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Fantasy Text Cuckold


This is a little continuation of my story about my girlfriend and I roleplaying another cock. This one is a little bit of a different approach. It's fictional, but something we've been dabbling in. It's a complete fantasy, but one day I think I'd like her to text me in a similar fashion.

Me[10:30]: Hey, lady

Her[10:34]: Hi :3

Me[10:34]: 'Chu doin'?

Her[10:40]: er...give me 1 sec a little busy

Me[10:40]: Oh? Busy doing what?

Her[10:46]: ill tell you later

(1 Hour Later)

Me[11:40]: You there?

Her[11:41]: Yeah, lol sorry

Me[11:41]: lol free to talk?

Her[11:43]: Yeah

Me[11:44]: Yay! What are you up to?

Her[11:45]: Nothing anymore, :3

Me[11:45]: lol uh oh. what's that mean?

Her[11:46]: hang on

Her[11:55]: mm. Round 2. Twice the fun

Me[11:56]: hmm...I wonder...

This could really mean anything, but I pretty much narrow it down. She is either playing a video game, or setting me up for a really sexy cuck roleplay. I'm hoping for the latter.
(Another hour later)

Her[1:00]: Hey.

Me[1:02]: Heh. Finished?

Her[1:03]: For now. Definitely had my fill.

My cock twitches. I know that tone. Even through text. Looks like I'm going to working for the next several hours with a hard cock.

Me[1:04]: Sounds like you were...occupied.

Her[1:05]: been kinda...naughty

Me[1:06]: Been touching yourself? ;)

Her[1:08]: not...rly...

Me[1:08]: You're being too discreet.

Her[1:09]: i have...a few friends over...

My cock springs forward. I'm rock hard. I have this sudden glimpse of running home and fucking her right away, but I decide to let it play out. I wait for another text, knowing she'll catch on that I still think she is a little too discreet.

Her[1:15]: i hope ur not going to get jealous

Me[1:16]: Why would I be? You know I think this is sexy.

Her[1:17]: i was horny when u left. u should have noticed. i got back at you for leaving me unsatisified.

Me[1:18]: oh, I am in trouble.

Her[1:19]: as soon as you left I called our friend out. He asked if his buddy could join to watch. promised i wouldn't be disappointed.

Me[1:19]: Were you?

Her[1:21]: No.

Me[1:21]: What happened?

Her[1:23]: Our friend couldn't keep his hands off me. didn't take long for him to get me on the side of the bed to suck him off.

Me[1:23]: eager ;)

Her[1:24]: Very. He tastest just as good as always. I thought of you while sucking him. Thought of how jealous you'd be ;)

Me[1:24]: Spot on observation. What about his friend?

Her[1:25]: Sat patiently and watched.

Me[1:25]: Hm. What next?

Her[1:27]: After I got him nice and clean, I was fucking soaked. His cock slid in easily. he fucked me for like 15 minutes. his friend just sat there, but I saw him start to grind his cock through his pants. BIG bulge.

Me[1:27]: so fucking hard right now baby

Her[1:32]: i wanted to impress his friend so i got on top. started riding hard. his cock felt so fucking good, babe. I came within minutes. told his friend "pull your cock out and let me see or you both can leave." He did.

Me[1:33]: Big I'm guessing.

Her[1:33]: Big, baby.

Me[1:33]: Bigger than me?

Her[1:33]: Fuck. Yes. I'm still shivering.

Me[1:33]: wow.

Her[1:35]: He just stroked when our guy took charge and forced me to bend over. Start railing my pussy while I was looking right at this guy stroking the biggest cock ive ever seen.

Me[1:35]: Did you want it?

Her[1:36]: Before he even pulled it out. kept fucking for a while before he unloaded on my face and I got my pussy filled with cum. I came so hard I almost passed out. then i took a shower.

Me[1:37]: When was this?

Her[1:38]: After I got fucked in the shower you texted me.

Me[1:39]: In the shower?!

Her[1:40]: pulled the curtain rings too hard, need new ones

Me[1:41]: Then what?

Her[1:41]: Round 2 ;)

Me[1:42]: right right, twice the fun.

Her[1:42]: His friend decided to take my pussy, he took my mouth.

Me[1:42]: Oh fuck babe I love thinking of you being a little cockwhore.

Her[1:43]: Baby his cock filled me up so much.

I take a few minutes to stroke to that. I'm so turned on, I already subconciously wandered off to find a private place to jerk off.

Her[1:52]: Babe?

Me[1:53]: Must have felt really fucking good. He fuck you well?

Her[1:54]: Never been fucked like that before.

Me[1:55]: Even by me?

Her[1:56]: You're great...but his cock was so much bigger than yours. Are you jealous?

Me[1:57]: A little...but still incredibly hard.

Her[1:57]: Good.

Me[1:57]: Why?

Her[1:58]: Wouldn't have really mattered to me. I'm his slut right now, not yours.

I almost blow my load right there, barely able to hold back. I start typing with one hand. I can only stroke a little at a time or I'll buckle over and shoot cum everywhere.

Me[2:00]: Right now?

Her[2:02]: He got back inside me while u were probably off stroking ur little dick

Me[2:03]: Little?

Her[2:04]: Compared ot the one inside me.

She doesn't play the humiliation act often, but she is laying it on thick this time. A little intimidating, but only making me harder.

Her[2:05]: Want to listen?

I don't even get a chance to respond before my ringtone goes off. She really wants me to listen to her ride a fat cock? She'll probably cum and make me listen. I obviously don't hesitate to answer.


I don't know how to reply. I sit there with a dumbfounded face while my girl gets her pussy fucked by another cock. I can almost her the noises when the base slaps against her bare pussy.

"Ff-f-fuck! Oh my god b-baby! H-he s-ss-started slamming into me a-as soo--OHH!--as soon as I --OH MY FUCKING GOD AHHhh-- as I called you!"

Still dumbfounded. I feel like a fool.

"You stroking your little dick while your girl gets fucked, babe?"

I was.

"Bet it makes you want to cum, hearing your girl get pleased by a cock so much bigger than yours."

It did.

"You only wish you could fuck me like this."

I came, fucking hard. I groaned loudly and released, what seemed like an endless orgasm. I keep shooting rope after rope into the air, most of it landing on my hand. It's completely coated in cum. Easily the longest orgasm I've ever had, and she heard all of it.

"Aww? You cum already? Looks like he lasts longer than you, too. I'm about to cum too, babe, all over this fat cock. Ohhhh fuck babe, I can't wait to fuck this cock again. Oh...baby...baby...fuck...OHHHH FUCK I'M CUMMING AGAIN!"

As she came she screamed louder than I've ever heard her scream. It lasted so long, by the time it subsided, she was panting, quite obviously still getting fucked. I got hard again as well.

"10th orgasm, love. That was my--ohhhfuck---tenth time cumming on another cock today."

This must have set something off in him because I heard him groan and start slamming hard into her pussy. "OHHHHHhhhh...." I heard her voice fade away, she must have pushed it away as she reached forward. I can picture her grasping at the bed sheets, her ass up in the air, getting railed hard by an unfamiliar, massive cock.

"Are you cumming? mmm fuck yes go on...cum inside me" I hear faintly. There is a shuffling on the phone as she scrambles to pick it up.

"He's cumming inside me babe! He's coming inside your girl! Ohhh fuuuuck I love being his slut! mmmm fuck yes cum inside me! cum in your slut! He's filling me up, love...fuck....fuck...ahh...th-thank...thank yo uso much babe for letting me fuck this dick. I'm cumming again! OHHH!"

The phone beeped. She hung up on me as she faded into her 12th orgasm.

Me[2:15]: Text me when you're done. I want to hear more.

Her[2:20]: 13

Her[2:34]: 14

Her[3:00]: 15

Her[3:42]: 16

Her[4:00]: Baby?

Me[4:01]: Yes, sexy

Her[4:02]: Can you sleep on the couch tonight?

Me[4:03]: I...guess? Why?

Her[4:10]: 17

Her[4:50]: 18


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