tagInterracial LoveFantasy Man Ch. 01

Fantasy Man Ch. 01


I'm trying out a new story while continuing my other one. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Let me know how I'm doing so far.


Terri Hunter rang the doorbell of the large house and waited for the owner to open the door. The house was massive, with columns that seemed to rise into the heavens and a yard that stretched farther than Terri could see. Terri felt slightly embarrassed, as she always did when she was delivering pizza to areas that were obviously upper class. Terri had taken the delivery job in order to supplement the income that she was getting from working at the college library and at the small coffee shop on campus. Although it was enough to pay her tuition, rent, and bills, there wasn't much extra after those were paid. But, that was ok. Working as much as she did, Terri didn't have time to go out because all her spare time was spent trying to catch up on homework. She sighed and began to shift her weight from foot to foot. Whoever lived in this behemoth of a house was really taking a long time. She hoped the person hadn't gotten lost in his own home.

Zachary Smith opened the door to find the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid eyes on. She was shorter than most of the girls he dated, seeming to be about 5'6", but she had the brownest eyes that he had ever seen and a set of plump, kissable lips coupled with a body that just didn't seem to quit. Her breasts were prominent through her shirt, even though the shirt was large on her body. Her waist, seemingly small, was complimented by a set of hips that swelled out and curved down into long legs. Long legs and a short torso, that was kind of interesting but definitely not unattractive. It took Zack a few seconds to realize that he was staring and he shook himself back into reality. His eyes rose back up to her face. She was looking at him expectantly and he realized that she must have said something while he was checking her out. "Hmm?"

Terri fought the urge to roll her eyes. If it wasn't some dirty old man trying to get her to come in for the money and maybe a little something extra, it was some asshole openly staring at her like she was a piece of meat. She wanted to say something, but she also wanted a tip and she found that guys gave bigger tips if she didn't tell them off for staring at her chest. "I said that'll be 23.50, sir." She shifted the pizza onto her left hand so she could take the money from him.

"Oh. Sorry." Zack reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. When he opened it and pulled out a wad of twenties, he saw the smirk that settled on the woman's face. He raised his eyebrow in curiosity and shrugged. He handed her two of the twenties and took the pizza from her at the same time.

Terri reached into her pocket for change and had a hard time pulling out the bills. She stopped trying when the guy reached out and touched her arm. She looked at him cautiously.

"You can keep the change....but only if you tell me your name." Zack knew he was being kind of forward, but he had to know what the angel standing before him was called.

Terri was surprised. She wasn't used to customers wanting to actually know her name after staring at her chest. And, he was willing to pay for it. It was that fact that made her tell him. "It's Terri Hunter."

"Well, Terri Hunter, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Zack Smith, if you were wondering."

"I wasn't. But thanks anyway."

Zack had to laugh at that. She was kind of spunky. He liked that. He wanted to say something equally as witty in return, but his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his girlfriend calling to him from the hallway. Zack sighed and once again wondered why he was dating Amanda. Oh yeah, she was the daughter of his father's prospective business partner. His father was convinced that they belonged together since it was good for business. That, and she gave good head. He was keeping her around until he found a suitable replacement. Amanda strode purposefully up to his side and looked at Terri with contempt.

"Zackie, what's taking you so long? I'm ready to eat." Amanda cast a glance upward at Zack and smiled sweetly. Zack almost gave into the temptation to roll his eyes and tell her that he was at the door trying to pick up the pizza girl and to go away. He hated when she called him Zackie. It made him feel like he was 8 years old again. He had to remind himself of the great blowjob he was expecting once they were done eating. That was worth dealing with her for a little bit longer, he supposed.

Zack sighed. "Here. Why don't you take the pizza inside?"

The incredulous look that Amanda gave him was more than enough of an answer. He almost forgot that Amanda thought she was too good to do anything for anyone else. "Nevermind. Why don't you go sit down and I'll be there in a minute. I still have to pay for this."

Amanda's bottom lip quivered slightly. "Ok, but hurry up, Pookie." She turned on her heel and walked off, but not before shooting a dirty look at Terri.

Zack turned back towards Terri and gave her an apologetic look. "I'm sorry about that. Sometimes she gets territorial."

Terri just shrugged. "Not my problem." Terri thanked Zack for the big tip and began to turn away and walk to the car. He was handsome, but he was also taken and that was forbidden territory for her. The blond waif could have him.

For some reason, Zack didn't want her to leave. He had filled his mind with enough details that he could think of her while Amanda was sucking him off, but he wanted more. "Wait."

Terri turned back towards Zack. "Yeah?"

Zack's mind was drawing a blank...What to say? What to say? "What are you doing this Friday night?"

Terri was confused. What did this guy care? Was he going to invite her over to help him count his money? Or maybe he was going to invite her over to do all the manual labor his girlfriend couldn't seem to do. Terri chuckled at the thought. "Homework...and lots of it. It's my day off from all of my jobs." Terri didn't know why she added the last part. Her day off certainly wasn't his business.

"All of your jobs?" Zack couldn't imagine having more than one. As it was, he didn't really need to work, with the trust fund and his weekly allowance, but he had a job working in his dad's office because his father believed that it was important that Zack become acquainted with the business he was destined to take over.

Terri sighed and looked at her watch. She was going to be late getting back and she knew that Morris was going to either bitch her out for being late or for worrying him. Probably both. Morris, her boss, was always looking out for her and making sure she was safe. "I have two other jobs and I rarely have time for much else."

Zack nodded. "That must suck." He mentally kicked himself. 'Smooth, Zack, real smooth. She must think you have the IQ of a brick,' he thought to himself.

Terri shrugged once again. "It does, but that's life. If I want to get through school, I have to work to pay the bills."

Zack found that he admired he determination, even if he didn't see how she worked three jobs. Terri turned back towards her car. "It was nice meeting you, Zack Smith."

"Same to you, Terri Hunter. I hope to see you again soon."

Terri sat in her car and started the engine. She chanced a glance back at the house to see Zack closing the door. Terri muttered to herself. "Closing the door and going back to his girlfriend. Remember that, Terri. You don't need your heart broken again." Still, she would probably have a nice dream about the blond haired, blue-eyed hunk that she had just met. Zack Smith, now there was a name she wouldn't soon forget.


Zack sat back and closed his eyes; letting Amanda do what she did best, give head. He had no intention of sleeping with her, but he would let her suck him off because she was excellent at it. He could feel her tongue swirling around the base of his cock. But somehow, Amanda's ministrations weren't enough for him. He needed more. He needed the sexy brown goddess that had graced him with her presence earlier that night.

As he sat with his eyes closed, he began to picture Terri kneeling at his feet and looking up at him with those beautiful brown eyes of hers while her tongue made tiny circles on his balls. Zack moaned at the thought of her lips and long cocoa brown fingers wrapped around his dick. The imagined contrast in color was driving him wild. Her tongue began to make figure eights on the sensitive area right beneath his head and he lost control. He began to thrust his cock into her waiting mouth, feeling her throat constrict around his member and taking him to higher heights. Her mouth was like a warm glove and her tongue worked miracles. He felt a small hand cup his balls, which prompted him to thrust his cock completely inside her mouth. Her tongue was still pressing against his member and the added pressure made him explode. His harsh groan was the only warning that he gave before giving into his orgasm. It was amazing, the best one he ever had and it because of a girl who wasn't even really there. He imagined that Terri would look up at him, lick her lips, and thank him for his come before standing up and bending over to be taken from behind. Just the image of her round ass pointing at him was enough to make him hard again. Unfortunately, he opened his eyes and saw Amanda sitting at his feet instead of Terri. His penis began to deflate with the sheer disappointment of the situation. Amanda looked up at him expectantly and Zack shook his head and chuckled to himself. She can't carry a pizza box but she could go down on him, and several other guys he knew of, without hesitation. There was something wrong with that picture, but at the moment, Zack didn't care. "Thanks, babe."

Zack stood and pulled up his pants, which had been around his ankles, and fastened them. "You're a doll, you know that?"

Amanda looked slightly put out that he was putting his dick away, but he knew that she would probably just go home and get fucked by her butler anyway. He couldn't feel bad for not returning the favor when he knew that she was getting other guys to do it for him. "When are we going to have sex, Pookie? We've been dating for over a month now. I thought we would have moved on to bigger and better things by now." Amanda stood and smoothed her dress down.

Zack fought the urge to let her know how he really felt about her, instead he opted to be slightly more diplomatic. "I just don't want to rush into this, babe. I mean, sex is a big step and I want it to be right when we finally do it."

Amanda just sighed and put her arms around him. "I guess...." She was obviously disappointed, but she wouldn't openly do anything to jeopardize the relationship. Her daddy would kill her if she did. She would wait to have sex with him and then she would try to get pregnant and trap him in the relationship. That was the plan, at least. Her dad had come up with it all on his own. Amanda thought that she was a little too young to get pregnant and settle down, but for some reason, the merger depended on she and Zack getting married. In order to be set for the rest of her life, she would have to make some small sacrifices. Besides, she would just hire a nanny and continue to do the things she liked to do best...like Manuel, the groundskeeper, and Peter, the butler.

Amanda left shortly after their interlude and Zack went upstairs to his room. He flung himself down across his king-sized bed and sighed. Playing with Amanda was starting to be more of a hassle than fun. If only he could find a way to get Terri into his arms....or under him in his bed screaming out her desire. That would definitely satisfy him for a while. He wasn't really looking for a relationship, but he was willing to try one out with Terri to see how far they could go. Now all he had to do was figure out a way to get her.


Terri keyed into her apartment and sighed. She was so tired from working and her feet were beginning to hurt. It was always a sad event, returning to her empty apartment since her boyfriend left a month before. Well, she hadn't really given him the choice of leaving or staying. Terri had found out that she wasn't Tyrell's type. She smirked when she thought about it. She wasn't his type because his type was busty, blond, and willing to fuck him despite the fact that he had a girlfriend. The moment she knew that he was stepping out on her, she kicked him to the curb. She threw his clothes out into the hallway, had the locks changed, and even had time to cancel and cut up a few of the credit cards they shared before he came home. She was not going to be in debt because of him if he couldn't even keep his dick in his pants when she wasn't around. He tried to talk to her when she went to work the next day, but as soon as he grabbed her arm, she pulled out her can of mace and sprayed him in the eyes. Adding insult to injury, she kneed him in the balls before calling the police to pick him up. She thought that perhaps she should feel guilty, but if he hadn't grabbed her roughly, she wouldn't have had to mace him. It was all his fault.

She quickly realized that, in order to keep her apartment and not have to move back into the dorms, she would have to get another job. That was when she started working at the pizza parlor. Morris had felt for her when she explained her situation and was more than willing to be flexible with her hours when he saw how hard working she was. Now, here she was self-sufficient and able to take care of herself, but she was also lonely and horny as hell. She hadn't had sex since Ty left because she never had time to go out to pick anyone up. Perhaps she should take one of the older guys up on their offer for sex when it came along again. But she quickly shook her head no. It would be just her luck that the one guy she decided to have sex with would turn out to be a psycho killer. It was always the nice guys that turned out to be insane.

Terri laughed bitterly to herself at the thought of how desperate she was becoming. The fact that she even considered having sex with some random guy she delivered pizza to made her feel slightly dirty and extremely needy. Well, there was one guy that she wouldn't mind having sex with after delivering his pizza...too bad he was attached to Barbie. Terri had been harboring a secret dislike of blond women since her break up with Ty. Terri shook herself mentally and continued on her way to take a shower. She began to disrobe, starting with the oversized T-shirt she donned to hide her 36 DD sized breasts while she was out delivering. It didn't help though, considering the number of stares she got when she delivered pizzas. She wasn't sure if she should feel flattered or offended, but she did her best not to attract a lot of attention anyway. She unfastened her bra, letting her large breasts swing free. Her dark chocolate nipples began to harden from the change in temperature and she ran a hand over them to warm them up. The contact was slightly arousing and she felt herself getting a little wet. She shucked off her jeans and underwear in her bedroom and was about to enter the bathroom when her doorbell rang. She cursed loudly and quickly grabbed a pair of pajama bottoms and an oversized t-shirt, put them on, and went to the door.

Terri looked out the peephole only to find that Tyrell was standing outside her door with a bouquet of flowers. Terri decided that the blond must have tired of him and he thought that she would take him back. Like hell that was going to happen. Terri decided that he could just stand out there like a fool, so she made sure that the door was dead bolted and locked and went to continue her evening ritual.

After her long hot shower, Terri walked to the door to see if Tyrell had left. He had, but he left the flowers in front of her door with some kind of note. She couldn't decide if she wanted to go out and throw them away or just leave them there to rot. She turned away from the door and went to sit on her sofa. She settled in, watching a few reruns of her favorite reality TV shows while doing some homework before turning in for the night. She had an early class and wanted to get a good night's rest. She could hardly wait to fall asleep. He might have been taken and she might never see him again, but Zack Smith was sure to make a debut in her dreams tonight. She could already see his sandy blond hair falling softly over his eyes before he ran his hand through it to move it out of the way. His upper lip was a soft bow and his bottom lip protruded slightly. She saw his smile, with small crinkles taking their place at the corner of his baby blues. She could only imagine what type of body he would have. Oh, yes, she certainly could imagine and she would. He would be her fantasy man, even if it was only for one night.

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