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Fantasy Night


One night while my wife and I were sitting on the couch she asks me what my kinkiest fantasy is. I asked if she was kidding? We do some pretty kinky things, a lot more than I'm sure most people ever even dream of. She keeps working on me and I finally give in and tell her one of my secret fantasies.

I tell her how she knows I have an exhibitionist streak in me along with other fetishes. She tells me go on, as she coaxes more out of me. Well I would like to be naked and have you fuck me up the ass with a big strapon but I would like you to do it in front of people, an audience. Kind of like a performance that people can watch live as I get my ass fucked. She looks at me and twists her head as she thinks for what seems like an eternity. Finally she says okay, but there has to be some conditions.

You have to set it all up. All I do is bust your ass. Everything else is up to you to arrange. Here is the absolutes I have to have though.

One. No one we know can be involved not even remotely.

Two. I will not be naked in front of people, that is your thing. I'll put the strapon over my clothes and fuck you, but being watched is for your enjoyment not mine.

Three. I fuck your ass at my pace. If I want to drill you hard I will, if I want it to be easy then that is for me to decide.

Four. You have to do everything I say once we get going, no maybe's just do what you are told.

Five. I want you totally naked, by that I mean no clothes, no nothing not even hair. I want your body totally hairless. The only hair I will allow you to have is your eyebrows.

Six. Make sure you are cleaned out good I hate any messes. If we are in front of people it has to be completely clean. By that I mean your ass.

I agree to all of that and tell her it may take a while to get it all arranged but I will try because it is an ultimate fantasy that I have. I research the web for sex clubs and swingers clubs. After many hits and lots of contemplation I settle on a club called Dreamers. It is a swingers club. I have to tell the club leader who we are, apply for membership and tell her our desires. After much correspondence we are told that she will meet with us.

We get interviewed and attend a couple of parties. This is exactly the scene we are looking for. It's private. It's not connected to us in any way, but most importantly the board would be willing to let us do a staged performance at one of their get togethers. We fit into this club only at the fringes. We are not interested in swinging but totally enjoy the open sexuality and anything goes mentality. At the get togethers there are private sexual encounters and consensual sex happening right out in the open amongst the group. No orgies or anything like that. You can however walk around without any clothes if you desire. Not many people do though.

My wife is getting more comfortable with the whole thing and I realize that it is going to happen. She is going to fuck my ass in front of a group of people. We have gone to about five of their get togethers and have met people, conversed with them and generally had a pleasant, normal time, except for the sexual part of it all. Typically we would get together at some arranged place like a private club but usually a hotel where we have a bunch of suites that are all connected. There would be an opening session where everyone mingled about and chatted The nights important issues were talked about. After that we all would break off and do what we wanted with whomever we wanted. You can wander around from room to room watching what every was going on from straight sex to anal, or oral, bi sex really anything that anyone wanted to do, it was an open slate.

At the end of our last group meeting it was announced that my wife and I were going to put on a performance prior to the break out session at the next meeting. They wouldn't say what we were going to do, only that it would be interesting. Many people asked us what was going on but we were required not to let anyone in on what we were going to do.

We had two weeks to get ready for this. My wife was now totally getting into it. Every morning she would count down, 14 days then 13 days she says till she destroys my ass in front of a group of our new friends. 12 days and 11 days before my ass is plowed in front of those watching eyes, I hope you really want this. Imagine what they will be thinking as I position that strapon at the entrance to your asshole she would tell me. 10 days out she says that I can no longer cum till after our performance. She says you can edge to my heart's content but no cumming. 9 days then 8, she constantly reminds me of what is coming. My cock is in a perpetual state of leaking precum. We would be sitting on the couch, watching television and drops would be dripping from my dick. I would at least be able to wipe those off with my finger at eat them.

8 days to go and we are now seriously building our excitement. I think my wife is actually running different scenarios through her mind because she can't sleep. I hope she is not getting cold feet. Then on the 7th night before our meeting she says we have to come up with a plan. A step by step playbook of the whole last few days leading up to the day. She says lets start by stretching your asshole. We have to get rid of your hair, and get everything cleaned out. So two days before you can't eat anything but my pussy. I'm giddy with excitement, this is actually going to happen.

I ask her what she thinks we should do tomorrow. She says you have to start wearing your big butt plug all day, to work and everything. It should never come out except to you know, do your business. I agree to this and in the morning she helps me put it up my ass.

We plot out that for the sixth and fifth day prior. Those would just be stretching days. All day I have my plug up my ass and at night she fucks me with our Bam strapon. That is followed be a long sessions of pussy eating.

Days four and three build upon the stretching. She adds fisting my ass to the toy stretching of my asshole. Imagine the scene of me kneeling on our couch watching television with her having her hand buried up my asshole up to the middle of her forearm as we check out a couple of hours of sitcoms. I also start my clean out regiment.

Day two before the actual act. I get home from work and I get naked and my wife helps me get rid of my hair. She buzz cuts my head for me and I shave it smooth as well as shaving my face. My wife spreads Nair all along my back and chest. My whole upper torso is covered, we wait the 6 minutes required then wipe it off. I never had my hair removed from my chest before and that along with my back, arms and arm pits completely hairless I feel smooth. She now starts spreading the hair on my lower legs working her way up to my crotch. Her hand spreads the goo all over my pelvis area she covers my balls then reaches between my legs and wipes my asshole with the Nair. I flip around she spreads it all up and down my ass crack and cheeks. Six minutes later and off comes the hair from my lower body.

I have never felt so naked before. I kind of like the feel I'm kind of chilled and feel gloriously smooth all over. I go shower off the remnants of hair and as I rub soap over my silky body. I clean my cock which is rock hard. I don't pay too much attention to it because I would cum almost instantly. I reach around to my back side and can only imagine how it looks so clean and hairless.

It's the day before now and we talk about how our day is going to go tomorrow. First off it's a Saturday so I'll be nude all day, the only thing I'm wearing all day is my butt plug. Our plan is to just keep trying to relax my hole all day. We figure I would have the plug up my ass, only to be taken out for her to fist me and have me stretched out real good. Then dress and go. Once we get there our plan is to play it by ear time.

I couldn't hardly sleep at all and wake up all wired. I can't believe it is really going to happen. Every time I notice my wife she says something to me like I'm going to plow your ass in front of those people or your smooth hairless body looks so vulnerable. My continuous rock hard cock is constantly leaking precum, which I gladly scoop up and eat. Every hour that passes gets me wound up tighter. It's an hour before we leave and we start to get ready. My wife packs some lube, towels and just the bam strapon. We both get dressed in what I would say business casual. She has a good looking skirt and blouse. I have dockers and a button down shirt on. She glances at me and says are you ready? I say let's go. We head out the door to the car.

We are driving to the hotel and I'm getting nervous and it seems like my wife is getting more excited. She tells me that once we get to when it is our time, you just go to where you are in front of everybody. I'll go get our supplies and bring them up to where we are doing the deed. We will stand there till we are told to go ahead and you then take your clothes off, I'll spread the towel down on the floor. Once you are naked I'll hand you the strapon and you put it on me. After that you get on all fours and I'll do the rest. Just remember everyone is looking at you all naked and shaved smooth. I'm going to fuck your ass real good tonight.

We pull into the hotel and park the car. It is surreal, my wife is actually going to fuck me up the ass in front of this group of couples. We find out where we are meeting and my dick is throbbing to get out of my pants, so much so my wife says "think about something else will you". We walk into a group of suites and into the main living area which is used for the gathering area. We chit chat with some folks. Eventually someone asks are you ready for tonight? Can you tell me what you two are going to do? I reply no I can't let you know till it actually starts. The group is asked to come together that there are a few things and announcements that everyone needs to hear before we get started and break out into our own conversation and play times.

The party leader rambles on about something, I have no idea what it is because my mind is else where, mainly in my crotch and ass area. Finally she says well that is it for business now we have a performance for all of us that want to watch. It's called "How to fuck you husband with a strapon". I never heard that before, my wife must have told her that title. Instantly I can now feel everyone's eyes now staring at me. We are invited to the front of the room and I'm on fire I'm so turned on. I can't imagine what my wife is thinking but we grab each other's hands and walk to the front.

There we are my wife and I standing in front of fourteen people. We really don't know them at all except for small talk but I'm going to get fucked up my ass while they watch. My mind is racing when I feel my wife nudge me and give me a nod to get going. I start taking my clothes off, shoes first, socks next then my shirt. I'm down to just my pants as I reach inside the waist band. My wife is laying the towel down on the floor and sets her bag next to it. I unzip my fly and the pants fall to the floor. I'm of course going commando so with my pants around my ankle I'm essentially nude. I step out of my pants, grab them and the rest of my clothes and hand them to someone who is right off to the side. Wow! What a feeling. Totally naked in front of a group of fully clothed people. I'm the only one without any clothes on, never would have thought it would feel like this, kind of all tingly.

I turn towards my wife and my mind races, what is she going to do, how is she feeling. One look at her and there is no doubt. She is looking at me with one hand on her hip the other is out stretched with her index finger pointing at me then curling up telling me to come closer. She is into it now. She reaches down and hands me the bag we brought. I reach inside and hand her the lube and then grasp the strapon and harness. I remove it from the bag, when I do there are a couple of gasps. I can only imagine because of the size of it, it is a monster. I kneel down in front of my wife and help her slip it on. I tighten it up onto her so it is stable and easy to control.

She is a sight. Fully dressed in her blouse and skirt with a huge fat strapon hanging from her pelvis just about down to her knees. I assume my position on my hands and knees she grabs the lube and rubs it up and down the length of the monster. She scoops up some more lube and rubs it into my asshole. My cock is leaking like crazy as my wife says just loud enough for me to hear, "don't worry honey I will take care of you, besides this is what you want, remember?" I don't know what to think after that.

She lines up the strapon and presses it up to my asshole. My wife says turn your head and look at these people watch you as I slide this up your ass all of the way. She begins to push and my asshole opens up to accept it. It begins to slide in as some of the faces I'm looking at are astonished. One quarter of the way in then halfway, I feel great. She doesn't stop and slides it in further, pretty soon she is burying it up to its balls in my asshole. Twelve inches long three inches wide neatly parked up my ass. I'm in ecstasy. On top of that all of these people are watching. She pulls it out slowly inch by inch till it is all of the way out. She rubs it up and down my ass crack then sticks it back into my hole. Again she pushes and the hunk of rubber begins it journey up my ass till it is fully inserted. Her hips push deeply into my ass checks and quietly says to me get ready.

I grab onto the towel with my hands, I know that she is now going to put on a show. She pulls the strapon fully out again, lines the head up to my sphincter and then drives it into my ass with all of the force she can muster. Her hips slam into my ass cheeks as she bucks me forward. As I settle down after catching her cock with my rectum she yanks it back out and instantly drives it back up my ass. The watchful eyes all become a blur to me as she retreats and again forcefully drives the three inches of rubber twelve inches up my butt so hard my knees are jumping off of the floor. Again and again she Pistons it up me, there is no telling how many times. Finally she gets tired and stops with it fully inserted. She catches her breath and I mine. The eyeballs fixed on us are focused with some mouth gasping in disbelief.

My wife slides the hunk of rubber out of my ass, she tells me that now I was going to cum into my own mouth in front of these people and eat my cum. She backs away and lets me roll over onto my back. People are talking as I lay there, I can hear them say that that has to hurt. Then my wife grabs my knees and helps me get them over my head. My cock is pointing at my face and of course leaking pre cum. My wife kneels behind me and pushes on my ass so it forces my dick directly in front of my face. I slowly start stroking my cock, suddenly I feel her start penetrating my asshole with her fingers. Awesome I think as she digs three then four fingers up my butt.

I'm stroking and try to hold off as long as I can. She folds her thumb into her palm and up my butt her hand disappears. She twists it and pumps my ass with her hand. She buries it it up to the middle of her forearm. My balls are tightening and I can feel a huge load getting ready to splash into my mouth. She withdraws her arm to her wrist and all of a sudden I feel more. She is twisting and forcing more fingers up my ass. She has all four fingers of her other hand in my ass and is pushing for more. I can't believe it as she folds her thumb around her other wrist and pushes. It is sliding in. Millimeter by millimeter it is squeezing past my sphincter.

Then at a certain point my asshole starts to suck her hands in. Her second hand fully slips into my ass. Right as it is pulled in as far as her second wrist I blast the first rope of sperm into my open mouth. It hits the back of my throat and pools up there. Blast after blast hits my mouth, tongue and face. I have so much cum saved up my face and mouth are covered and is a cum covered mess. I stop cumming after four or five huge wads then numerous dribbles after that. My wife pulls her hands out of my ass one at a time and then pushes the cum into my mouth till it is all cleaned up from my face. She says for me to let her see it all pooled up in my mouth, then says for me swallow it all. She kisses me and asks did I liked it? I tell her I'm so flying high on cloud nine I'm still processing it all.

I've never been double fisted before, hell I have never done any of this before. To think it was all done in a public scenario is unbelievable. My wife is the greatest, to think she would do all of this for me is true love.

We pick up our stuff and put it all back in our bag. The rest of the people have broken up into their respective groups. We are just standing there deciding what to do next when I realize I'm still naked, for the most part everyone else is still clothed. At least in the main room they are clothed. Others are in various stages of sexual conduct. We stroll around chat with a few people, watch others. My wife is parading me around for all to see so everyone can get a glimpse up close of the guy who just got fucked up the ass in front of them.

We stopped in front of a couple that were in process of having sex. They saw us standing there watching and the women says to the guy to shove it up her ass, just like that guy took it, as she points to me. We watch as she is getting a cock up her ass and my wife grabs my ass cheek. She works her fingers in between my cheeks down to my asshole and works a couple in my butt. She kneels down in next to me as we watch the show and she works on my asshole more diligently. I look at her and say fist me again. I spread my legs so she can have access to my butthole. It is still lubed up as she twists finger after finger up my ass till her whole hand is up me again. She moves around towards my cock and inhales it into her mouth. Moments later I'm blowing my load into her mouth, she collects it all and as she pulls her hand out of my ass she motions for me to kneel down next to her. She stands up and signals for me to open my mouth. I know what is next as she lets a long drip of cum drain into my mouth till she has given me the whole cum shot. I swallow and open my mouth to show her it has all traveled to my stomach.

I get up again and we continue walking around. We chat up some folks as we make our way through the rooms. One couple asked if my asshole hurt? Another asks my wife if she fucks my ass all of the time? Does she always feed me my cum? The night goes on like that till we decide it's time to go. We gather up my clothes and I get dressed. My wife grabs the bag of supplies and we make our way to the car. What a night!

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