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Fantasy in C


In my fantasy it is as if I am in a dream or watching myself in a movie- knowing that I am myself but also feeling that in some way I'm not. A vague sense of unreality pervades everything but it is a very pleasant sensation and I feel very confident and very alive.

I am led into an elegant room by my escort. I don't know his name and I refer to him as The Stranger. He opens a door and motions me inside. It is an old fashioned library- walls with shelves of leather covered books, a roaring fire and French windows overlooking the ocean. A group of seven or eight men are standing by the fireplace. They range in age from mid- twenties to middle age. They are dressed in tuxedos and are very handsome, each in his own way. A number of them are holding glasses of champagne. They turn towards me. I feel somewhat shy.

The Stranger takes my elbow and guides me towards the group. I am wearing a long, blue satin skirt with a romantic design of small, intricate flowers, high heels and nylons and an old fashioned, gossamer thin, white silk blouse. As I walk towards the men I realize that I am not wearing a bra. I feel my breasts swaying and when I look down I can see my nipples protruding through the thin, clinging material. Somehow this doesn't bother me, as if this is an appropriate way for me to be dressed for this group.

The men look at me with admiring glances and the atmosphere of the room is filled with a warm, almost affectionate glow. Immediately I feel very welcome and accepted. One of the men, in his late fifties and very distinguished, raises his glass to me. "Lovely, so very lovely", he says in a Sean Connery Scottish burr.

The other men murmur their agreement. As I get closer to them I can't help but notice that some of the men are dropping their gaze to my blouse. Acting out of character, I stand up straight and thrust my chest out to display my breasts, emphasizing them, pleased that I can offer the men such pleasure.

The Stranger hands me a glass of champagne and the others gather around, making me the center of their group. I make small talk with them and after a short while it is as if I am with old, dear friends, sharing a special time. The men compliment me- calling me pretty and lovely and beautiful. I bask in their adoration, feeling almost worshipped by my new group of friends.

A hand goes around my waist and The Stranger draws me close and whispers in my ear. He tells me that the men are enchanted with me. He turns me towards him, reaches out and unbuttons the top of my blouse. My initial reaction is shock but I trust him and let him continue until my blouse is undone and hangs loose. I feel my friends' rapt concentration as The Stranger progressively bares my breasts. Part of me wants to stop him but another part is becoming swept up in the thrill and excitement. He slips the blouse off my shoulders and places it on a chair. I am standing naked from the waist up in front of a group of men.

The men look at me awestruck. I revel in being the source of such radiant attention and welcome their fond gazes. Our conversation resumes. When I laugh at a witty remark my breasts jiggle and I sense the men looking at them. But after a while I lose any sense of discomfort or inhibition and it seems as if it is a very natural and simple thing for me to be standing in front of these men, my new friends, my breasts available for them to enjoy.

The Stranger is still behind me, both hands now on my hips. He gently pulls me back into him until I can feel, even through his pants, his hard cock nestled in the folds of my skirt, poking between my buttocks. The sensation is incredibly erotic. His power over me is such that I don't resist and keep on chatting with my friends. His strong hands circle my waist and then move up to my breasts, cupping them. Fingers brush my nipples making them hard. I am unable to stop him... no, I don't want him to stop him.

The men look at me with a feeling I can only describe as tender desire. It's as if they too want to touch me but are afraid of offending me in anyway. The Stranger motions me over to a couch and directs me to lean over it. I support myself on one of the the arms and bend over at the waist. My breasts swing free. He asks the butler to give each of the men a new glass of champagne. When the butler's task is completed the men gather around me. One of them lowers his glass and lovingly dips one of my dangling breasts into the sparkling wine. The bubbles make my nipple tingle and a movement of lust runs through me like an electric current, arousing me beyond words. Another man does my other breast, holding it in his hand and fondling me as he carefully brings his glass up to my achingly hard nipple. Each man takes a turn until my breasts have flavored their champagne. When the are done, an older man lifts his glass high. The others join him and they toast my beauty. I blush I am so embarrassed.

The Stranger takes my hands and kisses my fingers like a romantic lover. Still holding my hands, he leads me over to the couch and has me lie down on it on my back. It is massive and very comfortable. He sits next to me by my knees and with his strong hands massages my shoulders. I close my eyes and luxuriate in the sensation. He is very talented. After what seems a long time, he travels down to my breasts. He holds one in each hand and kneads them firmly. It as if he has a secret knowledge of what I like. When he touches my nipples that current of lust spreads throughout my body again and I twitch involuntarily. I feel like I'm on fire and become very wet. He pinches the hard tips and I have all I can do not to cry out. I don't want him ever to stop.

I open my eyes. I can't believe what I am doing. I'm lying on a couch, a strange man playing with my breasts in front of a roomful of men. But when I look into the kind eyes of the men my apprehension melts. They are gathered around the couch watching me respectfully, taking pleasure in my taking pleasure. An older man rests his hand on my shoulder to reassure me. I hear the wood in the fireplace crackle. A warm ambiance pervades the room. I sense genuine affection and get that feeling again of being surrounded by old, comfortable friends. I close my eyes again, confident that everything is fine and as it should be.

The Stranger keep working on me with his hands. He moves down to my feet, his fingers almost hot to the touch. He strokes my ankles and runs his hands over my nylons, moving upward ever so gradually. When he reaches my skirt he hesitates for a moment and then his hands go under it, massaging my calves and going up to my lower thighs. The room fills with the sensuous sound of satin and silk. I spread my legs reflexively. My vagina is burning with desire and I secretly want him to go there. He lifts my skirt up and brings it to my waist. I am wearing a black satin half slip that drapes my legs like a shimmering, dark liquid. He continues his teasing manipulations. His hands caress my thighs, gliding over them through the sleek satin, taking little trips to my damp center and then retreating, only to do it again.

Impatient, I take The Stranger's hand and place it over my vagina. He strokes my furry mound through the layer of satin, playing with my enflamed lips. With my eyes still closed, I savour the experience, my entire body awash with arousal. When I moan softly, I feel something brush against my cheek. I open my eyes. It is one of the older men. He has his cock out of his pants, a sweet expression on his craggy face. Without a second thought, almost as if in a trance, I unquestioningly accept his cock into my mouth. I let the head rest on my tongue and bath it in my saliva. He places a hand tenderly on my cheek. I almost swoon from desire. His cock feels wonderful. I suck it eagerly, drawing it deep into my mouth, loving the feel of it's hardness and the smooth, creamy texture of his skin. My eyes become heavy and close. I surrender to this beautiful dream.

My attention changes when The Stranger, busy between my legs, parts my vagina through the slip and touches my clitoris. My entire body shudders. I moan softly, almost forgetting the cock in my mouth, consumed by the waves of pleasure rippling my body, overtaking me like some deep, primal force. I barely feel the older man. He starts a gentle thrusting motion and I suck him automatically, unable to concentrate on anything but the feelings The Stranger's skilled fingers produce. I hear a moan and the man's cock spasms on my tongue, flooding my mouth with his semen. It is delicious- warm and salty. When he is finished I swallow it all down and lick his shrinking member to get the last drops.

Focussed on what The Stranger is doing, another cock slipping into my mouth takes me by mild surprise. It is one of the younger men, an expression of sheer delight on his face. I create a suction with my lips and suck him deep. As he gently fucks my mouth, The Stranger pushes my slip up to my waist. I spread my legs and part my vagina wide for him. I am so aroused it feels as if I am dripping. He slides two fingers into me and prods my distended clitoris with his thumb. I thrust my hips up to increase the pressure. The pleasure is almost overwhelming... bordering on the unbearable. Finally I peak at the crest of a wave. My body shudders and I reach a plateau of ecstasy.

The cock in my mouth explodes, splattering the back of my throat. The young man's orgasm seems to go on for minutes and he fills my mouth with his semen almost to overflowing. I don't swallow immediately and when he withdraws I open my lips wide to proudly show him and the other men the silvery pool lying on my tongue. He leans over and kisses my on the forehead. I keep my eyes shut- the better to bathe in the ocean of pleasure surrounding me.

The Stranger keeps manipulating my clitoris and I ride from orgasm to orgasm, barely done with one when another overtakes me. All of the men have a turn at my mouth. At the end of each blow job I make sure the man views the offering he has so sweetly given me before swallowing it down. Their semen tastes like the finest nectar. One of the men withdraws before climax and cums over my heaving breasts. My endless orgasm intensifies as the hot liquid flow over me. I Leave it there it feels so good.

I am startled when The Stranger stops. I open my eyes. He has taken his cock out and is repositioning himself. He looks at me reassuringly. I spread my legs wide. I am not quite sure what he wants to do but I want him to do it, need him to something so that I can return to that blissful state. He kneels between my outstretched thighs, the head of his lovely cock a scant inch or two from the entrance to my vagina and resumes massaging my clitoris. With his other hand, he strokes himself. The sensations return and I feel myself building to another orgasm. I reach down and part my lips as wide as I can, letting him have the privilege of seeing deep inside me... pink and open and wet. His fingers work magic. Feelings of pleasure so intense as to be almost painful wash over me. My body trembles. I moan softly. This is exquisite.

The tempo and pressure increase on my swollen clitoris and he matches the rhythm to the cock in his hand, aiming it at my gaping vagina. Two of the men reach down to fondle my breasts, playing with them almost roughly, tweaking my nipples, pulling them. The older, distinguished gentleman rests his cock, hard again, on my cheek. I am too excited to suck him but he understands and remains content to masturbate.

All of my concentration is on The Stranger and his work of love on my clitoris. The world seems to disappear, the only thing left for me to focus on are the incredible feelings of rising sensuality and lust. My body vibrates at his every touch. I close my eyes, consumed in passion. His pace increases. I feel as if in a trance, every fiber of my being aflame, sensitive only to The Stranger and my greedy vagina. I need to seek release, the sexual tension in my body is unbearable. Please, please, I beg.

The Stranger climaxes first. His cockhead erupts in a torrent of semen. The first spurt arcs across my belly, soaking my slip and skirt. The rest of his orgasm floods into my open vagina, pouring deep into me. Spurt after spurt enters me. I feel his hot seed flowing down into my womb. This is the trigger I need. The huge, dark wave breaks and I reach what I have been so desperately seeking for what seems so long. It feels like the universe is a vast, shuddering whole and I am one with it. I almost lose consciousness. I cry tears of joy.

The older man's cock on my cheek throbs as he reaches his goal. His body stiffens and he rains semen down on my face. I open my mouth instinctively and let some of it splash on my tongue, enjoying the taste. When he is finished my lips are slick and coated, little streams of semen trickle down my cheeks.

The aftershocks of orgasm still hold my body captive, and I feel The Stranger's semen seeping out of my vagina like a molten stream. When I come back to full consciousness I see the men and The Stranger gathered around me, champagne glasses high, faces beaming in affection and gratitude, toasting our experience. I stand, a little shakily at first, and each of my new friends gives me a warm hug.

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