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Fantasy Love Letter


I have been fantasizing about you. I hope you enjoy reading this and understand how much I love you and lust after you.

* * * * *

I have arranged for someone to take care of the kids for the evening. We are at home and preparing to go out for a romantic evening. There is one slight change to all the other times we have gone out. I have told you that tonight I will make all the decisions for both of us. I promise not to embarrass you and have assured you that you can trust me completely. You can refuse anything if you want but I am confident that you will enjoy this night as much as I will.

It’s 5:00. I have only told you that we are going out and that I will help you get ready. I draw a bath for you, and help you get undressed. I help you into the tub and wash your back and wash your hair. Your eyes are closed as I am washing your hair and you get all tingly as I rub your scalp. I instruct you to shave your legs while I go get you a glass of wine. I leave the wine with you and let you finish your bath. You call me when you are done with the bath and I give you a towel for your hair and help you out of the tub. I use the towel to pat you dry and rub warm lotion on your back. I massage lotion onto your legs and you slightly part your thighs as I reach the top. I linger and brush my hand across your pubic area and continue moving my hands up to rub lotion on your breasts. I tell you to finish in the bathroom and come into the bedroom when you are ready.

It’s 6:45. You enter the bedroom. You are naked and I openly admire you. On the bed I have laid out your clothes. You will wear stockings, garter, silk panties, and a black dress (knee length). The dress has spaghetti straps and is lined, so you do not need to wear either a bra or slip. I help you into your stockings and hook the garters. I again admire you. I embrace you and we kiss passionately. We both are so horny we want to make love. I am so hard which you feel as I press myself against you. I tell you that the evening has only begun and I plan on increasing your desire and anticipation. You put your panties over the garters and step into the dress. I zip you up. You put on your shoes and we are ready to go. I am dressed in my suit.

It’s 7:30. I help you with your sweater and coat and escort you to the car. I tell you that you will have to wait to see where we are going. I help you into the car and close the door for you. You are curious but you are less apprehensive because, so far, I have not asked you to do anything weird (you were not entirely convinced that you should trust me). You are still a bit cautious.

We drive to the romantic restaurant. I help you out of the car and escort you into the restaurant. We are seated at a table in the back corner, the lighting is low and music is softly playing. I order a bottle of wine and look at the menu so I can order for both of us. We talk and sip the wine. We touch hands and discreetly tease each other with our words and lustful looks. I am thinking about how you looked with only your stockings and garters on, when we almost made love. I tell you that the image of you, makes me lust for you but also reminds me of my deep love. You are kind, intelligent, take good care of me, take good care of our kids, yet you are so sexy. I am very lucky to spend my life with you.

I order appetizers, and the main course for both of us. We enjoy each others company. You excuse yourself to go to the restroom and I hand you an envelope which says to open when you get to the restroom. You are curious but remember that you can refuse anything. You go into the bathroom and open the note. It says “Remove your panties and place them in my suit pocket when you return”. You decide to follow the instructions. You remove your panties (they are extremely wet) and place them in your purse. You finish in the bathroom and return to the table. I look at you to try and determine if you have followed the instructions. As you sit down you glance around to see if anyone is looking, open your purse and take the panties out and place them in my suit pocket. I lean over to kiss you and tell you how much I love you. I reach into my pocket to touch your panties and it thrills me when I realize how wet and excited you are.

It’s 9:00. I have paid the bill while you were gone and now its time to go but first I need to go to the restroom. I return and we leave restaurant. When we get into the car, I reach into my pocket and hand you my silk underwear. I tell you that I am wearing your panties and I can feel your wetness on my balls. You think that I am a bit weird. I am weird (but fantasies don’t have to be completely normal, do they?). You reach over and touch my hard cock through my pants. You fondle me as we drive back to our house. I reach over and touch your leg and feel the stockings and garter through your dress. I put my hand under your dress and touch the stocking, as I go higher I touch your bare leg and finally my fingers reach your pubic area. You sigh and part your legs to give me better access. I rub you and you are going crazy with desire. Your unzip my pants and caress my cock through the panties. We finally get home and we are both on fire for each other. I help you out of the car and into the house. When we get through the door, I remove your coat and unzip your dress. When the dress falls to you ankles I again admire you. This is the mental image of you that has been on my mind ever since we left.

You want to undress me, but I tell you to wait. I take you be the hand and bring you to our bedroom. I lay you on the bed and leave your legs over the edge and you feet on the floor. I kneel on the floor between your legs and begin eating you. I am teasing with my tongue and making you so hot. After spending a few minutes pleasing you, I stand and remove my suit and clothes, except for the panties. You reach for me, touch my cock though the panties, and pull the waist band down and tuck it under my balls. I push you back on the bed and get on top. We kiss passionately and my cock finds the right spot. You are so wet. I slowly enter you. My God! You feel good!

Before very long, I am fully inside of you and you can feel my balls against your ass. You feel the silk of the panties between your legs. We come together. It happens much to quickly. My body goes limp as I shoot inside of you. What an orgasm! I can tell that your orgasm was mind-shattering as well.

We lie back and enjoy the afterglow for a few minutes.

It’s 10:00. I get up to go get the kids. End of The Fantasy

I love you. You still are a fabulous lover. I also love you because of the great mother you are and for all the mundane household things you do but I still know you are sexy woman I married.

I truly do fantasize about you. I hope you can share my enjoyment of this fantasy.

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