tagInterracial LoveFantasy or Fiction?

Fantasy or Fiction?


We sit facing each other. Your black skin stark against my white skin. Yours is iridescent in the black lights hanging like overripe grapes above my bed. We both smoke from the bubbler, blowing smoke on each other's neck and in each other's mouth, kissing.

I like Kissing. On our knees facing each other. Tongues barely touching each other, hot breath, lips brushing then smashing and tongue darting in and out; soft then hard. Very nice. Slowly. Enjoy it. Let your lips say I'm loving you at this moment. Be patient. Licking lips. Sucking, licking, biting, kissing tongues.

I move down your neck. Kissing the top of your chest. Brushing your nipples with my lips. I move to your side, kiss around you, until I'm behind you. I focus my attention on your collar bone, the soft of the shoulder, licking softly, occasionally; my hands move slowly up and down your arms, across the top of your chest.

At the front of your throat I grab your chin, and pull your mouth to mine. Kissing—hard. Tongues again. My hands cupping your breasts. Moving to your ear. Nibbling softly on your ear lobes. Sucking a bit, and then tonguing the crevices, letting my teeth tease you. Breathing gently on your ear, licking and then blowing gently.

Then I move down to the nape of your neck. The gentle curve from the shoulders, pulsing under the simultaneous touch of my fingers gently flicking your nipples. Biting then gently kissing your neck, sucking then flicking my tongue across the concave.

I Find the nerve and attack it. Tonguing it hard. Then gently. Then sucking on it, soft at first, and getting harder, gently, so you barely notice until you can't stand it. My hands cupping your breasts from behind and gently flicking your nipples with my fingers.

Then I start kissing the back of your neck, tonguing the fuzzies. Kissing and blowing. Kissing and blowing. My hands wandering down your stomach, I brush the tops of your thighs. Back to the breast. Back up your ribs, my finger tips brushing the side of your breasts. Kissing down your spine. Flicking my tongue. Licking hard, letting my tongue flatten against your spine.

Blowing on it. Then licking it warm again. My hands still roaming up and down. Now brushing the top of your shaved skin. Teasing. Not really touching. But enough you know I'm there. Now kissing further down your spine. Pushing your body forward now, my hands on your shoulders, stretching you out on the bed.

On your knees. Stretching out, but leaving your voluptuous round ass sticking up. The cool sheets sting against your nipples. I bend you over, stretching your back tight. Kissing now, tonguing, the taught skin almost hurting against the pressure of my tongue. My lips brushing, then kissing and sucking. Kissing and sucking. This goes on for a while.

My hands now roaming on your ass, your hips. Wrapping around you, slightly brushing your inner thighs from the front, then around and from behind. Squeezing. Biting. Sucking. Finger tips brushing against your exposed clit. Just enough. I play connect the dots with the freckles on your back with my tongue. Gently, barely brushing only. Slight contact. Very slight.

Slowly I pull you up again, my hands firm on your belly, your breasts, under your arms. Kissing my way up. More tongue, back to the nape, the ear, turning your mouth to mine. Your tongue. Kissing and sucking it. Kissing it. Tonguing it. I come around you, back to the front, kissing my way across your body. Kissing your nipples. Tonguing them. Sucking them hard into my mouth, between my teeth, then letting them go. Blowing on them, then running my flattened tongue across the entire aureola. Feeling your hard nipple against my tongue. Playing with it with my teeth. Rolling my tongue around it.

I put my hand on your cunt. The sheets are wet. You're wet. Easy. Your lips spread and I put a finger in, gently, one hand you the back of your neck, kissing you hard on the mouth now, and my finger gently pushing between the folds of your labia. My thumb finding your clit. Flicking it. My finger goes in and brushes against your g-spot.

You moan, tilting your head back.

I apply more pressure with my thumb and start kissing the taught skin under your chin. Tonguing it hard, applying as much pressure as you can stand. You're leaning back now, one hand on your breast, the other behind you, holding you up, barely.

My finger finds your g-spot, and applies more pressure. My thumb applies more pressure to your clit, striving to touch each other, working together.

I move down your throat to your other breast and kiss the nipple. You slide back on your arm, lying flat now. Your other hand comes up and holds the back of my head while your other hand plays with your nipple. I flatten my tongue against your nipple, loving the feel of its stiffness against my tongue. Flicking it hard. Poking your nipple with my tongue. Putting my hand firmly on your breast, pushing your DD's down while sucking hard on your whole aureola.

Gently closing my teeth on your nipple and sucking it in. Pulling your nipple between my teeth and letting it out and doing it again. In, out. In, out. My thumb now flicking back and forth on your clit, working my finger in and out, pushing on the g-spot each time. Now flicking the g-spot with the tip of my finger, now rubbing it. Then in and out. Randomly.

I watch you, I pay attention. You spread your legs further apart. I start kissing you down your belly. I stop at your bellybutton, tonguing, but only for a minute. I lay along side you, feeling your body against mine, my ribs against your ribs. Pushing my body against yours. I kiss your clit. I flick it with my tongue. You're very wet. Pungent. I love the smell of your sex.

I remove my thumb and replace it with my tongue. I run my hands up and down your legs. I push your thighs wider. Run my hands on your inner thighs. Stretching your legs. Now up the outside of your legs to your round ass.

Now I roll over on my back and pull you with me to sixty-nine. Your sopping wet pussy in my face, dripping with wetness. Your bush would be soaked through, if you didn't shave it smooth.

You take my cock in your warm, wet, delicious mouth. You lick up and down the shaft, lingering on the veins. Your hands run up and down my legs, pushing my legs further apart. You suck hard, your tongue ring pressing against me hard. Then you suck my balls between your teeth. I feel a finger playing with my ass hole. I pull my knees up and lift my ass off the bed.

I feel wet on me and know you spit on me. I like that for some reason. Then your finger barely penetrates me.

I lick from clit to just before your anus. Then I flick gently at your labia, then tongue it open, jamming my tongue in your twat. Letting my lips wrap around your pussy lips. Jamming my tongue as deep in your pussy as I can. In and out. In and out. My chin rubbing on your clit.

I suck hard on your labia. Kiss your clit, then tongue it. The suck it. Then move back to your lips and tongue your pussy. More! In and out. In, out. In, flick, out. My hands on your ass, pulling your cheeks apart. Slapping your ass, as hard as you let me. My white hands stark against your skin.

You suck my sack in, hard. Your teeth scraping against the flesh. Your finger pushing deeper in me. I spread my legs further, trying to make it easier. I feel wet again. Then your finger goes deeper and I moan. I can't concentrate on your pussy, but you don't care.

You suck my cock again, then my balls. In, out. In, out. Flicking back and forth on the surface, then pushing in again. And again, until I can't take it. Pushing your finger deeper, inside me now.

The pink of your pussy is stark in the light. Beautiful. I finger your pussy again, sucking on your clit while fingering your g-spot. I bite, sucking your clit between my teeth. Hard now, as you finger my ass deeper and deeper, sucking on my cock and balls hard. Both of us moaning now, grinding. I feel your cum running down my chin. I lick it off you as you cream on my face. I jam my cock deeper in your mouth.

You come again. I jam harder. I feel your teeth on my base. Your finger is all the way in me now. I jam harder, everything, my cock and finger, sucking harder on your clit, biting it, chewing it, pulling it. My hands squeezing your ass hard and pulling your cheeks apart. I blow on your asshole, tongue it, then blow. Then suck hard on your clit.

Suddenly, you pull your finger out of me. There's a popping sound as you let me cock out of your mouth. You get off me. Keep your eyes shut. I say okay.

A few minutes go by. I hear you in your bag. I want to peek, but don't. I wait. After another minute I feel you get back on the bed. You tell me to be still and I feel something soft pressing against my ass, but it's not your finger. It's bigger. I know it's your pink double-dong.

I've wanted this for so long, now the moment is here and I don't know if I can take it. I feel you put oil on me. Gently you push it further in me. I can feel it going deeper than I expected. It hurts at first, then it feels really good.

There's a pause. I hope you're doing what i think you're doing. And you do. I can feel pressure on it as you put it in your own ass. I can hardly take it. Then your hands grab my calves and I know you're comfortable. It's in you. My cock is harder than it's ever been before. I can feel the veins pulsing as you gently place your sweet, dripping wet pussy on it.

Sliding on top of me, I feel the dong push in and pull out with your cadence. I can't take any more and blow my wad deep in you. You stay right there, I'll be hard again in a minute.

You rub your clit against me, your bare skin against my pubic hair, and my cock getting increasingly harder. You rock back and forth, the dong going in and out of us. Moaning. Pushing deeper now. You straighten up, tightening your stomach, leaning back, stretching your pussy against my now rock hard cock. My hands go up to your DD's and squeeze your nipples, hard, against the cool air. The dong going in. Now out. Then in. Now out. In, out.

You stretch your wet pussy across my cock. Cool air hits my moist shaft and I push deeper in you. In one move, you and I roll over. You like to be on your back. Your iridescent skin shining in the black lights, a lite bead of perspiration on your upper lip. I lick it off. Then I kiss you hard, tonguing deep. Pushing my pulsing cock as deep in your juicy pussy as it will go. I pull your legs up and put your feet on my shoulder, lifting your ass off the bed and pushing deeper.

You tell me to pound you hard. You want to feel me as deep in you as I can get, and rub the head of my cock against your g-spot. We're built just right. In, out, as fast as I can, hard. Pounding your cunt, my balls slapping against you. The dong in and out of us in rhythm. Then slow, then hard again. I position you so my crown rubs your g-spot and repeat as often as you can stand it. You come again, hard. I can tell you're on the edge of a great orgasm. I slam in and out of you, pausing to rub my cock against your g-spot time and again, varying the pressure, the depth , and strength.

Now pounding, I put my thumb on your clit, rubbing it hard. The dong now completely comfortable. Feeling good. You reach up and grab my nipple and pull it hard. You know my nipples are sensitive. The harder I pull yours the harder you pull mine—both of us pulling now so hard the other can barely take it—but we don't stop; pulling harder, letting go, then doing it again.

I can feel the pressure building. I can see in your face you're close. You bite your bottom lip. You tilt your head back as far as it will go. You can't concentrate. You let go of me and grab the sheets, arms wide, pulling them towards you. My cock sliding in and out, slow, in a perfect rhythm, rubbing your g-spot, then backing almost all the way out, only to ease it back in again. Then I slam in to you.

Then I pull almost all the way out and ease in, pushing against the top of your cunt, rubbing the crown of my cock against your g-spot. Our bellies together now, our nipples against one another, sensitive; aching for more. I pull out and rub my cock against your clit. Hard. HARD. The dong barely noticeable as foreign. Just feels good. Your legs spread wide now, knees pushed as far apart as possible.

I slam my cock back in you. You scream my name. Your head banging against the wall now with each thrust. Your eyes shut so tight they hurt. Biting your lip, calling out my name. I push deeper in you, pushing your knees apart, and jamming my cock deeper in you, pulsing hard now, and blast my wad deep in your wet, delicious, waiting cunt.

I can feel you squeezing each drop out of me and I'm pulsing hard. I can feel my veins against the skin, against the wall of your juicy pussy. I kiss you hard, jamming my tongue in your mouth. You jam yours in mine. Tonguing each other hard, I pull out. I can feel the dong slipping from my ass now. I lay on my side, my back to you. You reach down and pull the dong out of us. I don't know who was first to sigh. You can't move. Neither can I. We both lay still, pushing our backs against each other. I can feel the wet spot we made on my hip. After a few minutes, you roll over.

I'm not done with you, you say, rolling me on my back. You take my still pulsing cock in your warm mouth and start licking our juices off. You lick up and down my cock and balls. I reach out for you, but you move out of the way. No way, you say, now you get to suffer the way I did. Pulling my balls into your mouth, between your teeth, your hand working on my still stiff dick.

You tongue me hard, then move down to my asshole. You blow. Then my balls are back in your mouth. I reach out for you again, but again you pull away. Now you push me down. Suddenly your warm mouth is on my nipple.

You take it between your teeth and suck on it hard. Then gentle. Then hard. Your hand working on my cock and balls. You lick my nipple. You kiss me, wet and warm. Then attack my ear, jamming your tongue in me, then sucking hard on my ear lobe. Your hand still working my cock, pulsing now, perhaps bigger than before. You go back to my nipple. Then the other one. Back and forth.

You bite and pull on it. You suck it between your teeth, then tongue it. You bite and suck hard. Harder. HARDER. I know I'll be bruised later. I like it,though. You switch from one to the other. Then I'm glad you're short, because you swing your legs over and sit on me again, pushing my cock into your sopping wet pussy. Is it sloppy seconds if I was the first? Or is this thirds?

Again, I feel bigger inside you than I ever have before. Either I'm bigger or you're tighter, either way, you feel fucking fantastic, and I tell you so. You close your eyes as my cock rubs your g-spot. Then you start going up and down. First slow, then getting faster, harder, faster, harder, faster, faster, harder, harder faster faster faster faster harder, then deep.

Pause for my crown to rub your g-spot. Faster harder faster harder faster harder. Pause. Rub. Slow. Fluid. Now I can't concentrate. You reach out and take a nipple between your finger tips and tweak it, pulling on it hard, harder, harder.

Your eyes are shut tight. I push up, hard, feeling my cock against your wall. I reach down with my thumb and frig your clit. You moan. Loud. I frig some more, pushing up hard. You fall towards me just as you come. But I know you're not there yet. Not yet. Wait for it. Let it happen this time. What are you afraid of? Don't stop.

I can't take it. You start to pull off. I let you. You lay down on your side. I stand up and reach out to you. I pull you towards me. You cooperate. I bend you over and pull your ass to me. I finger your twat, then jam my cock in you, hard. I hold it there a minute. I pull your ass cheeks apart and start pounding the shit out of your pussy.

I can't see your face, and you can't see mine. You moan loud, calling my name. I feel your pussy quiver. My cock fills you up. You push back against me. I slap your ass, grab it hard, pull your cheeks apart then slap them together. Slap, squeeze. In, out. Harder, faster, harder faster harder in out harder harder faster. I can feel you going over the edge. It's happened before. I recognize it. You tighten all of a sudden and grab my dick with your pussy and shiver, quiver, and moan loudly, saying my name softly into the wad of sheets under your face.

You moan loud, pushing against me, squirming. You shiver again. Uncontrollably, you finally squirt your load on me. I knew you had it in you. You quiver again, sigh hard and start pulling away.

I pull out. You're about to lay flat when I grab your hips, and for the first time, place the head of my cock at your asshole. You rise back up, hesitantly, but willing. I pull your hips towards me and push my throbbing cock into your tight asshole, the wetness of our juices making giving me access. You push against me. In, out. In, out. Again and again.

I reach around your waist with both arms and pull me further into you. And start pounding. You relax, your tight ass giving way and loosening up. In, out. In, out. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. Deeper. Time stands still. Your tight ass now looser, but tight. Damn Tight. I tell you I'm gonna explode. You tell me to pull out. I do, and you quickly turn around in front of me jerk me off on your beautiful black tits, my white jizz spreading across your breasts, and dripping down your nipples. You smile up at me and rub my cum on your skin.

You rub your tits against my body, licking up and down my torso, licking my jizz off both of us. You like the way it tastes and make sure you get it all. I can barely stand, but I manage to stay put until you're done. Then you pop up on your knees, kiss me, grab my cock and pull on it.

Time for a shower. You giggle, jump off the bed and head to the bathroom, pulling me along by my cock.

But that's another story...

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