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Fantasy or Reality?


Some guys who are married to "hot" women always have a nagging feeling in their gut that she will have so many opportunities to stray that it may eventually happen. I was one of those guys.

While not chopped liver myself I have always felt that my wife Jill is significantly better looking than I am; in fact I have had this observation more than subtly pointed out to me by a dozen or so tactless and/or drunk guys during the two years that we were dating and our six years of marriage. A few of them made the mistake of making the observation in front of Jill and she verbally cut them to shreds.

One feature of Jill's personality is that she is extremely loyal and forthright, and doesn't mince words. If you ask her a question she will give a brutally honest response or refuse to answer at all -- I've never caught her in a real lie.

I truly loved Jill, and I firmly believed that she loved me too. Our sex life had always been between very good and near-great since our male and female parts seem to be perfectly sized and shaped for each other and we both are passionate. She wasn't significantly adventurous, however, so there were only a few positions that we normally had sex in. and while she was not averse to sucking me off she avoided ass fucking and didn't swallow. Our love making was normally slow and deliberate and I was essentially always the one to initiate sex, although to the best of my recollection she never said "no."

I first started worrying, however, not because our sex life started getting worse but when it went from near-great to completely over-the-top fantastic!

We moved to a new city about a year before my nagging fears began emerging in earnest. We slowly developed a good group of friends from our neighborhood, work places, sports interests, and hobbies. Most were married, some were single. At least four of the guys, two married, two single, were very good looking, athletic, and self-confident, with a good sense of humor. Josh and Jeremy were the married guys, Alfred and Russell the single ones.

There was no doubt that all four guys -- as well as many other of our male friends who I didn't pay much regard to -- found Jill attractive. Who wouldn't; she's 5 ft. 7 inches tall, 133 pounds, long blond hair, intoxicating azure blue eyes, killer thighs, a round firm butt, movie-star beautiful face, and big tits.

The first time that I really noticed the intense interest Jill was drawing occurred when Russell and his girlfriend Sybil and Josh and his wife Beth accompanied us to a local lake for a day of swimming, sunning, and boating. When Jill took off her cover-up, displaying her bikini, Russell and Josh dropped their jaws then quickly put wrap-around sunglasses on. Beth saw Josh's reaction and gave him a "friendly" poke in the ribs, causing him to shrug his shoulders and mouth "What?"

During the day both Russell and Josh paid rapt attention to Jill's "needs," getting her beers, sunscreen, and snacks. Russell suggested "chicken fights," with alternating partners, and both he and Josh seemed much more animated and motivated when Jill was on their shoulders and they gave her a big hug when each contest was over. They were the only two people of our group to wear their sun glasses when we played three-on-three beach volleyball even though it was cloudy, and they were the first to compliment Jill every time she got the ball over the net no matter how skilled or clumsy her effort.

Jill clearly thoroughly enjoyed the attention and to my shock once when Josh and Russell were on the opposite team after she hit Russell in the head with a spike she actually turned her butt to them, exposed an ass cheek, and slapped it. This caused both of them to utter wolf whistles.

While Jill was enjoying herself Sybil and Beth were slightly non-plussed, but I buoyed their spirits by making friendly and encouraging comments to them.

When we left for the day the hugs Josh and Russell gave Jill were a little too long and extreme for my tastes, so I tried to do the same with Sybil and Beth although they didn't seem to enjoy my hug as much as Jill enjoyed hers.

The night that we got back from our adventure Jill was especially bubbly while we ate take-out pizza and she drank her fifth beer of the day, two more than I remember her ever having before. She insisted on showering together -- the first time in a couple of years -- and "turning in" early. When we got into bed she was the aggressor for the first time that I could remember as she started vigorously sucking my dick while handling my balls.

Jill normally liked foreplay; that night she apparently had no use for it. Once my dick was one hundred percent hard she climbed on top of me and buried my cock in her pussy with one push. Riding cowgirl was not a usual position for her and she ground much harder than the few other times she had ridden me, causing me to inject her with a larger packet of cum than normal while she made more noise than usual. After we both stopped shaking from our orgasms she lay on top of me until I went completely flaccid and popped out of her.

It was one of the ten best fucks we had ever had and I was completely sanguine, the slight disturbances from earlier in the day shoved to the back of my mind as I descended into a deep slumber with naked Jill lying on my shoulder with her hand on my chest.

The very next weekend we went to a rock concert with Alfred, who was one of Jill's co-workers, and a female co-worker of hers who went by the name "Missy." I was led to believe that Alfred and Missy were on a date, but it soon became clear that that wasn't the case. Alfred barely talked to Missy, but was totally chatty with Jill, constantly looking at her as we stood and moved and sang along to the music. After the concert Alfred suggested going to a bar. I wasn't really excited by it, but Jill wanted to go.

The bar had a band and dancing. Missy stayed at the bar for only one drink and a couple of dances, one with Alfred and one with me. After that Alfred danced with Jill more than I did, which I didn't mind too much except for the two slow dances, the second of which he appeared to be all over her although I didn't have a good vantage point from which to observe them. I finally convinced Jill to go, but she got a long, tight hug from Alfred just before we left.

I was a little miffed on the way home but Jill seemed to be oblivious to my situation as she enthusiastically chatted about the concert, dancing, and her co-workers, and giggled when I mentioned the slow dances.

Jill walked into the house before I did as I rearranged some things in the garage that had fallen over. When I got into the kitchen from the garage Jill was totally naked and rubbing her crotch. She gave me an extremely seductive look and grabbed my crotch as she passionately French kissed me. Shortly after that she was on her knees, apparently unbothered by the hard tile floor, unceremoniously pulled down my pants and boxers and sucked my cock with great alacrity, staring up at me with eyes even more intoxicating than normal.

Just like after the day with Russell and Josh once I started groaning she eschewed foreplay, put her arms around my neck, jumped into my arms, wrapped her powerful thighs around my torso, and when she was sure that I was holding her ass up with both my hands used one of hers to maneuver my dick into her pussy.

I instinctively pushed her back against the refrigerator, spilling the fridge magnets all over the place. While biting my neck she undulated her pelvis so vigorously that I thought that she would knock the entire appliance over. Apparently in this position my dick was really working over her G-spot because she soon stopped biting and started moaning, then screaming. By the time that I started ejaculating into her she was shaking uncontrollably.

Her orgasm was so intense that she became dead weight; mine was so powerful that I almost collapsed onto the floor but was able to steady myself on the kitchen counter and gradually lowered both of us onto the cool hard kitchen floor. Once we separated for the first time that I could remember she sucked my dick after it had just ejaculated in her; and it was no sluggish slurp, either. She deep-throated me, did a vacuum pump imitation, and ran her tongue over every square millimeter of my entire cock.

As a result of her fervent activities my dick never did completely soften, but she finally released it when she had removed every bit of my cum and her pussy juice from it. Giddy, she jumped to her feet, pulled me up, and shepherded me to the shower where we engaged more in a grope session than a cleansing one.

When we were done showering and stumbled to bed she begged me to eat her, which I did through two more of her orgasms, after which she almost instantly fell asleep with her head on my chest and a hand on my balls.

Jeremy and his wife Candice were the most adventurous of our friends. Both were very smart, funny, and good looking (they were our best looking both male and female friends), and had the attitude that they needed to get the most out of life. Their intelligence combined with real business acumen made them boatloads of money so they also were our richest friends, although they never flaunted their wealth. In fact I almost never heard them talk about material things.

Candice called our house one Monday night and Jill answered. I could only hear one side of the conversation so I wasn't quite sure what was being said, but Jill got very animated and giggly. When she got off the phone I asked what the story was.

"Candice invited us to go with her and Jeremy to the seashore this Friday afternoon after work, stay overnight in their cottage Friday and Saturday nights, and return Sunday afternoon," a giddy Jill replied.

"Hey, sounds great, but the closest seashore is two hundred miles away. How are we going to arrange this without spending half of the time travelling?" I replied, not trying to put a damper on things but just posing a practical question.

"Their cottage is on the beach about two hundred fifty miles away but Jeremy will fly us there in his private jet to the local commuter airport where he keeps a car. The trip will take less time than a drive to the closest lake," she enthusiastically replied.

"Sounds like fun," I retorted, "when and where do we meet them?"

"At the commuter airport just ten miles from here at 5:30 Friday afternoon."

The plane trip with Jeremy and Candice was extremely pleasant. Their private jet was a Gulfstream 150 which fit the four of us very comfortably with every luxury and had a cruising speed of Mach 0.75 so we barely got to full altitude before we started descending. One thing that Jill got wrong was that Jeremy was not piloting the plane -- he had two professional pilots doing that for him. They dropped us off at a commuter airport near the beach, returned home, and picked us up Sunday.

When we got to the "cottage" we found out that "cottage" was a misnomer. I'd call it a luxury chalet. Three bedrooms housing four poster beds with firm pillow top mattresses, a private bathroom with a steam shower for each bedroom and another bathroom on the first floor, a hot tub, a modern well-equipped kitchen, an exercise room, an office, an entertainment center, and a living room, all tastefully decorated and highly functional.

Jill and I were both a little awe-struck but since neither of our hosts made any big deal about the surroundings we said nothing, just gawked. Before that day we hadn't realized quite how wealthy Jeremy and Candice were; they had to be the most unpretentious loaded young people we had ever met. Though mesmerized by the opulence of their digs I do remember being slightly surprised when Candice put us in the bedroom closest to theirs rather than the one furthest away.

Friday night we had a wonderful dinner that all four of us helped prepare, watched a recent movie in their entertainment center that had to have the largest in-home screen I had ever seen, then went to bed since we all had had a long day at work since we got in early to make sure that we got everything done so that we could take-off from the commuter airport at 5:30 and enjoy the weekend.

Despite our fatigue I sensed that Jill was anxious for sex so I ate her to one orgasm and then fucked her in our conventional deliberate manner in the missionary position.

After breakfast the next day Candice made comments to Jill that indicated that instead of going to the beach right outside their house we were going to their favorite beach a couple of miles away. "What makes it so special?" I naively asked.

"Silly, didn't Jill tell you that it's a nude beach?" Candice giggled.

I glanced over at Jill with what I'm sure was a wide-eyed, gap-jawed look on my face. She just smiled and said "I thought for sure I told you that Blake," as she stuffed sunscreen and towels into a beach bag.

I couldn't believe how nonchalant Jill was about this. While she was not the slightest bit prudish and was justifiably proud of her body, I never thought that she was the least bit exhibitionist. Despite the fact that most people would consider me to have a muscular body with little to no fat, and I am pretty well hung, I've always been reserved and certainly never displayed my junk in public, or went to a nude beach, before.

Given the enthusiasm and casualness of my hosts and wife I decided just to grin and bear it; but I made sure to take my mirrored wrap-around sun glasses with me.

When we got to the beach I couldn't believe the alacrity with which Jill and my hosts disrobed. I was a little slower. Fortunately for me the beach was not particularly crowded, nor were there any totally awesome dudes that I would feel uncomfortable being compared to. It was clear that the four of us were surreptitiously checking each other out and I am embarrassed to admit that I was relieved that Jeremy's cock and testicles were about the same size as mine.

Jill was the sexiest woman on the beach, closely followed by Candice, both significantly ahead of any other women there even including a troika of big-titted eighteen or nineteen year olds.

I spent quite a bit of the first half hour in the water for two reasons. One, I was still a little uncomfortable displaying my junk, and two I was embarrassed that my dick was two-thirds hard from looking at naked Jill, Candice, and the three big-titted teenagers. I was finally able to concentrate enough to reduce my boner to an acceptable one-quarter hard but I had to be careful not to look too closely at those five women. To help me "keep it down" I would occasionally look at a grossly overweight grandma who was nearby.

I was really surprised at how relaxed Jill was, especially since she and Candice got lots of male attention including from a number of early twenties guys. Thankfully, the only guys that Jill paid any attention to were Jeremy and me. However, to my displeasure, she seemed to pay a little more attention to Jeremy than to me.

By liberally applying sunscreen to ourselves and each other, and by pitching an umbrella, we were able to spend a good seven hours at the beach without getting burned. At one point when Jeremy and Jill were playing Frisbee in the water Candice placed her towel right next to mine, lay face down on it, and asked me to apply some sunscreen. When I applied it to her back and arms then stopped she said "Hey, Blake. We're at a nude beach. I need it applied to my legs and buttocks too, don't be shy."

Just as I was applying sunscreen to Candice's right thigh, trying as hard as I could to suppress a boner, Jeremy and Jill returned from the water, toweled off and immediately started applying sunscreen to each other's backsides chatting with each other and with Candice as they did so.

I had to be really careful applying sunscreen near Candice's crotch. She had the most prominent pussy lips I had ever seen and they looked moist -- and not from sunscreen or sweat. At one point she moved her body as my hand was adjacent her bulging pussy lips and contact was made. She looked at me with dancing eyes and laughed "Watch it big boy!" and continued chatting. I know that I turned completely red, however.

Once I was done Candice nonchalantly said "Thanks, now turn over and I'll return the favor." Since that gave me the perfect opportunity to hide my boner I quickly did as told. From my face down position I got a good look at Jill straddling Jeremy's back as she rubbed sunscreen onto it while she chatted with Candice, and I almost shot my wad when Candice did the same thing to me.

Once Candice finished application to my back she "dismounted" and started on my buttocks. When she -- whether inadvertently because she was too busy chatting away with Jill, or intentionally, I don't know -- moved a finger or two over my ball sac on three separate occasions it took the most concentration of my life to not move, moan, or say anything. I just hoped that Jill wasn't as "careless" with Jeremy.

Once we were beached-out we put on our swim suits and we actually went to a water park, like a quartet of teenagers, for an hour or so before we returned to the beach house. By the time that we got back we were physically tired though still emotionally charged.

We again made dinner together but unlike Friday night the booze was flowing while we did. It continued to flow after dinner when Candice put on her favorite dance play sets at high volume. The music seemed to give each of us our second wind physically and we probably danced for an hour straight before the booze started to catch up with us.

Things got strange when Jeremy and Jill went to the kitchen to make rum drinks -- like we really needed them -- leaving Candice and I alone. Despite the fast pace of the music Candice insisted on dancing a slow dance. Although she was fried she was also undoubtedly being honest.

"Say, Blakey-baby; ya know I really -- hic -- like being with you and Jilly," Candice thought she was whispering although she was in fact almost yelling.

"Why is that, Candy-baby?" I laughed back.

"Wella, firs of all youse fun, an seconds youse 'venturous; and thrd I likd lookin' at yer cock."

I smiled at that though my face flushed.

"But doya wanna know whass bess?" she slurred out.

"Can't wait to hear," I chuckled.

"Hic, cause whennever Jerrme is round Jilly he fucks me sooo good that night, shit I orgasms over and over agin and agin!"

Though my socks were almost knocked off I was proud that I nonchalantly replied "Well I'm glad that she can help."

Then I thought it was just the booze talking when she said "If he don't do me then ya will right Blakey-baby," as she stuck her tongue in my ear.

"Whatever you say, Candy-baby," I shot back and helped her sit on the couch. She was almost passed out.

Right about then Jill and Jeremy came into the room with some rum drinks. I laughed, subtly pointed at Candy and said "I don't think we're going to need anything else, and Candy certainly doesn't."

Jill walked up to me, gave me a seductive look, and said "Then let's go to bed and fuck our brains out." There is no doubt that Jeremy heard what she said as he pulled Candice off the couch, but neither he nor Jill showed even the slightest embarrassment so I decided that I wouldn't either.

When we got into the bedroom we heard the shower running in Jeremy and Candice's room. I thought it was just my imagination but it seemed that we could clearly hear what was going on in their room whereas the night before we heard nothing. At first I thought "How can that be?" and just ignored it. I was sure that Jeremy was showering Candice to wake her up.

Jill's libido had obviously skyrocketed. As soon as the bedroom door closed she ran her hands all over me while we French kissed. I finally convinced her that we needed to get the chlorine from the water park off of us, but she agreed only if we showered together. Once the shower was over all hell broke loose.

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