Fantasy Man

byDG Hear©

"I never knew sex could be so good. With you it's just something special. You are so great and make me love doing it with you. I know it's not going to last and I accept that. It's just the way life is, but I'll always have the memories. It's kind of like going on vacation to Disney World. You say,'Boy, I wish I could live here and have this life forever,' but we all eventually return home and still have our memories. I expect the memories of being with you I'll have forever. I'll try to get Brent a little more involved with all you have shown me.

"Look, I know it's wrong to have sex with you; I'm not that stupid. You make me feel good and I like that. I know one day soon it will be over for us, but until that day comes, I'm going to enjoy the sexual time together with you."

Sometimes when Holly comes over we just lie in the spa and talk. We always end with some kind of sex but we are both rather laid back now and really do enjoy the hot tub. Just so you know Holly and Brent have both come over together and enjoyed the spa. Of course Brent has no idea of our sexual get together. The three of us would sit and talk about life and their future plans. Brent was trying to get a better job out of town. His brother-in-law was trying to get him on where he worked. It was over a hundred miles away but the pay was good. After Holly graduated from nursing school they were going to get married and move away.

Brent hurt his back in an auto accident when he was a teenager but it was pretty much healed now. He would get back pains and always blame it on the old injury. He and Holly would come over and he let the jets massage his back. I do have to say the jets really felt good.

Holly started coming over late every Friday night after I got home from work and her boyfriend was asleep. On Saturdays, she and Brent would come over together. A few times I would get out of the tub and leave them alone. Holly told me that Brent would kiss her and finger her when I wasn't there. She asked him to fuck her in the tub but he always refused and said that I might come out or that his cum might be floating in the tub and he wouldn't know how to explain it. Usually they headed back over to Brent's house and made love.

I had a window I could see them out of and Holly knew it. She never let on to Brent that I could see them. She knew he would stop fingering her; she didn't mind me watching her.

One time I came out when I knew she was being finger fucked by Brent. She was smiling at me when I came out. Brent said he had to go home and piss. As he left, Holly told me he was probably going home to jack-off. He wanted her to go home too but she told him they had only been there fifteen minutes. Anyway, as Brent was going home to do whatever, I put my fingers into her pussy and made sure she reached an orgasm. Brent was headed out of his door as she came. She just laid back and acted like she was almost in dreamland. About the time he reached my house, I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and stuck them in my mouth.

Brent didn't expect anything as he got back into the spa and laid back and relaxed also. Good thing we had the jets on full with lots of bubbles.

Whenever I think of Holly and the hot tub, my mind begins to wander. I mentioned that she was trying to get Brent to do some of the things that we did. She told me he does suck on her breasts now but isn't very good. At least he is more gentle with her breasts. He takes his time when they begin making love. Here's how I do with her and I told her she would have to take charge of the sexual action if she wanted to enjoy it more.

I would have her sit up on the side of the spa. Of course with Brent she didn't have a spa so they used their bed, couch or whatever. She would spread her legs so that I could see the crack of her cunt. I would take my cock and gently rub it between the folds of her pussy lips until they would almost open for me. Up and down her crevice I would rub my cock, watching her pussy get wetter and wetter from her own juices. I would stop at her opening and barely push the head of my cock into her. She would start breathing hard and I would pull it back out and keep rubbing it against her till she couldn't take it any longer and finally would ask me to push it in. This was a turn-on for both of us. She told me Brent had trouble holding back and always wanted to plow it into her, so she held onto his cock and did the rubbing until he begged for it.

Holly did tell me that no matter how hard she tried, Brent wouldn't eat her pussy. I asked her if she gave him head? She told me she went to try it one time and he forced most of his cock into her mouth and she started gagging. After that she said she was rather gun shy.

The next time I had her up on the spa rail and was eating her out, she had both hands wrapped around my head telling me how good it felt. I backed away and sat on the other side rail. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I wanted her to suck my cock.

"I can't!" She said she couldn't do it.

"Holly, get over here and suck my cock. I will explain to you how to do it. You will probably like it; you'll be in charge. Now come over here and grab hold of my cock."

She came over and put her hand around the base of my cock. I explained to her that she couldn't deep throat that much the first time. I had her move her hand up my cock till only the big purple head showed. "Now kiss it. Just kiss it." She did as I asked and then opened her mouth and took the head in.

"Now suck it like a Tootsie-Pop. That's it, suck that baby." She was starting to get the hang of it. She even moved her hand back a little so she could suck a little deeper. She was sucking the pre-cum off the end of my cock.

"Holly, I'm not far from cumming. I want to come in your pussy."

I slid back into the spa and she brought that beautiful tight bubble butt over and sat on my very hot rod. I was balls deep in her when I came. She smiled and said, "Maybe , just maybe, if Brent is good I'll give him a little head."

I explained to her that as long as she was in control, she could take as much or as little cock as she pleased. It was kind of funny; I controlled Holly and she controlled Brent. I guess she got the best of both sexual worlds.

We were talking one evening and she asked me if there were any fantasies that I never lived out. I explained that there were a few things I wish I would have tried or done throughout my life, but I don't have a whole lot of regrets.

"Like what, Mr. G? What didn't you do that you would have liked to have done?"

I started to laugh. "For one thing Holly, ever since I saw that beautiful ass of yours I pictured my cock in it. Ever had anal sex?"

"No, Brent tried one time when we were doing it doggie style and I didn't know what he was doing. All of a sudden he tried forcing his dick into my ass. I turned around and screamed at him. I told him as soon as he stuck a big cucumber up his ass he could try putting his dick in mine. He hasn't bothered me since. I'm sorry, Mr. G, but I don't think I could do it."

"Well, you asked. I've also wanted to eat out and fuck a true red head. I've been with a few I thought were red but the bushes were always brown or real dark red. It was just always something I wanted to see up close and personal. Now, at my age if she's red on top, she's probably grey down below," I laughed.

"Anything else, Mr. G? Any real fantasies?" asked Holly.

"A threesome! I would have liked to have had two women at the same time at least once in my life. Also, everyone says watching two women make it together is sexual. I guess you have to be there but that would have been cool to see." I laughed thinking about what I had told her.

Before she left I finger fucked her and got her nipples hard sucking on them. She was an amazing young woman.


The following week Holly had some good and yet sad news.

"Mr. G, I'm pregnant. Is there any chance at all it could be yours? In case Bent might run a DNA test."

"No, Holly, it's Brent's. I had a vasectomy many moons ago. I can assure you I shoot blanks."

"Wow, that's kind of a relief. I don't think Brent would have a test but you never know. I just wanted to be sure. I have some sad news too, Mr. G. I won't be coming over to the spa much anymore. The doctor said it's not the greatest for pregnant women to go in spas. I think it's silly, but I'm not going to take a chance with my baby. So, this is probably our last time together. I'm sure going to miss you."

"Holly, since my wife died you have been the brightest thing in my life. I thank you for helping me through such a difficult period in my life. I'll always remember you."

"Mr G, I have a going away present for you. I'm going to give you my ass. If there is anyone that I would trust to take my ass cherry it's you. Please be gentle. I'm a little scared."

"No need to be scared, Holly. I'm going to go get some gel to make it easier. Between the water and the gel, you might enjoy it."

I went in the house and got some gel. I started off eating Holly in our standard position with her on the tub rails. Then she turned around and leaned over the rails with her ass sticking out at me. I started by fucking her pussy to put her at ease. When she started to really get into it, I opened the gel and put some on my fingers. I inserted one into her asshole and she squealed slightly. I then inserted the second finger in her ass and started finger fucking her asshole while pounding her pussy.

I reached over and took more gel and kept rubbing it all over her asshole. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and aimed it at her bung hole. I gently pushed the head of my cock into her until I felt her ass grasp my cock.

"Oh, God, Mr. G. My ass fills so full, but it doesn't hurt. Go ahead give me more of your cock. I can take it. Live out that fantasy in my ass. Go for it, Mr. G, go for it. Give me all you have."

My balls were slapping against her pussy. I had a death grip on her hips while I plowed in and out of her ass. I started coming and when Holly felt the first squirt she screamed. "Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, I feel you coming, Mr. G. I feel you shooting your cum up my ass. Oh, God, oh, God, so good."

Holly came and she squeeze her butt cheeks so hard it hurt my cock. I slipped it out of her ass and we both sat down to rest. I was pretty much done for the night. After resting a little while in the spa, Holly asked me if I would suck her tits and eat her out, one last time. Which of course I was glad to do.

It was the last time Holly came over alone to see me. About a week later both Holly and Brent came over to talk to me. They didn't get in the spa, they just wanted to talk.

"Mr. G," said Brent. "Holly and I are getting married and we just wanted to invite you to the wedding. Just so you know, Holly and I are going to be parents so we are getting married next month. I got a job about a hundred miles from here so we will be moving as soon as Holly graduates next month."

I smiled at the two of them and congratulated them on their upcoming wedding and their becoming parents. I told them they made a good couple and to always put each other first. Inside I felt sad. I was losing the best piece of ass I have ever had.

The spa still got a lot of use. My kids and grandchildren were over most every weekend. I went on with my life. I did date a few women and even got laid once in awhile but having a young thing like Holly was just something extra special for an old guy like me.

I attended the wedding and even took a lady friend along. The wedding was nice and the reception was even better. Brenda, my lady friend, was a nice looking woman in her forties. We danced and drank and had a good old time. I knew I was going to get laid that night. Brenda kind of told me she was feeling pretty horny. I can't remember the last time I got laid in my own bed. Holly and I only did it in the spa.

Brenda and I were talking with mutual friends when Holly asked me to dance. I got up and put my arm around Holly who looked great, and I told her how much I missed her. She told me she wanted to introduce me to her sister-in-law who was her brother's wife and her best friend. I remember seeing the beautiful red head during the ceremony. We danced over to where Ashley was talking to some people and Holly called her over. "Ashley, I want you to meet Mr. G. Other than you, he's probably one of my closest friends. As I have told you, he loves red heads."

What did I hear Holly say? Did she say, "As I told you?" To this young lady. I'm sure that's what she said. I was a bit perplexed but the two of them just smiled. Brent came over and escorted Holly away. I was standing there looking at this stunning redhead, freckles and all. I glanced over to where Brenda and I were sitting earlier and noticed she was up dancing with friends. So I asked Ashley if she wanted to dance with an old man.

She smiled and said she would love to and we headed back out to the dance floor. Ashley smelled and looked great. She was a little shorter than Holly but did have bigger breasts.

She spoke first. "Holly told me you have a spa. I would love to come over and see it and maybe even try it out."

"Why sure, you can come over anytime. I work afternoons so you will have to come during the early afternoon or on the weekend."

"Holly said she used to come after midnight. Is it alright if I come over then? Before you answer - Mr. G, isn't it. Holly and I are not only sister-in-laws but we are also best friends. She tells me everything, and I mean everything. In turn, I tell her everything also. She told me you wanted to see a real redhead on both the top and bottom. Is that true?"

I didn't know what to say but Ashley was smiling at me. After I regained my composure, I told her it was true. She told me her husband worked midnights so it would work out just right. She told me she would call before the day she would probably come over. Fridays were best for her, that way she could sleep in on Saturdays.

I asked her, "Ashley, I don't know about being with a married woman. Do you cheat on your husband often?"

"I've never cheated on my husband. Holly says you're a fantasy man and that's the way I want it to be with you. My husband is about the same kind of lover as Holly says Brent is. I want the same treatment that you gave Holly. I should tell you it will only be for a couple of times. I don't want to lose my marriage over this. I have two kids and my mom likes to take them on Friday. I just want some of what Holly got. Maybe I can pass some of your love tips along to my husband too."

I told Ashley I would love to have sex with her and that I was looking forward to it. I kept thinking about seeing her red bush as I headed back over to Brenda.

Brenda and I made love, had sex or call it what you want. I got it up twice and fucked Brenda every which way but loose. I was thinking of Holly and what I was going to be doing to Ashley. Brenda was the lucky recipient of my thoughts. I thought about Brenda and how she was a nice looking lady. There could be a chance for us in the future if I should want to settle down. Until then we would just date and be sex partners.

Ashley did call the following Thursday and came over around midnight on Friday. She came over to the hot tub and striped naked. Damn, what a beautiful body. I turned on the spa light so I could see her beautiful red bush. We sat and talked for a couple of minutes and I had to bury my face in her red muff. She was different from Holly. She knew what she wanted and went after it. I tongued and sucked on her clit as she pumped that red muff into my face. I quickly stood up and started wiping my hardened cock back and forth across her clit. It wasn't long before she asked me to bury my cock deep inside of her.

We did all we could till she wore me out and she told me that Holly didn't lie. I was every bit as good as she said and the best lover she has ever been with. She came by the following two Fridays and we had repeat performances. I did everything to her that I did to Holly. Our last night together she offered me her ass. I took it and was gentle with it. After ramming her pussy from behind, I pulled it our of her pussy and used the gel and slid my cock deep within her.

I couldn't understand why these young husbands took their wives for granted. They didn't eat pussy, didn't know how to make love to their breasts, and didn't know how to be gentle with their wife. These women were willing to get ass fucked and give head if their stupid husbands would show a little love and gentleness.

I thanked Ashley for everything she did for me. I wouldn't be able to choose between her and Holly if I had too. Holly's tight bubble butt, against Ashley's fiery red bush and her big boobs. They both now knew how to give head.

Between these two women, I had enough memories for a lifetime.

My life went on. I saw my kids regularly and went out with Brenda every now and then. I still came home and got in the spa to relax. I would lay back and think about the memories the spa had given me.

My neighbors called and said that Holly had a little boy. Everyone was doing fine. I saw them when they came to visit a couple of times. I did find out through the grapevine that Brent had a DNA test done. He didn't have any doubt but his mother told him to have it done and not tell Holly. The baby was his so that ended any suspicions anyone had about Holly.

My neighbors told me that Brent and Holly's brother worked at the same place now. Of course Ashley was married to Holly's brother. They said it was nice that they had family members close since they all lived a hundred miles away and didn't make it home very often.


Holly worked as a nurse in the hospital in their town. Ashley was a stay at home mom and watch Holly's child while she worked. The brother-in-laws were working buddies and best friends so it turned out pretty good for everyone.

I came home from work one Friday night and heard someone in my spa. I went to the porch and in my spa was a naked Holly and a naked Ashley.

"Hi, Mr. G, our husbands went fishing for the weekend so we came to visit the folks. They have the kids and of course everyone is in bed. We thought we would come over and enjoy the spa. Hope you don't mind. We didn't have a chance to call you. We've been in here for two hours and are ready to get out," replied Holly.

"It's fine girls. It just kind of sucks that you are leaving already."

Ashley spoke. "Who said anything about leaving? We came over to fulfill your last two fantasies, only we would prefer to do it in a bed. We are nice and clean. Why don't you hop in here for a few minutes and we'll meet you in your bedroom.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and got in the hot tub. The girls got out and headed naked to my bedroom. I wasn't far behind. When I got to the room, Holly was between Ashley's legs kissing her muff. Two women doing it was one of my fantasies. They laid on the bed and did one thing after another to each other.

Holly told me that the guys would do everything but go down on them and they still weren't gentle enough with their breasts. So, the two girls got together one day and decided that when they wanted the additional sex, they would do it to each other. Just the way I did it to them.

I then climbed on the bed and watched as Holly mounted my cock and buried it in her pussy, her cute bubble butt going up and down on my shaft. The next thing I saw was a red bush covering my mouth as Ashley straddled my face and I tongue fucked her. We did it all that night. They told me that I did so much for their marriages that this was my reward.

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. It just doesn't get any better than this.

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