is a crazy police story. I was 19 and at one of those small town beer tents and softball tournaments during 4th of July weekend. We were sneaking beer out of the tent and drinking out in the field where everyone parked their cars. I met a girl and we hit it off pretty well and were making out pretty heavy. I was trying to put my hand up her shirt and stuff and people kept walking by yelling get a room and what not. The girl's name was Shannon and one of her friends who was busy with my friend suggested we get in her Dad's car instead while her friend played look out. Shannon and I opened the back door and climbed in. Well it didn't take long before her skirt and my shorts were coming off and well you can imagine what was happening. It was pretty cool hearing the fireworks going off and having sex in this car when suddenly her friend opened the door and started yelling at us to get out. Apparently a fire work had fallen on the ground and a kid picked it up and was burned pretty bad when the thing finally went off. Shannon's friend was the daughter of the town sheriff whose unmarked car we just happened to be screwing in and he was on his way across the lot to retrieve it."

"Shut up, you really had sex in a cop car while her friend watched?" Kira questioned.

"I didn't know it was a cop car at the time. It was a brown 4 door sedan with a big backseat. I didn't look in the front seat where the radio and stuff were. The backseat seemed like any other. I didn't really think about her friend and my friend watching through the window at the time. I mean I was having a good time until that accident sent everyone running."

"What about you? What crazy things have you done?" I asked.

"Nothing much. But you can't tell anyone this story. The only thing I can think of was a party in high school that got busted by the cops. I ran through a nearby cornfield and got totally lost. The only other person who ran was this Jeremy guy who graduated a year ahead of me. We ran into field but could hear the police on the loudspeaker telling everyone to stay put so we obviously kept going. We must have run a mile before coming out of the field into some woods. We decided to wait for at least an hour before heading back. I was cold so Jeremy kind of hugged me from behind. I knew he had always liked me and I felt him move his hands up and start feeling me up. I pushed him away at first but he then he started kissing my neck. He told me he had a phone and could call his brother to come get us but he wanted a little chance to be alone with me first. He knew I had a midnight curfew and could probably get me home by then if I wanted to make a trade. He said he could get me a ride but I had to give him a blow job first. So I ended up giving my boyfriend's friend a blow job out in the woods so I could get home on time."

"Wow. I never would have expected that story from you."

"I can't believe I told you, but like I said, you can't repeat it." Kira reminded me.

"I know you have been dating your fiancé for years. Let me guess you were dating your fiancé back then too weren't you."

"Yes, that is why you can't say anything because he has never found out about it." She explained.

We were both feeling pretty good by now and I think the stories we were whispering to each other in a bar filled with our co workers and friends were only adding to the sexual tension when Kira surprised me again.

She said, "Let's play a game. It is called I have or I haven't. We'll each say something we have done or haven't done and the other person has to take a drink if they have done something the other hasn't. I'll start. I haven't had sex in a cop car."

I took a drink. "I have never given a blow job."

Kira took a sip. "I have never licked a woman's pussy."

I took a drink. "I have had a threesome."

No drink for Kira. "Sorry," she smiled. "One on one is all I have done. I have never had someone watch me have sex."

I took a drink. "I have never filmed myself having sex."

Kira sheepishly took a sip.

I stopped the game for moment. "You filmed yourself having sex!"

"Shh!" She said looking around. "I don't want the world to know. Yes, Brian and I video taped ourselves once about 4 years ago."

"Whose idea was it?" I inquired.

"It was mine. I wanted to see what I looked like during... you know. We taped it and I kept the tape. Believe me given how much attention Brian pays to me it is nice to watch it once in awhile. I guess I am kind of a secret exhibitionist."

"I would love to see that tape. Any chance I can borrow it?" I teased hopefully.

"None," was her quick reply.

"I am surprised at the knowledge I am acquiring about you tonight. What other little fantasies do you have floating around your head?" I asked as I stared intently at her.

"You've kind of already hit on them. I will tell you more but you have to tell me what fantasy you have floating around in your head right now."

"All right I will tell you anything you want to know." I was feeling pretty confident at this point, both from the booze and from the honesty of our conversation.

"Truthfully?" I asked, "In all honesty?"

"Yes. What fantasy has been running through your head lately?" Kira pressed.

"Don't get mad but just listen. I think about you walking into a bar like tonight wearing a short skirt with thigh high black stockings. You have a silk blouse on but no bra. I can see your hard nipples poking out of fabric and the small bounce of your boobs as you walk to your seat at the bar. You cross your long legs and let your shoe dangle off your stocking covered toe as you look over at my table. Leaning back in your chair and hooking your arms over the back only accentuates your bra less tits. You stare at me a few moments before the first suitor approaches. You graciously decline his offer of a drink pointing to your own already filled glass. I watch you sipping your drink and toying with all the attention from men at the bar. Finally, I can take no more and approach. I whisper in your ear. You get up and follow me out to my car so we can..."

"Hey I didn't know you were still here," interrupted Kira's friend Rose. "Come on. We are all going to Jill's place. Sorry, Dave this is girls only excursion." Rose was obviously drunk and almost pulled Kira out of her chair. "Let's go. We haven't seen each other in forever." Rose pleaded as she tugged on Kira.

Kira looked back at me. "I guess I'll have to take a rain check on that story. I am interested to hear how it ends."

The disappointment of seeing Kira drug out of the bar with her friends stung a little. I was so horny talking too her and felt like I was really getting somewhere with her. Oh well, that was probably just the booze talking and I would have ended up at home stroking off thinking of her hot body anyway.

About three weeks later I was at a local law school function at the Hilton. After a presentation and the perfunctory hand shaking and networking I headed into the hotel bar for a drink. I had hoped to see Kira at the speaker since many of our own paralegal staff went as a diversion to get out of the office but no luck. I didn't really feel like hanging out with the few people I knew in the bar so I asked if there was quieter lounge. The bartender said there is a lounge on the backside of the building near the pool that is mainly just booths and a small bar area. I took my drink and headed that way.

The pool lounge was really a pool table lounge. It was dark and had overstuffed chairs around low tables. One beautiful pool table took up the back third of the room. I claimed a chair and settled in to finish my whiskey.

I had hung out for about half an hour and was about to leave when the door opened and in walked Kira. She wore a short black skirt with black nylons. Her top was a short black blazer that was buttoned twice. She surveyed the room. There were only 3 other customers besides her and I in the bar, all men. She met my stare for a moment and looked briefly at the other men. Satisfied that she didn't know them she unbuttoned the jacket and removed it. She wore a sleeveless silk blouse that was cut straight across the top between her breasts and neck like a loose fitting tube top held in place by wide straps over the shoulder. It was obvious as she strained her arms backward removing the jacket that she wore no bra. Her perky B cup breasts swayed a little as she swung the jacket onto her chair. The motion of sitting down jiggled her tits again and all eyes were locked on her erect nipples. Kira turned back toward the bar and then looked back at me smiling as she crossed her legs exposing just a little of her bare thigh above her stockings as the extremely short skirt rode up. She bounced herself up a little in her chair while yanking her skirt down before settling in. Of course the bartender was right there waiting for her order and found himself staring at her bouncing tits again. She ordered her drink and turned again to wink at me.

I was flabbergasted. She had shown up and was teasing me with my own fantasy. I hadn't heard a word from her since that night when I basically started telling her I wanted to fuck her. My cock was instantly hard.

Kira looked over her shoulder at me again. One side of her long bangs was in the corner of her mouth as she licked her lips and blew me a little kiss. I had to be grinning a mile wide at her and she loved it. Now she started to really take it up a notch. She made an accidental slip of letting her shoe fall off her foot and hopped off her chair to retrieve it. The gentleman sitting on the stuffed chair nearby must have been able to see right down her top as she bent over to retriever her shoe. She stood and place on hand on the shoulder of the man at the bar to steady herself as she lifted her foot behind her to put the shoe back on. Back at her seat she made a show of standing on the rail and leaning over the bar to grab a cherry. The bartender stared and was obviously looking down her shirt as she leaned over.

I couldn't take it anymore and had to have her. I walked to bar and invited her to my table. Each guy must have silently cursed himself thinking that all they had to do was invite her over and none of them had done it.

"So do you like what you see?" She asked.

"You are amazing. I can't believe you are doing this to me."

"Well I didn't want you to forget where your story left off. So how does it end?"

"I'll be honest Kira, I am only going to say this because right now I don't know how else to do it. It ends with me and you fucking like crazy in a hotel room. And I mean fucking, not making love, not having sex, but fucking." I could see her face was flushed and her breathing was already rapid.

She stood up and said, "Let's go before I regret this whole thing". She bent over to put her glass on the table and gave me the view the others in the bar had already enjoyed. Her blouse hung loosely off her and I could see both of her tits and nipples pointing down as she bent at the waist.

"I have a room booked on the 8th floor." She informed me. I barely heard her as my head was light with giddiness at the thought of going up with her.

The elevator ride was one of testing self control, but we waited until we were in the room before touching each other.

As soon as the door shut I pressed her against the wall, my tongue immediately in her mouth. She was already unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it out of my pants. I whisked her shirt off and grabbed her breasts with each hand. They barely filled my hands but were firm and almost nubile. I worked between each nipple teasing and nipping at it telling Kira how I had dreamed of sucking her perfect tits. I slid her skirt down and pulled her black lacy thong down almost as quickly. I wish I would have admired her sexy underwear but I just didn't have the patience. She was naked except for her black stockings and small gold necklace.

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