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Fantasy On Parade


Jen kept her long, dark coat on over her slim body throughout choir practice each Wednesday night, as was her custom, for the music room always seemed chilly. No one ever really ever questioned her about this; it was just her little habit. On her feet, she also always wore what her mother called 'sensible shoes' - her black walking shoes, as was also her way.

She loved the way she could blend with the group almost unnoticed, releasing her spirit from within to soar with the sound of a hundred voices. Most practice nights she found the musical experience uplifting as she allowed her body to express what the music dictated, for she had quite a lovely voice, but now and then, her heart opened even further to the ringing harmonies she helped create. At these times, a tear would spring to her eye as she became aware of a longing deep inside - a sense of loss almost - a feeling that she knew she could only satisfy within the rich fantasy world she had created in her mind.

Jen lived alone, and she often worked alone.

Trapped in the spiral of an upward moving career path, she had lost herself in high finance to the detriment of personal relationships that had been warm and exciting in years gone by. Now her friends had paired up and established families, or were living abroad out of reach. Occasional email exchanges and a rare phone call were all she could expect.

In spite of her focus on work, she wasn't entirely without imagination; in fact, she was quite resourceful. Recently, she'd had a little more time to enrich her life of fantasy, and she had thought up a new angle; she had learned to play with reality - to make it play her game - to follow her rules for a change.

She'd only played this game a few times, but the thrill of the chase and the dizzy feeling of success left her in a spin for days. It was almost addictive. Having rehearsed it in her mind so often, she'd had early success and her performance had reached a high standard; soon it would be high art.

With the choir getting fairly large, of late, and with her quiet, stealthy ways, she was never missed when she slipped out early, and she did so now as she hustled down the sidewalk beside the Community Hall, headed away from the parking lot.

As soon as she could, she scooted across the lane to the other side of the road. It was fairly well lit, but still gave her a bit of anonymity if anyone happened to look her way, especially in her dark coat that hung down nearly to her sensible black shoes. In her mind, she felt almost like a shadow, unseen, and free to come and go, incognito.

Looking about her furtively, she darted down the steep stairs that dropped 56 steps to the roadside of a busy street that led to her escape. From here she could catch the ferry just a few short blocks away over to Harborside Island, where there were many cozy places she could bring her secret fantasies to life; or she could walk further to street-side cafes that would offer her little scheme a nice change of pace. It was her choice, either just as sinful.

She smiled as she thought of her bright red Jimmy Choo high heels tucked into her large handbag. She knew they were such a splurge at $800, but well worth the price tag, when it was all said and done. They were the crowning touch to her erotic ensemble.

Indeed, she was fully aware of the ensemble she wore, for underneath her long coat, she could feel the black and red teddy snug up against all the right curves. As she walked, she imagined how her cleavage would show, her nipples would bud and her crotch would camel toe so nicely beneath the dark silk. She moaned ever so slightly to herself at the powerful secret that she kept hidden away from all who knew her, only to be unleashed on some lucky, unsuspecting fellow of her choosing.

She found her traveling Chanel perfume bottle so easily accessible in a side pocket and applied it carefully to her wrists, the carotid arteries in her long, lovely neck and a touch at the temples. It was 'Coco Mademoiselle', a new fragrance she'd taken to after she identified strongly with the slim actress who featured in the advertising, teasingly covering her breasts with a man's bowler hat. So very British - so very like her own style from time to time. Jen took in a deep breath and felt her own pheromones merge with the delicious fragrance she cherished. Chanel had been around for years, but had served her well. 'Coco M' was a new twist on an older theme.

Reaching up, she released her hair from where she had it pinned, and it fell in a tumble of short, blonde waves. She shook her head just so and felt her locks swirl gently until they came to rest in the appealing, but casual come-hither look she had mastered.

As she passed a boutique, she glanced at her reflection in the plate glass storefront, backlit by the streetlights, and saw her shadow self, looking back at her. She liked what she saw. The entire look was coming together for her special night, and her sensual energy began to spike. With her hands in her red, silk-lined coat pockets, she could access her long thighs in just the right spots that would send little electric charges of pleasure up towards her pussy. Her mouth parted ever so slightly as she began to pant softly in anticipation of the night to come.

Tonight, her instinct told her to try a little, new café, called 'Pepe's', tucked beside several retail shops that also kept late hours, where sidewalk traffic was brisk for a Wednesday night. The outdoor café was done up nicely, with multicolored metal tables and chairs, each with its own large umbrella with Pepe's logo.

Surrounding the outdoor area was a brick wall about waist high that cordoned off the café's outdoor setting. A string of white designer lights strung here and there added to the ambience nicely as light jazz spilled from hidden speakers. Jen sized up the scene in an instant, and selected a table well suited to her purposes. As she listened to the smattering of conversation around the café patio and along the adjoining sidewalk, she felt the vibrancy of life swirling around her and knew she was alive!

Intending to keep her mind clear, she ordered a coke with a lime twist from a very attentive server, and then scouted out her newly taken territory. She seemed the only single woman worthy of any real admiration, which had her smiling. A few couples were scattered about. At first glance, she could see only two single men by themselves, but she could wait. Someone else could turn up. Soon her drink came and she took the time to sip it slowly through a straw, breathing in the fresh scent of the slice of lime on the side of the glass.

"Ah!" She released her sigh as she finished the longish sip.

The waiter seemed to hover, but she dismissed him without a word; simply arching her eyebrow upward ever so discreetly. A seasoned male and waiter, he took the hint quite nicely.

Now she busied herself with gathering her purse and exchanging sensible shoes for bright red Jimmy Choo magic. As she eased the decadent heels on, she felt an instant rush of sexuality. Tucking the walkers in her bag, she further prepared herself. Both of the single men had pretended not to notice her. Oh, she knew better!

Smiling to herself at this dance of the sexes, she took her small makeup bag out of her purse and made a point of checking herself in the compact, selecting the lipstick that matched her Jimmy Choo red perfectly. Aware of the two onlookers, she tossed her blonde waves again to fine-tune her casual, but drop-dead look.

When she was sure she had their attention, she made a small drama of it as she slowly opened and twisted the lipstick out so that the bright red bullet shape was clearly visible. Carefully, she applied it to her luscious lips, watching herself in the compact as her mouth formed the large O and her lips and jaw made that necessary application shape that flaunted the vulnerable orifice as she smoothed the red to her mouth. Then, she pressed her lips together to get the final look just so, and smiled wantonly at herself.

As she snapped the compact closed and slowly returned it and the lipstick to her makeup case, and the case to her purse, she was aware that several men were watching her avidly. She was in her element. All this while fooling with her makeup, she had been crossing her legs, knowing full well that the long coat was now unbuttoned and revealing her long legs, bare except for her fine stockings.

Now, to check the scene fully! She looked up at her first target two tables down. The man was staring, his mouth agape, and she feared he might drool in the next instant.

"Mr. Drool," she thought, with a mischievous smile. She had to name him something, and she wondered what else was drooling as he continued to look at her with doleful eyes.

Instinctively, she swiveled her gaze to her second target and felt that instant rush of chemistry. He was gazing at her admiringly, without guile, and smiled slightly in her direction - cautiously, she thought. She considered his suitability as a player in her game. His handsome profile was more than suitable for her purposes, and this would soon be evident, she felt quite sure.

"Yes, he looks like my Mr. Player for tonight," she congratulated herself.

She feigned indifference and looked into her glass as she sipped, rocking her crossed leg up and down gently at first and twisting her ankle in a sensual motion, knowing the red heels were like a beacon to their eyes. As she leaned back in her chair with her elbow on the table, her coat opened a bit more and gave her a cavalier air.

Again, she gazed around the café area to see if there were any other prospects. A group of young men had paused parallel to her on the sidewalk. Her table was just over the brick wall from them so each party had a good look at the other.

"What the hell," she thought. "I like a bit of competition..."

With a move that seemed almost effortless, she allowed her coat to fall away slightly from her bodice to reveal a glimpse of her black and red teddy underneath. She continued sipping her drink and rocking her crossed leg, the action that always caused friction between her legs as they rubbed her labia and clit ever so perfectly.

In her peripheral vision, she could see that the small group had gone stock-still. With three pairs of eyes devouring her body, she was in heaven for the moment. It was a risk, and sure enough, and the young men soon began talking excitedly. The group entered the café patio a bit dazed and sat daringly at the table nearest to her.

She turned her gaze away from them and back towards her second target, her 'Mr. Player'. He was still looking without trying to hide his admiration. He nodded to her and raised his drink, unfazed by the new competition of men two tables away from him and closer to his vision of lust. Jen loved this in a man. Not afraid of competition. The game was afoot. The men at the next table continued whispering their thoughts, laughing softly.

By now, she had made her choice. Eliminating her first target quickly, she flashed him a gentle, regretful look and left him to moon over his drink, moving on to the next man instead.

Target number two's prospects were quite good, she thought instinctively as she sized him up ever so cleverly. He was nearer her age and had an attractive look about him. He held his body in a way suggesting strength and flexibility. Clearly intrigued, he hadn't wilted at her wantonness or the potential competition of a group of young Turks. Perhaps he could hold his own in her secret game of sexual charades and masquerading play.

She began to put into practice the alluring little ways she'd mastered over recent months. Draining her drink, she took an ice cube in her fingers and licked it as it melted, lapping up the remaining liquid. As a last seductive move, she sucked the ice into her mouth so that her cheeks hollowed nicely in a mimic of another act of sucking. Then she ran the tip of her tongue round her half-open lips

Immediately, the group of young men nearly stumbled as they rushed to her table and offered to buy her next drink. The move was clumsy, ill conceived and sweet in a way. She smiled ever so wanly and simply said 'no thank you' in a clear, clipped fashion. This seemed to confuse them and they wandered back to their table, mumbling and grumbling.

All the while, as this sad little act was going on, her second target, her chosen one, had reconnoitered with her server and made sure a coke with a lime twist was headed her way. She was impressed; he had the details right.

She looked across at him. He was smiling at her while his body language implied confidence. He mouthed to her clearly the word 'please', and then offered a nod and a shrug. She seemed touched by this gesture and the drink stayed on her table.

Now it was her turn, so she raised her hand slightly to call for service. She huddled with the waiter and soon a bottle of cold Bass Ale arrived at the man's table. She smiled at him and mouthed a mocking 'please' and he laughed rather nicely, she thought.

Meanwhile the group of young Turks had long since stalked off, lesson unlearned. This was fine with her as it cleared the deck, so to speak, which became her little stage, now unencumbered by the sweet, but distracting little group of men. She slowly gripped the fresh drink bought by her admirer and held it up to her lips and paused, flashing him a look.

He took the hint and grabbed his ale with a handsome hand, and together they celebrated their existence and mutual discovery with a simultaneous swig, she from a glass and he from a dark brown bottle. His casual way seemed natural. For his part, the admirer relaxed and subtly unfastened the top buttons to his shirt to show off his chest hair. He felt it was the least he could do to match her own move to reveal so much more of her teddy. He knew the rules of the game, and so did she.

Jen felt herself shudder with delight at her new prospect, a man who seemed quite able to keep up with her at least for now. She watched as he savored his ale, his thick lips making a full, sensual shape around the mouth of his bottle before he swallowed with clear gusto. She was glad he had chosen to drink from a bottle and not a mug. As she watched his lips, Jen pictured them in her mind - imagining them in a more intimate setting - lowering his face slowly toward the quivering sensitive parts between her legs, wondering which of them he would take first. She found her pocket with her left hand and began to stroke her inner thigh up high. She wanted to enjoy this man's closeness - to build her anticipation and her arousal as their play continued.

She uncrossed her one leg and crossed the other to get a change of action in her labia. With every move, her pussy was getting her hornier by the minute. This position gave her a better reach with her pocketed hand anyway, and she smiled to herself as she felt the heat. She began to pant ever so softly.

When she looked up, her fellow had risen from his chair and was now leaning casually against the brick wall border, having also moved closer to her, but he was still a little way off. Clever lad, she thought. He was making a few moves of his own. Yet, he had also moved into her web, so perhaps they would be reversing the roles tonight. There was now a clearer path for him to gaze at her without having to worry about patrons and servers.

Jen was ready for him. She never hesitated as she set her drink down, put each hand to a coat lapel and opened it up.

She was no longer panting, but heaving now as her breasts began to ripple with her efforts and she spread her legs to reveal her perfectly shaped camel toe. Only he could see it. Her mound pushed out nicely in her red and black panties and his gaze easily captured her swelling curves, even in the diffused light of the outdoor café.

Her target froze in mid swallow. His eyes locked on to hers for just the briefest moment and then he leaned back on the wall, hungrily taking in all of her wares.

Jen looked back at him as well. Her eyes traveled the full length of his body, and she watched openly while a thick shape began to form down his right leg. As it continued to grow, her eyes widened with delight at the powerful affect she was having on him. His bulge appeared arousing and very big. It seemed to be filling his jeans, and she could see the strain on the denim fabric as it pressed forward.

Just how big it was, she'd find out for sure soon enough, and she shivered in anticipation. Automatically she reached for her camel toe, so pronounced and proud, but did so slyly through her coat pocket. Now the red lining was covering her pussy and she moaned loudly as she caressed the valley between those proud hills, just tipping her sensitive clit with each pass.

She watched her man move from the wall towards her table. She stood then, and waited for him to come to her, her knees so weak with wanton lust they nearly buckled beneath her. It was time to re-locate. She motioned with her head towards a table further back from the street. Tucked under an overhang that kept it in shadow, it also came with a tablecloth.

As they walked trancelike towards their objective, their paths soon came together and he opened his arms to her, unreservedly.

As they embraced, she seized her opportunity. Pressing her body close, she grabbed a handful of bulge below his right pocket. Close in her ear, he let out a groan at her firm touch. With her hand hidden beneath the coat, she held him hard, reaching in with her fingertips to where she thought she might find his balls.

"Oh, my God!" she blurted, when she found out how thick his cock felt in her grasp, and she watched him smile back, knowingly. Her clit leapt in her panties and she moaned as she fondled him feverishly, pressing her breasts against his chest. She could feel her nipples hard inside her black and red teddy, so hard they were almost at the point of hurting. She wondered if they should kiss to give their expressive mouths something to do, but it wasn't part of her game just yet.

Her long coat hid their point of intimate contact, so unless an onlooker was making a study of their behavior, anyone would assume they were embracing like long lost lovers. It was all so public but so private at the same time - and so naughty, this sexual grope with a total stranger.

In the same moment of her discovery, he reached deeply between her legs. Now he blurted, 'Oh my God', when he sensed the plump size of her pussy sticking out like a ripened forbidden fruit ready to be plucked. He was able to stroke her so divinely that it was now her turn to groan.

They hurried to their table now. Reaching their destination, they separated with some regret then sat down next to each other, both facing the front so that the tablecloth hid their actions beneath. By easing down in her chair, Jen was nearly able to hide her bodice as well. By this time, others may have seen a bit of their wantonness, which made her dalliance all the more delicious.

With a force of will, Jen was able to gather her wits about her, and she began to direct the action as she wished. When her voyeur tried to speak, she put her hand to his lips and shushed him. They had touched and explored briefly, but from now on, this was to be a voyeur's dream.

She watched as he stroked himself through his jeans, hidden behind the tablecloth. She smiled at him, then promptly leaned across and reached for his zipper and quite simply unzipped him. Plunging her hand inside the opening, she soon brought forth his cock in all its naked glory, its helmet a deep red, and the strong veins along the shaft a dark purple.

It pronged out to show itself as a major hunk of cock, and with his fingertips, he stroked it lovingly before her eyes, making it bounce slightly with each touch. It grew by the minute, and the head took on a shiny appearance.

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