tagInterracial LoveFantasy Man Ch. 07

Fantasy Man Ch. 07


Zack sat back with a cocky grin. If this didn't convince Terri to be his, he didn't know what would. He had gone out and bought 75 candles and decorated the front room with them. The soft glow of candlelight was the only illumination allowed in his romantic scene. When Terri came home, she would probably flip.

He had listened carefully over the weeks that he had spent with Terri, enough to know exactly what she found romantic. It was a good thing Terri adored all the common romantic things and they were fairly easy to find and prepare. He was going to sweep her off of her feet, no ifs ands or buts about it. He had the platter of chocolate covered strawberries chilling in the refrigerator and, although he had to go to three stores, he had found the only type champagne that Terri liked, which was sitting in the ice bucket on the kitchen counter. He even had time to make a CD of all the sappy slow songs that Terri thought were amazing.

Zack had taken the time to dress up in a nice button down shirt and black slacks. He had the rest of the night planned out. All he needed was the guest of honor. He sincerely hoped that she hadn't gone home with whoever took her out. The tightening in his chest once again alerted him to the feelings of jealousy that he had been battling ever since Terri walked out the door. He began to wonder if Terri even wanted him and if he was just setting himself up for failure, but it was too late for that. He had already gone to great lengths to be with Terri and he wasn't about to stop. In one way or another, she would eventually be his.

Terri was tired, dead tired. She had a great time at dinner with Arthur and Cathy. She had even more fun at the club that they went to afterwards. Terri laughed and danced until her feet hurt. For once, Terri was happy with the girl that Arthur had chosen. Cathy was worlds better than the last floozy that Arthur had dated, but then again, just about everyone was better than her.

She keyed in the apartment, secretly hoping that Zack had gone to bed so she could postpone talking to him until the morning, and opened the door, only to be met by the soft glow of candles. Terri sucked in a breath and tried not to panic as she shut the door behind her. Had she come home to see something that was meant for Zack's girlfriend? Were they still here together? Terri didn't think that she could handle that.

Her eyes followed the trail of rose petals that littered the ground. They led to a very sexy Zack, who was sprawled across the love seat in the corner of the room. Terri felt her mouth go dry. His sandy blond hair hung into his eyes, which were at the moment undressing her. She could see the intent that glittered beneath the surface of his baby blue orbs. His wide chest was calling to her hands and she wanted nothing more than to unbutton his shirt and run her fingers through the light sprinkling of hair that adorned his chest. Zack rose, looking like some kind of jungle cat, lithe and graceful. "Good evening, Buttercup..."

Terri was having trouble processing what was going on. She couldn't even acknowledge Zack's greeting.


Terri's eyes met his and she felt her world spin. It had to be a crime to be that good looking. They should throw Zack up under the jail for looking so delicious. She could feel her knees getting weak as he approached her like he was on the hunt and she was his prey. Heaven help her if he caught her, because it looked like she would be in for one hell of a night.

Terri leaned back against the door and tried to regain her bearings. "Zack...Wha...What is going on here?"

Zack smiled and continued to approach her. "I planned a romantic evening for the woman of my dreams."

Terri's eyebrow rose. "Where is she?"

"Right in front of me...looking good enough to...eat."

Terri was so glad that she had the door for support because she felt as if she would fall over. She needed to fan herself, the man was so hot. Her legs had turned to jelly and butterflies had taken flight in her stomach. Was Zack seriously talking about her? Good enough to eat? If her body wasn't begging to be devoured at that moment, she would probably be doing a lot better in the standing department. It was then that reality reared its ugly head. "What about your girlfriend?"

"I don't have a girlfriend at the moment...but that doesn't mean that I don't want one. I want a woman who wants me for me, who enjoys my quirks as much as I do hers. I want a woman who can keep up with me...all night long...and when I do fall asleep, I want that woman in my dreams. Know where I can find a woman like that, because I'd sure like the opportunity to earn her...and her love."

Terri felt the female in her swoon. She didn't know Zack could sound so sexy, even when he was saying things that bordered on corny. His voice was so low, it sounded like a deep rumble in his chest. His yummy, kissable chest...in fact, Terri bet that just about every inch of him was kissable. 'All night long? Oh damn...I like the sound of that. Wait, no. Bad. Get a grip, Terri. Pull yourself together.' Terri gave herself an inner pep talk before continuing. "But, I saw you...with her. The other week at The 'Wichery..."

The surprise that Zack felt was reflected in the look on his face. The 'Wichery' was the place that he and Amanda had lunch and said their goodbyes. 'She saw me and Amanda? Shit. No wonder she's been so distant,' Zack thought briefly before feeling his anger rise. If Amanda had ruined his chances at being with his Buttercup, she would rue the day that she met him and interfered in his life.

Zack's eyes met Terri's once again and he felt the love he had in his heart for her wash over him. He wouldn't accept 'no' as an answer. He would fight for her until she realized how much she meant to him. "She invited me out to lunch and I accepted. She wanted me back and I declined. I couldn't respect her after all that she'd done while we were together. Remind me to tell you about the day I went over there to call it off sometime...Besides, I was only with her because of my father and his business arrangement." Zack figured he could tell her the outrageous story about Amanda without giving away the fact that it had happened the same day Terri had seen him with her.


Zack sighed. "Do we have to talk about her now? Because I'd rather focus on you."

"Well, it's just that...."

"Terri, believe me when I say that I only want you. I intend on just being with you, no one else. I was going crazy when you weren't talking to me. I'm surprised I still have hair, I've been practically ripping it out. Buttercup, believe me, I...," Zack stopped himself before he professed his love. He would save that for a more opportune time...like when they were actually dating. "...I need you in my life. I miss you."

Terri felt the fight between her mind and her heart end with a knockout. Her heart persevered. "Zack..."

Zack had reached her, trapping her between his arms as he placed them on either side of her head. His voice lowered in volume until it was nothing more than a seductive whisper. "Buttercup, I want you...all of you. And I intend to have you, one day when you find me worthy. But, tonight...tonight is just for you."

His head lowered until his lips were inches away from Terri's mouth. His eyes bore into hers and she could see the desire that was barely restrained beneath the surface. Truthfully, she could feel the passion that was just waiting to be released and it was seriously messing with her senses. Terri was convinced that she was going to start hyperventilating. "Tonight, I'm going to pamper you until you can't stand it anymore. Tomorrow, you can tell me your answer."

"Answer?" Terri wished that she could manage more than one word sentences at a time. Unfortunately, her brain was working overtime trying not to overheat from just the sheer closeness of Zack.

"The answer to my question. Will you be mine, Buttercup? Date me. Let me show you what you mean to me...as more than a friend."

Terri opened her mouth to speak only to have her lips trapped beneath Zack's as he started on his quest to show her how he felt. He started with a gentle pressure that had her begging for more. Then it deepened, his tongue searching hers out in a dance of passion. By the time Zack pulled back, Terri couldn't remember what she wanted to say...Hell, she couldn't even remember what they were talking about. He was good.

He took her hand and kissed it gently. "Come," Zack said as he led her by the hand towards the couch.

'If he says 'come' like that again, I just might and I'll leave a big wet spot right here where I'm sitting,' Terri thought to herself as she sat on the couch next to Zack.

Zack looked up into her eyes after once again falling prey to the siren song of her large breasts. The look in his eyes made Terri swear softly. 'Oh, shit, he means business,' was the first thing that popped into her head. The next thing was, 'and I'm in sooo much trouble.'

He kissed her lightly on the cheek before getting off the couch and going into the kitchen. He brought out her small boombox, which he set on top of the TV. He went back into the kitchen and this time, he returned with a platter that held chocolate covered strawberries and two glasses of champagne. He knelt in front of Terri, offering her the contents of the platter.

Terri figured that if he did anything else remotely romantic like this, she would melt. She chose the biggest, juiciest looking strawberry and bit into it. It was delicious and a little bit messy, but Zack was ready, dabbing her face with a napkin when she pulled the strawberry away.

Zack almost felt like panting. The way Terri looked when she bit into that berry was something akin to heaven. She was so beautiful. He could only hope that he was persuading her to come to him and be his. He handed her the glass of champagne and noticed her smile when she realized that it was the kind she liked. She probably would have drunk whatever he got, just to seem grateful, but this night was for her and she should have the things she desired.

Zack placed the platter on the coffee table and drug the table closer to the couch so that it could be within reach. Then, planting himself next to Terri, he began to feed her the remaining strawberries, only indulging in one himself when Terri insisted on feeding him back.

While he savored the sweet taste of the strawberry with his eyes closed, she tasted the sweetness left on his lips with her tongue. Zack quickly balled his hands into fists so that he wouldn't grab her and carry her off to his bedroom. He probably wouldn't even make it to the bedroom. If he let himself touch her, he would take her right there on the couch. He began breathing deeply to get himself under control and when he opened his eyes, Terri was sipping champagne like nothing happened. He had the urge to tickle her, but that would ruin the romantic mood. She would pay later. Zack finished off his glass and went to the kitchen to get more. When he returned, he sat his glass down on the table and turned on the music.

"Would you care to dance, sweet flower of mine?"

Terri raised an eyebrow. There was more? "Yes and no."

Zack was confused. "Yes and no? What does that mean?"

"Well, yes, I would love to dance with you...but no, I won't dance because my feet are killing me."

Zack smiled and nodded in understanding. "I was going to save this part for later, but I think I can rearrange things for you. After all, it is your night."

Zack headed back towards the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later, shirtless with a few towels draped over his arm and a bottle of massage oil in his hand. Terri's mouth dropped open. He was going to massage her? And he was topless? She hoped that he had enough freedom while he was broken up from his girlfriend because she was NOT going to let him go. 'I should be pissed at him more often,' she thought to herself as she kicked off the heels from hell. They were so cute, but after all that dancing earlier, they were too much for her feet.

Zack knelt down in front of Terri once again, placing one of the towels on the floor beneath her feet. The other towel was thrown onto the couch. He gently took Terri's left foot and, after pouring the massage oil into his hand, he commenced massaging it. His fingers worked magic on her aching foot. Terri could only imagine how that hand would feel on other parts of her body. She moaned, half at the thought, half at the feel of Zack's hands on her feet, and slid farther down on the couch.

Zack looked up at Terri and smiled. He was getting the reaction he wanted. He mentally patted himself on the back. He was pretty good at the whole pampering thing, especially when he wanted to do it. He never did anything like this for any of the other girls he had dated, but then again, none of those girls ever made him feel the way Terri did. He was fighting off the urge to slip higher or "accidentally" plant his face in her crotch. He had no idea how to pull it off, but her pussy being so close was starting to drive him crazy. He fought to regain control, remembering that the night was for Terri. But if she put his face in her pussy, he would not object. Maybe he would get lucky and she would put his cock in there instead.

Zack chuckled to himself and switched feet. Terri spread her toes to make sure that he massaged in between them again. It felt so good, Terri thought that she would turn to a pile of goo. After Zack was done, he wiped her feet with the towel he put on the couch.

He smiled up at her, looking like a boyish rogue. If she let him, she knew he would carry her away and ravish her. She couldn't suppress the moan and she hoped that he thought it was still because of the foot massage. Zack licked his lips and eyed her privates like he was thinking of living there. She tried to stand up, the motion lifting her skirt higher on her thighs. She had moved it up to allow Zack better access to her legs and feet while he was working wonders on her and now it was treating Zack to a free viewing of her panty-clad naughty bits.

Zack's breathing became more rapid as his cock reached new levels of hardness, just from peeping up Terri's skirt. But, he willed himself to control his urges, especially the ones that involved ripping Terri's dress off and driving his manhood into her until he exploded. Those urges, he would save for later. With extraordinary willpower that he barely realized he had, Zack stood and smiled down at Terri. He must have really done a good job massaging her, because she had messed up her hairdo while sliding lower and lower on the couch and she didn't seem to care. Terri was always concerned about her hair and if it was behaving.

He offered her his hand so that she could get off the couch and Terri accepted. He pulled her close and buried his face in her neck. His breath tickled her as he spoke. "You still owe me a dance."

Terri could only think about the fact that she was pressed up against Zack's bare chest and it was just as hard as she had imagined. Oh, he was so sexy. Zack's hand wound its way around her as he began to sway in time with the music that had been playing as he massaged her feet. Terri sighed and placed her free hand around Zack's neck. Terri couldn't help but feel like a priceless gem or a princess, the way Zack had treated her that night. She loved the way he felt, the way he smelled, and she loved the way he looked at her when he finally lifted his head off her shoulder.

They were so close, their bodies were molded together. Zack wondered if there was any way he was going to make it through the night without him making love to her, sharing every part of him with her. Terri made it so easy to let go, which was probably why he was having such a hard time restraining himself. Terri felt so right in his arms and Zack was starting to enjoy the feelings that she so easily evoked within him. So, he kept her dancing for a few more songs, luxuriating in the feel of her breasts pressed against him and the smell of her perfume, which was driving him crazy with desire. He wanted her to be his so badly.

Terri looked up into Zack's eyes and got lost in the depths of his baby blues. She felt her heart fluttering with anticipation. Zack brought his lips to hers again, this time only briefly before pulling himself away from her.

"Ok, I lied."

Terri's eyes became wide. What did he lie about? The girlfriend? Oh, he was going straight out on his ass if he really had a girlfriend while he was making her soak her panties with just a smile.

"I said you could answer me tomorrow, but I really can't wait that long. I need to know now. Terri, be mine? I promise that you won't want for anything that I can give you and I'll be there for you when you need me. I can make you happy, Buttercup...if you'd just give me a chance."

Terri breathed a sigh of relief. She wouldn't have to break out the mace or hand down an ass kicking of epic proportions. All she needed to do was answer him and he would be hers. She opened her mouth to say yes, but the word wouldn't come out. She tried again, but for some reason, a simple yes was the hardest thing to manage to say. It was as if her mind was still trying to process what was going on and her synapses weren't firing properly. There was only one way to give Zack his answer. She placed both hands on either side of Zack's face and pulled it close. Then she proceeded to kiss Zack until he forgot what they were talking about. He even forgot that he was trying to abstain from ravishing Terri until they had established a relationship. All he knew was that he needed her in his bed to quench the fire that was burning inside of him.

Zack wrapped his hands around Terri's waist and lifted her up. She responded by wrapping her legs around him. He made his way to his room without separating himself from Terri's lips. He thought he was good, but Terri made him want to sin with her kisses. Her lips were more addictive that any sort of drug and he knew that he would never get enough. How had he restrained himself for so long? Zack could only wonder as he laid Terri down on his bed and joined her shortly thereafter. His lips left hers as he buried his face in her neck and covered it in kisses. He made his way from her neck to the tops of her breasts, reveling in the feel of Terri beneath him, listening to her moan out her pleasure. He slipped a hand inside Terri's dress and was surprised when he felt nothing holding up Terri's sizable breast. Breaking from Terri's kiss, he grinned and was seconds away from uncovering her breasts...the breasts that had been haunting his dreams for weeks.

But, then, he stopped. This night was for Terri and although she was clearly enjoying herself, he had a lot more planned for her. He was nowhere near done pampering her and if they skipped straight to the good stuff, Terri might not realize how much she meant to him. He was moving quickly and he didn't want Terri to think that he was just looking to get in her pants. Well, he was, but it wasn't the only thing on his agenda. He was looking to get into her heart as well. Something told him that he wasn't far from either of his goals. With a sigh, he removed his hand and placed a quick kiss on Terri's lips.

Terri looked up at him expectantly...and groaned when she realized that he had come to his senses. 'Damn,' she thought to herself, '...and here I was hoping to get a chance to see what he was packing.' The outline of Zack's cock was very apparent in his slacks and from the looks of it, she was in for a treat.

Zack blew out a breath and laid down next to Terri, gathering her close to him. He ran a hand over her plump breast, flicking the tip of her nipple and feeling it harden under his finger. At least they were both going to be frustrated that night. He had been waiting for weeks to get his hands on her, but he could try to have her in his arms for longer than 30 seconds before he ravished her. Not that he wanted to, it just seemed like a good thing to do at the moment.

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