Fantasy Island Getaway Prologue


Joseph and Rachel had arranged a dinner for their daughters and their families as soon as they returned. It was a noisy affair until the main course had been finished. Joseph tapped his fork against his glass to get their attention. "The reason that we invited you all here this evening is that we, Rachel and I, have an announcement." The girls and their husbands looked at him. "You know that we are not getting any younger and we have reached that age when we are expected to buy a condo in Boca and move down there to play shuffle board with the old people. We are not going to do that."

"What are you going to do?" Rebekkah, the eldest asked. "Are you going to stay here?"

"No. We are going to sell this house and move to an island in the South Pacific, your mother and I are going to live the rest of our lives in paradise. And when I say live, I mean really live. We are going to take up painting and snorkelling on the reef and lazing around in the sun working on our tans. We think that we have earned this, we have raised two beautiful daughters who have married nice young men who are well respected in the business world, in short we have completed our task as parents and we can now relax and enjoy the rest of our lives."

"But Mumma, we won't have you here to support us." Rebekkah spoke for her sister as well as herself.

"You don't need us, we have raised you to take care of yourselves." Rachel said in a quiet and gentle voice. "You have to realise that we won't be here for you forever and you're just going to have to face that. What we can say to you is that, if the situation is such that you desperately need our help, we will give you a contact telephone number and we can be here in two or three days, that's only a day or two longer than if we were living in Boca. We'll still be there if you need us, just a little further away.

Rachel and Rebekkah were in the kitchen making coffee for all. "Mumma, what happened? Poppa goes on this holiday without you and then you disappear and now both of you are going to go and live in the South Pacific somewhere. What is happening to you?"

"Your father entered this competition to win a fantasy holiday and won. He was one of several winners who were all going to have their sexual fantasies realised and do you know what his was?"


"His fantasy was to make love to a young woman just like I was when we were newly married."


"I knew about this before he left, you see a representative of the company who were promoting this came to me before he left and we had a long discussion. I came to realise that I had pushed him away because I wanted to be a good mother for you and Mary. What I didn't realise was that I could have been both a good wife for him and a good mother. It was arranged that I should follow him to this island and after he had realised his fantasy with Naomi they had a long discussion about what he wanted most out of life and do you know what he wanted? He wanted to be with me, to love me, to hold me and to be comforted by me, and to comfort me. The sex was down his list of priorities but after we had talked things over and we had made love to each other that was elevated to somewhere near the top of the list. Rebekkah, I have never been as happy in my life as I am now. Can you see that?"

"Yes Mumma I can. Since you got home you've been a different person, and when I look at it, a better person. Go to this island and you and Poppa have a good life together."

For Janice and Peter it was simpler, he resigned his job, the house was put on the market and they packed up and moved. Within a week they had bought a villa on the main island, Peter had leased an office and was looking after the Fantasy Island Getaway's books. Janice found a job with the agency that catered for cruise ships calling into the port on their cruises of tropical islands so life was looking good. They both had work they enjoyed, they had a comfortable house and they loved the tropical lifestyle. As they relaxed into this life their sex life improved to the point that Janice looked forward to going to bed with Peter and, because he was no longer under pressure in his life his cock got bigger and harder.

Three days after he had fixed Mimi's plumbing Richie rang her. "Mimi, I have been thinking about what you said to me the other day. I want to get together with you and discuss this. Would you have dinner with me tonight?"

"Yes, but I have a couple of conditions."

"What are they?" She was placing conditions on his seeing her, what was going on here?

"The first is that I have to be home by ten o'clock and no later and the second is that I will not be having sex with you tonight. Do you accept my conditions?"

"Yes. I have to see you." It's not that I'm desperate he told himself.

"Good. Pick me up from work at five thirty."

Richie was waiting in the reception area when Mimi walked down the corridor from her office. He held out his hand and she took it before leaning forward and kissing him lightly on the cheek. He led her from the building and hailed a cab. They sat close to each other during the short ride to the restaurant. "I didn't know whether you only ate kosher food or not so I booked this one to be sure."

"This will be fine, thank you."

"That thing that you said to me the last time we spoke, you know about the point to the whole Fantasy Island thing, well I've been thinking about it. You see, after I got angry and left I got home and I didn't feel like going out with the boys like I did before then. I thought that I was just feeling upset about what had happened, but when I thought about it, what they did to me, what you did to me, was exactly the same as I had been doing to girls all my life, I take them out once, I fuck them and then that's it, no more. I never stopped to think about what they were feeling after I dumped them. That was the point wasn't it, to teach me a lesson about relationships?"

"Yes. You see the point now, there is more to life than one night stands, than sex without commitment, a relationship considers the needs of both parties, not just one."

"I can see that now and I probably realised that after I left the island but didn't know, all that I knew was that my life before this had no real purpose. I have a question of you?"

"Oh yes?"

"Where do you fit into all of this?"

Mimi picked up her bag from the floor and from it she took a piece of paper which she passed to him. "If you look closely you will see it is a photocopy of a page from our high school year book. Now look at the picture on the bottom right of the page, tell me what you see?"

Richie looked closely at the picture, it was of Miriam Greenburg but it didn't look much like her. The hair was curly and unruly, she wore glasses and her nose was different. "Is this you?"

"Yes. My hair is cut shorter and styled so that it is easier to care for, I wear contacts now and my nose has had a little work done on it, but deep inside I'm still the same Miriam Greenburg that you took on a date near the end of our senior year."


"Yes 'oh'. I tried to call you after that date but your mother mustn't have passed the message on. I tried to speak to you at school but you ignored me. You hurt me, really hurt me."

"Look I'm sorry about that. I was young and that was how the guys did things back then, one date and that was it."

"But you didn't change, did you?"

"No, and I realise that I've been an arsehole all these years, and I'm sorry I hurt you. How can I make it up to you?"

"Let's just enjoy tonight and we'll see how that goes before we think about the future."

The cab pulled up outside Mimi's building. "Don't come in, not tonight." Mimi kissed him.

"Listen, can I see you again?"

"Do you really want to?"

"Yes, I really do want to, see you, again, oh hell, I want to see you again so bad that it hurts."

"Next week then, pick me up from work and I'll choose the restaurant this time."

"You didn't like my choice?"

"I loved it, but next time is my treat for you." She kissed him again and watched as the cab drove off.

Richie was deep in thought as the cab drove him home. Miriam Greenburg why did that name ring a bell? He tried hard but couldn't remember her at all.

A week later Mimi led him into a French restaurant. Richie was surprised when she ordered a pork medallion as her main course. "That isn't kosher."

"No it isn't, we aren't strict in our family, my grandparents were forced to choose between pork and starvation, they chose pork."

"Mimi, look, I enjoyed the last time, and I didn't miss not having sex, in fact it was probably because there was no expectation of sex that I enjoyed it."

"I have to admit that I enjoyed it too."

"I have to admit that I didn't remember you from school, that date we went on did we?"

"Yes we did."


"Here we go with the 'oh' again. Yes we had sex and yes I remembered it because it was my first time, and yes I was hurt when you didn't want to see me again, but I moved on with my life and it's pretty good right now."

"You're not married then?"

"I'm here aren't I? If I was married I wouldn't be."

"No boyfriend then?"

"No boyfriend."

"Has there been? A boyfriend that is."

"Yes there has, but it was a long time after I left school. I had things to do and that included work in the family fashion business so I didn't have time, even if I felt like it."

"So you've never been in love then?"

"I didn't say that I've never been in love, in fact I have, been in love that is, hopelessly in love, it's not something that you get over in a hurry."

"What about sex, going by your performance on the island you must have some experience with sex?"

"I know about sex. I have a cousin, a distant cousin, that the family don't talk about, she works for an escort service and, while the family don't talk about her that doesn't stop them from referring business clients to her from time to time. She called me over to her apartment one day and told me that my family were worried that I must somehow not be doing the right thing sex-wise because I couldn't keep a man. So she took it upon herself to teach me all that she knew about sex and that was a lot. What I learned from her was that sex is a very powerful tool, and used correctly can get you anything that you want. Now before you jump to the entirely wrong conclusion, what I learned from her wasn't what I wanted to know. I wanted to know how to make love and that was something that she was unable to teach me, and it wasn't until after I had spoken to Michael that I learned about love. That was what I did to you that night on the island, made love to you."

"But how, why? I don't understand."

"When you applied for the holiday, part of the selection process was that either Michael or Beth would talk to the people closest to the contestants to find out why they wanted the particular fantasy. In your case Michael spoke to me and it was during that interview that I realised that I still had feelings for you. They had already decided that your fantasy would not be realised by a different girl each night because you already had that, and that one person would become the centre of your attention and then be taken away from you. Create a desire and make it unattainable, which was how Michael put it. The hard part was how to teach me how to make love rather than just have sex. I went to the island a week before you got there and he took me to a village on the other side. Those girls really know about love."

"But I can't believe that after all of this time you still had feelings for me."

"Later. Let's enjoy the meal."

It was almost midnight when the cab stopped outside her building. "Won't you come in?" Mimi asked after she had kissed him.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"Very." That was all she said until they got inside. "I'm not going to ask you if you want coffee or another drink, come with me." She led him to her bedroom. "Come here." She kissed him with an unexpected passion. While she was lip-locked she began to undress him. Richie just stood there in amazement as she worked her way through his clothes until he was naked before her. He reached for her intent on doing to her what she had just done to him. "No, just get into bed and wait for me." He pulled the sheet back and slipped into the bed and watched her as she disrobed.

"Come while I show you more of how to make love." Mimi began by kissing him again and slowly worked her way down his body until he was ready for her. She straddled him and fed his hard cock into her moist pussy, what she did then was nothing like he'd experienced before in his entire one-sided sex life. His orgasm, when she allowed it to come, was the most intense that he'd ever had and from her sounds and her body, he concluded that hers was just as intense.

Richie was jolted awake. Mimi was beside him but he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. It sounded like someone was getting breakfast. "Shit."

"What's the matter?"

"There's someone out there. I gotta go."

"No you don't gotta go. Come, get dressed, I have a surprise for you."

Fantasy Island Getaway; twelve months later.

Julie and Michael met Joseph, Rachel, Janice and Peter as the launch from the main island docked for the reunion celebrations. They were tanned and happy, much happier than that first time on the island. Life was good for them.

It was between getaways and the resort was deserted so they moved freely around, chatting to each other and comparing notes, not that there was much new to talk about, being residents on the main island the two couples were now close friends. "I wonder how Cindy got on, is she still with Martin?"

"You can ask her yourself in about an hour, Beth is coming in too."

"Have you heard from Richie? What became of him after he left here?"

"Beth spoke to him last week, he'll be here tomorrow."

Joseph looked at Julie. "Is that a work in progress I see there?" His eyes on he belly that had only just begun to show.

"Yes it is, we are going to have a baby, and before you ask, no we're not married but we are committed, totally, to each other."

Michael moved behind her and his hands cupped her small 'baby bump'. "We don't see the need for a wedding to demonstrate our commitment for each other, we know that we love each other and I'm sure that you would have picked up on that at some time or other."

"Yeah, from day one it was obvious." Janice said. "You make the best couple and don't ever lose that, we almost did." She looked at Peter who reached over and kissed her.

Beth arrived the next day accompanied by Cindy and Martin. "Tell us all, what happened when you got home?" Joseph asked.

"It was great! I told my mother to back off and let me get on with my life without her interference and then there was my boss. Martin was great, He should have been a con-man. He had my boss convinced that he was from head office come to speak to him about certain anomalies that had occurred and by the time he'd finished my boss had resigned. I got a promotion and Martin is my new boss, life couldn't get much better than that except that," she looked at Julie, "Julie isn't the only one."

"You mean?"

"Yes. We're going to have a baby, I had to have some excuse for giving up work now that Martin is my boss. Of course there are rumours going around the company, which we haven't denied."

Dinner that night was a happy affair and it was in the early hours that they all went to bed. "That just leaves Richie." Julie said as she snuggled into Michael.

"Ah yes, Richie." He left it at that.

The launch docked at ten the next morning and three people got off and walked through the forest to the resort. Michael saw them as they emerged. "Welcome guys, you're just in time for morning tea." He led them into the dining room. The looks that they got from the others were of amazement. "Guys, I want you to meet my wife Mimi, she was the woman I was with on the first, the only night I spent here, and I want you to meet," he looked at the third person, a girl of about ten years of age holding his hand, "this is Cynthia, our daughter." Cynthia was Mimi's surprise. Michael and Beth looked at each other, it had worked, Richie didn't know it at the time but he had his fantasy.

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